I Need You, Master

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* Wanda:

Hi! This is Wanda K with the Evening Sex Report – your daily probe into the world of erotic pleasure.

Today we will explore the world of Dominance and Submission, and ask:

What exactly is a sexual master?

How does he help a woman experience peak pleasure?

We asked such a man to visit with us today. His clients simply call him “Sir.” They come from various backgrounds, occupations, and classes. What they all have in commons is the need to truly get off in sex.

His technique is controversial, but effective. Very effective, according to his clients. This is what they tell me:

He teaches them how to give him full control over their bodies, their arousal. In doing so they also give him their fears, inhibitions, insecurities. He then releases them from his command to be their newer, freer selves – and experience lust, experience life – without those constraints.

And have orgasms like they never thought possible!

Sounds crazy, right? Maybe a little too kinky? But maybe not.

Here is how one of his clients describes the experience. We will call her Jane:

* Jane:

I know that when people hear the words “sensual bondage,” they think of S&M and all this bizarre stuff: pain, and treating people like slaves. But I have to tell you that for me, it’s just the opposite. I get liberated. I experience more pleasure than I ever thought possible. And the only way I can do that, is by surrendering to the experience. I surrender to him.

Obviously, I trust him 110%. I know he would never, ever hurt me. He would never be mean to me, or cruel, or demean me in anyway. That makes all the difference, because the whole point of the bondage, is to let him set my limits. I relinquish control of my body to him, and he does as he pleases. He is the judge of how much excitement, and tension, and pleasure I can take.

He has proven himself to be a worthy master. There have been so many times when I think I’ve had enough, but I turned myself over to him and let him decide. With patience, and understanding, and an artful way to arouse me even more, he has shown me that I am more capable of experiencing pleasure than I ever thought possible.

Yes, the ties are physical constraints, but they are really symbolic. My physical incapacity is my reminder to just mentally let go. I sometimes even struggle against them, and protest, but that’s really a way for me to work out my reluctance to let myself experience more. My hangups, fears, anxieties … whatever it is that’s holding me back, that’s keeping me from letting go, I wrestle with. I have to master them, and put them in their place, so I can experience a greater level of pleasure. My sexual master helps me become my own personal master.

As for the pleasure: it is often without words. He gets me to places I just never thought possible. There are so many times when I feel that my whole body is excited; not just one part of me. He is an expert at arousing me in one area, or two, or three at the same time. The arousal just takes over and my whole being vibrates at such an erotic level. At that point I frankly couldn’t tell you how he got started, or what part of his body, or what sex toy he had been using.

Surrendering to him is a core part of my life, of my growth as a woman. I frankly cannot see myself ever wanting to stop it. We have a session three or four times a week, and they are truly highlights masaj porno of my life.

By letting go, I gain so much, and I treasure that. I am truly grateful for the opportunity he gives me to experience life in a way I could never have imagined.

* Wanda:

I know you folks out there are now really eager to get the dirty details of how Sir does this. I know I am – and I have to admit I am kinda turned on by the whole thing.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have orgasms they never thought were possible?!

Let’s hear it from Sir himself. He has agreed to describe his encounters with some clients. What’s really neat is that he will narrate the sessions as if you were the client. This way we can each imagine he was doing it to us.

I think that’s really hot. So let’s do it. Obviously, the names have been changed. Go ahead and pretend he’s talking to you, and see if it gets you off. Sir?

* Sir:

Thank you, Wanda. It’s a pleasure to be here. I am sure it will be your pleasure too. And all of your viewers 🙂

Yes, these are accounts of real client sessions. The names have been changed, but everything I describe has taken place.

We will start with Yvonne:


You have come to visit me because you have realized that only I can get you off. You have tried other men, but no one else can liberate you from your inhibitions.

You sit in your appointed chair and await my instructions. I sit opposite you. I am silent, so you are too. You are nervous, but already excited.

I command you to unbutton the top of your blouse. You of course obey. Already you start blushing. Still no talking. Only my commands. The next button, then the next. Then take the blouse off.

You know I do not want you wearing a bra, so of course you have not worn one. Your breasts are flush, and your nipples are hard. You want so badly to caress them, but you do not dare pre-empt my command. I can see the pleading in your face. With a simple nod, I let you.

With a sigh of relief you massage yourself, caress yourself. Squeeze your breasts, caress your nipples. I see you squeeze your knees together and know you’re feeling very excited between your legs. I command you to stand, then pull down your skirt. No underwear, of course.

You are now gasping with anticipation. You need to come so badly. I wait until I can sense your desperation, then give you the command you need to hear so badly: “now.”

You stand in front of me and masturbate feverishly, desperately. Two fingers inside of you, two massaging your clit. Your buck as you fuck yourself faster and faster. Back arched, head back, eyes closed, you come with a deep-throated moan that fills the room.

You collapse onto the floor, exhausted. After a moment, you crawl to me on your hands and knees. Now you are ready to really get off. First you will suck me. Then I will instruct you further.

* Sir: Here, now, is Chastity:


You arrive at the appointed time. I am sitting in my chair. You stand before me, awaiting my instruction.

“Disrobe. Slowly.”

You are self-conscious about your body, and of people watching you undress. But you unbutton your blouse, and pull down your skirt. No undergarments or stockings are allowed. You stand, facing me, awaiting my instruction.

“Turn around.”

You feel very vulnerable when people can see you but you can’t meet suck and fuck porno see them. But you turn away from me. You know my eyes are taking in every arch, every crevice of your back and buttocks. You start to feel excited. You await my instruction.

“Spread your legs and bend over.”

Now you are afraid because you will put yourself in a defenseless position. But you separate your legs shoulder-width and bend at the waist. Your breathing becomes more rapid with anticipation. You await my instruction.

You hear me rise from my chair and walk towards you. The sound of a zipper being opened. You gasp as you feel my hard cock between your buttocks. Your knees stiffen as you brace to be penetrated. You want it now, but you dare not ask. You await my instruction.

“Say it.”

You quickly answer, “please.” I am now rubbing my cock on your very moist vaginal lips. You involuntarily thrust your pelvis into my groin, begging for penetration. But you have to wait for my instruction.

“Mean it.”

A cry escapes your lips: “Fuck me! Now! I beg you!” And that is when I plant my feet, secure my hands on your hips, and drive my cock deep inside of you.

* Sir: This is Aphrodite:


You enter the apartment and proceed directly to the bedroom. You disrobe immediately, as per the instructions.

On the bed are displayed two sets of blindfolds and scarves – one blue, one white, your favorite colors. You choose the blue set, and put on the blindfold.

You lay on your back on the bed, arms and legs spread eagle. The room is comfortably warm, dimly lit, with very soft mellow music playing in the background. You are comfortable, but extremely excited, and very nervous. But you want very badly to do this.

You hear me walk softly into the room. You sense I am close to the bed. You are still uncertain you can go through with it, but then you feel a scarf being tied gently around each wrist and ankle, and then stretched somewhat tightly to each corner bedpost. No choice now but to go forward.

Your excitement reaches a fever pitch, and I haven’t even touched you yet. You are very moist, already. You think I must realize how excited you are, and feel very self-conscious. But your body is aching to be taken.

You involuntarily gasp when you feel the slightest bit of penetration between your legs. Is it my finger? The tip of my cock? Your opening expands and with your body tied down into such a vulnerable position, your arousal peaks. You pray it is my cock between your legs because you need it inside you badly.

But I don’t think you want it badly enough. With a shock, you feel simply my tongue licking your very swollen clit. Delicately, sensitivity, insistently. On and on and on as I bring your arousal to a pitch you have never felt before. Your breath is heavy and rapid. Sweat has broken out on your brow, and between your breasts. Your nipples are hard.

Your body strains against its bonds. It wants to engulf me in passion. But you are forced to submit fully and that makes you desperate for climax.

“Fuck me! I beg you!” Your fervent plea breaks the quiet of the room. And that is when I drive my cock deep inside of you. Again and again and again, and with each thrust I remind you why you came here in the first place.

* Sir: Meet Olivia:


You arrive for your appointment milf porno more nervous than usual. I have told you we will make a dream come true today. You wonder which one? How?

I usher you into the bedroom, and tell you to disrobe and sit in the chair next to the bed. Very unusual. But of course you do it. Your nervousness heightens.

Two men and a woman enter the room, naked. They climb onto the bed and immediately start caressing one another. You are shocked and surprised, and hiss to me in a whisper, “I told you this was a private dream!” I whisper in response, “This is their dream. You should make it yours only if you want to.” You remain seated and begrudgingly watch.

The woman has completely given in to the ministrations of the men. She lies prone as four hands massage her from head to foot. Two mouths suckling her breasts. Tongues licking, fingers probing.

You stare transfixed and can’t help but caress yourself as they bring their lovemaking to a climax. The men ease her onto her hands and knees. A cock in her mouth from the front, a cock between her legs from the rear. With a collective moan they all come, then lay exhausted in each others arms.

After a moment, the woman rises from the bed and extends her hand to you. You take it. Now it is your turn.

* Sir: we finish with Brianna:


You arrive for your appointment. As usual, you wait for me to initiate the conversation.

“Last week you told me about this recurring hot fantasy you have. Tell me again.”

You blush with embarrassment, but also get very excited. Your words gush forth like a true confession.

“I’m in this room with these three guys. I’m so scared – I’ve never done anything like this before – but I am horny beyond belief. I want them to take me – all of them. They hug me and caress me – so gentle! Before you know it, they have me naked and lying on the bed.”

“I want them to just take over, but am so excited I grab one and start kissing him passionately. That gets them all really eager. Before I know it, this one has his tongue down my throat, another is licking my nipples, and the third has his face buried between my legs. I never, ever thought I would do something like this, but now that it is happening, I am thrilled beyond belief. It’s like this tremendous hunger has been unleashed.”

“I am going wild. This one guy is ramming his cock deep inside of me – my whole body is starting to vibrate. I’m sucking frantically on this other cock – being penetrated in both places is driving me over the edge. And the third guy is squeezing my breasts.”

“Then, finally, there’s this huge wave of moans and we all come. I never thought I could have such a powerful orgasm…”

You look up at me, breathless and sweating, and continue.

“But as fantastic and unbelievable as this whole scene is, the hottest part is that you are sitting there watching the whole thing. I get to show the man who liberated me sexually just how adventurous I could be.”

I nod and smile. “It would be so great if you could give me that gift.”

And you reply with your own smile. “Yes, it would. But I can’t imagine any circumstances that would make that possible.”

I walk across the room and swing open the bedroom door. You look inside and see three naked men, standing by the bed. An empty chair sits next to it.

“It’s the season for giving gifts. Now is your chance.”

* Wanda:

Whew! Thank you, sir.

Viewers, I don’t know about you, but I could not help but pleasure myself as this man was talking. He really got me off. I imagined myself being every one of those women, and I tell you, it was a rush.

I frankly cannot wait to be his client.

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