Jamie Ch. 23

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September 20th came quicker than I expected. What was so significant about that day, you ask? Well, it was the day the girl of my dreams and long-time crush became my beautiful bride. The night before the wedding, she stayed at her parents’ house so she and her bridesmaids could all get ready together. We had a pretty decent sized wedding party; I actually had to come up with more guys to match her bridesmaids. She had her two sisters (Kimmie and Kristin, and Kristin was her maid of honor), three of her closest friends (Rachel, Arlyena and Candy), Camille, Tracy and her soon-to-be sister-in-law (also named Rachel).

At first I wasn’t sure I’d be able to come up with eight guys to match her bridesmaids, but it all fell together nicely. First I had my two brothers (Mike and Ben), then TJ (Jamie’s brother), Matt (my best friend and best man), Austin (a close friend from my years in Colorado), Brad and Shane (two old friends I was in a band with for two years), and, finally, Ryan (a childhood friend I reconnected with when I moved back to California). It worked out nicely, though having such a large wedding party made things a bit more expensive. Thankfully, between the two of us, and her father and my mother, we were able to have everything we wanted for our wedding. Which, to be honest, wasn’t all that much. We didn’t go crazy hiring some huge band; we had a family friend as a DJ. The flowers were simple yet elegant. Even Jamie’s dress wasn’t crazy expensive. The photographer was obviously my cousin, Camille, who gave us a discount on both the photos and the video. What cost us the most was the location, the hotel for our wedding night and our honeymoon, but most of that was paid for in chunks as we had the money for it.

But, the day of the wedding finally came and I was standing up there with my best man next to me, the rest of the groomsmen behind him, and a minister from mine and Jamie’s parents’ church. The bridesmaids and maid of honor had just finished their procession up to the altar and were lined up, waiting to welcome Jamie. Behind the guests waiting in their seats were two white tents to keep Jamie out of view until she was walked up the aisle by her father.

When she and Ted turned the corner from the tent to the left of the aisle, I literally stopped breathing for a few seconds. I’d seen Jamie in all her glory before, and I’d seen her all done up as well, nothing compared to how she looked that day. She didn’t have the long gown with an elaborate train most brides would wear on their wedding day due to the sand, but her dress was beautiful, simple and flowing as the breeze blew it behind her like a majestic flag. Yeah, I know, a flag probably isn’t the best comparison, but it was the only thing my mind could think of to compare that part of her dress to in that moment. I was just too stunned by her perfection and beauty to think of better words to describe her.

When they finally reached the end of the aisle, our eyes were still locked on each other as they had been since she’d turned the corner at the other end. The minister said something and Ted responded, but all I knew was that was my cue to step forward to receive her from her father. Ted shook my hand and then pulled me into a hug; he said something else but it never registered and I responded automatically with a “thank you, sir” and then Ted brought our hands together. All that existed to me for a few long seconds was me and Jamie as I walked her up to the minister. We stood facing each other as the speech began; both of us full of smiles and holding back happy tears.

At one point Jamie cleared her throat and then pointed at the minister with her head. I looked at him dumbfounded, as if I had no idea why he was there.

“There he is!” he joked. “I agree, she’s very beautiful, Jason, but I need you to focus enough to get through your vows,” he said and the congregation to my left laughed. I laughed as well as I felt heat fill my face and neck.

“Sorry,” I apologized.

“It’s okay, son, we’ll be done soon enough,” he said which elicited more laughter from all of us.

He led us through our vows, which I struggled to not be distracted from and soon we were lighting the unity candle, going through the ring vows as we placed the rings on each other’s finger. I didn’t miss the most important part, though. When he told me I could kiss my bride, neither of us hesitated. We pulled each other close, tilted our heads and pressed our lips together for our first kiss as husband and wife. Then I dipped her as she wrapped an arm around my neck for support, our mouths opened and our tongues danced for a moment as the congregation and our wedding party cheered, laughed and applauded for us. When I lifted her back up, we raised our hands we held together as the minister announced us as a couple and we began the recession. The music played loudly as we danced up the aisle to the tents.

We reached the end before the wedding party began their recession behind us, so I pulled her around the corner and we smashed czech streets porno our lips and bodies together into a passionate kiss. I sensed the maid of honor and best man nearing the end of the aisle, but I didn’t care; I continued to kiss my bride.

“Gees, guys!” Matt said. “You can’t wait until you get to the hotel room tonight?” he teased.

I stuck my middle finger in his face and he laughed. “Sorry, but would you be able to resist kissing a bride as beautiful as her?” I asked him.

“Fair enough,” he said and then grabbed my hand and pulled me into a one armed hug as I let go of Jamie. “I’m proud of you, man,” he said.


Soon the rest of the wedding party was there and the coordinator lined us up to welcome our guests into the wide open reception area. Once they were through, we were whisked off to take photos. We started with the wedding party pictures, then moved on to family pictures and then finally ended with just the two of us.

“God, you look beautiful,” I told her as Camille wrapped up our photo session.

“Thank you,” she said and then kissed me; I heard the camera click as well. “You look great yourself,” she complimented.

“I’m nothing next to you,” I said. “But, thank you,” I added.

“If it weren’t for all our guests waiting for us, I’d have you rip my dress off and fuck me right here,” she whispered in my ear.

“And what about Camille?” I asked, jerking my head in her direction.

“I’d want her to suck on my tits as you fucked my pussy from behind,” she said as she looked over at my cousin seductively. “But, unfortunately, our guests have been waiting long enough,” she said with a sigh.

“You’re kind of a tease, you know that?” I said, poking her in the ribs.

She giggled and pulled away to escape; I heard the camera clicking away as we teased each other. Then Camille walked up to us, sporting a big smile.

“You two are too cute,” she said.

“Not as cute as you,” Jamie countered. “Look at you in that tiny dress!”

Camille wore a light blue dress that hugged her body, ending halfway between her knees and ass. Narrow shoulder straps exposed her creamy skin all the way down to the crevasse between her firm breasts. She almost looked as beautiful as Jamie.

“Thanks, but I’m nothing next to you,” Camille complimented.

“Must run in the family,” Jamie said with a wink.

Camille looked at me confused and I shook my head. “I said the exact same thing a minute ago,” I told her.

“Gotcha, well, we tell it like it is in this family,” she said and then finally closed the distance between us after snapping a few more pictures of us. “I wish I could see what you look like as that dress comes off,” Camille said when she finally reached us.

“I wish you could help Jason take it off of me, but I do want our first night as husband and wife to be just the two of us. We’ll see you in a few days in Washington,” Jamie said and then reached her hand out to hug Camille.

Camille moved close for the hug, but Jamie caught her by surprise and kissed her lovingly on the lips. I had to fight to keep my cock from pitching a tent since I knew we would have to head back to the reception soon. When they parted, Camille’s eyes were still closed, reveling in the afterglow of kissing Jamie.

“She still has that affect, doesn’t she?” I asked her as I took her hand in mine.

Camille slowly turned her head towards me, her eyelids fluttering open as her cheeks flushed. “Yeah, every time,” she admitted.

“Yeah, same here,” I said, pulling her closer to me. She smiled beautifully as I pulled her close and then pressed my lips against hers. Our mouths parted together, our tongues met in the middle and slowly slid against each other. I pulled away a few seconds later before it turned into a make-out session which would lead to amazing sex; I couldn’t let that happen and keep our guests waiting on us for so long.

“Please get to Washington as fast as you can. I want to see if our plan with Michael will work,” she said.

“Believe me, it’ll work,” Jamie said, stepping closer and kissing Camille quickly one more time. “Now, I’m getting hungry, let’s get back to the reception.”

And with that, we walked along the beach together, rejoining our friends and family. Jamie’s dad said a prayer over the meal; we danced our first dance; continued with the special dances of mother/son and father/daughter. After we cut the cake and had a little desert while trying to mingle with our guests as much as possible, we were called out to the dance floor for the “money dance”. Matt collected money for people to dance with Jamie while Kristin did the same for people to dance with me. Jamie pulled in a pretty good haul of money; her line was always longer than mine, but I didn’t care.

“Hey there, handsome,” Meagan said, stepping up to dance with me after handing Kristin her money.

“Hey, beautiful,” I smiled at her. Her form fitting black dress hugged czech taxi porno every voluptuous curve of her body. I pulled her in to dance closer, holding her right hand in my left and placing my right hand on her hip.

“Is that your cell phone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” she teased.

I laughed. “Meet us in San Diego tomorrow and find out,” I joked.

“Be careful, I might do that,” she said.

“Don’t tempt me.”

Laughing again I glanced over at Jamie who winked at me as she danced with Tracy. She kept things mostly reserved since our families were there, but she did kiss Tracy lightly on the lips, causing my cock to twitch.

“Maybe it isn’t your cell phone,” Meagan said.

I turned my head towards her again and she gave me a knowing smile. “Sorry, Jamie was teasing me with Tracy over there,” I apologized.

“Oh, I know,” she said. “She’s been teasing you ever since the ceremony ended, hasn’t she?” Meagan asked.

I nodded. “Ever since photos. She told me if it weren’t for our guests waiting for us, she would have had me fuck her and Camille right there.”

“Who woulda thought you were marrying a nympho?”

“I think I figured that out on the road trip home,” I said, looking at Jamie again.

“So I heard,” Meagan said and then stepped away. I looked at her confused but realized her time dancing with my was over as Camille stepped up. “I’m spending the next week in San Luis Obispo. Maybe we can all catch up if you stop there,” she said and then walked away.

“Looking to bang more than your wife on your honeymoon?” Camille teased, taking her place in my arms as we danced.

“You know the answer that already,” I said.

“Yeah, well, that’s a week away isn’t it?” she asked.

“True. Do you think everything will work out with that?” I asked her, leading her into a spin.

“As long as Jamie’s okay with another guy fucking her, then, yes.”

We both looked over at Jamie and saw that Michael was dancing with her and they were both talking and laughing.

“I think we’ll be okay,” I said. “Are we crazy for planning this?” I asked Camille.

Camille shrugged. “Probably.”

“Time for the bouquet toss!” Monte, our DJ, announced as the song ended. “So, if all you single ladies will make your way to the dance floor, we’ll get this going!”

Jamie stood at one end of the dance floor, nearest our table, and waited with a big smile as a large group of single women gathered in the middle. She turned her back to them, counted to three with a fake toss with each count and then let it go. Some of the girls fought to catch it, but, ultimately, Meagan was the one to catch it. After the excitement died down a chair was brought out for Jamie to sit on while I removed her garter.

I knelt down in front of her and reached my hands up her dress; her seductive smile made me want to remove more than just the garter for the garter toss. I reached past the garter and poked her pussy through her silky panties; she felt incredibly wet with her juices.

“Remove the garter before everybody gets suspicious, Jason,” she warned playfully.

I grinned and then removed the stretchy material from around her thigh, sliding it down her leg and over her foot. I kissed her as I stood up and then helped her out of the chair before my brother, Mike, carried it away. With all of the single guys behind me, I shot the garter like a rubber band towards them. There was a short scuffle before one of Jamie’s friends, Rick I think, stood up with it. Camille ushered him towards Meagan so she could take their picture.

Shortly after that, we cut the cake and had our last dance for the night. Once that was over with, we were pulled aside for some pictures with guests before they had to leave and then the guests lined up at the exit to form a path to our limo that would take us to San Diego for the night. Sparklers were lit to light our way as we ran past them. Our families waited at the end where the limo waited to send us off. After quick goodbyes, we got into the limo and the driver pulled out of the parking lot and onto Pacific Coast Highway to take us to our hotel.

“What a day,” I said, falling against the backrest of the bench seat.

“It’s not over yet,” Jamie said and then straddled me, planting her mouth on mine and kissing me greedily. I remembered how wet she’d felt when I was removing her garter and I suddenly felt energized. I slid her dress up her thighs and over her hips as our tongues danced in our lip-lock. I ran my hands up her back, under her dress and she grinded her hips into my crotch. When she gyrated her hips slightly, I brought my hands back down and smacked her ass and squeezed her butt cheeks with both hands.

She pushed my coat off of my shoulders and then began unbuttoning my vest and shirt. I reached up her back and found the zipper of her dress, pulling it down to where it stopped just above her ass. I then pull her shoulder straps down her arms to reveal digitalplayground porno a sexy, white, lacy bra containing two of my favorite treasures. Her hands slipped into my unfastened shirt and she lightly dragged her nails up and down my chest and stomach.

I broke our kiss and kiss her covered breasts as I fumbled with the hook in the back, desperate to free her tits. She reached behind her and helped undo her bra, letting the lacy material fall between us. I pulled her into me, taking her left breast into my mouth. She gasped as I thrust my still covered rod into her panty-clad pussy. With lust in her eyes, she slid down onto the floor and hastily unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my slacks and then pulled down the zipper. With how quickly she was moving, I was honestly afraid she’d catch my cock in the teeth of the zipper, but thankfully she didn’t. I lifted my ass off the seat as she yanked my pants down and then grabbed my cock in her right hand. Slowly and tortuously she slid her tongue along my prick from balls to tip. My head fell back against the headrest as she wrapped her lips around the crown of my cock. Her tongue slithered around my prick, flicking the pee hole a few times and then she slid back down my length.

She sat back on her heals and pulled her silky dress off the rest of the way and then unhooked her bra. With my cock lathered up with her saliva, she leaned forward and wrapped her tits around my cock. If I’d been in heaven before, I was about to reach nirvana next. She stared up at me with the soft brown eyes as she jerked my cock with her beautiful tits. Up and down she slid her squeezed breasts along my engorged cock. Then she dropped her head and opened her mouth to let the tip pop in and out as it appeared over the top of her tits. I wanted to blow my load right then and there, all over her face, but I held back as best as I could.

“Fuck, that feels good. Jamie, baby, stop or I’ll lose it right now,” I said and she released her breasts and my throbbing member.

“I guess cumming on my face or all over the car right now wouldn’t be a good idea, huh?” she asked with a teasing grin.

“I don’t care about that as much as making this last as long as possible. Switch with me,” I request and then she sits back on her heels to pull off her dress the rest of the way. She tossed it onto the longer bench seat along the side of the car and then switches places with me.

I knelt in front of her, slid my hands along her freshly shaved legs. Her skin is silky smooth to the touch as I work my way up her thighs to her hips. I hooked my fingers around her silvery thong and then slid them down and off of her legs. Then I gently spread her legs and expose her bald pussy. I stared and marveled at it for a moment before lifting her legs up and over my shoulders as I dove in and buried my face in her snatch. I shoved my tongue in as far as I could and she immediately began to squirm and buck her hips into my face. I couldn’t hear her cries as her thighs tightened around my head. I breathed in her scent as I relentlessly ate her pussy. Her taste was like candy to my tongue; I couldn’t get enough.

I breathed as best as I could through my nose as she writhed against my face. It wasn’t long before I could hear her muffled cries say something about cumming, but I didn’t let up. I increased my attack on her cunt until her body stiffened and my face was suddenly coated in her juices. Her body slacked and then collapsed onto the leather seat of the limo and that’s when I finally pulled my pussy drenched face away from her. Before I knew what hit me, though, she was tackling me to the floor, licking my face clean as she rubbed her smooth pussy along my still-hard cock. She reached down and grabbed my shaft as she raised her hips enough to allow my cock access to her love hole. Then suddenly my pole was engulfed in warmth and wetness as I was soon bottomed out inside her glorious pussy. A second later, her tongue was deep in my mouth and mine in hers. Our souls seemed to touch in that moment as we held our bodies locked together in passion. She entwined her legs with mine, pressing our sex organs tighter together as we wrapped our arms around each other, holding as tight as we could, desperately wishing we could be even closer than we already were.

We made out with our bodies locked to tightly together, never moving anything more than our heads as we kissed. For a few moments all we wanted to feel was the closeness of our bodies and souls. Then slowly I loosened my grip around her upper body and began to slide my hands along her back, from shoulders to ass, lightly dragging my fingers against her perfect, smooth skin. She shivered as goose bumps appeared on her skin. Her legs loosened their grip slightly and she began to raise her hips up and down with small, slow and deliberate movements. I couldn’t remember the last time we’d made love this slowly; it’d been quite a while with all of the wedding planning and extracurricular fucking we’d been doing the past few months. I’ll have to say, I missed it being just us and our love, even though adding Meagan or Camille or even Tracy was fun. Jamie was the one I’ve loved with everything I had in me all along. And in that moment I wanted to take my time telling her that with our first sex act as a married couple.

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