Innocence Lost

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When I was 18, I met a boy. Of course, I had met many before, all of whom I had considered in my search to find someone to help me get rid of my accursed virginity. But they had all seemed so ridiculously young, and those I let kiss and touch me left me cold – they pawed my breasts, shoved their hands between my legs and their tongues in my throat. I was beginning to wonder if I was a lesbian and that was why I didn’t like them touching me.

But then I met this boy. He appeared suddenly in the middle of the school year, and I heard vague rumors about something terrible he had done to get expelled from another school. When I mentioned his name to my mother, she said, “Oh god, Emma, stay away from that Miguel. He’s bad news.”

There was something about him that intrigued me. We had the same study hall and would occasionally chat. I thought he was funny and he had the most beautiful smile – the first time I saw it, I felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest. And there was something about the way he would look at me sometimes that made me blush furiously and turn away. When I was able to look at him again, he’d have such a quiet, thoughtful look in his eyes and I’d want to know what he was thinking, but was too afraid to ask. I figured he thought I was just an inexperienced kid – which I was – and he seemed so grown up to me. But once, after he’d done that thing of making me blush again, when I turned back to him, he leaned forward and said quietly, so no one else could hear, “I wish I could kiss you.” It almost felt as though he had.

One day during study hall, there was a fire drill. Outside, in the general confusion of hundreds of milling, laughing, talking students, Miguel grabbed my hand and said, “Come on – let’s get out of here.” I went without thinking dashing quickly around the corner so no teachers would see and call us back. When we were out of sight, we slowed down and walked, still holding hands, and I was trying to be so casual but feeling like my heart was pounding a mile a minute and like I could hardly catch my breath. Finally, I asked, “Where are we going? Your house?” He made a face and said, “Nah – not there.” I stopped and looked at him.

“I live close by. Let’s go there,” I said finally.

That thoughtful look was back in his eyes again. “You sure?” he asked.


We were quiet the couple of blocks to my house, but he held my hand still and I felt reassured. I let us in with my key and we walked into the stillness of the house. He asked where my parents were and I explained that they were out of town together at the moment and that my older sister stayed with me at night, but that she worked and went to college during the day. I offered him something to drink, thinking that when I went to get it I’d have a minute alone to try and calm down, but he followed me into the kitchen and stayed close as I got glasses and ice and soda. When I turned to give him his drink, my hand was shaking so much that I was amazed I didn’t drop it. He took it from my hand and set it down, moving closer so that I had to back up until I was up against the counter. I could smell the scent of him, he was so close – musky, warm scent. His voice had an edge of laughter as he said, “Calm down.”

I blushed and said sharply, “I’m calm!” My voice was shaking, and it was so patently untrue that we both suddenly laughed. The tension was gone for the moment. I felt his hand in my hair and then he kissed me.

His lips felt so smooth and soft against mine, his breath warm. It was a sweet first kiss, like a sigh of relief. I waited for that moment of revulsion I’d always felt when boys touched me, but it didn’t come. When he took his mouth from mine, I made a small sound in my throat and he smiled at me, his hand so gentle as he touched my cheek. “Pretty Emma,” he said, and I could still hear the laughter in his voice. “Sweet 16 and never been kissed. Isn’t that the expression?”

“I’ve been kissed,” I protested, but then turned away, feeling the flush of embarrassment on my face. I finally gave up my pretense of experience. big ass porno “Oh Miguel,” I said. “I don’t know anything, I really don’t. You can’t want to be with me, I’m such an idiot about boys.”

“Emma, take me to your room, take me to your innocent bed. I want to be with you, god I do.” Something in his voice went through my body with a rush, taking my breath away.

In my room, we stood facing each other next to the bed and took off our clothes. He was so beautiful to me – dark, glowing skin, dark eyes and hair, hard boy’s body still not fully filled out. I was shaking as I got out of my clothes, still not comfortable with my body, wanting him to like it, afraid he wouldn’t. I heard his voice saying, “You’re so pretty, Emma.” I kept my eyes turned away and shook my head. “No, I’m too big.”

“You’re beautiful,” he said insistently. “You need to look at yourself.”

His hands were on my shoulders, brushing back my long hair. I could feel it tickling my back, every nerve so hypersensitive. “Emma, look at yourself,” he said again, and I finally looked, watching his hands move down over my chest and enclose my breasts. I’d never been touched like that before and it was so intense, I gasped and closed my eyes.

“No, don’t stop looking.” I heard him say, and I opened my eyes once more and watched as he touched me that first time. Something happened as his hands moved over my skin – breasts I’d thought too big, nipples I’d thought embarrassingly large, swelling stomach and hips, soft thighs – all became beautiful as he touched them. I finally met his eyes again and we smiled at each other. “See?” he said.

His hands dropped away from me and he stood before me, smiling still. “Now you touch me,” he said. I ran my hands down from shoulders to chest, as he’d done to me. “I don’t know anything, you know,” I said softly as I caressed him. “Tell me if I do anything wrong.”

“Um, Emma. This is making love. You can’t do anything wrong,” he laughed. I thought he was teasing and looked up quickly to see his eyes. It was a revelation, this thought – I’d spent the last couple of years wanting to have sex and afraid I wouldn’t do it right when I finally did. “Okay,” I laughed with him. “Then tell me if I do anything that you don’t like.”

“I will.” He smiled.

My eyes were back on his body again, moving down finally to where his cock stood firm, projecting from his body. I’d seen cocks before – pictures in books I’d sneaked, even one real one, when a boy had fumbled around as he groped me and taken it from his pants, whipping it out for me like an obligation to be taken care of. But this beautiful young man and his hard cock before me were another revelation and I felt consumed with hunger to touch it, but still gripped by anxiety that I wouldn’t please him. I licked my dry lips and started to speak, “I…” then stopped as he took one of my hands from his chest and moved it down. “Touch it, baby,” he said softly and then I heard him moan as he wrapped my hand around his cock and I felt him finally, hard and pulsing in my hand. “Oh Emma.”

He moved my hand over him, stroking softly at first, then harder, holding my hand tight, then moving it under to touch his balls. He felt so good – hard and soft at the same time, the teasing softness of pubic hair tickling my hand. His other hand came up into my hair and pulled my mouth to his and he kissed me, really kissed me this time, hard and passionately. My body was trembling again, but in a different way.

He stripped the covers back on my bed and drew me to lay with him there. I lay back against the pillows and let him touch me, sometimes watching his face, sometimes just closing my eyes and getting lost in the sensations he was causing in my body. My eyes flew open as I felt something warm and wet on one nipple and saw his head bent over me, his hungry mouth sucking. As his mouth came away, moved to the other breast, the sight of my swelling breast, nipple so erect and big and shining wet from his mouth made me moan and writhe on the bed.

He sucked and licked big tits porno my nipples until they were almost painfully sensitive. I had never expected to feel like this. His hands moved over my body, stroking the curves, exploring every inch. One hand moved down over my shivering tummy, coming to rest, cupping my pubic mound. By that time, I was so aroused I cried out sharply and arched my back. He kissed me, murmuring sweet words against my lips as he touched me and I moaned and squirmed. He gentled me like a skittish horse until those first hypersensitive moments had passed and I lay open, panting as he touched me.

His fingers slid over my wet flesh and we were both breathing fast as he whispered in my ear, “God, your pussy is so wet, baby.” I moaned as his fingers slid over my clitoris and gasped, “I’m sorry.”

He laughed softly. “What are you sorry about?”

“How wet I am,” I replied, blushing. “I’m never like this when I touch myself.”

“Wet is good, baby. The wetter the better, in fact. Don’t hold back, Emma, don’t be shy anymore. Whatever your body does is beautiful. You’re beautiful.” His body moved from mine as he kissed his way down my body, stopping briefly to nuzzle my breasts, but continuing to move lower until he was between my legs, pressing to spread them wider. I was moaning, going out of my mind, gasping, “Miguel, Miguel…. I thought you were going to take my virginity… not… I didn’t know you were….”

“Oh, I need this, Emma,” he murmured, kissing my lips. “You smell so good and I’ve got to taste you.” His fingers pulled my lips open and the cool air on my hot clitoris felt so good. “Oh god,” he half moaned. “Your pussy is so sweet, baby.”

He pressed kiss after kiss on my clitoris. I thought at first I couldn’t bear the intensity, but miraculously, he made me relax, the tension not gone, but bearable – the most wonderful feeling spreading through my body. I could feel my pussy simply dripping wet, but he didn’t seem to mind. He was licking me now, his tongue moving everywhere over my pussy, sliding deep into my opening at times, licking the walls, but always returning to my burning clit. I glanced down and found him looking up at me as he licked me. That captured glance was so shocking, so erotic that I moaned and found myself arching my back, pushing my pussy harder at his mouth. He responded by pushing my legs open even wider, just shoving his face into me in a hungry frenzy. I was crying out over and over again, wondering for one brief instant if I was being too loud, but Miguel’s voice was getting louder too – groaning sounds of pleasure. I felt a tingling burn start, something stronger than I had ever felt before. It was happening throughout my body, like every sensation was compressing to where he was stimulating me, like I was being wrapped tight in cords of pleasure. I rode the growing tension, half-frightened it would crush me, but then it hit and I screamed… and screamed again.

That climax was indescribable. Never in all my self-exploration had I ever felt anything like it. I trembled in the aftermath, breathing hard, and felt Miguel move up and take me in his arms. He was breathing fast too and I could feel his heart beating hard. He kissed me deep and I was shocked for a moment to taste myself in his mouth. “Where did you learn to do that?” I asked, my voice still trembling.

He smiled and kissed me swiftly. “I’ll tell you someday, if you really want to know, but not now. Oh baby.” He kissed me even deeper. “You are so sweet. I knew you would be, just not how much. If this weren’t the first time, I wouldn’t have stopped. I’d have sent you up and over the edge again and again.”

I responded to the electric edge in his voice, wanting to move him as he had me. I was out of his arms, moving down his body, kissing as I went. “Teach me how to do that, Miguel,” I said, taking his cock in my hand again, stroking it as he’d taught me, hearing his quick intake of breath at my touch. I saw a clear drop forming at the tiny hole at the tip and without thinking, leaned down to lick, blacked porno then licked again as more drops came, lapping like a kitten with a saucer of cream. The taste of his fluid was sharp, like a distillation of his essence. I looked at his beautiful face, his eyes sparkling as he met my glance. “Tell me what feels good,” I said. “Tell me how to make you feel good.”

I followed his touch on himself with tongue and lips and hands, licking, kissing, touching everywhere, feeling a rush of satisfaction and pleasure each time my caresses made him draw in his breath sharply or moan. It was the most intimate experience I’ve ever had, before or since – trusting him with my inexperience while he trusted his body and pleasure to me. His hands on my head guided me as I sucked him, slowly at first, then harder, moving my mouth up and down him, taking him deeper and deeper until he groaned and pulled me gently off, his breathing labored. “Oh Emma, sweet Emma,” he half laughed. “You’re driving me crazy. I don’t know how much longer I can take this.”

My head was spinning a bit, and I was feeling dizzy with pleasure. “Is that okay?” I asked. “I don’t want to stop, if I’m making you feel good. I like this.”

He was up and on his knees with me, his hands taking possession of my body again, moving down my back, caressing the curve of my buttocks and pulling me harder against him as he kissed me, his cock pressed between our bodies, pulsing against my tummy. “I like it too, baby,” he said. “But….” He laid me back on the bed. “There’s something else I like, and that you’ll like too.” He was smiling as he looked down at me, and I moved without thought, opening my legs wide before him, and his smile became deeper. “You gorgeous, sexy girl,” he said.

I felt the weight of his body as he laid between my legs, his cock just barely resting at my opening. His mouth was soft on my cheek and neck and ear, kissing me, then whispering, “It will probably hurt, baby.”

“I know,” I said breathlessly, writhing a bit, being driven crazy by the feeling of the smooth head at my entrance. “I don’t care, Miguel… I don’t. I want you to do it. Please….”

“God, Emma, I like hearing you ask,” he was murmuring as he penetrated me a bit more, his cockhead easing into the tight opening. “Someday, I’ll make you beg… beg me to fuck you. But not now… now, god… I’m aching to feel your sweet warm pussy all around me.”

He pushed harder and I could feel the opening stretching, that brief, sharp pang that made us both cry out and then he was inside me, pulsing, our bodies fitting like matching puzzle pieces locking together. He stayed still inside me, kissing me, the warmth from that kiss flooding through my body, making me feel open deep inside so that he slid even further in me. I wrapped my legs around him without thinking, squirming underneath him, breathless and wanting more. He asked, “Are you okay?” His cock slid out just a bit and then back in and I groaned it felt so good. “God yes,” I gasped. I kissed him over and over, my body moving helplessly against his, and as I kissed, I found myself whispering, pleading, “Fuck me… god Miguel… fuck me please… fuck me fuck me….” And he groaned and drove into me hard and neither of us spoke another coherent word.

I wasn’t prepared for this… for what it was like. Was this fucking? All the times I’d heard that word, spoken in hushed, slightly shameful tones, I’d never expected it would be this… this furious crashing together that was somehow perfect, everything I craved. I was aware of everything… his thick cock moving in and out of me, stretching me open, filling me up… the wetness dripping from me, down over my ass… the slap of his balls against my ass…the sounds of tortured breathing, of his cock pumping into my slurping wet body, of my voice moaning, crying out, whimpering… animal sounds of pleasure. And then I felt my body being gripped again… god, in some frighteningly strong, different way… the slap of his body into mine making the feeling grow and intensify and I was yelling and so was he… no longer moving in rhythm but just mindless crashing together. He groaned my name and I felt his body tense and then the marvelous feeling of his release inside me… liquid heat pumping deep inside me.

I heard myself screaming as the climax took me over then and knew I’d never be the same again.

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