Just a Day Away

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Darlene and I had been working quite a bit lately. Not giving us much of a chance to be alone together. We were coming home after work, exhausted, with barely enough strength to let the dog out, shower and go to sleep, only to wake up the next day to do it all over again. Working in a pub is fun, but it is can be long hours when you’re filling in for the owner. We, needless to say, needed a break.

I told Michael, my cousin’s husband and the pub owner, that we were going away for a few days. He understood and said he’d go ahead and work the pub a few days until we return. Caitlin, my cousin, is pregnant, so Michael is trying to spend a lot of his time with her. That’s one of the reason’s why Darlene and I don’t mind working so much.

Anyway, Darlene and I packed an overnight bag, called my other cousin Liam to take care of our dog and we drove off on our little getaway. The day was beautiful, so we decided to take the back roads. We had the top off of the car, and after getting a bit out of town we stopped momentarily to shed our clothes (‘breasts in the breeze’ as Darlene put it), only to be right back on our way. And we weren’t at the bloody pub. Ireland doesn’t have quite the same type of warm sunshine as we were used to in Florida, but it was still warm sunshine and we were out in it. No particular destination in mind, just time to ourselves.

We stopped for a bagged lunch near a beautiful pasture. We sat there, both of us wonderfully nude, so peaceful, watching the clouds amble by, casting faint shadows on the green hills, no one else for miles around. Darlene kissed my cheek and laid back. I watched her as she started masturbating. She knows how much that turns me on. She loves to go slow and touch herself all over, casino şirketleri caressing her breasts and her belly, her thighs and her hips. I watched her as she spread her moist lips with her fingers, revealing her pink wetness inside. I could see that the sensation was getting her very excited, her nipples were hard and she had goosebumps on her arms. She spread her legs and inserted a finger into her puss, slowly stroking in and out and back in. Leaning over her to kiss a nipple, my own nipples touched her arm, sending more electricity through me. Darlene moaned as my wet lips surrounded her left nipple. She started rubbing her clit with her thumb while she inserted a second finger into her opening.

“Sit on my face, Baby,” she moaned. Darlene looked me in the eye “I know you’re wet from watching me and I can’t stop my fingers. I need to taste you… Please!”

I sat up and straddled Darlene’s face, lowering my very wet puss to her. Her tongue was licking my labia before I could get all the way down. I spread my lips open for her. Darlene stuck her tongue into me as far as she could, tongue fucking me the way she so loves to do. My hands went immediately to my breasts. She was going to bring me off far faster that I had expected. I guess not making love for a few weeks can make you a little sensitive.

Darlene kept licking my puss and fingering her own like she’d never get to again. I felt her tongue go from my opening to my clit and back and then back again to my clit. She licked my hardening clit a few times and then started to suck. I could tell she was close to orgasm by the suction, she could tell I was close from my moans. The suction on my clit was too much and I let go. I felt Darlene’s body shudder in orgasm casino firmaları under me as I came.

I rolled off Darlene’s face. We laid there, both of us panting for breath, smiling, giggling and exchanging ‘I love you’s’. “Can we just stay out here and make love all day?” smiled Darlene after a long kiss. “I really miss making love with you outside. It’s so wonderful… “

“I’m in no hurry to get anywhere,” I smiled.

Darlene and I cuddled into each other in the glow of our love. We kissed and touched and held each other. This was something we both needed. The location couldn’t be more perfect.

We were still cuddled together as we watched the sun set. We started kissing and fondling each other, but this time it was my turn between Darlene’s legs. I truly love the taste of Darlene’s puss and really love to make her orgasm several times in a row while she floods my face with her juices. I really don’t need any other stimulation when I’m eating my sweet Darlene, either. I usually cum when she starts flooding me.

I was on top of her, pubes to pubes, breast to breast, mouth to mouth. I broke our kiss and pushed myself up on my arms, my hard, excited nipples dangling just above hers. I looked my Darlene in the eye. I could feel the heat of our lust in rising from her body and I could see the true love shining like a beacon in her eyes. I smiled and dove between her legs. I was rewarded by an instant flood of her love juices. I stuck my tongue into her and lapped at her opening like a thirsty dog to water. I felt her body shudder and she started to buck against my tongue. I wrapped my tongue around her swollen clit and started to suck her little pink bud for all that I was worth. Her bucking increased and güvenilir casino I held on for dear life, and dearer orgasm. Darlene’s hands were holding the back of my head to her as I continued to suck her clit like I was a mini hoover. I heard her scream my name while her body shivered and shuddered in time to her spasming puss. I kissed and licked her convulsing opening, drinking in her juices.

Darlene’s convulsions subsided. I crawled back up her, my face, neck and chest covered in her love juice. I wiped a tear from her lovely face and gently kissed her. I could live like this with her forever.

In the faint glow of a quarter moon, Darlene and I lay there together, enjoying a freedom we’d seldom shared recently, lying there, nude, cuddled together. We just lay there in total bliss, nude under the sky, so very much in love.

As the sun rose on our nude bodies, we woke to make love again. Soft kisses and touches quickly advancing to hungry kisses and caressing. We moved ourselves into a 69. Darlene’s beautiful puss was dripping it’s nectar as she lowered herself to me. She and I tongued and kissed and sucked and licked each other to flooding orgasms.

As we lay there, watching each other under the rising sun, I saw the love in Darlene’s eyes the same as it was the first time we made love. So happy, I shed a tear or two. We held each other close and enjoyed our solitude.

Over a hill we heard the sound of sheep baaing. Not bothering to dress, we collected our things and got into the car just as a shepherd boy and his small flock of sheep and two dogs rounded the top of the very next hill over. Giggling, we kissed and drove the mere 15 miles back home.

Darlene dismissed Liam as I climbed up the stairs to our bathroom to run a warm bath for us. Darlene arrived just as I was lighting the last of the candles. We climbed into the warm tub and snuggled into each other. We decided right then and there that we were going to take more time off…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32