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Troy is hopelessly lost in a world of youthful lust for several days (and nights). He’s a typical, constantly horny guy and his encounter with IYA has amped him up to a near frenzy. Fantasizing about her almost constantly he relieves himself often while feverishly yearning for next week and what could possibly happen with HER then?

He’s also fascinated about who SHE is; how SHE lives such a seemingly hedonistic lifestyle, and how does HER husband deal with it? Over the weekend Troy tries to talk at dinner with his parents about the neighbors in a nonchalant manner. Mentioning a few with a question or two he then brings up the Diamonds.

Dad says Mr. D is in his seventies and well respected in the financial world. He says, now after a third marriage, the old codger has dropped out and apparently become a reclusive retiree. Dad continues saying, “Rumor is he bought the property next door for his new bride. Had that mansion built for her. You remember the monotonous construction all of last year. I’ve never seen the structure because of the jungle around it. Have you?”

Troy is awash in the expanding IYA fantasy and manages to meekly lie, “Ah, no, not really.”

“Well it just increases our property value,” his Dad muses. Troy’s pulse races as he asks, “What about Mrs. Diamond?” Surprisingly his DAD hesitates, but his Mom snarls, “SHE is a gold-digger slut.”

Troy is shocked at the language and intensity of his Mother. Its quite unusual, so his Dad explains that the old man’s young wife has been quite scandalous, a nude model and an international playgirl type. Speechless, Troy finishes his dinner and goes up to his room to study for the night. Unable to concentrate on anything else, his fantasies go ballistic.

On Monday he trots out to his car intent on going to class and trying to forget HER. He starts to slide into the seat when he sees an envelope on his windshield. It’s shiny red and that peeks his interest. Grabbing and fumbling it open he discovers a single note-card which reads:

Hello, MY Darling,

Call ME:


Goddess IYA

He closes his eyes trying to calm himself. After a minute of re-reading with his imagination running wild he pulls out his phone and dials. Immediately the call goes to a voicemail:

Troy Baby,

I want you to stop touching yourself now,

and until I see you again.

I want you fresh.

I want you full.

I want you,


The tortured guy groans and pants. He can’t believe he must endure three days of celibacy. How will he ever…

…Its 1:50 on THE DAY. Troy has never been hornier than at this moment, but he’s followed HER direction implicitly. He leaves his empty home and shuffles next door. Again he enters through the gate and climbs the grade up to IYA’s lair. Seconds pass after he rings doorbell, then his wait extends to nearly a minute, His nervousness grows. ‘Should he ring again?’ ‘Would that seem too anxious?’ ‘Is SHE here?’ ‘Please be here!’

As if in answer to his anxiety a guy saunters into view and to the entry. He opens the steel sculpted door. It’s Ronnie from last week, Troy observes. The hulk says, “Come-in, Sir.” Stepping into the lavish foyer Troy thanks him as his eyes furiously scan for HER but to no avail. bursa escort The door is quietly closed behind him.

“M’ Lady is presently engaged. Please be seated and SHE will be out soon.” Troy slumps down onto a sleek bench as the huge guy continues, “SHE requires that you remove your shoes and socks.” Without hesitation Troy complies. Ronnie stands back as if like a sentry, stoic and at attention. The seconds tick by, followed by minutes. The silence becomes heavy as time passes, his craving overtaking even his fear of the unknown ahead. ‘Oh please, please where are YOU, IYA?’ his mind screams …

…the rhythmic sound grows louder and louder in the vaulted hallway. Troy is on the edge of the seat when SHE appears from around a distant corner. SHE is followed closely by a male that Troy ignores, only noticing that he stops and kneels where SHE points. Instead Troy stares, dumbstruck by the soaring hourglass figure approaching. Initially, IYA seems to be nude, but the closer SHE comes the more he realizes that SHE is indeed clothed, but ever so barely, the clinging outfit flesh-toned and only a shade lighter than HER rich, sun-kissed skin.

Alternately placing one shapely leg in front and across the path of the other HER strut is so fluid, so confident, so fucking sexy. Ankle boots sheath HER feet, silver leather sparkling with every powerful stride. HER legs are towering in height, stunning in provocative motion. They seem unending in part due to the hem of HER micro miniskirt spanning HER hips just an enticing inch or so below HER pussy. Each step gives a sneak peek of feminine perfection unhampered by either bra or panties. The skirt rides low on HER hips making it just a few inches of tautly stretched fabric.

HER stupendous breasts, contained in a matching skin tight sheath with a scooped neckline that only enhances the firm massive hemispheres that bounce ever so slightly as SHE walks. The shimmering top extends down both arms coating them to HER wrists which sport thick bands of contemporary jewelry.

What is getting him hard at record speed however is the material of the brazenly scant garments. They are very nearly transparent; deliciously see-thru with a very subtle metallic sheen. A sly smile washes over HER gorgeous face. SHE knows HER beguiling beauty is way beyond this young boy’s ability to handle. Reaching him, SHE strikes a supermodel-like pose, head aloft, hands slithering onto curving hips, eyes boring deeply into his very soul. Every square inch of HER smooth, flawless skin is luscious bronze and shimmering with glitter-laced lotion.

Troy struggles to stand on wobbly legs while mindlessly ogling this wicked temptress. SHE allows him to start at dark, erect nipples pointing from the pinnacles of HER majestic tits each straining to escape the confines of the top. His eyes scan downward over the expanse of bare rippling muscular abs and a sensual navel pierced with a dangling multi-jeweled stud. Then the bandage wrap skirt comes into view and most incredibly the slightly diffused contours of flaring vaginal lips and a hard aroused clit projecting forth like an erect shaft. All this enticing, erotic splendor on shameless display thru an elastic film of gossamer.

“Hello, Boy,” THE GODDESS IYA coos sweetly, arms extending, fingertips bursa escort bayan grazing his cheeks. Troy shudders in truly mind numbing desire, unable to think, unable to speak.

“You’re here again for ME. Did you miss ME?” SHE teases, lightly drawing HER long nails over his collarbones. “Did you dream of ME?” Troy swallows in a gulp and whimpers, “Yes, ev, every sec, second.”

“Umm, day dreams, and night fantasies, wet and naughty and fantastic, yes?” Looking down into the young male’s cute face SHE sees his hyper lust boiling within, making HER sex tingle. He can only nod in agreement.

“Until I allowed you to call ME.” The top button of his shirt is flipped open as SHE continues, “Did you obey ME?” Troy croaks, “Yes.”

IYA grins mischievously, undoing another button while extending a leg forward to graze the front of his slacks, “Fresh. Full. Big and Hard!”

His nips are caressed in slow circles, his rapidly engorging member found and rubbed by a lush thigh. “Did you bring ME something I want?” SHE inquires, a third button undone. Troy’s brain is frozen, but his body is on fire.

“Yes, you did,” IYA answers for HER young prey, leaning back to get the last button before tugging the shirt tail completely out. “Your innocence, and…” HER gaze focuses on the huge bulge struggling to escape his slacks, “…and your Virginity, baby.”

Troy moans, “Ple, plezz, GODDESS,” as he assists HER pull off his shirt. SHE admires the boy’s upper body muscularity running the palms of HER hands over his stout chest as his shirt is tossed aside.

“Are you ready to give it to IYA?” HER fingers playing over his throbbing tent. All he can do is pant pathetically while SHE locks his arm, turns him around and starts walking him away. They proceed down the corridor and SHE purrs, “That’s Jimmie,” giving a nod to the guy SHE lead in just a few minutes ago. He’s now kneeling at the doorway of an adjacent room, watching HER approach.

“I had him get ME wet with his tongue,” SHE purrs, hand brushing across his mouth as they pass. Troy sees the glistening honey covering most of the guy’s face just before IYA brings HER index finger to his lips. “Taste ME!” is the command Troy hears as the sticky sweetness is deposited on his tongue.

Then HER iron grip on his arm ceases and he’s shoved headlong into another room. There are mirrored walls on all sides. IYA follows him in. HER spectacular body and beguiling beauty are suddenly, tantalizingly reflected all around. Troy staggers in disbelief as blonde tresses swirl about, deeply tanned skin and complimenting latex flash by. IYA’s expert digits fly over his belt, down his zipper and plunge into his pants. In seconds they puddle at his ankles. “Step out, sweetie,” he hears in an ear, as an exotic fragrance invading his senses.

HER lips are on his now, hot and moist. HER tongue snakes aggressively into his mouth. One of HER hands cups the back of his head, the other freeing his steel hard shaft from the confines of his boxers. SHE breaks off the ferocious kiss and slithers down his torso dragging an elastic waistband as SHE descends. He manages to glance into a mirror just as he feels the head of his cock encircled by something. What he sees sends even more blood rushing to his raging erection. escort bursa IYA is working a black ring down his shaft, its veined surface already lubricated with oozing pre-cum.

HER billowing ponytail somewhat obscures his view but his cock adores the licking along its sensitive underside. IYA rises up snapping the cock ring around his swollen scrotum. Troy attempts to speak but SHE presses a finger against his lips, “Do not talk, just listen to ME.” He starts to move his hands onto HER wasp-thin waist, but SHE slaps them away, “Do not touch, just respond to ME.”

IYA forcefully pushes him causing Troy to fall backwards onto a padded bench. With lightning speed SHE arches one leg over his prone form and stands straddling the startled boy. HER legs are splayed out, stretching the micro-mini to it’s very limit and displaying a glorious pussy dripping divine juices. Troy has never seen such a sight and groans with a desire like he’s never felt before. The GODDESS gazes down on his erection, it’s tip so very close. SHE grips the enormous shaft and plunges downward onto it, taking in several inches. Then another several inches as Troy shudders uncontrolably.

Arching HER back and throwing HER hair and HER massive tits from side to side SHE lunges ever downward until the boy’s entire length is buried inside IYA. “Ah, ah, ah,” Troy whines as his hard-on is clutched by a collapsing tunnel of rippling muscles, a sensation beyond human understanding. Above him IYA writhes with pleasure, pumping up and down, head to hilt.

“Fuck ME, oh my gawd, yes, yeszz,” SHE snarls, pulling Troy’s torso up and slamming it into HER pulsing clit. Even though his balls and cock base are secured in the tight restraint, Troy only lasts a dozen thrusts before he yelps and explodes streams of spunk into IYA.

“Give it to ME, virgin,” SHE hisses, clawing his chest and bucking wildly, driving HER stiletto heels into his flesh. “Mine, all MINE!” the gorgeous GODDESS proclaims in a shrill growl, just as SHE inhales and trembles with an all-consuming orgasm HERself. The erotic spectacle continues for over a minute, HER arms clasp together extending high above HER head, HER body undulating fiercely, reveling in the pleasure of conquest and corruption, as well as enticing every last spurt out of the young bull.

He is whimpering HER name over and over as SHE finally stops swaying. IYA looks down into his tearing eyes and gives him a triumphant smile. SHE pats his flushed cheek approvingly and whispers low and sultry, “Good Boy!”

Abruptly IYA stands, allowing Troy’s shrinking member to slide out of HER still hungry chamber. He flops to the bench surface, spent and sweaty. Again a long statuesque leg flashes through his field of vision, and SHE gracefully steps away. Adjusting the rubber top to span once more across the cavern between HER perfect breasts and smoothing the barely-there skirt over HER glistening temple IYA reaches and rings the servant chime. Within seconds Ronnie appears. “Help this one back into his clothes and show him out,” is HER matter-of-fact order.

Pivoting and bending to Troy’s face, SHE brushes his open mouth with HER frosted lips and murmurs, “Again, next week, MY pet.” HER fingers trail over the limp prick SHE has just devoured as IYA exits the room. Troy props himself up just enough to watch HER swivel suggestively across the corridor, run HER hand through Jimmie’s dark hair and beckon him to follow. Turning, he crawls behind the GODDESS as SHE disappears from view.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32