Honky Tonk Ch. 01

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My wife and I were out at the neighborhood honky-tonk dancing and having a good time. We went there two or three times a month. It was one of those places where everyone knows your first name. Shelly was dressed in her favorite little black mini-dress. It was backless and showed a lot of cleavage. She had a great body and loved to show it off. She was a big tease and got a thrill out of getting guys turned on before walking away, leaving them frustrated. I didn’t mind because I knew I would be the one going home with her; not to mention the ego boost it gave me.

On that particular Saturday night, we stayed later than usual and closed the place. I had been drinking since we arrived but in moderation, about one drink an hour, so I felt okay making the drive home, which was only about three miles. At 2:00 AM we were the only car on the road. The bar and our house were right outside of a small city of about 20,000. The area is mostly rural outside the city limits. We live about a mile off the highway (a farm road really) down a gravel county road. We were about a half mile from the gravel road when I noticed headlights behind me. I thought it looked like a cop car so I checked my speed and continued driving. As I said, I felt sober so I wasn’t really worried about getting pulled over.

As I approached my turn, I made sure I turned on my right turn signal in plenty of time. As soon as I did, he flipped on his blue and red lights. I made the turn, hoping he was going to continue going straight, but no such luck. He followed me and I stopped about a hundred yards down the road. I pulled to the right as far as I could, not that it mattered, no cars would be coming through tonight. There were only a few properties down this road and vehicles were few and far between, even during the day.

The sheriff’s office was a relatively small one but not so small that I knew all the deputies. I had met a few of them and probably recognized all of them just from seeing them driving around. As the deputy approached casino şirketleri my door, I could tell he was a big guy, probably at least six feet tall and well built. It was hard to see much more with the spotlight shining in my side view mirror. As he leaned forward and I saw his face, I was disappointed to see he wasn’t someone I had met, although I was sure I had seen him around. Shelly, always trying to help, had her dress hiked up as high as she could without being indecent and was leaning towards my window to give the deputy all the view he cared to take in. She tried to flirt with him.

“Hello officer, what did my husband do this time? Feel free to smack him around if you want.” The whole time Shelly was beaming a big smile while giving him a show of her 36C tits, which were straining to escape the fabric of her dress.

It apparently had no effect because, after taking my license and asking me a few questions, the deputy asked me to step out of the car. I admitted to having a few drinks and he had me do a few sobriety tests. I thought I performed well, but then he asked me to blow into an Alco-sensor.

“Point oh eight,” he said. “Do you know what the legal limit is?” I knew it was 0.08. I tried to explain that I lived less than a mile up the road and even offered to walk home, but to no avail. He was overly polite and was almost apologetic. He explained that they had strict orders from the sheriff to show no leniency for DUI’s and told me he would have to arrest me. As he was putting the handcuffs on me, Shelly apparently saw what was happening and jumped out of the car.

“Ma’am, you need to stay right there at the car,” he ordered her firmly but politely with a slight southern drawl. “I’ll be over to talk to you in just a minute.”

Shelly waited at the back of the car while the deputy put me in the back seat of the his cruiser. Then he walked over to Shelly and I could see her trying to work her magic. They were standing between the two cars where I could casino firmaları see Shelly was getting to him; both of them smiling as she gently touched his shoulder and his chest. Just a light touch of her hand with her million dollar smile would melt any guy. After a few minutes, I noticed he was getting a little touchy himself; first her arm, then a hand on her shoulder. Then I was surprised to see Shelly put her hand on his and moved it to her breast. I saw him fondling her tit as he moved in to kiss her. She obviously didn’t mind and it looked like she was even rubbing his crotch. I couldn’t believe they were doing this right in front of me, the cruiser headlights illuminating the whole thing. There was nothing but corn fields on both sides of us, so there was no chance that anyone else would see, but it was still astonishing to see my wife and another man groping each other right out in the open. Then I got a real shock when Shelly dropped to her knees and started fumbling with the deputy’s pants. He unhooked his gun belt and set it on the trunk of my car while Shelly pulled down his trousers. The cop’s back was towards me but it was obvious what was happening; my wife was sucking a stranger’s cock right in front of me. The window was down and I could hear the deputy start to moan and a few minutes later I could hear him cumming. I could see the motion of Shelly’s head and knew she was swallowing every drop.

I stared, dumbfounded, as Shelly stood up and straightened her dress, kissing the deputy on the cheek as she might kiss an old friend she had met on the street. Then she walked back to our car and got in on the passenger side. The deputy pulled up his pants and put his gun belt back on. The scene that happened before me was a shock and I suppose I should have been jealous or angry, but I wasn’t. In fact, I had an erection that was so hard it hurt. To be honest, I had fantasized about having a threesome with Shelly and another man, but to actually see her giving another guy a blowjob was surreal. güvenilir casino

The next thing I knew, the deputy had me out of the cruiser and took the handcuffs off.

“You’re a lucky man,” he said, and without another word he got in his car, made U-turn, and headed back towards the highway.

On the short drive home Shelly didn’t say a word and neither did I. What was I supposed to say? When we pulled in front of the house, Shelly spoke first.

“You’re not mad are you?”

“No, not really,” I said. “I just can’t believe you did that.

“I know, I can’t either,” she explained. “Money has been so tight lately and there’s no way we can afford a DUI. I was just going to try to talk him into letting you go. I told him I would do anything and then he asked if I really meant ‘ANYTHING.’ I knew what he meant and, well, it just happened.”

She was right, we were barely making our bills and I knew I should be thanking her.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’ll make it up to you.”

Then she leaned over and kissed me passionately. I could taste his cum in her mouth and, I have to admit, I was really turned on by the whole thing. I had tasted my own cum in her mouth and in her pussy (I loved going down on her after fucking her) but tasting the semen of another man, especially after watching him empty his seed into her, was exhilarating. We didn’t even wait until we got into the house; we reclined her seat and made love in the car like to love-struck teenagers.

We talked later and I told her that I knew she only did it to help me and I admitted how much it turned me on to see her sucking off another man. I also confessed my fantasy of having a threesome with another man and of watching her get fucked by more than one man. Then she told me her fantasy; to watch me suck and be fucked by another man. I had experimented a little in college, swapping blowjobs with a friend a few times, but I never told Shelly about that. The thought of being with a man again turned me on but I couldn’t bring myself to admit that to Shelly, so I told her that I would do it for her, if that’s what she really wanted. The next morning, in the light of day, the conversation seemed like a dream, a fantasy that would never materialize.

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