Her First Time

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First, I want to thank VampGirl1991 for her help in editing my work. I couldn’t have done it without her.


Hi, I’m Johnny, and this is a story about how I fucked my girlfriend’s daughter for her first time.

Katie was my girlfriend’s daughter. She was 19 and cute, she had voluptuous tits, a tight ass and an adorable body; which, when given the chance, she would like to show it off at night. I think she did it for me. Trying to turn me on in secret, I guess.

Jackie, my girlfriend, works a night job; she goes in at 3:00 and usually gets home at midnight-ish.

I was lying in bed reading a book and Katie was inside. I guess she was probably watching TV.

It is what she always did at night. She would usually lie on the couch in a tiny nightie that just rested past her crotch when she stood up; she was probably curled up watching some sitcom.

I heard Katie get up and walk past the bedroom door. As she passed I looked up and I could almost see the very edge of her ass cheeks because my bed has no frame, the box spring and mattress lay on the floor.

She stops and asks if I would like anything, because she is going into the kitchen.

I reply, “No, thanks.”

As she turns, she drops the remote she is holding and bends over to pick it up. I was turning my head back to my book, but as I do, I have to take a double take and realize she has not bent her knees and she also is not wearing any panties. There is a shadow but I can vaguely make out her pussy lips. She picks up the remote and proceeds into the kitchen.

As she returns to the living room and walks past my door I glance up and notice she has lifted up her nightie and is nonchalantly scratching her hip, which gives me another peek at her pussy, this time from the front, and I notice she has no pubic hairs. I know she is doing this on purpose, as she has done so many times before.

I just continue back to my book. I am lying there in just a pair of loose shorts, no shirt, or socks. I guess I must have read about two chapters and I hear Katie come to the door; as she peeks her head in, she says, “Hey, what’s up?

I say, “Nothing much, just reading. What’s up with you?”

She walks in and walks on the bed and kneels down at a slight angle, not facing me directly with her knees tight together, and her hands holding down her nightie.

She says, “Oh, I’m bored, there’s nothing good on TV. “

I could see she is looking to talk so I lay the book on my chest, and say, “What’s new, how’re things?”

“Ah, same shit, different day. I dumped my boyfriend. He was being an asshole, keeps begging me to let him screw me and I just keep turning him down, telling him I am not ready yet.”

So I say, “That’s a good girl. save yourself for that special time and special person.”

Katie says, “You’re right. I am very curious though.”

“About?” I say to her.

“Well, can you talk to me as if you were one of my friends, if you were my age you were there once, weren’t you”?

I say, “If your mother ever knew I was telling you anything like this… I don’t think I need to say any more.”

“I swear she will never know anything. I can’t talk to her about this stuff, you know that.”

“Yeah, what do you want to know?”

“Well,” she says.

As she turns directly toward me, her knees part about an inch or so. I can see this but I do not take my eyes off hers. However, it is in my vision. Her hands have now released her nightie and one is scratching the inside of her thigh.

“I am afraid. There is a mark on my thigh and I do not know what it is. I do not want to tell mom because she will question me about having sex and I didn’t. Well, not with…” she pauses, “I used my fingers and… a vibrator.”

“Where is the mark?” I say.

“Well, here.” As she slides her nightie up, she pushes her hand between her legs to cover up her pussy and she spreads her legs open as she does this. She brings it to just below her pussy and turns so I can see.

I see nothing there. Therefore, I say, “I don’t see anything,” therefore she looks down and she also sees nothing.

“But there was a red mark,” she says.

“You might have been a little rough with yourself and gave yourself a slight bruise, and sometimes they go away quickly. I think it will be ok now.” I know she is just flirting with me. She wanted to tease me, seeing how far she can take this. Well, I go along and play her little game.

“Hey, do you want to play a game?” she says. “How about Twister? I haven’t played that is a long time.”

“I don’t know, not one of my favorites,” I say to her. Not knowing it will be my favorite game in the world soon.

“Oh, come on, it’ll be fun. Don’t be a bummer. Come on.”

She gets up quick and in the excitement she forgot she did not have panties on and swung up and around to go inside and set up the game; and as she did I got a very brief but very clear glimpse of her sweet, shaved pussy. I could see she had tight or maybe no lips, bursa escort shaved very clean and smooth. I could feel my cock twitch. I was hoping she did not go to her bedroom to put panties on but figured she probably did.

Five minutes later I hear her exclaim, “Come on, it’s ready.”

Therefore, I get up, insert my bookmark in my book, and lay it on my nightstand. I walk out of the bedroom and she is sitting Indian-style in the middle of the game spinning the spinner. The spinner is on her lap covering her crotch.

“Ok, are you ready? I’m gonna kick your butt. Oh, I go first. Sorry, I called it,” she says. I chuckle with a ‘I know your gonna cheat to win’ kind of look.

She gets up, keeping the spinner over her crotch, and spins the spinner. It lands on ‘right foot on red.’ Next, I spin and it lands on ‘right hand green.’ I squat down and place my hand on the green circle. She spins again and it lands on ‘left foot on blue.’ Therefore, she has to step over me with one foot on each side of me. I am now looking down; I know if I turn my head up I will be looking straight at her crotch or her pussy if she is still not wearing any panties. However, I know this is what she is looking for. I reach out, grasp the spinner, and say, “It’s my turn,” and spin. It lands on ‘left foot red’; but the only one I could put my foot on is up by my hand, which would put me in a position that would put me lying sideways, kind of looking up. Knowing I do not have a choice, I put my foot on the red circle and out of the corner of my eye I see her looking at me.

Therefore, I say, “OK, it’s your turn, go ahead.”

So she reaches down to flick the spinner and has to take her eyes off me. So I glance up and sure enough she is not wearing any panties. Moreover, in the brightness of the room, I get a very good look at her pussy. I can see a glint of moisture. I can tell she is very wet.

She spins and lands on ‘right hand blue.’ There is one between my legs and one above my head. She reaches for the one above my head, which makes her lean back and spread her legs even more.

She says, “OK, go already!”

“Relax, I’m going.”

I reach over and spin the spinner and it lands on left foot green. That will make it so that I am almost flat on my back looking straight up at her pussy. I can tell she knows this and is getting very wet knowing I am looking at her pussy.

So I move my foot to green. I now have a semi-hard cock growing rapidly to full erection. She then reaches down to spin the spinner and it lands on ‘right foot red.’ As she moves her foot to the red circle, she slips and falls with her pussy directly on my face. She scrabbles to get up and apologizes.

So I say, “Why aren’t you wearing any panties, Katie?”

She gets up and there is a moment of silence. Then she looks down, lifts up her nightie, and looks at her pussy.

“I forget to put on panties. How the hell did this happen?”

“Katie, come on. How could you forget to put on panties? I know this was deliberate. What do you want?”

“Well, you have always turned me on, and I thought since mom is working an extra shift and won’t be home until 3am… Well, you see, I saw you in the shower the other day and I have never seen a cock that big and I thought maybe if I turned you on enough I might convince you to maybe let me , well, kinda, maybe, sorta, let me suck your cock.”

“WHAT?” I say in shock.

She exclaims, “It’s not fair you got to taste my pussy! didn’t you like the look and taste? I shaved it just for you.”

“I don’t know,” I say. “This just isn’t right.”

So Katie says, “I know it’s just a cock but, well, it is so fuckin’ big. Please, can I? I want to see if I can take the whole thing down my throat. I don’t think I have a gag reflex. Your big cock will put it to the test. That thing has got to be 10 inches.”

“Well, it’s only nine, but…”

I can see she is noticing my cock is almost fully erect, kind of poking the head out of the top of my shorts. She can tell her plan is working, that she is really turning me on. So she sits on the floor, leans back, pulls up her nightie, spreads her legs, and says, “This doesn’t turn you on at all?”

“Hmmmmm, you do have a very pretty pussy but I don’t feel very comfortable doing this. If your mother ever found out she would kill me and throw me out.”

“Oh, she will never find out I promise. Really, I promise,” she says with real enthusiasm.

I just stare into her eyes, thinking very hard.

“Well, let’s make a deal.”

“Anything, just name it.”

“You could deep throat me if I could bury my tongue deep in the depths of your pussy and eat you till you cum all over my face. You tasted damn good before. Sweet as sugar.”

“Oooooowwww, that’s a deal I just can’t turn down.”

She reaches down and grabs the rim of my shorts and proceeds to pull them down behind my ass. I lift a little, looking at her curiously as she slides my shorts down past my thighs, past my knees and right off my body.

She bursa escort bayan looks at it and it stirs slightly.

“I am so excited,” she says with a grin.

She reaches up, grasps my cock in her hand, points it straight up, and leans forward with her mouth less than an inch away. She blows on it slightly and it quickly grows to a complete erection.

She bends it toward her face and says, “WOW, that’s incredible, that thing is huge.”

She leans in all the way and takes it in her wet mouth. She takes about half of it in and swirls her tongue around and pulls it back out. “Hmmmmm, that tastes so good. I love pre-cum. I think it tastes so like candy.”

Therefore, she takes my cock back into her mouth, but this time she swallows the whole thing and I can feel her tongue licking my balls. She takes it out of her mouth and says, “I love the fact that you shave completely. It is such a turn on to see a huge cock with no pubic hair.”

She gets up and she removes her nightie and spreads her legs wider. She has the most adorable pussy I have seen in some time, really tight pussy lips. I could see her clit slightly protruding and she looked very moist.

I say, “You look like you’re getting very turned on, sweetie. Bring that pussy over here.”

So she says, “Maybe if I am a good girl you will fill my mouth with your cum. I would really like to taste your cum, see if it is any different than the boys I have swallowed before. Does a man taste any different then someone my age? “Let me see how big of a load you can dump down my throat.”

She proceeds to take my cock back in her mouth. Inch by inch she swallows it until her nose is resting against my pelvis. Up and down, her mouth goes on my cock. My hand comes down and goes to the back of her head and I guide her as she pumps my cock with her mouth. I could hear her moans as she strokes my cock.

I grasp her ass and pull her down so my tongue is up against her sweet young pussy.

I feel myself getting closer to my orgasm, so I persuade her to bring her pussy up toward my hand and she willingly turns, never taking my cock from her mouth. I slide my hand between her legs and start to rub her lips. Amazed how wet she is, I slide the tip of my middle finger inside her. She moans real deep as she sucks harder on my cock.

I say, “Katie.”

And she turns her head as she removes my cock from her mouth and I ask her, “Have you ever had a guy go down on you?”

She replies, “No”

“Would you like to try it?” I say.

With a big grin on her face she says, “What do I …”

I cut her off, grasping her leg and guiding her toward my face, and tell her she could still continue sucking my cock if she would like to.

I guide her to straddle my face and I position her with her knees pushed forward and wide apart. I place my palms on her ass and my thumbs on each side of her pussy lips. I massage that area for a few moments. Meanwhile, I gently kiss the insides of her cheeks and run my tongue along the crease where her thigh and her pussy meet. I could hear her moaning intensely, sucking my cock exceptionally hard and deep. I tell her to ease off; I don’t want to cum yet. So she just licks my cock and balls gently. I spread her pussy and gently lick, inserting my tongue inside her hole. I softly lick and suck her clit, consuming all her juices. She writhes, moans and thrusts her hips down, forcing her pussy on my mouth hard. She takes my cock back in her mouth, exclaiming how she is getting closer to cumming and wants me to cum with her.

She proceeds to deep throat me while I slobber at her pussy.

I feel myself getting closer to orgasm and I know she is getting real close because she is starting to grind her hips down on my face.

All of a sudden I feel I am not able to hold back anymore, and I proceed to blow my load down her throat. With every thrust she goes down, another surge of cum dumps down her eager throat.

This presumably brings her to an immense orgasm and she starts to cum incredibly hard. I think me cumming in her mouth is what sets her off because it seems her knees push out sideways and she opens up her legs real wide and grinds her pussy hard on my tongue.

I could hear her groaning on my cock, which sounds something like, “Oh, fuck I’m cummmmmming, I’m fuckin’ cumming”

As the last of my sperm pumps down her throat, she is still cumming intensely hard. I know she knows I have finished cumming. She slowly withdraws my cock from her mouth with a great amount of suction. And then I hear a pop as it comes out.

She is still cumming but not as hard, and she says, “OH, YES, EAT MY PUSSY, SHOVE YOUR FUCKIN’ TONGUE UP IN ME. FUCK MY PUSSY WITH YOUR TONGUE. YES, YES, YES!”

I spread her pussy lips and shove both my thumbs up in her, open her up wide and ram my tongue deep inside her. She tastes so damn good as she cums in my mouth and coats my face. I feel her squeeze my cock with pleasure as she starts to come down from her orgasm.

“Holy shit, escort bursa that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. You are absolutely incredible… I never thought that… that was possible. If you can do that with your tongue I wonder what you could do with this cock of yours.”

She gets up, her arms and legs a little shaky. She turns around and straddles me with her pussy just above the head of my cock. I could feel my cock head just brushing the crack of her ass.

“I am not sure we should go this far,” I say to her.

“What is the difference? You just had your cock buried down the back of my throat and I came all over your face. If you ram your cock up inside my pussy it would just finish a wonderful episode.”

“But you said you never fucked before. Are you sure you want me to be your first and not someone special?”

She says, “I want you deep inside my pussy. I want you to fuck the shit out of me. You might get to shove that big cock in my ass. That, I have done.”

“You’re a dirty little girl, aren’t you? Where did you learn all this stuff from?”

“I am 20 already. You’d be surprised what girls my age know about sex.”

All along she is rubbing her pussy up against my belly, and I can feel my stomach get soaking wet. She reaches behind her, and using her fingers, she grabs my cock and rubs it between her cheeks. I feel myself fully erect at this point and my semen is lubricating the crack of her ass.

She says, “We’re gonna have to put it in slowly. I am not sure how it is going to go in. My dildo is a lot smaller than your cock.”

She gets up on her feet, spreads her knees wide and squats down over my cock. She reaches down between her legs and with one finger she lifts my cock up and aligns it with her lips, guiding it into her very wet, dripping love canal. As the head starts to invade her, spreading her pussy open, I feel her muscles contract, squeezing the cock head, milking it like an udder.

Then she drops down all the way, completely impaling my cock deep inside her incredibly tight, cock-milking pussy. I hear her moan loud and exclaim, “Ohhhhh, fuck, this feels outrageous. Your cock is so fuckin’ big in my pussy. Do you like my sweet, young pussy wrapped around your cock?”

As she is still on her feet pumping up and down on my incredibly hard erection, I say, “Fuck, YES, your pussy feels so fuckin’ tight. Just keep fucking my cock, baby.”

She continues to fuck me like this for about five minutes then I can tell her legs are getting tired and she drops to her knees and leans forward, rubbing the head of my cock on her G-spot. I reach up and grasp her tits, running my thumbs over her nipples. I then slide my hands along the sides of her tits and around her back and pull her down to me, placing my lips on hers and kissing her deeply.

As our lips part, I say to her, “Let’s roll onto your back so I can fuck you properly, deep and hard. Would you like that?”

She exclaims, “Oh, yes,” as she stretches her legs out straight and I roll her on to her back. When we are in this position she wraps her legs around me and simultaneously we thrust hard into each other, imbedding my cock balls deep into her. We just stay like this for a few moments as we kiss deeply again. As our lips part she whispers to me, “You can cum in me. I am on the pill, I started it about a year ago just in case I got lucky.”

All I say is, “Mmmmm, fill you with my cum, huh?”

I slowly start to pump in and out of her pussy with long, deep strokes. She begins to purr like a pussycat.

“Your pussy feels so fuckin’ good and tight, engulfing my cock.”

As I continue to pump in and out of her, we both pick up the pace the faster and faster we go. I am bottoming out harder and harder as we fuck. I grasp the sides of her face and our lips lock and our tongues engage in a fierce battle as our bodies plunge into our lovemaking frenzy. No words are spoken, only the sounds of tongues and the wet slapping of my cock pounding into her dripping wet pussy. Our bodies are mounting toward orgasm again. We are so overcome by our relentless fucking and we both know neither one of us want to stop until we cum. But I know that we will both get more out of this if we change to as many positions as I can possibly come up with.

I lift up on my hands and push up as high as I can without missing a stroke. I balance on one hand and slide my hand under her knee. Then, placing that hand back on the ground, I pull the other leg up and do the same, getting her ankles onto my shoulders, giving me deeper penetration into her pussy.

“Fuck, yes, you are so fuckin’ deep in me, feels like you’re inside my womb. Fuck the shit out of me, fuck me harder. I don’t want to be able to walk tomorrow.”

I tell her to rub her clit, rub it hard and fast and not to worry, she definitely will have a problem walking tomorrow when I am done fucking her. She will cum a lot before it’s all over.

I continue to fuck her fast and deep. I slow my pace and get on my knees, lifting her ass as I go, making my way to my feet one at a time till she is resting on her shoulders. With my cock bent down, stroking in and out of her pussy, rubbing the hell out of her G-spot, she starts going crazy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32