Home Health Care Ch. 02

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“Next visit is set for day after tomorrow, do you think you can handle things until then?” She asked with an impish grin.

“Yes I think so, nurse Bryant, this is the best home health visit I’ve ever had!”

She gave me a brief hug & kiss and left with this comment hanging in the air.

“I may have some new employee training with another staff member to do next time, we’ll be here around 2:30, see you then!”


Those words certainly left me looking forward to the next visit!

So two day later the phone rang and it was Sheila. “Hello, Mr. Mathis, this is Sheila from Home Health, just confirming our visit fro around 2:30 today.”

“Yes, I’ve been looking froward to it, and please call me ‘Wayne’ I’m sure we know each other well enough for that.”

“OK, I guess that will be fine. And don’t forget I’ll have a new staff member with me for training today, don’t be too ready for us.”

“Oh, I’ll be ready just let me know what I need to be ready for?”

Sheila laughed, almost giggled actually, and replied “Don’t worry it will be about like my last visit.”

The day seemed to drag past. I spent it doing some writing on other projects and watered the garden before taking a shower and trimming up a little to be ready if this visit did turn out to be similar to the last one. I decided to wait for the two nurses on the back deck and enjoyed a tall cold drink and improve my tan.

About 2:35 I heard a car rolling up the drive and, as expected, it was the mini-van from the health agency. Sheila pulled it around to the deck and waved out the window in greeting. I returned the wave and then was greatly surprised to see who the ‘new staff member’ who stepped out of the van with her was. It was Annette, an RN from a doctors office I’d been to, and we’d also had several hot physical dates before I moved. I think we might have both been equally surprised, but her smile let me know that my departure might have been missed by her.

“WOW, my too favorite medical service providers at the same time, what a treat!”

“Oh, Annette didn’t mention she knew you, she just moved to our hospital recently. I didn’t think she’d know anyone we were visiting today.”

“Wayne and I are old friends, with a bit of history between us, Sheila. WE knew each other a couple years back, before he escaped.”

I wasn’t sure weather ‘escaped’ was the right word but it did give me hope about how this check-up would turn out. It also brought memories back of what Annette and I had done together a few years back. She was just divorced then and was exploring what she called her ‘overly subdues wild side’ at the time, and I reaped the benefits. The episode that popped into my mind first was her slipping into the exam room at the clinic with coffee cup in hand and telling me she wanted my cream for her morning coffee. She told me she had at least five minutes to jack me off and add it to her cup so I’d better whip it out and let her have what she wanted! Well,I did, and she did exactly that, then left the room with a ‘cat that ate the canary’ grin as she stirred her coffee. But, I’m getting off topic here, back to the deck and the present!

“Mr. Mathis…er Wayne, I want to let Annette do all the official parts of this visit first. We’ve been training all day and she should be ready to take care of this visit on her own..” Sheila had an interesting eager expression on he face as she said this.

We moved into the house and Annette conducted the exam while Sheila observed while watching me and , I thought, seemed to be watching the front of my shorts a bit. With the main part of the visit done Annette pulled out the tablet computer the service used for charting out and began asking all the standard and boring questions, AGAIN. I answered them all and she finally got to the questions about current meds. As on Sheila’s previous visit she got to the Cialis at the end of the list and I answered honestly when I told her it had been three days since I last took one. My eyes shifted past her to see Sheila breaking into a wide smile that made me sure the two had had some discussion about my last visit.

“Didn’t take one earlier today did you? Since you knew we’d be coming by this afternoon?”

I felt my face blush and looked down bahis firmaları to hide it. I mumbled something about not thinking that far ahead or I would have.

“I did take a couple OTC (over the counter) items that might have helped, do you want to add that to the list or check the results?” This was my hopeful reply to see if this was going where I hoped.

“Wayne, what did you take, and does it often work as well as the ‘scrip?” Sheila asked this question.

I told her what I’d taken, and she commented she’d heard of that but never had a chance to see if it was effective. After the last time I was sure now what was going to happen next.

“Wayne, you know I’ve see you and Sheila told me about her last visit to check on you, so why don’t you let both of us see weather it’s working?”

By this time I knew this was going to be good, and my cock was stirring in my shorts, ready to be set free. I stood and lowered my shorts, I had gone commando, and they both smiled when my partially erect penis was on display. Standing before them I suggested me go back out and enjoy the afternoon sun while discussing the results. Annette and Sheila packed up their supplies and headed outside, I went to the kitchen to get us all a cool drink that I was sure we;d need soon.

When I stepped thru the doors onto the deck I was surprised to find both ladies on the chaise lounges already as bare as the day they were born. Both were taking a good look at each other. Annette was a soft shade of brown, showing her Hispanic ancestors, with large tits and dark brown nipples and lips below that matched. She looked much as I recalled her a little extra padding, my favorite size, but very attractive. Sheila was very focused on Annette’s shortly trimmed brunette bush and actually was running her finger tips across her own blonde curls. The sight caused my cock, which had lost a bit of it’s early swelling, to spasm and begin rising again.

“We decided we deserved a little sun bathing time as long as we’re here, hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all I love looking at mountains and valleys in the afternoon. As long as you didn’t start without me?”

“No, but since we’ve talked about this all day we’re both ready to see what you have to show us, but Annette did help me a little in getting my panties off. They were a little damp.”

Sheila tossed the thong she’d had on at my cock and it wrapped around the head and hung like a flag. This caused all of us to get a case of the giggles and broke the ice for what was coming next. I pulled my shirt off and slid a deck chair to sit in facing them with a great view of all they had to show.

“Sheila told me you two had some rules last time, Wayne, and she still wants to play by them. But I think we’ve broken enough rules together that we don’t need any now!”

“Can’t argue with that, Annette. How many details did you share anyway?”

“She shared enough to keep us both wet and ready all day. I think one touch will make me start to cum! Should I do it or do you want to?”

That was invitation enough for me. I slid to the edge of my chair and reached out to run a fingertip across her blonde curls and briefly between her puffy outer lips. She shuddered but didn’t start cumming as she’d feared. I looked to my other side and saw Annette had cupped one had around her mound and darker pubic hair, the other was pinching a nipple and lifting her boob away from her chest. I recalled she liked a little firm handling of her tits and wasn’t surprised to hear a low moan escape her mouth.

“Damn, Wayne, don’t tease a girl like that. Get back here and get me off I need you to make me cum NOW!”

“Better do what she says, lover. After all she’s the boss today.”

With two lovely and perfectly sized middle aged women giving orders I was in heaven. And eager to comply. I fell to my knees beside Sheila and ran my finger thru her hair and this time twitched it atop her prominent clit causing her to thrust her hips off the lounger and begin the first orgasm of the afternoon. Not unexpectedly my cock was dripping precum at a steady rate. Since I was on my knees between them Annette wrapped a hand around it giving it a couple firm fast stokes before squeezing to build up a drop big enough for her to catch in her palm, which she then brought to her tongue kaçak iddaa for a taste.

Not to be out done, Sheila replaced Annette’s hand with her own and gave my cock the same treatment. I reached a hand out to each side and had an overflow of boobs to squeeze, both ladies were generously endowed as you’d expect from well padded, mature women. I Kept my hands and fingers busy playing with tits and nipples, but was unable to keep track of who’s hands were on my cock and balls. Sensing an upcoming eruption from my cock led me to sit back on a nearby chair and slow myself down while enjoying the view.

Annette was now furiously circling her clit with one set of finger tips and teasing the darker tips of her nipples with the other. Sheila had released her clit and had both hands cupping her full breasts as if presenting them to me. My hand slowly worked itself up and down my shaft, careful to not cross the point of no return. Sheila noticed that her coworker now had one had spreading her lips and teasing her opening while keeping up pace on her clit. Since she was already one orgasm ahead of either Annette or me, she slipped off the lounger and after getting a nod of approval lowered her lips to the hard nipples on display next to her. This was nearly more than I could take, and certainly an unexpected turn of events, and I released my dripping dick before i sprayed one or both of my playmates.

A low moan escaped Annette’s lips, “Ohhh, that’s so good, pinch one and suck the other that drives me wild!”

I remembered that from prior times she like a little nearly rough play on her nipples so i dropped down to the other side to help Sheila with the task. More moans of increasing volume came from Annette’s throat indicating we were finding the right level of play to drive her on. I reached down to the dripping head of my cock and caught a palm full of precum that i spread across the breast Sheila was giving her attention to. She looked my way and winked. One hand was now back between her thighs slowly teasing her moist pussy.

“Ohhhhhh, fuckfuckfuckfuck, RIGHT THERE, yessssss!” Annette came hard and long thrusting her pussy onto her hands and soaking them as she squirted a little.

She collapsed back onto the lounger and held both my head and Sheila’s tight to her boobs that by now were covered in a light sheen of perspiration. I kept suck and lightly biting the stiff brown nub until she released her grip on my hair and leaned forward. Sheila shifted back to her original place beside her and was now running her hand across her boobs and up to her bright pink nipples, pulling on them until the weight of her breasts pulled them free. Annette cupped my ball and gave them a squeeze before asking.

“So, Wayne, still able to go a few times like you used to?”

I groaned from her firm grip, she had always liked to control as much of my orgasm as possible before telling her. “Almost always, but I bet you two already discussed that.”

She gave me a devilish grin and nodded her head before leaning further foreword to capture the head of my dick between he lips and teeth. Keeping her grip on my tight balls she rolled around the head with her tongue while alternately squeezing and releasing them.

“Damn that feels good, you still have the touch. And as long as I’m one orgasm behind how about milking one out for me?”

“Poor baby” Sheila said and smiled. “do you need to cum a little for us?”

“You know it, but just a little one to start, where do you girls want it? Hand, mouth, boobs?” I groaned again and I’m sure Annette knew how close I was, and also how to milk me out a little at a time. “Soon would be good!”

Sheila leaned toward my lap and Annette pointed my cock at her open lips while stroking me rapidly toward a burst. She Squeezed the shaft while releasing my balls briefly allowing one large burst to land in Sheila’s mouth and outstretched tongue. Using both hands she clamped down on both the base of my dick and around my balls to stop me cold and make me moan in a combination of ecstasy and frustration.

“WOW, can you show me how you did that?”

“As long as Wayne can take it I’d be glad to show you.” Annette replied.

They switched positions, and grips, and Annette was reclining in front of me slowly squeezing one breast and teasing her damp kaçak bahis dark fur and clit with the other. Sheila had my sack in one hand and was slowly and firmly stroking me with the other. That first blast had relieved some of the pressure in my balls but had not come close to full release, YET.

“What you need to be looking for is the moment you’re sure he’s ready to shoot” Annette almost whispered as she kept playing herself “and when you feel it start pull on his balls and then squeeze the shaft just below the head. Usually works on most guys, works like a charm on one like Wayne who can go more than once.”

Sheila had a great touch and obviously enjoyed what she was doing. Her hands kept me on edge for what seemed like a long while but was likely only minutes. Annette still had one hand on her tits, squeezing their fullness and pinching the brown nipples, but her other hand was busily strumming her clit and she was moaning loudly as she watched my dick getting this workout. The combined effect of the action and the view was driving me to a release of some kind!

“Get him close, I’m ready to cum but I need a splash of him in my mouth to get there!

I was more than ready to fulfill that request and with Sheila’s ministrations on my cock it wouldn’t be sooner not layer.

“Now, NOW, squeeze. OH FUCK I’m there!”

Annette quickly leaned forward with her lips open and ready as Sheila followed instructions and manipulated my blast into her mouth. With that shot and her hand flying across her pussy we had what was a mutual if separate orgasm. Sheila kept the firm grip around my dick that helped insure I’d stay ready for another, longer one next time. Her other hand had found its way to her pussy and was spreading her lips and nearly abusing her clit.

“Holy fuck, you figured that out quick. How can I repay that one?”

She slumped back on a lounger and closed her eyes briefly, slowing her assault on her pussy before giving an answer that surprised both Annette and me.

“I still can’t let you fuck me or have your cum in my pussy, you remember my rules, Wayne. I want to watch you fill Annette up, cum while you do, and then taste it when you cum in her! And of course she’ll need to get off, too!”

All that sounded good to me. And it must have sounded good to Annette, too. She pushed me down onto the deck and swung her legs over my hips, burying me to the balls in one thrust. I arched my back and pulled her hips down to stay completely engulfed in her hot dripping pussy. Sheila sat watching her eyes partly closed as she chased another orgasm of her own. I knew, and I’m sure Annette did too from prior encounters, that we’d both be ready to explode soon. Something about the way we fit in this position never failed to get both of us going and exploding together, we often had finished together this way in past sessions!

“OH FUCK, Wayne, can you feel me, I’m ready. Don’t make me wait, fill me up NOW!”

That was enough for me and the flood gates opened and filled Annette just as her pussy spasmed on me indicating her climax had been split seconds behind mine. She collapsed atop me and we rested that way for a moment briefly forgetting that Sheila had observed this and was closely approaching another orgasm, too.

“OHHHHHH, too fucking hot, shitshitshit I’m cumming again!”

She shivered and then relaxed, one hand cupping her breast and the other laying idly atop her faint blonde path of fur. I hadn’t forgotten what she said before we all got off that time and gently slid Annette off my now semi erect prick with a soft ‘pop’ accompanied with a large dollop of our combined juices landing on my balls. We snuggled together and Sheila opened her eyes looking at the mess we’d made. She slipped down beside us and scooped a finger thru Annette’s lips to catch a fingerful of it.

“Ummmmm, very tasty. Now both of you sit up here and let me get the rest of it.”

Well she did just that, sucking me as clean with long slow strokes and deep throating what was left of my erection. Once she’d eased me down past half staff she slid over to Annette’s pussy that was oozing out the load I’d left there. She looked up at both of us with a smile and licked the last of it off her lips. None of us had energy remaining so me sat back, sipped what remained of of our sweet tea that had been forgotten and shared a laugh that expressed the craziness of the moment.

“Well, that went better that expected. When’s the next visit?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be in touch” they both replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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