Goodbye to the Past Pt. 05

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Goodbye to the Past Part 5 – The Savage Angels

Caitlin and Anji’s double-act starts Bonnie’s party with a bang. All characters engaging in sexual activity are well over the age of consent (even those who are pretending not to be!)

Chapter One

It was their first meeting since Bonnie and Frank had got back from Miami. Bonnie was all agog to hear about Caitlin’s adventures whilst she had been away. She was especially dying to hear about Anjali, Caitlin’s new girlfriend, but first there was the more mundane matter of Caitlin’s first visit home since she had started working for them.

Bonnie glanced around Caitlin’s small apartment. “So a few personal touches at last!” She picked up a small framed photo of two young girls grinning at the camera hugging a big yellow bear in a red jacket. The slightly taller of the two had an unruly mop of floppy black hair and a wide, gap-toothed grin.

Caitlin smiled. “Me and my sister Siobhan at EuroDisney. I was eleven, Shiv was nine. Only decent holiday we ever had. At least Dad couldn’t get drunk.” She pointed to her bedroom. “Pooh’s in there. Well, the little version anyway.” She sighed. “Not much I wanted to bring back really…”

Bonnie put an arm around her before they flopped into Caitlin’s two little rocking chairs. “So how’d it go, kid?”

Caitlin ran a hand across her face. “Well as I expected. I think the nicest thing she said was, ‘Will ye look at the state of this, Dermot…’ when I first went in.”

Bonnie laughed. “And what did the great Irish sage say?”

She was greeted with a rueful smile. “I think he thought she meant the favourite in the 2.45 at Ascot on the Racing Channel!”

It was all on a whim. She had been out with Anji for the second time the night before and the girl had said how supportive her folks were of her and her sisters. She decided to go back home and pick up a few things – personal effects. Bonnie had been on at her for weeks to put a bit of herself into her apartment. It would also act as a gauge as to whether or not she’d keep in contact.

She knew the answer to that question the minute her mother opened the door. She stood there, hands on her hips, chin jutting out. “Well – will ya look at what the cat dragged in.” It barely got any better and she thought the woman may check her rucksack on the way out.

“Why could ye not have been like yer sister, eh? Lovely little babby, nice husband…”

It was hardly worth a response. She hoped Siobhan would realise one day the prison she had built for herself, but it was probably a forlorn hope.

When she’d had enough – which wasn’t long – she went upstairs and gazed around her tiny room. Almost twenty four years, many of them sharing with Siobhan. How the hell was she still sane? She gathered up a handful of things and stuffed them in her bag.

She was about to leave without saying another word, but after their reaction to her return, decided to give them a little going away present. She stuck her head in the living room door, repulsed by the fug of smoke. She decided to tell all but was going to drip-feed it to them. “I’ve got my things. I’m off to meet my partner at Waterloo.”

Her mother looked up from her gossip magazine. “Oh, so it’s yer ‘partner’ now is it? Not poor old ‘boyfriend’ Steven who ye left in the lurch in a right old state.” Every word was emphasized for maximum effect in her usual way; the fact that Steven had dumped Caitlin suitably altered to help make her point . “So are we going to be seeing him then, this new ‘partner’ o’yours?”

Caitlin shook her head. “Probably for the best if you didn’t, Ma. Don’t think you’d approve. See, my new ‘partner’ is Anglo-Indian.”

Her mother’s face was a picture. She was just about to explode and say something nasty when Caitlin said the ‘Terrible F-word’. “Before you start, shut the fuck up, Mother dear. I don’t want to hear any more of your small minded bigotry.” Her mother was mouthing like a beached fish. “I’m done here. Knew it was futile coming back. Utterly fucking pointless. Sorry to have shamed you all these years. Never fucking good enough was I?”

She had thought before she went down to Guildford that she would break down if something like this happened, but in the end she just felt a huge sense of relief. She took a final look at the still-life in front of her. The faded, stuffy living room, the jaded little couple sitting opposite each other, faces like thunder, cigarettes smouldering in their fingers. The horses running silently round a track somewhere in Ireland or England on the TV.

Same as it ever was.

She was about to close the door when she threw them her final hand grenade.

“Oh, sorry Ma – forgot to correct a wrong assumption. Not only is my partner Indian, but you got the gender wrong. And before her, I fucked my boss. Oh and also my bosses’ husband. Catch the little nuances there or were they too fucking subtle for you? Just in case – I’m bisexual and proud of it. Bye Ma, Da!”

Bonnie’s casino şirketleri face was almost as much a picture as her mother’s had been. “Oh babes, what did she say?”

Caitlin sat back and took a sip of wine. It was only eleven thirty, but they hadn’t seen each other for a week, so who was counting? “Didn’t stop to find out. It would be racist, sexist, tiny-minded, bigoted and not very pleasant at all. Just like the woman herself. I left feeling very proud of myself. If I got that reaction I must be doing something right!”

“Way to go darlin’! You sure took a torch to those bridges, huh?”

Caitlin smiled. “Well and truly burned. Another piece of my wall crumbles! Talking of which…” She got up and held out a hand to Bonnie, nodding back towards her bedroom. “Come on, Pooh won’t mind!”

Bonnie got up slowly. “Will Anjali, though?”

Caitlin turned. “Without you, there’d be no Anjali.”

Much later as they lay under the benevolent gaze of Winnie-the-Pooh and a motley assortment of small stuffed animals, Bonnie stirred. “So, now we’ve chilled and mellowed a little, tell me about your new squeeze. Sounds divine!”

For the next half hour Caitlin regaled her with the tale of their chance meeting and the long sexy weekend that ensued. By the end, the older woman was purring. “Oh to be young again, eh? Sounds like you two are made for each other. You asked her yet? About The Party?”

The Party. It seemed to have acquired capital letters of its own accord. A legend before it had even happened.

Caitlin hesitated. “Not yet, Bonnie. It’s too early. Don’t want to scare her off. I thought I’d already done that the second time we met.”

“Fact you met her a third time says you didn’t.”

“Give me time – we’re meeting again on Saturday. Says she’ll definitely pull us a good shag this time. Could be the time to broach it if she does.”

“So your relationship is open then?”

“Looks like it. She knows about you. Wouldn’t bother me if she did it with someone else. The way I’m turning out, I’d be a bit of a hypocrite if I complained about anyone else, eh?”

“Frank? Skye? Tell her about either of them?”

“One of the above.”


“Lucky bitch.”

“I’ll take it that was Skye then. So come on, tell me all about the second meeting. What went wrong?”

“Not exactly wrong. Just got off to a bit of a scary start.”


Caitlin had been so nervous waiting for Anji. As with the first time, she was early at Harvey’s wine-bar, sitting at a table on the riverside sipping Coke. Anji’s words were echoing in her head as she sat. “Better fucking turn up!”

As the clock slipped well past five thirty, she was thinking the same words herself. She had nearly finished her drink and the waitress kept hovering. She lost count of how many anxious glances she’d had at her watch. Her mother’s voice – “Ye’ll wear the bloody face off the thing…”

As she glanced down for the hundredth time, her mother’s harsh Dublin accent was replaced by something softer and breathier. “Sorry, so busy in the gym. Had to wait for a shower.”

Anjali Mithra flopped down in the seat opposite her, radiating warmth from the shower, her lovely brown skin glowing, glossy black hair held back from her face in a ponytail.

She looked so beautiful, Caitlin almost cried in relief. “Hey great to see you – thought maybe…” She glanced at her watch and left the rest unsaid. “Glad you got here.”

Anji looked down, unable to meet her loving gaze. “Nearly didn’t. If I’d had your number I’d have probably blown you out.” She was wringing her hands. As she glanced up, the waitress came over. Anji stood up fumbling in her bag for some coins. “Sorry, changed our minds. Will that cover the Coke?”

The girl nodded and scooped up the money.

Caitlin stood, her hand out to Anji. Heart hammering and expecting the worst, she was about to say something when Anji smiled. “Glad I didn’t have your number.” She pointed down the Thames. “Lovely night for a walk – shall we?”

She threw her gym bag over her shoulder and held her arm out. Caitlin linked it and they began to walk along the riverbank in silence. Caitlin still didn’t know which way this was going. Did she just want to ditch her somewhere a little less public?

In the end, she realized that Anji wanted to do something a little less public, but it wasn’t to ditch her.

They reached a small jetty jutting out into the Thames. Anji pulled Caitlin on to it and eyes wide, almost jumped on the girl. Caitlin staggered back into the railings under Anji’s onslaught as their mouths met. Anji was utterly feral and she could feel her long fingers digging into her back as she devoured her.

Somewhere in the distance they heard a stern voice. “Disgusting!” They broke apart to see a middle aged couple staring at them from the Thames Path. The woman, a hard-faced matron, shuddered at them in disgust, her face a mask of hatred. As she dragged her husband after casino firmaları her, he turned and smiled at the girls, giving them a surreptitious thumbs-up and a nod.

They both gave him a shy little wave which made him smile all the more.

“Made his day then!” Anji sounded breathless.

“You’ve made mine too, Anji. For a horrible few minutes I thought we wuzz history!” Caitlin put her forehead against Anji’s. “Did you really mean it about blowing me out?”

Anji nodded. “Been thinking about it non-stop since the euphoria of the weekend died down. Was it right? How did I really feel? I was so confused, that yes- if I’d had a way of letting you know earlier, I’d have probably done it.”

Caitlin put an arm round her. “Glad you didn’t!”

“Me too.” Anji snuggled into her, uncaring that their little spot was not as private as she had thought and people were passing on the busy Thames Path. They were getting more looks and more than the odd envious glances from a group of young lads as they wandered by, unable to take their eyes off them. “As soon as I saw you sitting there, I knew I’d been an idiot for even thinking it.” She grinned at Caitlin. “I think I overpaid for your Coke!”

“Best buy you a curry as a thank-you then eh?”

“Sounds good. Same place as Sunday?”

“And after – houseboat or penthouse?”

Anji kissed her, and they ignored the wolf-whistles they heard from the path. “How about we see how we get on without the sex tonight?”


As Caitlin finished her tale, Bonnie stared up at her. “So you didn’t make out? Just talked?”

Caitlin grinned. “Oh we made out, Bonnie. After a lovely curry and a bottle of rosé we couldn’t keep off each other. Practically naked by the time we hit the houseboat. Thursday back here was even better. I introduced her to your double-trouble!”

“So you snuck into my bedroom and sneaked my dildo in here?”

“Nah, I snuck Anji into your bed and we did it there. Much more room!”

Bonnie lay open-mouthed. Caitlin rolled on top of her laughing. “Don’t worry, I washed the sheets. God knows, they needed it! See if we can get mine in the same state, eh?”

Chapter Two

Anji leaned over and pulled Caitlin’s hair back, turning her ears over one by one. She peered at the backs of them and stared into the holes intently. She then lifted her breasts up and checked underneath. She was about to go further down when Caitlin put a hand on her arm.

“Erm, babe, just what are you doing?”

In answer, Anji gently peeled Caitlin’s pussy lips apart and once again, stared intently inside. “Checking for communicable diseases. It’s the only answer. We must have some awful lurgy that’s only discernible to blokes. Why else would we blow out again.”

“Well we didn’t exactly blow out did we? Just wasn’t very good, that’s all.”

Anji completed her inventory of Caitlin’s bodily parts and hauled herself up on her elbow. “First time I pull us a gay couple; second time I manage two hair-trigger merchants who couldn’t last as long as it took to get them out of their trousers.”

She put on a glum face. “Sorry, I’m useless. I was hoping for a foursome and we barely got a twosome each.”

Caitlin stroked her hair. “I know – I’m dying to see you with a cock in that lovely mouth. And down there…” She illustrated her point with vivid actions.

Anji sighed. “Never even got to touch it, never mind put it in my face. On with a condom, heave-ho, rumpty-bump and thank you and goodnight. Not sure he had enough power to make it to the little wibbly bit on the end of the Johnny!”

“Mine wasn’t much better if it’s any consolation. I managed a quick lick and a squeeze, but he made my old boyfriend Steven seem like a porn star in comparison. I couldn’t see your action on the bed – or lack of it – coz the bloody sofa back is too high.” She kissed Anji on the forehead. “Maybe we’re just so ravishing, men come on the spot when they look at us!”

“Or we’re diseased…”

“Yeah, let’s look on the bright side, eh?”

Anji grunted. “Hmph – no bright side. You’ve had threesomes with Frank and Bonnie and fours-up with Skye and her friends. Why not poor little Anjali, hmm? Not much to ask is it? Just plug one in each end and wind them up. I’ll lie there and take it!”

Caitlin closed her eyes and counted to ten. She crossed her fingers and made the same wish she had made when she first told Bonnie about Anji and Bonnie told her to ask her about The Party.

Still with her eyes closed, she spoke in a very soft, even voice. “What if I said I could arrange for that to happen? That and a lot more.” She opened her eyes and looked deep into Anji’s, stroking her face as she spoke. “What if I offered you the chance of being screwed silly by lots of lovely men and women in a seventh floor luxury apartment overlooking the Thames? A week on Saturday?”

Anji’s voice was as quiet as Caitlin’s had been. “I’ve not known you long, but I think I know you well enough to say güvenilir casino you are deadly serious here…”

Caitlin nodded. She took her girlfriend’s face in both hands. “Miss Caitlin Price requests the pleasure of the company of Miss Anjali Mithra to join her in playing with naughty parts of the anatomy at Chelsea Harbour a week on Saturday. RSVP.”

Anji took hold of Caitlin’s hands and kissed them both. Her voice was shaking and her eyes filled with tears. “Miss Mithra is pleased to accept the kind lady’s courteous invitation. May she request the dress code?”

She then exploded into screams of delight and it was a long time before Caitlin could get anything coherent out of her.

The next half an hour was filled with a mixture of passionate kissing, fevered discussions about what they would get up to and what they should wear. At last, Anji calmed down a little and fired up a joint. They lay in half light passing it back and forth as the houseboat rocked gently.

“I’ve been so looking forward to it, but now I know you’re coming too, I can’t wait. Bonnie will be so pleased!” Caitlin took one last hit on the joint and got up and threw the remains through a window into the river.

Anji was nicely mellow. “God, I can only imagine what it is going to be like. Think I need to do a bit of naughty surfing to get some ideas!”

“Bonnie says they are amazing. The guys from the Agency they use are really cool and everyone is so into it. Anything goes, but if you say no, it means no.”

Anji purred. “Mmm, can’t imagine saying no then!”

“Just my botty. I’ve been practicing but no-one’s going near it yet!”

“Ah, yes – good point. Nil by butt! Can we have stickers on the bits we don’t want touched!”

“Apparently the hardest part is getting it all started; who makes the first move. Bonnie reckons she quite often has to give the Agency guys and girls a little signal to make things start to happen. And when they do… light the blue touch paper and stand back!”

Anji snuggled into Caitlin. “Thanks Cait. I’m so excited – all those naughty things I’ve always wanted to do – all in one big package!” She grinned. “Hey, maybe we can start things off. Get up in front of everyone and snog our faces off – that should get them going!”

Caitlin grabbed her friend by the shoulders. “Anji, you bloody genius. You’ve just given me such an idea. And as for your earlier question about dress code…” She glanced at her watch. It was still early enough.

She picked up her phone from the bedside table. Anji looked puzzled as she pressed a few buttons. “Hey Bonnie, hope I’m not interrupting anything, but great news. Anji said yes!”

Caitlin went quiet and Anji could hear an excited voice on the other end. Caitlin pointed to the phone and nodded, giving Anji a thumbs up. When Bonnie had finished, she went on. “Oh and Bonnie, I just had a little idea. Stop me if you don’t like it, but what about…”

Anji’s eyes and mouth got wider and wider as Caitlin outlined her idea to Bonnie. Her boss was practically coming in her pants when Caitlin had finished and Anji had the biggest, widest grin on her face Caitlin had ever seen.

She held her arms wide. “Call me a genius? Come here, girlfriend – let me show you what treats a real genius deserves!”

Chapter Three

Caitlin was standing in her apartment, her arm around Anji’s shoulder. They were looking down at Caitlin’s laptop. Anji had her arm around her girlfriend’s waist and they were both snuggling into each other, shaking a little.

Caitlin pointed to the image onscreen. “That’s Frank on the sofa.” She moved her finger. “Bonnie.”

Anji purred. “Mmm nice hair. And wow – see what you mean about…” She pointed at her own breasts as she spoke. “Nice little mouthful there! And who’s the hunk with the long haired girl?”

“Must be Adam and Jenna from the Agency. Looks right from Bonnie’s description. Bloody gorgeous, both of them.”

As a long-legged black woman came into the picture they both whispered together, “Amelie!”

Anji’s arm gripped Caitlin’s shoulder a little harder. “Fucking hell, what an Amazon! She’s like a bloody panther!”

“Bonnie says she’s pretty spectacular. And her husband Marcel is a fair bit older but seemingly a very accomplished lover. Think we’re in for a treat girl!”

Anji gestured at the screen. “Hey what about them? Are they not in for a treat as well? I mean look at us – fucking awesome, eh?”

Caitlin looked her girlfriend up and down. “Do I have to share you with all of them out there?”

“Yup, ‘fraid so. But at least you’ll finally get to see Anjali in sexual congress! Though I suppose there’ll be so many men and women attached to me you won’t see very much of me!”

“You look amazing!”

“You too babe. God is she never going to give us the signal?”

They waited impatiently, trying to identify a few more of the invitees on the camera feed from Bonnie’s pen portraits. At last they saw Bonnie get up from her seat. They both stiffened as they realized it was nearly time.

Bonnie was obviously saying something to the room. Eyes were turned towards her. “This is it, Anj. Ready?”

Her reply was breathless. “No, but if I must…”

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