Halloween Ch. 02

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He pulls up in the drive, in his headlights he sees the double garage, the Georgian windows down the side of the house. He sees the silhouettes of family behind the blinds. Switching the headlights off he wishes he could push the whole house back into darkness, push it into the recesses of his mind where there is no guilt. Maybe that is the part of his brain that got hi in this mess, that place that makes primal urges, that sees no reason. Crunching gravel underfoot as he walks up the drive, he thinks of Lily in the gravel car park. He thinks of nothing but Lily.

Inside the house is warm, Kaitlyn is asleep on the mustard couch. The lights in the hall are off, the girls must be fast asleep. In the kitchen everything is immaculate, the stone benches are wiped clean, there is not a spot of dirt on the porcelain tiles. It could pass for a display home, except for the smell of the citrus cleaner. Opening the fridge, from the left hand corner of the bottom shelf he pulls out a beer. There is always one six pack in that same spot waiting for him.

Normally there is a routine. James comes home and has dinner with his family. After dinner he bathes his twin girls and puts them in bed. While he does this Kaitlyn cleans the house, pays the bills on the internet and does all the other things she can’t do with two three year olds running amuck. Then they will cuddle up on the couch until Kaitlyn falls asleep.

A routine is as good as a rut though, a rut is close to a grave. Tonight Kaitlyn is already asleep and the girls in bed. They had spoken about doing something for Halloween but they were both too young to really understand. So the routine is ruined, or at least James has missed the better part of it. He slides onto the couch, gently lifting her feet. She stirs, a lock of blonde hair falling over her sleeping face.

Silence surrounds James and there are no distractions from his own mind. There is Lily, in his minds eye with Hazlenut hair and implying smile. If only she would let him take her somewhere nicer, to a hotel at least. He could have laid beside her all night, had her again, slept with her in his arms and her hair in his face. Looking down at Kaitlyn he feels the guilt churn up in his stomach, he feels so terrible, he is shocked at what he has done. He has taken a girl, a young girl, had sex with her in a parking lot then dumped her on the doorstep of her house in the cold. He has betrayed his wife and his family. For what?

Was it for her young body? The small firm breasts with their dark nipples. The fullness of her lips that felt so soft to kiss. He thought of her ass, cupped in his hands. Her reaching for him, pulling him towards him asking for him, asking for more. He thinks of her sex, with soft sparse hair and impossibly wet. How could she seem so innocent and so full of desire for him? If only he could have a full night with her. All the things he could do that he did not have a chance to. To bahis firmaları bite her nipples and make her gasp, to taste her, to watch her go down on him.

With that thought he started stroking himself inside of his pants. Forgetting himself he thought of everything he had done with her that night. He unzips and pulls his cock out, carefully placing his beer on the floor beside him. It might be the alcohol but he feels giddy, he strokes his cock, rubbing his hand up and down the shaft feeling it grow larger. Was she a virgin before him? He wonders, he wonders if he has been so lucky as to be her first. Would she have told him? She was so tight, surely it was possible. Again he thinks of her going down on him, she had not done it that night in the car park. Now that he has considered the possibility it is all he can think of.

‘Honey?’ Kaitlyns voice pulls him from his vision.

She has caught him sitting on the edge of the couch mastubarting over her sleeping body.

‘Kaitlyn…You were asleep.’

‘What are you doing?’

‘I..’ he said ‘I’m sorry. I just didn’t…’

‘Have you been drinking?’

‘A little. I’m sorry I just was half asleep.’

‘Oh, its OK James.’ She smiles and sits up ‘You could of woke me for it.’

She leans over and kisses him. She smells like milk, that funny baby smell. Groggy from sleep she pulls off her own top, exposing her full breasts. He cups them both in his hands and leans to suck on her nipple. At the same time she has pulled his pants down, trying to take off Kaitlyn pants, he fumbles unsuccessfully, too drunk. She does it herself.

My wife is beautiful, thinks James. Once a wispy blonde girl that has grown up to be the mother of his children. Her body was much broader now, her hips has spread but he thought her all the more beautiful, a strong fearless goddess. He still desired her. So why this? Why Lily? Then he had said her name, only in his head but it was just as good as cheating, as betraying Kaitlyn all over again.

Kaitlyn gently lies him down on the couch. She crouches over his knees and starts rubbing his cock.

‘It’s so hard James, I’ve never seen it like this. You should get drunk more often.’

Pursing her lips to the head of his cock, James has a perfect view, even though his vision is a little fuzzy. He watches her mouth cover the full shaft of his cock. It feels wonderful, her warm wet mouth and her tounge flicking over it. Her breasts sway as she bobs her head up and down. Closing his eyes he sees Lily. He imagines pushing her to her knees and her willingly taking his cock. She is desperate to fit it all in her mouths, she moves frantically, getting more and more excited by her. Tangling his fingers in her hair he pushes himself into her mouth faster and faster.

He doesn’t know her. He doesn’t know her at all. They have only spent the better part of an hour together. Is this how she would suck his cock? kaçak iddaa Would she look him in the eye or would she be bashful about it? Would it make her horny, begging for it, or would it be a chore to her? Would she lick it first or only suck?

‘Yeah. Baby, I’m going to come.’ He mutters ‘Oh, Lily.’

Opening his eyes to see his wife he realizes he nearly said the name of his lover. Kaitlyn had not looked up, had not heard it. Overcome by guilt his cock started to go soft.

‘Oh honey, what’s wrong?’ she says, pulling away from him.

Guilt is funny, what it can do to you. Right now James was angry, mostly at himself. Also at Lily, for sitting at that bar and smiling at him. Now he was angry at Kaitlyn too, looking up at him wide eyed with his placid cock in her hands.

‘Get up.’ He says flatly.

She gets up and looks confused.

‘Get on your hands and knees on the ground.’ He says.

Kaitlyn gives a nervous laugh, but does so. As James had never so much as raised his voice to her she was mildly amused.

‘Come on, honey.’ She says flirtatiously.

Kneeling behind her on the floor he grabs her hips. They are hips he knows well, the curve of her ass, the way her spine arches is so familiar and it makes him even more angry. Rubbing her clitoris he feels she is already wet.

‘Oh, you want it.’ He says. ‘I’m going to give it to you hard.’

He slides two fingers into her easily, she moans a little in response. In and out, feeling her all over his finger and hand. Reaching up he rubs her clit. He is not thinking of Lily anymore. He is thinking about his wife and his confusion is making him mad. Pulling out his finger he pushes the head of his cock against her entrance. Sliding it into her pussy he lets it get wet, slowly in and slowly out, he rubs her clit the way he knows she likes it. It’s so easy to make someone come when you know them. Pushing his cock into her harder and harder she moans with delight. That’s not right, he doesn’t know why but he wants this to hurt. It has to be hard. It has to fill his mind up so much that he can’t think of anything else. Moving faster, Kaitlyn cries out in delight, getting even more wet to accommodate him.

‘Harder.’ Cries Kaitlyn.

‘More.’ Lily had muttered to him softly only hours ago.

‘Please, honey, please.’ She begs.

Now he thinks she is begging for more as she has stopped trying to move away from him. In response he fucks harder, feeling her clench around his cock.

Fucking her hard, despite his sudden anger, blankness overwhelms James. There is a moment of relief as he comes.

What’s wrong with me? He thinks. What am I doing?


Lily is home alone on Halloween. James has long since dropped her off. After taking a hot shower she reclines on the couch in her silk nightie. It’s an old one, but old things give her comfort. She eats a mandarin and makes a flower pattern with the kaçak bahis discarded peel. She is glad they have met. And now what will happen? Will he want her again? Will he hate her when he sees her at work? Will he brag about it to the boys at smoko?

Most of all she wonders if he would want her. She wants more of him. Sex is a mystery to her still, she doesn’t understand all of the rules but she wants to play the game. What would Anais Nin do? Anais was brave, she was never frightened to leave her child bride wedding, to take lovers then leave them or to question her affections or desire. Lily isn’t sure what her desires are yet, or if she has taken her first lover. What is a lover? Is it a boyfriend or someone you have sex with? Or does it have to be someone you love?

Halloween was a strange night. Things happen that can’t be explained. Maybe being with James tonight was just a happening caused by the strangeness of the season. Picturing him, she imagined his cropped hair and dark eyes. Then his broad shoulders and muscled arms. He had picked her up off the ground so easily. Imagining still, she pictures him carrying her into room and lying her on a bed. Kissing her gently he takes his shirt off… then what happens? She doesn’t know. Strugling to move her scene forward, she reaches her hand into her nightie she gently rubs her clit. She’s wet already. Has she ruined this already? Has she gone too fast and now James will never want her again? She does not know if she even wants him. Gently and sweetly he had lied her down, but she had wanted him hard and fast. Closing her eyes, she sees him again the room somewhere, this time he pushes her onto the bed. While she is on her back he rips of her nightie then bites on her nipple while pinning down her shoulders. You are mine, he growls. With his hard cock he claims her, plunging it in and out of her pussy. She keeps going until she comes, thinking of the two of them tossing about and touching in a sweaty mess, tangled in sheets and the funny game of sex she was learning how to play.


It seems surreal to James to have been with Lily. After watching her for so long, yearning for her, it all feels as if their night could have been a dream. When he was young, before he was married, he would lust after a girl, chase her till he had his way. Then after that he didn’t want her anymore. It may have worked out like that for him and Lily, had she smiled at him in the corridors that first morning, or sent him a flirty email.

Lily did none of those things. It never occurred to her to do any of those things.

Sitting at his desk the next morning he watches for her car, the familiar looking bomb gliding in through the front gates. She does her lipstick in the rearview mirror of her car. Stepping out she is wearing a fitted black suit. With her red bag over her shouler she strides towards the door. He stands in the staff kitchen where he knows she must walk through to get to her desk. He turns his back to her, waiting for her good morning. She glides past without a word.

Lily saw him a mile off. She simply did not know what to say. Hello did not seem like enough.


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