Jeff and his Coworker Liz Pt. 03

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That weekend was Liz’s birthday and she told me she and her husband were going out with some friends to a bar downtown. She said I was welcome to stop by for a drink and hang out.

“Seriously?” I asked her.

“Ha, yes Jeff. I told Tom that I may invite a few coworkers. Some of the girls from my department said they were going to come too.”

“Ok, in that case, maybe I’ll see if a few buddies want to come by with me.”

“Great! I really hope you can make it.”

It was Friday night and the more I thought about it, the more I thought I probably should not go out to meet Liz and her husband the next night. It wasn’t that I was afraid of him or afraid that he knew I was fucking his sexy wife, but it was more the thought of somebody getting too drunk and slipping up, which would be very bad. Liz has kids and IS still married.

I told two of my drinking buddies about the plan and of course I told them all about Liz and me. They were both very eager for us to go to her birthday! They wanted to see what she looked like and they thought the whole scenario was pretty funny so I agreed we would go.

I invited my friends Dan and Nick over to my place first for a few pregame beers. While we hung out and played video games, Liz texted me to say they were finishing dinner and would be at the bar in 30 minutes. I wanted no part of being there early and interacting with Tom so we waited about an hour and a half and then took a cab over to the bar.

When we got there, I scanned the bar and spotted three girls from the office sitting at a table and then I saw Liz and Tom (I had stalked his picture on Facebook). When Liz saw me, she got up and came right over to us and gave me a big hug. I could tell she was already a bit buzzed. Also, Tom was trailing a few steps behind her and I saw him looking at me as she hugged me hello. Tom caught up to Liz and introduced himself at which point I shook his hand and introduced the two of them to Dan and Nick. I refused to make eye contact with my friends because I knew exactly what they were thinking. They were thinking the same thing I was, that I was shaking the hand of this guy and only a few days earlier I had his wife’s mouth bobbing up and down on my cock in THEIR car!

Liz had pulled back from her hug and stood next to Tom and I got to check her out fully in her birthday outfit (not THAT birthday outfit). She wore a red tube top that showed off her ample cleavage and a pair of black leather pants that hugged her butt and looked painted on. Topped off with red heels and her blond hair done up in a wavy style as opposed to the normal straight style, she looked amazing. She smelled amazing too. I don’t know what perfume she wore but it was all I could do not to ignore Tom and have my way with his wife right there.

We joined their group for a few drinks and I could tell Liz was getting a bit bold the more she drank. She stared at me a few times and when someone took the group’s photo, she had one of her arms around me. It was a little uncomfortable because I could tell that Tom picked up on all of this. He was kind of a dick, though, and he and some of his friends were doing a lot of tequila shots and were pretty banged up too.

After I finished my next beer, I got up to go find the bathroom which I learned was all the ensest porno way across the bar and downstairs. I was a few feet away from the table already when I heard Liz loudly announce that she had to go pee. I heard one of her friends ask if she wanted them to go with her and she said she was fine. A second later, I felt my arm get grabbed and looked to find Liz smiling at me and leading me toward the stairs to the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” I asked her as she now held my hand in hers and had this goofy, buzzed smile on her beautiful face.

“Jeff, I am so fucking horny.”

“Uh, ok, so what are you telling me this for? Your husband is sitting 50 feet away from us and I can’t exactly take you home.”

“Well you’re half right, Jeff!” Liz stumbled slightly as she smiled again. “You can’t take me home.”

Liz leaned in to whisper into my ear. “But you can take me.”

Her soft hot breath on my ear was almost enough to give me a hard on. Before I had a chance to ask her what she was talking about, she grabbed me and dragged me down the stairs with her. The bathrooms were individual unisex bathrooms and there were two of them. Both doors were closed and Liz banged on each of them to verify their occupancy. One of the doors opened and an angry woman came out and gave us this death stare for banging on her door and as she walked away and out of sight, Liz pulled me into the bathroom and closed the door.

She threw her arms around me and planted a deep and wet kiss on me and as I started to kiss her back, she pulled away.

“No time for that now. We only have a few minutes. I NEED you inside of me. NOW!”

Still a bit caught by surprise by this whole thing and by Liz’ bravery, spontaneity and horniness, I stared at her blankly for a second as she started to unbutton her leather pants. When I snapped back into the moment, I too started to undo my jeans and then proceeded to grab her chest through her top. Her tits felt amazing, her smell intoxicating. She shimmied her way out of her pants and got them down to below her knees which was enough to give her flexibility to spread her legs.

I thought quickly about the logistics of how we would do this and then I decided I’d drop the lid of the toilet and sit on it. My hard cock was sticking straight up and was eager for the warmth and wetness of Liz’ cunt. She wasted no time climbing on top of me and sliding herself down onto my cock. There was no need for me to lube it with spit or anything, as Liz’ hot hole provided more than enough wetness. In the few times we’d been together, I had never seen her this wet or this excited. Maybe it was the thrill of the risk we were taking or simply the alcohol making her extra horny.

But what did I care what it was. I had Liz riding my rock hard dick while I held her waist for balance, occasionally sliding a hand down to feel her ass or up to massage her tits. I so wanted to see those titties bouncing in my face with our rhythm but we had no time for getting completely undressed.

Liz reminded me of that fact. “Jeff, we have to hurry. I know guys don’t like to be too quick to cum because girls would make fun of them or whatever but we need to get back and I need to feel your cum inside of me.”

Those words, plus the look on Liz’ face, and oh fake agent porno yeah, the feel of her tight warm cunt sliding up and down on me were enough to get my juices rising. I felt the beginnings of a load building up and I thrust harder and harder into her. We were trying to be quiet and luckily these bathrooms were separate rooms with solid walls and you couldn’t hear anything from outside. I leaned forward toward Liz and our tongues met and we kissed for several seconds as I felt my cum about to shoot.

“Ok Liz, I’m gonna cum.”

“Fuck yes give it to me, Jeff. I want to feel your hot load inside of my pussy.”

I needed no more encouragement, especially after hearing her say the word “pussy” and I gripped her by her ass tightly and…

The door to the bathroom opened. We fucking forgot to lock it! I tried to slide my foot over to push it back shut but it was too late. Liz had her back to the door but I could clearly see her friend and OUR coworker Mia standing in the doorway with her mouth agape as she watched a pretty unbelievable scene. I could not hold back my orgasm at that point and I exploded into Liz’ soaking wet pussy, pumping shot after shot of my hot cum into her, some of it already dripping back out onto my cock and onto my jeans.

Somehow I guess Liz was so caught up in her own orgasm as well as mine and with her back to the door, she was totally unaware that Mia had walked in on us. By the time we finished, Mia had closed the door behind her and disappeared. Liz climbed off of me and did her little shimmy dance to get those tight pants back up her body. I grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned my cock as best I could and then I too pulled up my jeans. I did not tell Liz that Mia saw us. I figured if I could talk to Mia and convince her to stay quiet, why upset Liz?

In the meantime, Liz spritzed herself with some perfume from her purse and kissed me again before telling me we better get back. In my mind we were gone so long that the whole group would be at the table staring at us as we got back to it. I even held back so we didn’t return together but from across the bar, I could see no one noticed a thing.

Tom and his jerk friends were at the other bar area doing another shot and a few of the girls were on the dance floor. My friends were hitting on two older women at the next table. Perfect! No-one suspected a thing.

Then I looked back to our table and saw Mia sitting there alone, staring at Liz as Liz sat back down. Oh shit, I thought, I better get back over there to see what Mia says. Mia is of Middle Eastern descent. I didn’t know much about her other than that she was big into family and church and I didn’t think she had a boyfriend. I’d heard she was pretty straight laced and didn’t go out much. Figures. She would be the one to catch us. The most likely person here to tell Liz she saw us and fuck things up for everyone.

As I approached the table, I could feel my underwear was wet from the remnants of my load and I couldn’t wait to go home and shower (and probably jerk off to what had just gone down).

As I approached, I also really took notice of Mia for the first time. At work, she was in a different department so I didn’t see or interact with her too much. Also, she wore a lot of very conservative outfits. fake cop porno She was not my type and not someone I would ever look at twice. However, seeing her right now outside of work, she wore a tight black sweater and black tight pants with polka dots on them, the kind I see more girls wearing these days, the ones that seem to make everyone’s ass look great.

Mia is a tiny girl, probably 5 feet tall and a hundred pounds. She has curly black hair and dark, serious looking eyes. I never looked at her as if she had any type of a body on her but I could see now that she did have a small set of tits popping through her sweater and though I couldn’t see her ass while she was seated, I could get a glimpse of her legs which appeared to be very shapely, with thicker thighs that I would have guessed for such a petite girl. Her arms had short black hairs covering them, a product of her origin, and I imagined a dark black hairy pussy which to me was so sexy looking and hot. Overall, she wasn’t actually as unattractive as I thought.

I got to the table and nervously asked Mia where everyone else was, even though I saw most of them around. I just wanted to make small talk and see where we stood with Mia.

“Everyone is around, I think your friends may get lucky tonight,” Mia said as she pointed to them chatting it up with those cougars.

We laughed, Liz included, and then Tom and his buddies arrived back at the table.

“What’s everyone laughing about?” Tom asked. He stared at me as he asked, not sure why.

“Oh, we’re watching Jeff’s friends over there trying to get laid,” Liz replied and she pointed to Dan and Nick trying to work their game.

“I see,” Tom said. “What about you Jeff? Why aren’t you trying to get laid? Not into girls?”

He and his drunk buddies burst out laughing at my expense and I looked across the table at Mia, who was now smirking but didn’t dare say a word.

I thought about how much of an asshole Tom must be to insult someone he’s just met, let alone a coworker of his wife. I debated starting shit with him but thought better of it. Being inside his wife’s soaking and steaming with excitement cunt in the same bar that Tom was at was a tad more satisfying than I imagined punching Tom would have been.

I did decide it was about time for me to get the hell out of there at that point. I said a general goodbye to everyone who was at the table and walked over to tell Dan I was leaving.

“What? Why? Liz is hot bro! You should stay and try to bang her in front of her husband!”

I laughed at Dan’s drunken and immature comment and just shook my head at him.

“What’s so funny?” Dan asked.

“I’ll tell you later.”

And with that, I walked out to grab a cab, my underwear and jeans still slick with my cum.

As I rode home in the cab, I got a text from Liz thanking me for coming out. She said her and Tom were also in a cab to their hotel that they booked for the night. I was glad for her to be texting me but was angry at the thought of Liz fucking Tom when they got to their hotel. I wanted that sweet fur covered cunt all to myself.

A cold shower and a quick stroke session before I passed out helped calm me down when I got home.

When I woke up, it was sunny out and I squinted to adjust my eyes. My head ached a bit from the drinking but not as much as I thought. My worry about Liz and her husband went away and I was ready to start my Sunday when I checked my phone and saw a text from an unfamiliar number.

“Jeff, we need to talk.”

Uh oh.

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