In The File Room

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“I’ve got to get changed,” Dick’s voice headed down the hall. “You might look in the file for that darn quote.” Dick went into the unisex bathroom.

“Okay,” Tonia went down the same hallway and turned into the file room, “I’ll give one last look then I need to leave. My husband will be wondering where I am!”

Tonia leaned over, looking in the next to the bottom file drawer, “I sure wish people would take better care when they file things.” She looked through the file drawer.

“Did you find it?” Dick came out, duffel bag in hand, now wearing his baseball uniform.

“It’s not in this drawer,” she scoffed.

“I’m not sure where it would be,” he dropped his bag in the hall and joined Tonia in the file room.

“Just this last file,” Tonia squatted down to look through the bottom file. She had fantasies about her being alone with Dick, but she knew it would never happen. He had a nice build and was smooth around the women in the office. They all wanted his body! “Is this one of the papers?” she held up a couple of stapled pages.

“Yes,” Dick sounded excited, “This is one and the other should be close to this one,” he squatted grup sex porno down on the opposite side of the opened file drawer.

“This?” Tonia pulled out another group of papers, now noticing how good Dick looked in his tight baseball uniform. Her mind started to wander as she gave him another once over. “God how I like the way he looks in that uniform!” she thought.

“Yes,” Dick’s excitement seemed to grow, as did the bulge in his tight pants.

“Anything else, while I’m down here?” Tonia smiled certain that Dick would be so happy he’d make an off-color remark.

“Well,” Dick smiled and reached across the file drawer and his hand started to rub her thigh through her soft blue suit pants, “There might be something,” his hand eased to her crotch, “If you have a minute?”

“What did you have in mind?” she stared at the bulge in his pants, and eased her hand over to his thigh and slipped up and grabbed the bulge in his baseball pants, “Are you wearing a jock strap?”

“Not for long,” Dick stood up and jerked open his pants, the papers dropping to the floor, “not for long at all!” he pulled down his pants and latina fuck tour porno tugged at the strap.

“Oh, my God,” Tonia smiled, Dick’s cock sprung out of the jock strap, “What a nice thick cock you have.”

“Grab it and feel how hard it is,” Dick instructed.

She silently took it in one hand and squeezed it. How good it felt in her hand to hold a cock that she could not get her fingers around.

“Kiss it and let it know you like it.” He now placed his hands on her head and drew her face towards his erect cock.

She did as she was told, somewhat oblivious to what was really happening. She was running soft kisses along the shaft and then licking around the bottom vein with her tongue, her fingers caressing his balls.

“Take it in your mouth and suck on it!” he moved her face around, “You know you want to suck my thick cock!”

Tonia suddenly did not like Dick telling her what to do and she grabbed his hands and pulled them off her head and started to swing back away from him.

Dick kicked the drawer shut and stepped between her legs as she tried to get up. Holding her down, lezbiyen porno he grabbed her face again, “Suck my cock!” he demanded!

“I need to go home,” she whimpered slightly, feeling that Dick had her pinned in her squatting position and back against the files.

“After you suck my cock!” he poked his cock at her mouth.

Tonia started to struggle with him, but couldn’t move. Dick was standing over her and had the advantage.

Dick scorned, “Suck my cock!” he held her head against the file drawers and shoved his rock hard thick cock inside her mouth. “Suck me dry!”

Tonia had so many thoughts running through her head! Her boss was making her suck his cock in the file room! She was getting turned on by his forcefulness and somewhat surprised by his actions.

His pre cum tasted familiar and she knew he couldn’t last long. She grabbed at Dick’s legs to regain her balance as Dick pumped faster and harder, banging her head against the closed files. God the whole thing was so sexy!

“Swallow my cum!” Dick fucked her mouth faster and harder and shot three or four big spurts of hot liquid into her throat.

Tonia licked the rest of the oozing off Dick’s cock as he released her head.

In another short minute, Dick moved away and returned to the bathroom to get ready again for the game. Tonia regained her composure and quickly left the building, certain that no one would ever believe this had happened…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32