Jeremy and Me

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Just a note before I begin: all characters portrayed in this fictional story are above the age of 18 and are consenting adults in the context of this story.

Where was I? Oh yes, the story.

It all began one day at work, well student government anyway. It’s kind of a big deal at my University and I was the student body President, the youngest in school history in fact. Even though I was only a sophomore I had come in with a lot of credits so I was eligible to run after only one semester. Anyway, it was early February the first time I met him — Jeremy McIntyre. He was our new advisor, 24 years old, 6ft tall and a body I could drool over. He was every girl’s fantasy with his strong confident walk and a deep husky voice that made you want to give him your panties after he’d said “Hello.” Yes Jeremy was, to put it briefly, sexy as hell. And I could not have him. He was, after all, a University staff member with whom I had to maintain a working relationship and that meant he was off limits.

Anyway, one day the Director of Programs, Dave, asked me if I wanted to go to a prescreening of a movie that was coming out on Friday. I knew he was only asking me because he had a crush on me, and even though I wasn’t interested in him (let’s just say he is shorter and thinner than I am, and prematurely balding) I really wanted to go see the movie — so I took advantage. He said there was going to be a big group of people going so I thought it would be fine, as long as I didn’t sit next to him. We had to take the subway to get to the theatre, so he told me to meet the group at the nearest stop by 5pm. I went to grab some dinner, and then left for the subway.

I arrive at the meeting spot about five minutes early and see Jeremy there. He’s waiting for somebody, but I don’t know who. As I walk up to him, I see him wearing a promotional pin for the movie. He’s clearly going to the movie. As I walk up to him, we wave hello and I ask him if he’s waiting for Dave.

“Yes. Are you coming to the movie?” Dave asked me.

“Yup. I’m a huge fan of the book and I’m really excited.” I replied. We started talking about the book and our favorite parts. I tried to act cool, but on the inside I was very excited that he was talking to me and getting a little turned on by our conversation. We were standing there in the cold for a few minutes when the rest of the group showed up and interrupted us.

Dave immediately came up to me and gave me a hug, which I was visibly uncomfortable with.

Or at least visible to Jeremy.

We all went to the movie theater and had a great time seeing the movie. There weren’t very many seats left, so our group split up. I found a spot with three seats together. So I pointed for the group to see it. Jeremy was closest so he grabbed them and I walked over to latin sex tapes porno sit with him. Dave followed me. So there I was, watching the movie of the year, sitting in between a guy I was definitely falling for and a guy who was falling for me. AWKWARD!!!!!!

When the movie was done we all headed back to campus. I had left my book bag in the Student Union building, where our offices are, and Jeremy and Dave had to get their cars from the parking garage next door so we walked together. I grabbed my bag and started walking back to my dorm. On my way back, a SUV pulled up beside me and rolled down the window. It was Jeremy.

“Do you want a ride? It’s too cold to walk.”

“Yes. Thank you.” I said as I got into his Jeep. “I live in Grady Hall, over on Marshall Drive.”

“Yeah, I know where that is. You were gonna walk there from here? It must be a twenty minute walk.”

“I like the exercise, and it only takes me about ten minutes to walk it — less if I run.”

“You’re a runner? I never pictured.”

“I was all-state hurdles in high school. Why, don’t I look like a runner?”

“No, you look,” he was clearly checking me out now. I had worn a short skirt and tights that day because it had been warmer in the morning. Now he could see my toned legs, and he was getting flustered. “You look like a, like a student.” He stumbled over the last word, as if he didn’t want to admit it.

“We’re here.” Jeremy pulled into the faculty parking lot next to my dorm.

“Are you and Dave together?” He blurted out as I was gathering my things. “Because he said you were but you looked really uncomfortable when he hugged you earlier. And if you’re not then, but if you are then — “

“No, we’re not.” I interrupted him. “I don’t like him, I like somebody else.”

“Oh.” He seemed disappointed by this information. “Who?” I decided to come out with it. I would only be President for a few more months and then there would be no awkwardness.

“You.” As I said it, a smile broke across his face. It was beautiful. He just lit up with the idea that I liked him. And then he did something I never expected.

He leaned across the front of the Jeep and kissed me. His kiss was so deep and passionate I couldn’t help but part my lips and let him inside me. Our tongues began caressing each other, gently at first and then firmer. We kissed as if we could learn the meaning of life from each other’s mouth. And we did, for that moment.

Then the kissing became even more intense. My breathing became shallow and my heart quickened and I had to come up for air.

When we pulled apart from what seemed like hours of bliss we were both breathing hard and I could see desire in Jeremy’s eyes. He later told me that he could see lust in mine. Then lezbiyen porno I made a decision that changed our lives. I decided to stay in the car with him, and I set my book bag down.

“My roommate’s upstairs and the desk staff will know you, so we can’t go inside.”

“I know” he replied.

“So, where can we go? To, you know?” I was getting a little impatient now.

“Well, we can go to my place. Or,” his eyes flicked to the backseat as he spoke. “If we don’t want to wait we could…” I was already moving into the backseat. He had tinted windows, nobody could see us.

I thought we were going to have a quickie. You know, the kind of sex that can only be called a “fuck” but leaves you satisfied like you just ran a mile in four minutes, tired and drained but completely sated.

Jeremy had a different idea. When we were both in the backseat, he began by taking off my coat. When he, as he puts it, “could finally see my figure” he began kissing me again. His kisses were soft, but confident. My kisses became hungry and I began undressing him. First his coat, then his sweater, and then his button down until finally his bare chest broke free. Meanwhile he had been working on my clothing as well, by the time I noticed or cared that I was being undressed I was wearing only my skirt, and Jeremy was working on that also. It being February, I was cold and gave a quiet shiver.

Jeremy responded by getting a blanket out of the trunk area and placing it over us. Then he blew warm air on my neck, as if he were warming my hands, and I was gone again. I could feel his cock on me now. It had been there before, I just didn’t notice it. Now as I unbuckled his belt, and undid his pants it sprang free. I looked down and quickly became worried.

“What’s wrong?” Jeremy noticed my concern right away.

“I don’t have a condom big enough for you.” He laughed off my concern and reached into his center console.

“I do. Safe sex all the time, right?” He had pulled out a magnum. I skillfully put it on him before he could lose his erection to the cold.

Jeremy sat up and signaled for me to come on top. I sat up and straddled him, first sitting on his legs. He had put us in a position where I could control our pace. It was a sweet gesture, but I was still worried. He was easily nine inches long and three inches across.

“Have you ever taken anybody this big before?” He read my fears like they were written in ink on my forehead.

“No.” I replied honestly.

“That’s ok, just go slow, and if it becomes too much we can stop and do something else. Alright?”

“Yeah, sounds good.” I picked myself up, shifted my knees to the seat of the truck, and slowly began lowering myself onto his cock. I got about three inches in and had to stop to let my cunt liseli porno adjust. Jeremy had been holding my hips and butt to guide me, but now he moved one of his hands and began rubbing my clit. He was slow and methodical about it. He made me gasp and moan as he built me to orgasm, making me wet and slick. During that VIP (Very Important Pussy) treatment I managed to take all of his cock inside of me. As I slid fully down his length for the first time I gave a little shudder, a miniature orgasm if you will. He didn’t let it stop there. I began riding up and down his strong shaft, feeling it on every inch of my wet, hot pussy. His cock felt so good inside me, so full and warm.

Jeremy needed a little more stimulation so he began circling his hips and guiding me up and down. I would never fully withdraw, but instead would rise up until only his head was inside me. As he swirled around, I would come back down and every time he’d rub my G-spot for just a second. Just as we were both on the brink of a massive orgasm I saw a light.

“Holy shit! There’s a car coming. What do we do?” Jeremy quickly turned us so that I was underneath him, keeping his cock in my warm cunt the entire time. He quickly threw the blanket over us, so that we looked like a blanket tossed over the rear seat — at least that was the goal. The car contained some random students who went into the dorm quickly. We both snickered like two pre-teen boys who’ve gotten hold of their first dirty magazine. As I shifted my knees up to get more comfortable, Jeremy’s cock twitched inside of me.

“Where were we?” He asked in a husky, almost breathless voice. Then he started to pump me with his cock. In and out, in and out. Always at the same pace, never too fast but never too slow either, just exactly what I needed to push me over the top. Then came the first orgasm of the night.

It started slow, and then built faster. I could feel it swelling in my pussy and my stomach and my brain until finally it swelled to a crest and I rode it down like a wave. As I cried out with my first pleasure, Jeremy sucked and nibbled at my neck — just below my ear — and left a love bite.

He kept up his pace, quickening slightly, through my orgasm. He was still driving into me, getting closer to his orgasm, when a second hit me. This time it didn’t swell slowly, didn’t allow me to come over the edge softly with a release, this time was different. I writhed as it hit me, engulfing me in spasms that I couldn’t control; moaning, biting his shoulder, arching my back, and finally blackness. My orgasm was enough to send Jeremy into release as well, and he shot his load into the condom. I don’t know how long I had blacked out for, Jeremy says at least thirty seconds.

When I eventually came to Jeremy was sitting over me with his shirt on. He had covered me with my coat, and was trying to rouse me. He smiled when I woke up and kissed me on the forehead. We both got dressed and I gathered my things to leave. Before I did, Jeremy gave me his card with his cell phone number written on it and told me to call him.

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