Insatiable at Work Ch. 08: The Farm

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We were hanging out, watching movies and snuggling together on the couch. Robin leaned over and pecked me on the cheek and I returned her affection…her hand dropped to slowly run up my inner thigh…landing in my crotch. Rubbing, pawing and fondling, she looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes, “Hon, why don’t we go do something?” We had just finished the movie and she clearly had something more in mind. “I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

Without pause, I shouted, “Chris, your mom and I are running some errands…groceries? Buddy, is there something you want to eat? We’ll pick up some of your pizzas.

“That’s good…there’s no food in this house.” A typical answer from the kid; if it didn’t have instructions on the box, it wasn’t classified as food.

“Honey, just tell us what you want, besides pizza?”


“Funny man…what do you want? No chips, either!”

“Get me some cereal…and peanut butter…protein bars.”

“We’ll be back soon…remember, no visitors.”

“Guys…guys…I’m in the middle of a game.”

We left him playing video games and I gave her the keys…she wanted to drive. As we got in the truck, she said, “Let’s go to the farm, on the way home.”

Knowing what that meant, I said, “We can go right now.”

“Honey, you’re always ready?” I reached over to kiss her, as we pulled out of the drive. She confidently laughed, “And I’m afraid, if we go now, there will be no groceries.”

We quickly picked up the all the groceries we needed and headed north, out of town. It was a short drive, but a beautiful clear night…the stars slid by, as we flew down the road. She pulled up to the gate so I could open it. It was an isolated piece of farmland her parents owned…we called it our “fuck farm.” We used it all the time. There was very little traffic and the gate was always kept locked…I felt very privileged when she gave me a key…it was commitment. Anyway, I closed the gate, as she drove through and jumped back in the truck. We parked in one of our favorite spots, behind the corn crib, where we couldn’t be seen from the road.

We jumped on each other…groping and fondling…I shoved my tongue down her throat. Immediately, clothes started coming off and we laid out over the seat, with our warm bodies entwined. I was on top with my dick pressed into her belly.

“Hon, I gotta have it…fuck…let me at that dick…let me suck it…I wanna suck it.”

I knew exactly what to do; I feel like Robin and I could write a book about car sex, because we’d probably done everything. I pushed the door open and jumped out of the truck. Still lying on the seat, I pulled her towards me so her head hung back off the edge of the seat and teased her with my dick. She loved it, laughing and giggling, as I rubbed & slapped it over her cheeks…and on her chin. “Give me that.”

I rubbed it over her lips and pressed against them; she grabbed for me and pushed it into her mouth…and I started pumping, slow. Her lips stretched tight around me but made her satisfaction known with, “Mmmmmm!”

I kept stroking, but bent forward and sucked a nipple into my mouth, nibbling and flicking it. I continued the rhythmic satisfaction, pinching at her nipples a little, before I grabbed her head and push myself harder, into her throat. She choked a little, but I didn’t stop; the feeling of my dick pounding into her was what she wanted. Finally, I withdrew and asked, “Keep going, you want more?”

“Love it…keep fucking…and this nipple’s lonely,” she pointed to the other breast. I thrust back into her, this time, just teasing her and lightly poking at her throat. I took her cue and started fondling and sucking the other side.

Wildly sucking at me, she was pushing me real close. “Robin,” with some urgency, “Honey, Let’s do it in the back.” Done it before…this arrangement was nothing new; she jumped out her door. I met her at the back, dropped the tail-gate and playfully swatted at that hot little ass…she squealed.

“Honey, it’s your turn, now!”

I sat her up on the tailgate with her legs splayed, wide. My gaze slid down over her body…a pole light backlit her curves. She wore that pickup well…she looked amazing, sitting there ready for anything…especially for what I had to offer. We held each other and I plunged my tongue into her mouth…we made out under a clear, summer sky and a roar of crickets. It was an incredible night to fuck under the stars. I reached down and parted her lips; they were puffy and moist, with arousal. The wetness glistened and I inhaled the musky scent, when I leaned down, closer. I buried my face between her legs and she reached down to hold me tight…really tight…pushing me into her pussy. My tongue pushed forward into her juicy, warmth and I thought…this’s fucking better than anything, I’d ever tasted. I continued to lick up the insides of her swollen brazzers porno labia. Up, over and back down, crossing a hard, swollen clit. She moaned and her eyes rolled back in her head when she felt her lips stretching, straining to welcome my fingers.

“Oh Honey…that feels amazing! Yesss…yessss! Fuuuccckkk that’s good…fuck!”

She was warm, wet and slippery; I moved inside and probed deeper. As I rubbed her g-spot, I worked the clit with my tongue. She began to moan and thrust her hips into my face, firmly holding me, where she needed me.

“I want that big thing in me…fuck me…please fuck me.”

I stood, thumped myself over her pussy and poked at her clit, with the head. At this point, it was swollen and flowing with a little precum…I smeared some over the length and slid myself up and down between her lips. I rubbed over her clit and pressed my dick into it; she loved it when I rocked back and forth and rubbed with more pressure. When I pushed myself into her, she gasped and inhaled as I pushed past her labia. Gradually humping it deeper and deeper, until I was almost in her belly.

“Oh God, that’s what I need…just like that…stretch me…fuck me! Oooooh…fuck me, deep.”

With each stroke into the wetness, my dick picked up more and more girl-juice; it started to seep down over my balls. I paused at its deepest just to feel the heat of her insides…my dick pulsed against her…I couldn’t help but moan…love to feel my cock inside. Resuming thrusts, in and out, each forceful plunge almost took her breath away.

Instinctively, her fingers went straight to her clit and started rubbing. The sensation of my dick, thick and stretching, paired with masturbation, was almost too much. She began moaning and rolling her head around like a wild woman. “That’s it babe, spread a little more…spread for me.” I leaned forward and focused on the pleasure of watching my dick plow into her.

One hand gripped her hip tightly and my balls slapped up against her as my other hand clenched and squeezed her ass. Her breasts bobbed and bounced with each thrust and her fingers stroked over her clit. Completely lost in the incredible sensations of fucking, I didn’t have a sense for where she was…I could only feel a load boiling up from my balls. My breathing got choppy and I tightened the grip on her hips. I was groaning with each stroke.

She knew where I was, “Yea babe” She urged, “Yessss, cum for me! Give it to me! I want it… please…give it to me!” Her pussy pulsed around me; the tight lips gripped the rippled surface of my aching dick, as it pumped into her.

“Oh fuck…Robin…fuck,” I shoved myself as deep as I could and held it there, shooting my load deep into her, flooding her cervix. My cock twitched with each spray and it bathed in the heat, filling her.

“Rob…that’s it give it to me…want your cum.” Her fingers rubbed faster, but the incredible sensation of a hot load drove her pussy crazy. With her pussy stuffed full of hard cock and hot seed, she moaned with orgasm, “Fuck…cumming, too…cumming…yer heat…yer cum…cumming…cummmmming!”

She bucked her body against mine and her pussy walls quivered around me. A warm, wetness seeped out of her and ran over my balls, “Damn! That’s good…let me have the cum…give it to me,” she begged “I need it…let me taste that cum…and my juice.”

“Come here! Finish me…come get it, babe!”

She plunged down over my cock, eagerly engulfing it with her mouth. I had my hands on her head and began pumping my hips at her face. “Mmmm…lick it clean…that’s it…you like all that sex…like all that juice…that’s it, take it all!” One of her hands dropped down to gently fondle my balls. Once she was satisfied, it popped free from her lips. She licked the head a little and smiled up at me.

She glanced to her left and looked a little confused, “Honey, I want to spend the night here, but we need to get home.”

“I know…me too…I like the stars. You’re a mom…you have to be there…you always are, Robin. It’s all good.”

Still looking confused and looking around, “Can you see my pants?”

We laughed (found our clothes) and drove home

She got Chris to bed and I poured us both a glass of wine.

We snuggled together out on the patio and finished our star watching.


Again we found ourselves at the farm…the Fuck Farm…it was, maybe, several weeks later. Though, this time we were in the woods; and it was during the day. We were out doing some botanizing for Chris’s leaf collection, while he was at soccer. In other words, we were doing the kid’s leaf collection I had the list and she was placing them in newspaper…we had a leaf press at home…it was my intention to have him do that part.

“Here’s the Redbud, and I think I see a castingcouch-x porno Witch-hazel over there…let’s check it out.”

“Yep…here you go”

“Is this a Norway or Sugar Maple?”

“Sugar…the leaf is similar, but the lobes are a little narrower in here…than the Norway…and a Sugar has a pointed bud, while the Norway’s is broad…and rounded.”

“I can’t tell you how cool this is…you, helping Chris.”

“Honey, I really don’t mind, but we’re just getting him started. He will be coming back here, with me to checkout each tree and he will be quizzed…and he will be gathering the ten invasive species for extra credit.”

She laughed, “I love it! You know…I knew you’d make sure he got something out of this project…I don’t think Chris realizes that he will have to apply himself.”

“Yea…I know he thought this would be a blow-off, but I did talk to him about my expectations.”

“You will be a great parent…you are with my kids. Honey, I just appreciate things like this…so much.”

I nodded, “I think we found a Red Oak…if I can reach it”

“Babe, I think I see a lower branch…got it.”

We came out of the woods into a meadow…the sun was warm and streaming through the trees, along the edge of the woods. I reached over to kiss her. I guess that was what set things in motion…maybe…because we were rolling over the ground and making out like a movie. I felt her hand slide over my crotch, stroking and grabbing for hardness. It wasn’t long before my belt was loose and she had my pants pulled down. She flipped around so I tried to work on her pants; her crotch was in my face and I really wanted to do more.

“No… let me do you!”

“That works” I thought, fuck…I’m ready for that.

She wrapped her lips around me and I started to pump into her…she’d pull back a little to lick and suck at the tip.

She took it as deep as she could, poking her throat and pushing even deeper. Gagging and straining, it finally penetrated…she carefully worked it back & forth, keeping it where she was comfortable. Trying to hold back and let her set the pace, I gave in and gently thrust forward…stuffing it deeper. “Do you want me to fuck you…fuck your throat?” “Mmmm,” she answered and nodded her head. Slowly, I popped it from her throat and thrust it back between her willing lips… back into her throat. We both took great satisfaction in pleasuring each other…I know the cock, deep in her throat, made her whole. She was happy, almost blissful, with her eyes closed and full of my hard, pulsing dick.

I thrust into her and pulled the back of her head to bury her face, in my groin. Each time, she took it all. “Honey, you keep this up, yer gonna make me cum.”

I stroked a few more times before feeling it in my balls, “Gonna cum…gonna cummmmm! Fuck! Cummmming!” I pulled from her throat and sprayed it all in her mouth, erupting with pulse after pulse…I felt my cock shudder each time. She grabbed my ass and held me there, until I finished. I felt her swallow more than once, but cum still dripped from her lips and down her chin.

She methodically squeezed up over the length, milking me of every last, creamy drop. Oh God, it felt so good to pulse out a release between those stretched lips. I really didn’t want it to end, but she pulled off, licking around her mouth and smiling, “Now, I got a surprise for you.”

“Another one? What now…sweetie, what are you up to?”

She just smiled, “You’ll like it…just follow me…”

“Well, I know I liked what just happened…you can’t hardly top that.”

“I knew you would…and I know I can…top it…just wait.”

“Robin, I sense prior planning…what do you have planned…what are we up to?”

Content with her effort to surprise me, I followed her back towards the car. I thought to myself…we had almost finished the collection, except for a Bur Oak and Persimmon…

“Robin there’s that cool Bur Oak was back by the barn.”

She smiled at me and grabbed my hand, “Just wait…we might have some time to go there.” We played grab-ass with each other on the way back to the car, where she pulled a picnic basket and cooler from the trunk.

“A picnic! When did you do all this?”

“This morning when you were checking email…and apparently I think you already know where we’re going.” We kissed and headed off for the bur oak.

I grabbed a leaf and an acorn for Chris, while she laid the blanket out under the tree. It was an incredibly old oak, probably left by the settlers when they built the farmstead…the house is gone but the tree remains. We had our lunch and talked for a while…she even had wine packed

I walked back to the basket to pour her more wine and when I turned, her pants were thrown aside and she was resting on one of the branches, “More surprises?” clips4sale porno I gave her the wine and we kissed for a long time

I took my glass and drizzled some over her pubes…” here, let me help you with that

“Mmmm…like your surprises, too, honey.”

My tongue soaked up all the wine, licking up through and over her lips. The wined added to that incredible warm, sticky…salty…pussy-taste. I licked and lapped over her clit till I could feel it; her whole body quivered under my tongue. I unleashed an intense wave of pleasure that had her moaning, “Yesss…yesss…faster fassstter…cumming already…cumming! Fuck cumming…yessssss…cumming…fuckkkkkkk! Keeeeep it up…yessss still cummmmming…yessss! Doin it…keep doin it…good…cummmming…fuckkkk!”

“O god…that’s good”, she pulled me up and kissed all over my face. I looked in her eyes and said, “Not done with you, yet.” She smiled with a sexy expression that said she wasn’t either.

“Sweetie, I was hoping for that.”

I locked my lips over her mouth and her tongue wrapped over my tongue. We shared the musky, sex from her pussy. She found herself pressed up against the tree and I thought it was a little rough on her back so I lifted her to a lower branch. “Mmmm…that’s better, hon.” It was a comfortable perch for her and we made out like horny teenagers. I pulled her into me and ran my hands up over her bare back and grabbed her ass with both hands. My dick was upright and pressed hard against her belly. I felt her legs spread wide and wrap around my waist, locking her feet behind me. I ran kisses down her neck that drove her wild. We mashed around and she almost tipped off the branch, at one point.

I stood back and gripped my dick…it was in its full glory…leaking and hard as a rock. I pulled it down, straight a couple times and let slap up against my belly…I started pumping my hand up and down, over its length. She loved watching me stroke, especially if it was a prelude to sex…which it always was. Whenever I was horny, I could always take it out, put on a show, fondle, thump it around, pump or stroke…whatever…she’d want it. She’d just cum, but she got so turned-on, she had to have it…I knew she was ready for more; I could fucking see the lust.

She only wanted one thing…to be fucked. I teased her, “You want some?”

“Brat…you know I do…do me from behind,” she said.

Realizing it was the right height, I spun her around and bent her over the shirt, laid over the branch. She stuck her ass in the air and I positioned myself between her legs. Using precum, I started rubbing the big head of my cock on her little slit, sliding it up and down, through her pussy and over her clit…she reached around and grabbed me. Pressing it into her pussy, I slowly pushed forward, as she gasped and moaned, until I felt myself deep inside. I fucked her sensuously, slow and hard. Over and over, I took my whole cock out and slid it back into her until I was balls-deep.

“Oh fuck…fuck, fuck me hard!” she said. “That’s it, just keep…that up.” My thighs were slapping against her ass each time I slammed into her. It felt so good…I could almost feel my balls bang her clit.

She was moaning and purring in ecstasy. Her cunt lips clung to the shaft, leaving a sticky film of girl juice. The sound of our sweaty bodies slapping together…fuck…it was amazing.

“Oh god…yes, yes, yessss. Fuck yes! Yer gonna make me cum…yer cock’s…so…fucking…sweet!”

“Oh fuck!” She screamed, as her pussy pulsed and her body shuddered around my dick, “Rob…cumming…all over that big dick! Cumming!”

Her body was thrashing, but I just kept driving into her, till she was done. After fucking for as long as I could, I pulled my dick from her. The cream covered my shaft and I stroked myself over her ass…stroking my cock faster and faster, I sprayed a huge load up over her back. She let me finish squirting every drop before she spun around and licked me clean. “Mmmmm Robin, you like all that…you like that pussy…don’t ya? All that pussy juice…and cum…that’s it…eat it all.”

I was breathing hard, but gently pulled her up off the branch and wrapped my arms around her. I said “That was incredible, honey…”

“I know…it’s always incredible…you make it that way, sweetie.”

With that, we collapsed into each other’s arms and snuggled on the blanket. We looked up into the sky…the tree’s shadows and sunlight moved over our skin. We fell asleep for a short time and I awoke when I felt her stir. Our bodies, completely naked, felt a comfort, as if we were part of the meadow…part of nature.

When we finally got home, I went over things with Chris, “Your mom and I spent all afternoon…a lot of time…gathering leaves.” I mentioned that he was to have things memorized before I took him back out to finish.

Chris, “That’s cool, dude…I’ll work on it tonight.” He awkwardly hugged me, “Thanks Rob…I appreciate it.”

Robin smiled and winked over at me, “Robbie and I still have to find that persimmon leaf, though…it will take some time, but we’ll do it.”

“Anytime sweetie, we can go tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32