Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 61

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Friday was the last day of the semester, and the celebratory mood at ABD House started early and built throughout the day. By the time Jenny returned from taking her History final, a little after 4, the house was filled with conversation, music, and laughter.

Jenny’s top priority was to find Kristin. She wasn’t in her room, but Jenny finally located her in the kitchen, where she was helping to make tortillas. The Sisters had planned a festive Mexican meal for that evening, and though as a senior Kristin was excused from all kitchen duties, she was enjoying being part of the team. Margaritas were flowing and salsa music was blasting from a speaker in the corner.

Jenny was eager to pitch in but got assigned to help with the guacamole, which was happening on the other side of the room. And that was kind of how the rest of the night went: Jenny kept trying to get closer to Kristin, who kept getting farther away.

After bearing down hard on her schoolwork for so long, Kristin was eager to cut loose, and she did: eating, drinking, laughing, dancing, moving from room to room and group to group. She was popular at ABD and everyone wanted a little of her attention. Jenny understood this and tried to stay out of the way, letting Kristin unwind and enjoy herself. But more than anything Jenny wanted for the two of them to be alone together.

As the night wore on Jenny began to lose patience. At one point, during a quiet moment, she sidled up next to Kristin, who put an arm around her and kissed her on the head. Jenny reciprocated by nuzzling Kristin’s ear, then whispered into it, “I was kind of hoping we could… um… go up to your room.”

Kristin smiled and nodded, but a second later they were caught up in a train dance that was passing by, and soon they were fully reabsorbed into the whirlwind of the party. When they passed the grandfather clock in the living room Jenny frowned, painfully aware that her flight to Texas would be leaving in midmorning. It was a half-hour before she got another chance, and again Kristin seemed agreeable, but just then Emma appeared with jello shots. At Emma’s urging Kristin had one, then two, which turned into three.

Jenny herself had been taking it easy, wanting to keep her wits about her for what she expected to be a memorable night. But now it seemed to be slipping away from her, so she broke down and took a jello shot, telling herself that she needed to relax, that Kristin didn’t belong to her alone.

But a few minutes later, as Kristin stood around with a group of seniors telling dirty jokes and chuckling, Jenny suddenly felt like she couldn’t take it anymore. Kristin’s beautiful face was glowing with laughter and joy; she was showing off her gorgeous body with a short skirt and low-cut blouse; Jenny had never wanted anything more than she wanted the older girl’s full attention right then.

Edging her way into casino şirketleri the circle, Jenny cuddled up against Kristin and not at all subtly purred into her ear, “Plllleeeaaaase.”

Kristin looked over at Jenny with a complicated expression, finding her neediness both adorable and annoying. Taking Jenny by the hand, Kristin said “Excuse me, girls,” and led her away.

As they climbed the steps Jenny’s heart was pounding deafeningly in her chest. She was getting her wish but something was wrong, it was not going the way she’d wanted it to go.

When they got to Kristin’s room the sounds of the party had faded into the distance and again the only light was from the moon. Jenny pulled her dress up over her head and off; in anticipation of the night’s revels, she was wearing nothing underneath. But instead of being covered with kisses and ravished as she expected, Jenny found herself being pushed back onto the bed, then her arms being lifted over her head and tied to the bedposts. Before she could say a word Kristin had popped a ball-gag into her mouth and tied it around her head.

“I’ll be back,” said Kristin, not angrily but firmly. “When I’m good and ready.” And with that she turned and was gone, leaving Jenny alone with her thoughts.

Well, this is what happens, Jenny told herself — this is what happens when you overstep your bounds. She was mad at herself for being jealous and impatient, but at the same time, how could she blame herself for wanting what she wanted? And wasn’t it Kristin who had turned her into what she was now — a woman who craved the touch of other women? Didn’t the older girl have a responsibility to her?

But as she thought about it Jenny realized that being a slave girl meant that her needs didn’t matter — Kristin’s desires were the important ones. And so she contented herself with waiting there for as long as it took.

Kristin, meanwhile, had returned to the party but found that she was unable to enjoy herself. Before leaving her room she’d caught a glimpse of Jenny’s face, and the expression she’d seen there — helpless, wide-eyed, confused, disappointed — haunted her. Try as she might to drink, dance, and socialize, she couldn’t get her mind off the bound, naked girl waiting for her in her room.

She held out as long as she could — 15, maybe 20 minutes — before slipping away and making her way back upstairs. Jenny had experienced that same short period as an eternity, but not an entirely unpleasant one. She was a little cold, and her body ached with need; but she knew that her patience would be rewarded in the end.

When she came back into the room, Kristin’s first order of business was to get a fire going. Only after it was roaring away did she sit down on the bed and look into Jenny’s eyes. In that moment it felt like they understood each other completely — each knew her role, and each was happy with it.

Kristin casino firmaları reached over with one hand and began to play with Jenny’s nipples. They were already hard but with a little encouragement they became painfully stiff. Moving incredibly slowly, making Jenny feel like she was going to lose her mind, Kristin leaned over and took one nipple into her mouth. Jenny arched her back and moaned into her gag.

In that instant, both of them thought of the first time they’d been together, months ago in that very bed. It seemed like a lifetime ago, and it seemed like just yesterday. Kristin’s hand traveled down to gently stroke Jenny’s inner thigh as she licked and sucked the other nipple.

Jenny had closed her eyes, surrendering herself to pleasure, so it came as a surprise when she felt nipple clamps being clipped onto her sensitive nubs. She gasped and stiffened, lifting herself a little off the bed, then settled back down again as the initial pain turned into a steady throbbing. And then into pleasure as Kristin licked her way down Jenny’s belly, kissed her calves and knees, then began to lavish attention on her tender thighs.

Jenny spread her legs as wide as they would go and tried to maneuver her crotch towards Kristin’s mouth. But Kristin was having none of it — she teased the younger girl mercilessly until finally sliding one finger inside. Jenny clenched her muscles around it, eager for more.

But Kristin pulled the finger out and, climbing up toward the top of the bed, used the other hand to pull off Jenny’s gag. Kristin pushed the juice-coated finger into the younger girl’s mouth and she sucked it eagerly, hungry for the taste of any pussy, even her own. When the finger was clean Kristin leaned down and they shared a kiss, a long, hard, wet one redolent of Jenny’s juices.

Kristin hopped up off the bed and when she returned a minute later, she was naked except for her strap-on. She knelt down next to Jenny’s head and took the shaft of the dildo in one hand; with the other hand she guided Jenny’s head to where she wanted it to be.

Jenny parted her lips and obediently took the head of the phallus into her mouth, looking up at Kristin with doe-eyed submissiveness. Seeing this Kristin felt her juices began to flow profusely, coating the harness of the strap-on where it went between her legs and flowing down her inner thighs.

Pushing the dildo a little further into Jenny’s mouth, Kristin found herself looking down at the younger girl’s ripe, succulent pussy. Suddenly she couldn’t wait another moment — she pivoted onto her hands and knees, continuing to fuck Jenny’s mouth as she leaned down to take a taste.

Jenny moaned as best she could with her mouth so full as Kristin’s tongue began to explore her nether region, slipping between her pussy lips, pushing all the way up inside her, then lapping gently at her clit. Jenny was güvenilir casino right on the edge of orgasm when Kristin pulled away, leaving her whimpering in frustration.

The frustration turned to anticipation when Kristin pulled out of Jenny’s mouth and situated herself at the foot of the bed between Jenny’s legs. Kristin took hold of Jenny’s ankles and spread her wide, not that she really needed any help — her eyes were burning with desire as Kristin pressed the tip of the dildo against her vulva.

But that was a far as it went for the moment. Looking down into Jenny’s big brown eyes, Kristin said coyly, “Tell me what you want.”

Jenny was beside herself. She wanted to laugh, she wanted to cry, she wanted to scream. It took her a few seconds to find her voice, but finally, she spoke, surprising herself with her directness. “Fuck me. Oh, please, honey, fuck me. Give it to me hard.”

“Good girl,” said Kristin, and with one thrust of her hips she plunged the dildo all the way in. Jenny gasped and began to come almost immediately, pussy throbbing, muscles spasming.

Kristin stayed still for a minute, feeling Jenny squirm beneath her, then began to slowly move in and out. She reached up and untied Jenny’s hands, which then moved down to her ass. Jenny gripped Kristin’s cheeks and held on for dear life as she went deeper and deeper, harder and harder. As Jenny came a second time, then a third, her cries became louder and more desperate until Kristin covered the younger girl’s mouth with her own.

Finally Kristin sat back on her haunches as Jenny lay still. Kristin stood up, unharnessed, and added another log to the dwindling fire; then she sat down heavily on the chair next to her desk. She opened the top drawer and pulled out a pack of cigarettes; she smoked about three a year, but this seemed like the right time for one.

When Jenny finally opened her eyes she saw Kristin sitting back in the chair, lit by flickering flames. Kristin exhaled and curling tendrils of smoke drifted up toward the ceiling. Her legs were slightly parted, casually but not provocatively, and Jenny could see the soft blond pubic hair and the barest hint of pink beneath.

Without a word Jenny stood and crossed the room. Her duty was clear, and fortunately it was exactly aligned with her desire. The fire was warm on Jenny’s back as she sank to her knees in front of Kristin, whose legs reflexively fell open. Jenny placed a kiss on her mound, one on each inner thigh, and then one on her vulva before going to work.

In that moment Kristin’s pussy was the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted in her life and she devoured it with abandon. Using every trick she’d learned at ABD — and even making up a couple of new ones on the spot — Jenny made Kristin climax over and over, each one a little better than the last, until she gently pushed Jenny away and sat back in her chair with a heavy sigh.

After a minute Kristin took Jenny by the hand and helped her to her feet. By now the fire was dying and it was totally quiet in the house. Drowsy and contented, they climbed into bed and settled in for the night.

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