Girly Girl Ch. 01

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I am girly girl. I just love nice shoes, stocking and dressing up pretty. Even at work I try to look sharp, but feminine.

The other girls say, “Virginia, where do you buy your outfits?”

“Well, a girl’s got her secrets,” I say, but really I shop mostly at Ann Taylor and Saks.

I am fastidious and a born organizer. Everything in its place. I even iron my underwear before I put them in the drawer.

I am petite and wear size 4, but my legs are strong. I wish I was Audrey Hepburn, or Mary Tyler Moore, but that was the golden age of high fashion.

I have exciting men to date, but I keep them at arm’s length. I am playing the field right now, but I always have a weekend date scheduled.

My office is a busy place with all kinds of people. Some wear career suits. Others dress kind of frumpy. One lady in particular, Joyce, dresses like a man if you know what I mean. She has a bad haircut and a lumpy suit, but everyone knows she’s as smart as a whip. She has a cruel sense of humor, too.

Let me tell you about a really bad moment at work. Have you ever had an accident in the ladies’ room? I would call it a flushing accident. I was finishing up from a pee-pee. As I stood up to flush and simultaneously, pull my panties up…woosh! The water splashed up from the toilet all over my panties, butt and legs.

I cried out “Oh!”, I was not a happy camper!

Oh, casino şirketleri dear, what to do?

Well, I glanced nervously around that I was alone in the bathroom I left the stall and went to the sink. I laid my wet panties on the counter.

I was nearly panicking as I grabbed gobs of paper towels and wiped down my butt and the upper back of the legs. I actuated the electric hands dryer, pushing the button to turn it on. I hiked up my skirt to my waist and aimed the warm air all around my tush and legs. Whirr! The hot air was blowing and drying everything.

I figured this was a good plan and I started to calm down, feeling the heat and splash drying away, but I never considered that the main door wasn’t locked.

With my skirt raised and everything exposed, I watched the door open. I gasped with humiliation. My heart was beating rapidly as I saw Joyce entering the room.

She smiled as she appraised the situation. “What are you doing? Is everything alright?”

“Uh, yes, I was uh, ” I stammered awkwardly.

“Well, it was the toilet and uh-uh-uh.”

“Don’t even try to answer. There is no need to explain,” said Joyce.

She locked the door behind her and then walked over to me, as I stood frozen. This lesbian was about to take what she wanted, and I was unable to resist. I had never had sex with a woman and I knew this situation was out of my casino firmaları control.

She uttered, “Oh yeah,” as she extended her hand toward my waist. I dropped the hem of my skirt to regain some modesty, but her insistent fingers touched my bare skin and rubbed at my vagina.

“Oh, nice shave job,” said Joyce, as she felt my mostly depilated crotch area. I keep a neat little patch like a goatee, because I think it’s tasteful. I tingled as her hand roamed, and my slit lubricated for her entry.

She teased another rub on the lips and near my button at the top, and then plunged two fingers into to me with an audible slurp. She slowly increased her pumping until it became steady and rhythmic. My face became flush and my breathing forced. My knees felt ready to buckle.

“Your pussy is so sweet, Virginia. I never thought I’d have this opportunity. Are you enjoying yourself? Huh?”

“Oh! Aw,” I grunted. “Oh, my God.”

“I will take that as a ‘yes’. Are you ready to cum?” she asked.

“Yes, yes, please. I want to cum so badly. Pump me!” I yelped.

As, she embraced me and kissed my neck, she continued to work her fingers into me. She pinched my nipples over my blouse and then rubbed my ass all over.

Then she knelt down in front of me to finish me off. She pushed her face into my pussy and I was shoved into the paper towel rack. She stuck her nose güvenilir casino right into my clit. Then she stuck her tongue licked my pussy lips. I hugged her head as she rose up to take my clit into her mouth and suck intensely.

That was it for me. Barely 5 minutes of sexual attention from this woman, and I was bucking and crying. I was light-headed with orgasmic pleasure. I couldn’t believe that the predicament that I had myself would be resolved by oral sex.

“You need to taste yourself,” as she pushed her gooey finger into my mouth. Oh, incredible. What a perversion to enjoy sex with my own gender so much.

“Ok, I don’t suppose there is time in the workday for you to reciprocate right now, but I want you to cancel all your plans for tonight,” conceded Joyce. I will come by your desk at 5 p.m. and I expect you to come over to my apartment. You will get your freak on. You can leave your car in the parking garage and ride with me. I am going to teach you everything you need to know about eating pussy.” She punctuated her command with a couple of wet kisses.

We washed our hands and freshened up as best we could. I left the bathroom first, remember she hadn’t peed yet, trying to look nonchalant as I walked back to my desk week-kneed.

I did go to her house for my initiation. She explained how many lesbian co-workers there were and she would bring me into the fold.

So Joyce the dyke, as she calls herself, is now my fuck buddy, and I’ve explored with two unexpected lesbians.

I am now very bi-sexual, and believe I am ready for the next level of promiscuity. Maybe I can find my very own girly girl.

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