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It promised to be at least almost like every other night. The heavy bass would lift up his spirits enough to drag him through the rest of the tedious work week and into the weekend, which would lead, of course, into another equally tedious work week.

He walked into the low lit club and began pushing his way through the crowd toward the bar, allowing his eyes to adjust to the darkness slowly. “One beer please”, he shouted to the man behind the bar.

He paid with exact change and took a big swig as he turned around to survey the crowd. Although it was relatively early, the crowd had already moved into that frenzied state of the evening that indicated that it was going to get very hot and sweaty very soon. This wasn’t very surprising, considering they were in a city contradicted by its party culture and pre midnight curfew.

He began to weave through the crowd, trying to get as close to the booming speakers as he could. He was drinking his beer quickly, eager to put the empty bottle down so he could begin to move his feet to the pounding bass-line.

And that was when he saw her.

She was swinging her arms and hips in wide circles in time to the music and her somewhat czech couples porno short somewhat curly hair hung around her, so he could not tell what her face looked like. The way she moved was like an expression of a deeper, heavier, more animal sentiment and he stood there watching her, not quite sure why he was staring the way he was. And then there was a break in the music and she slowed down and lifted her hair up, her face raised to the strobe lights flashing onto the floor. Her eyes were closed and her face glistened with sweat. Her mouth, slightly open, was thick and round and immediately he wanted her lips wrapped around his cock. The music changed and he realised with partial amusement that he had a raging hard-on. He knew he had to have her.

Later on that night, he lay in bed, stroking his drunken horniness, thinking of her body — the way her breasts bounced when she danced, the way her easy hip movements said she would know how to fuck him if she straddled him, the way she rubbed her hands along her body as she danced, unselfconscious of how she reeked of sex.

He imagined her there in his room with him, taking off her clothes and standing over czech estrogenolit porno him. He imagined taking her heavy breasts in his hands, squeezing her nipples and licking them, running his hands along the curve of her back and butt, caressing and pinching her round flesh. He closed his eyes and began to move his hands faster. In his head he could almost see what she would look like, down on her knees, her tongue lapping at the head of his penis, her hands pumping the shaft. Her mouth would be soft and warm, her breath coming out in hot gasps as she got turned on by the pleasure he felt from her teasing licks. Then, as she took him into her mouth he would reach down with one hand and start to massage her tits, running his thumb over her hard nipples, while with his other hand he’d grab the back of her hair and push her head down deeper onto his cock, feeling her moaning onto it as she tried to take all of him in.

He spat on his hand and returned it to stroking his cock, the wetness meant to imitate her wet mouth. He knew she would love sucking his cock; she would look up at him with her big eyes heavy with lust as her gag reflex kicked in and she would czech experiment porno have to pull away, strings of saliva still connecting her lower lip to his head. Then she would tell him to fuck her hard as she lay down and spread her thighs wide, baring her pussy to him. He imagined what her pussy would look like — whether she would be completely hair free or if she would have a wild full bush. He pictured her lying there, looking up at him with her mouth slightly open, her tongue slipping out and running along her lips.

He would run his hands over her breasts and down her belly and onto her inner thighs. Then he would run one finger down her slit, feeling the wetness brimming inside. He would slip in his fingers slowly, making her squirm and thrust her hips up for more. But he would tease her, spreading her pussy lips far apart and exposing her throbbing sex to the cool air. Her clitoris would be swollen and he would flick his tongue over it quickly and then slowly, driving her crazy with the need to be penetrated in one more orifice by his manhood. Then when her eyes were closed and her head thrown back in ecstasy he would quickly enter her, shocking her eyes wide open, taking her over the brink and into an orgasm, thrusting hard and fast as she came in waves, her body bucking as her pussy clenched tighter and tighter around his cock.

He came then, an involuntary grunt escaping from his throat as his hot cum shot out and spilled over his hand and wrist. He wished she was there to lick him clean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32