‘Just’ Jane Ch. 13

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the ninth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last four years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.


I’m on the plane with Tina and Elaine heading across the county to do my first convention. It’s not one of the biggest but Tina thought going a bit smaller was a good place to start. She and Elaine are sitting together several rows in front of me. They seem so excited about the possibilities they’ve been talking nonstop.

It’s not so much I dread going to help as it was the timing of it. Cassie and Cody seem to be doing well but Donald has been struggling more of late. He’s on the verge of losing another job, I just know it. Not that were really part of each other’s life since I moved out, but I do still care about him if that makes sense?

Alone in my seat at thirty thousand feet I have plenty of time to reflect on my life, maybe more time than I should. Even with the passing of Penelope, Max and Lela seem to be doing well. Tina is becoming more successful, and Poole…

Poole, it always come back to him doesn’t it? I look out the window and see a blanket of clouds blocking the ground below. Occasionally a brief hole appears and I am treated to the magnificent view of the countryside. Then, much too soon, it’s obscured again.

It seems my relationship with Poole is much the same. In the beginning it all seemed so wonderful, so tantalizing, so exciting, I dare say even loving. I still feel that way at times, but lately, like the clouds below, I seem to be spending more time in the fog and less time being convinced it will last.

The show is only three days but the setup will take at least a week, two days just for our display. Nothing in the convention center happens fast. Designated workers must set up the display.

The electrician can’t pick up a hammer, the carpenter can’t run the fork lift. Between starting late and coffee breaks it’s a wonder anything gets done. Fortunately Tina was prepared for just this type of situation. Her display was moderate in size and very basic in design.

Swimwear is a large contingent of the event but almost anything water or beach related was also featured. For two days when I wasn’t helping out I walked around to see behind the scenes of the other vendors.

Companies big and small invested heavily for the hope of attracting vendors or marketers to partner with. Tina focused on supply vendors, mostly fabrics for her suits, and then some unique items for her store.

Elaine focused on the marketing side, looking for small boutiques and specialty stores to carry their top line suits. This year she is also scouting out larger retailers for a broader range of medium priced suits for that market.

Mr. Park, the business man from South Korea is looking to produce a line of swim suits in large volume for the discount market as well. Since they will both be very busy my job is to work with the models when they are gone and forward any leads.

The night before the event opened to the public Tina, Elaine and I sat across from each other at dinner. Tonight like the last few days focused solely on the convention. Elaine had several promising leads to pursue. Tina had started a list of booths she wanted to check out.

We each had our own room on the same floor. After dinner we hung out at the bar for a few drinks and fended off the occasional flirt. Elaine was blunt to say the least. At our age Tina and I were thrilled with the attention laughing well after we sent the bold suiter on his way.

“Goodnight Jane.” Tina kissed me softly just outside my door.

“Goodnight.” I replied to the two of them.

I watched as Elaine kissed Tina goodnight then continued down the hall to her room. I had just come out the bathroom from taking a shower when I looked on the floor by the entry door. A small pouch had been slipped under it containing a key card. The room number was Tina’s.

“Thank you for coming.” Tina pulled me in the room after she looked down the hall at Elaine’s room.

“Is there a problem?” I asked concerned.

“Not now.” Tina pulled me close.

I could smell the freshness of her skin and the slight dampness in her hair. Our lips pressed firmly as if it would be the only kiss we would share. It was a lovely kiss but I could feel the tenseness in her body.

“Tina are you ok?” I backed up and looked her up and down. “You’re like a guitar string ready to snap.”

“I will be once this show is over.” Tina sighed. “I’m still not sure how she talked me into it.”

“Elaine?” I asked stunned. illegal bahis “But I thought this was your idea?”

“To attend yes, to have a display…oh well its done now.” Tina lamented

“Come here let me give you a back rub.” I suggested.

Tina tried to object but she was lying naked on the bed shortly after I insisted. With her eyes closed and her head turned to one side I straddled the back of her thighs and started massaging her neck.

My fingers slowly worked down Tina’s neck and over her shoulders. Kneading the muscles just under her soft skin I could feel tension she was under.

“Harder.” Tina mewed.

“Why so stressed?” I asked a question that should have been obvious.

Tina didn’t answer at first. I just thought she figured the question was redundant. I continued to work the knots form her shoulders when I thought I heard a sniffle.

“Tina, are you ok?” I leaned over slightly.

“No.” Tina replied all choked up.

She pushed up from the bed, I lifted up on my knees and Tina rolled over facing me. I could see she was distraught the moment her watery eyes looked in mine. I settled in on top of the front of her thighs, my hands lightly gripped her sides.

“Tina what is it? The show?” I pried. Tina shook her head. “It will be fine, you’re a wonderful designer.” I said as Tina shook her head faster now.

“Oh Jane…” Tina brought her hands up to cover her face.

“Tell me baby, what is it.” I insisted. “Is it Elaine?”

Tina shook her head shill covering her eyes with her hands.

“Is it Poole?” I randomly guessed.

Just then her whole body stiffened. Tina pulled her hands from her eyes. Tears rolled freely over her temples.

“Poole? What did he do to you?” I rose my voice.

“Nothing Jane, I swear.” Tina objected fiercely.

“What then? What did he do?” I softened my approach.

Tina covered her face with her hands and shook her head. She was crying freely now her body responding in kind. I looked down and thought about what could upset someone so strong.

“Tina is it me? Did I do something?”

Tina’s hands moved from her face her eyes pierced mine. I knew then what the problem was.

“Jane…” Tina reached up as I shifted back on my heels. “…it’s not you its Poole.”

“Oh Tina, I am so sorry. I never meant to hurt you.” I started to get emotional as well.

“Jane it’s not you, you did nothing wrong.” Tina reached up and pulled me on top of her body. “Poole…Poole he’s just been…been so…”

“Distant?” I offered.

“You noticed it too?” Tina pushed me up to look into my eyes.

“Sometimes…” I started to reply.

“Exactly!” Tina pulled me back down to her body.

“Maybe I should go home to Donald.” I whispered in her ear.

“Never! I won’t allow it.” Tina’s embrace became a bear hug. “You can’t leave him again, it would kill him.”

“Donald?” I asked confused.

“Poole.” Tina responded holding me in a death grip. “I would leave before I let that happen.”

“Don’t say that! Never say that!” I pushed myself up from Tina’s grasp. “I LOVE you. I would never allow myself to get between you and Poole. If you leave I leave!”

Tina just stared at me stunned. It was a moment that hit us both at the same time. I knew Tina’s feelings for me were strong, and I hoped she knew I felt the same way about her but this was monumental.

“Jane do you mean that?” Tina’s eyes begged.

“Of course I mean that.” I assured Tina.

We embrace with a passionate kiss. I held Tina as she held me. I will never forget that kiss, it meant the world to me. As the kiss ended I could feel Tina relax below me.

“Now let me finish that back rub.” I teased her.

“Are you sure? We could…” Tina’s eyes betrayed her words.

“Not tonight my love. We’re both too tired to enjoy it.” I kissed her lightly. “Now turn over before I change my mind.”

Tina tuned over as instructed. I started where I left off at her shoulders. Tina closed her eyes, a delicate smile crossed her face. Not a word was spoken about Poole or the drama we just shared. That I assumed was for another day? By the time I reached Tina’s lower back I heard the gentle breathing of a sleeping lover.

I bent down and kissed her back just above her ass. Moving to the side I pulled the covers up and over us both. I settled in behind Tina as she moved to her side.

“I love you Jane.” Tina whispered as he pulled my arm over her side.

“I love you slut.” I teased her again.

Tina giggled softly then pushed deeper against me. Content for the moment I joined her in sleep.

Although I’m a night time person Tina prefers sex in the morning. With a hectic day ahead of us Tina and I made love at the crack of dawn. It wasn’t the most intense event we ever shared but it certainly took the edge off for both of us.

“I should get back to my room.” I suggested.

Bending over the bed I gave Tina one last kiss tasting myself on her lips as illegal bahis siteleri she tasted herself on mine.

“Why?” Tina glowed in satisfaction.

“Just so Elaine doesn’t find out.” I looked to the door.

“Let her. We’ve been finished for months, she just won’t accept it and move on.” Tina rolled to the side and stood up in front of me. “I love you Jane not her.”

The kiss that followed reminded me of the last one we shared the night before.

“Come let’s get showered.” Tina pulled me in the bathroom. “I’m glad Elaine suggested you come help us.”

“Elaine suggested it?” I asked shocked

“Yes,…is that a problem?” Tina asked concerned now.

“No, it’s just I never thought she really liked me.”

“Of course she likes you. Elaine is just a bit jealous that’s all.” Tina turned on the water.

… … … … …

The first day of the show was chaotic at best. The models Tina hired were of various sizes and nationalities. They worked in one hour shifts from open to close. I saw Tina infrequently and Elaine even less. Plenty of people stopped by, some just to gawk a very few asked important questions,

I did collect a few business cards and writing down the booth they came from. I gave them to Tina and Elaine for them to follow up on. By the end of the day my feet were killing me. I told Tina I was going up to my room. She offered to take me out for drinks but I politely declined. We kissed goodnight then Tina gave me an extra hug.

“Sweet dreams slut.” Tina laughed.

I knew she was wired and thoroughly expected her to come knocking on my door later. Room service is never as good as the restaurant but I really wasn’t that hungry. After a shower I slipped on an over-sized tee shirt and sexy panties in case Tina did show up.

It must have been around nine when I called Cassie and Cody, it was much earlier there of course. The three of us talked for almost a half an hour. Cassie was waiting for TJ, Cody invited Fred over for dinner. Cody left me to talk to Cassie when there was a knock on my door.

“Honey, Tina’s here, I better let you go.” I laughed.

“I love you mom.” Cassie said just before hanging up.

I went to the door and without thinking opened it expecting my lover.

“Jane?” Poole asked.

Only it wasn’t Poole, a fact that took me a moment to realize. Except for the fact he was dressed impeccably he looked like a younger Poole. The massive man standing in front of me could have been Poole’s almost twin brother at one time.

“And you are?” I asked nervously.

“Timothy.” The impostor smiled. “Tina suggested you might like some company?”

“She did, did she?” I asked skeptically.

What was the chance Poole’s look-alike had the same first name? Timothy as he called himself reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone. Thumbing through the screen he turned to show me a picture of Tina waving.

“May I come in slut?” Timothy now moved closer.

He just called me slut! He had a picture of Tina waving with a smile and knew my name. Then below the picture was a text from Tina.

‘hope you’re having fun’

My heart raced at the implications. Surely Tina sent him I thought. I backed up in my hotel room as Timothy or whatever his real name was moved closer.

Timothy closed the door and stood just inside making no further advance. I had to look again and again to make sure it wasn’t Poole. This person seemed nice enough, he was not threatening me as he just stood and smiled.

“Tina said you might be a bit overwhelmed.” Timothy spoke softly. “What she didn’t tell me was how beautiful you would be.

“Why are you here?” I stalled.

“Like I said, Tina thought you might like some company.” Timothy slowly advanced. “Don’t worry slut, I’m not planning on spending the night.”

Timothy moved closer his left hand touched my right shoulder and caressed down my arm to my hand. A shiver raced through my body, my heart raced my pussy started to moisten.

“We could start slow…” Timothy guided my hand to his crotch. “…and see where it goes from there.”

Timothy started to unzip his pants with his right hand. With his left he guided my hand inside his slacks. I felt his cock grow as I brushed against it.

“Tina said a slut like you would be gentle.” Timothy release the latch at the waist band.

I felt light in the head as my knees started to buckle. This is what being a slut is all about I thought to myself. I felt Timothy’s hand grip my top and start to pull it over my head. The light material brushed against my nipples making them hard.

“Oh yeah.” He looked down on me. “The panties too?”

Just then my hand fished out his cock. Although it was hard it didn’t come close to measuring up to Poole, but then few men do. I sunk to my knees as I stroked the throbbing member. My body responded with likewise desire.

“Kiss it slut.” Timothy commanded.

I looked up from the floor as Timothy hovered waiting for the inevitable canlı bahis siteleri to take place. A perfect smile, the perfect body, Timothy even smelled great. Then I remembered something Penelope said to me.

Do any of the other men make you feel like Poole does? And if not then why are you wasting your time with them? Why indeed I thought to myself.

“Go!” I stood up and back away.

“What?” This false Poole stammered.

“You heard me, you got a free show now get lost.” I pointed at the door.

“Listen slut…” Timothy barked.

“I may be a slut but I am not your slut. Now leave before I start screaming!” I glared at him.

Timothy seemed to weigh his options before he zipped up. Fortunately for me he left as quickly as he came. I locked the door behind him and stood there trembling.

I wanted to call Tina and let her know I was not happy with her stunt but then thought better of it. She had only sent him up, I was the one that let him in. I laid on the bed and called Poole instead.

“Jane, I was just going to call you.” Poole said happily.

“You were?” I asked skeptically.

“Well I was going to call a little later but someone wanted to talk to you now, here she is.” Poole handed the phone off.

“Jane!” Lela gushed.

My heart leapt at just hearing her voice. Lela and I talked for some time before she handed me off to Max. I talked to Poole briefly, he said he would call back, but I told him I was tired and was turning in early.

I smiled as I slipped into bed, I still wasn’t happy with Tina but I fell asleep knowing I was loved.

Saturday morning started off even more hectic than Friday. This was by far the busiest day of the event. I’m not sure how many people attend this show but at times it was crazy. Just when you thought you could take a break another wave showed up.

The reality is it was fun. Most people loved the suits and I seemed to collect more leads than Tina and Elaine could possibly see in a week let alone today.

From what I could see Elaine was taking a more laid back approach. By the end of the day she was putting potential buyers off until after the show ended. Considering how many impulse buyers there were I wasn’t sure she was making a wise decision.

Tina on the other hand was going all out. By late afternoon she had already informed me she and Mr. Park and his staff had several meetings planned for the night. Tina offered to take me along but I felt it best to let her concentrate on the business.

I kissed her goodbye and she promised we would have more time together tomorrow. I was going to offer to stay up late but decided maybe that should wait as well.

“Jane, I hear Tina is tied up would you like to join me for dinner?” Elaine asked.

I couldn’t have been more stunned if a Martian had asked me. Here was the woman that had openly shunned me for years asking me to dine with her? Having worked my ass off the last few days I figured this was her way of saying thanks.

“I’d be honored to join you.” I replied a bit dramatically.

“Let’s say we meet in an hour at the bar?” Elaine suggested.

“Sounds good.” I agreed.

We rode up the elevator together, Elaine suggested I wear something nice as she had a special place picked out.

I closed the door to my room and made my way to the elevator. Exiting there were more than a few eyes checking me out. I arrived at the bar just a few minutes before the deadline. Elaine was waiting for me just the same.

If I had mistakenly thought I was dressed too racy Elaine proved the point. With a dress so short even Cassie would blush Elain slipped off the stool and moved to join me. Tall and full figured Elaine bent over to give me a hug and a kiss to the cheek.

Never mind the fact this was the first time she had ever shown me this type of affectation, her tits almost spilled out of her black lace bra.

“Just in time, I ordered you some wine.” Elaine said as she led me back to the bar.

I had not packed anything remotely slutty for a working trip. Even foregoing a bra in the simple dress I wore I felt dressed like a nun compared to Elaine. Every eye in the place couldn’t wait to see what part of her body would be exposed next.

Then I wondered why she had brought clothes like this? Or did she buy them here?

We talked business at the bar. Elaine charged the tab to her room and we caught a cab to the restaurant. Our reception here was much like the exit from the bar. Elaine walked in strutting herself to all that cared to look.

Picking up the menu I almost choked. The prices were outrageous even compared to Tina’s standards. Elaine ordered us both another drink as I looked for something reasonable I would eat.

The conversation turned more personal as we ate. The shrimp were the best I have ever had, but they were still just shrimp. Elaine ordered us another round as she headed to the ladies room. Fortunately I stopped the server and canceled mine she brought me apple juice instead.

The desert was as good as the shrimp but for twenty dollars I expected more than three small bites. When the bill finally came I couldn’t believe two people, let alone two women could spend that much on one meal.

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