Indian Summer

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Summer had been dragging on and on with no end in sight. The days were sweltering hot and even the nights didn’t cool off enough to let anyone sleep in peace. Finally Kim and Steve decide to take their last free weekend of the summer and head up to the mountains for a couple of days in hope that it would at the very least be a little cooler and they could get some sleep at night.

Kim packed everything on Thursday night so after Steve finished work on Friday the two of them could just leave without looking back. They threw everything into the back of the white Chevy truck and hit the road, driving north into the mountains and the promise of at least slightly cooler conditions.

Within just a few minutes, Kim slid over next to Steve enjoying the contrast of your warm body and the cool air conditioning that they had blasting. She took a moment to admire his hard-working body wrapped in a pair of well worn and well fitting jeans and thinning white t-shirt. The summer had left him well tanned, the sun bleaching his light brown hair, kissing it with blonde. She slid her hand up to the back of his neck and started running her fingers around his collar, trailing her fingernails across the small hairs. He smiles, enjoying the attentions and rests his right hand on her thigh, walking his fingers up towards the hem of her shorts.

Steve glances over at her from time to time, knowing he needs to watch the road but also enjoying the view next to him. Even after nearly a year he still wants to tear her clothes off and ravage her body every time he sees her. Pale skin, blonde hair, large 36D breasts with very sensitive nipples, long legs and an endless sexual anime porno appetite. What more could a man want?

Kim decides to see how much she can tease him before he makes her stop. She starts running her fingers up and down his inner thighs, pausing for a few moments every time she reaches the top. It doesn’t take long for Steve to become rock hard. Kim just smiles and continue running her fingertips along his legs. She moves her hand up under his t-shirt, lightly scratching his well muscled stomach and chest, pinching his nipples and watching him squirm because he has to keep his eyes and attentions on the road. While Kim is doing this she decides to press things just a bit further by leaning over and lightly running her tongue up the side of your neck, tasting a bit of the salty sweat remaining from Steve’s day out in the sun. He lets out a small moan but makes no move to stop her. She whispers in his ear, telling him how much she loves the feel and taste of his body – how much she is looking forward to having it all to herself for the weekend. She drops her hand into his lap and lightly massages his throbbing cock through his jeans. Steve begins to squirm but is confined by the seatbelt and his clothes.

Kim decides that she can help a bit with the clothes. She undoes the button and zipper on his pants and slides her hand inside his boxer briefs to help guide Steve’s throbbing cock out into the opening. He is a bit surprised, but she can also see that he is very excited. Steve has a huge smile on his face and a glimmer in his eyes that tells her that he isn’t going to stop her from doing anything that she wants.

Kim asyalı porno starts out by slowly running her hand up and down Steve’s very hard cock as she lets her eyes wander to the scenery outside. They have begun climbing up into the foothills and there are trees surrounding the road. It only takes a few moments for Steve’s cock to become slick and her hand to find a rhythm that he seems to be enjoying as there is occasionally a moan of pleasure while she watches the trees go by.

She decide that his cock looks too tasty to simply sit there and be massaged so she slowly leans down and takes it in her mouth, licking every inch and slowly sucking on it. Steve rests his hand on the back of her head and begins running fingers through her long blonde hair. After just a few seconds there is a swerve and slamming on the brakes. Afraid that Steve nearly had an accident Kim sits up and begins to apologize.

Steve’s voice comes out in a low growl… “oh no, I just want more and I found a place to stop”. Kim smiles and continues sucking gently on his hard cock, enjoying the sensations. She doesn’t get far before he reaches for her, unbuttoning her shorts and sliding his hand inside to feel how wet she has become. He smiles at the sopping mess he has found with his fingers and tells her that he’s had enough play and wants to move on to some serious action… but they need more room.

Without even closing his pants, Steve hops out of the truck and moves around to the back. Kim sees him hop up into the bed where she had stashed their camping gear and moves a few things around. He comes to her side of the truck and opens the door, pulling her backroom casting porno out. As he tosses me into the back, she sees that he has unfolded a couple of sleeping bags to form a sort of bed. Before she even settles in he pulls her shirt off and slides her shorts and soaking wet panties off, tossing them to the side. He nibbles on her nipples for a few moments, enjoying the smile it brings to her face and the way he can make her squirm beneath him. But Kim really isn’t in the mood for play by this point. She pulls his face up to meet hers and tells him not to bother… she wants him inside of her.

Steve is more than happy to grant her request and slides in between her legs, pressing the head of his throbbing cock up against her, slowly pushing inside until every bit of his cock is inside her tight pussy. He loves that feeling, it seems like no matter how often the two of them have sex, Kim is always tight when they start out – almost like becoming a virgin again every day. Steve moves slowly in and out but it isn’t long until he is pounding against her. She digs her fingernails into his back and pulls him deep inside of her so he can feel her cum.

Hearing her moan in his ear puts Steve over the edge as well and the feeling of her tight pussy contracting, squeezing his cock as tight as it can is enough to make him cum as well.

Steve smiles and tells her that they’d better get moving before someone stops to see why they’d pulled over. Km reaches over to grab her shorts but Steve stops her…. telling her that even though they have to get moving he isn’t done yet and he wants her to just slip on her t-shirt… no bra and nothing else on. He simply slips on his boxer briefs. They toss the rest of the clothes onto the floor of the pickup and continue driving up the road. Within seconds Steve had his hand between Kim’s legs slipping fingers up inside her pussy to replace the cock that had been there just moments before…

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