Just What My Ass Needs

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I am kneeling in front of you. Your hand cups my cheek as you tell me that you love me. Your hand moves to raise my chin so that I am looking into your blue eyes. You tell me that it is time…time to remind me of my role, time to show your devotion, and, most importantly, time to give me what you know I need. You send me to fetch my new butt plug, a hand towel, and the lubricant.

You drape me over your lap. I am tense, concerned about the large size of the plug, concerned about the sting of the spanking I know I am about to receive, concerned about pleasing you. You feel the tension in my muscles, so you urge me to relax. You rub my asscheeks and run your fingers up and down the crack of my ass, toying with my pussy, tugging on my long pussy lips, but carefully avoiding any contact with my clit.

Then your fingers are at my asshole. You urge my legs apart even farther and adjust my position so that my ass is jutting up and spread wide open. I feel a bead of cold lubricant drop onto my asshole.

I flinch and you soothe me with your words, “Don’t worry, baby. I am just getting your ass ready for the thorough fucking it needs. You need to relax, baby. You need to relax your muscles and let your ass accept what it needs. You know you need it, baby. You know this is MY ass, anyway. You know that I own it and that I need to fuck it. So, obey my commands and relax your tight little ass for me.”

With great trepidation and extreme force of will, I relax my asshole. Another bead of cold lubricant drops, immediately rubbed by your index finger. You start slowly, just circling my tight hole with your fingers, feeling the soft puckers. Another drop of lubricant falls and your index finger begins to probe into my ass. You murmur a steady stream of comforting words to me, urging me to relax, telling me that you love me, telling me to trust you to know what I need.

Your movements are slow and steady, pushing your finger in and out of my ass, going a tiny bit deeper with every gentle thrust. Despite my initial embarrassment and concern, I am aroused by your probing. You drop the beads of lubricant at regular intervals until your slippery finger is sliding in and out easily. You twist your finger to spread the lube all the way around. I gasp at the odd sensation. You withdraw your finger, add more lube, and begin again, only this time with TWO fingers.

I gasp and protest, “No, darling, I can’t take two. That’s too big!”

I whimper, but you never stop. “Baby, you must trust me. I am not going to hurt you. There will be a little pain at first, but I won’t stretch your ass any farther than I know it can go. Trust me, baby.”

Your two fingers are relentlessly pushing forward, withdrawing, and then pushing a little farther, over and over. My ass is feeling so stretched karabağlar escort bayan and I am sooo aroused.

I begin to whimper anew as I feel a THIRD finger added to your probing, “It hurts, it hurts, darling.”

You listen carefully to my words, knowing that if the pain becomes too much, I will use my safeword. When you don’t hear my safeword, you reassure me, “Yes, baby, it hurts so good, doesn’t it?” I moan and nod my head.

When all three fingers have been pushed into my ass up to the first knuckle, you slowly pull out and I feel hard smooth plastic rubbing my asshole.

I whimper and protest again, “No, darling, that plug is too fat! Please don’t push it in my ass! It will hurt!”

Once again you don’t hear my safeword, so you continue. “Yes, baby, it is going to hurt until your ass adjusts, but this plug is not nearly as thick as my hard cock. As soon as you are ready, you know I will be fucking your ass with my fat swollen cock. You need to let his plug get you ready. Don’t worry, baby. I am only going to give you what I know you need.”

The butt plug begins the same in and out motion that your fingers were doing, a little lubricant, push in and withdraw, a little more lubricant, push in a bit farther. Soon, the fattest part of the plug is beginning to stretch my tiny asshole. You are fascinated watching the sphincter stretch around it, but more aroused by how my asshole is going to look with your hard cock stretching it open. I feel your other hand reach farther down to my pussy, You begin to stroke my clit in rhythm with the probing of my ass.

When I begin to moan in my arousal, you whisper, “You are ready, baby, take it all!”

You quickly thrust the plug all the way into my ass. I gasp at the thick hard plug filling me, stretching me, preparing my ass for your cock. You slow down the movement against my clit. I moan and wiggle around, trying to press my clit into your hand, press it hard against your fingers.

You withdraw your hand completely, “No baby, it is not time for you to cum yet. You silly girl! You know that I will not let you cum until I am filling your ass.”

I feel on edge, desperately needing to cum. I feel the discomfort of the plug distending my ass. I feel my asshole burning. I feel a sense of true physical distress. It is not pain, not really, but rather an urgent need that I cannot fathom. My body is tight and stressed. My jaw is clinched.

You sense my discomfort and rub and pat my ass. “I’m going to make it all better, baby. I am going to give you exactly what your body needs, what you have been longing for.

At first, you just rub and pat, then the pats become firmer, making my ass jiggle. Every pat is followed by a comforting rub. Somewhere along the way, the karabağlar escort pats become hard enough to qualify for slaps. Your hand is beginning to sting my ass. You rub my ass between blows and describe how my ass is becoming warm and red. Every slap is a little harder, the sting a little longer, and the rubbing is less often. Soon, the rubbing has nearly stopped. You are landing blow after blow on my ass, never letting one sting fade before a new one is administered.

At first, I grit my teeth against the pain. But soon, the pain is accompanied by a fierce arousal. The slaps are hypnotic, steady and sure and oddly comforting. I find my ass raising to meet your blows, eager for each one.

A little stress exits my body with every slap on my ass. I feel it ebbing away bit-by-bit. Stress is being replaced by intense arousal. The sting on my ass is like a drug. I want it more and more. I don’t want the feeling to fade between blows. I am thrusting my ass upward, trying to get more and more of the delicious stings to my ass.

You chuckle at my neediness, but I never hear it with the blood roaring my ears. I am vaguely conscious of my loud moans and my voice begging you to never stop. When you feel that my stress is gone, you readjust my body on your lap, urging my legs apart until I am spread uncomfortably far, even more exposed and open. Now, in between slaps to my ass, your fingers probe my wet pussy. Soon your hand is coated with my juices and the wetness intensifies the sting and the sharp sound of palm meeting ass.

Then you begin slapping my pussy. That focuses all of my attention on sexual pleasure, both yours and mine. My moans become louder and my begging more insistent. The feeling of having my pussy spanked is incredibly arousing. I am quickly slipping into another consciousness. My surroundings fade around me. Nothing exists except your hand on my body.

You slap my pussy until it is red and swollen and sensitive, until my brain is empty of every thought except wanting your hard cock inside my body. The urge to be fucked overcomes everything, including the pleasure and pain of the spanking you are administering. I am suddenly aware of the cock I am craving poking stiffly into my belly. I squirm and feel it painting my tummy with slippery precum.

The fat plug up my ass is not enough anymore. I need your hard hot cock there. I need to feel your warm flesh throbbing in my ass. I crave the feeling of your cock exploding its liquid fire in my ass. I HAVE to have my ass fucked! NOW! I gasp out my safeword RED. I feel you stop and I whimper as the stinging on my ass subsides.


Though in my current state of mind I am unaware of it, you have escort karabağlar a big grin on your face. You shift my body to the bed. I am face down with my ass over the edge, my legs spread lewdly. You move into position behind me. I can no longer speak, my vocalizing is reduced to moaning and whimpering my need.

As if from far away, I hear your voice, “Yes, baby, I am going to give you just what you need. I am going to fuck that tight little ass. I am going to stretch you the way that no little butt plug can. I am going to fuck you hard and fast, just the way you need it.”

With a sucking sound, the butt plug is pulled quickly from my ass. You drop it on the towel. For a few seconds my ass feels empty and gaping. I whimper louder just before I feel the hot tip of your cock at the gaping opening of my needy ass. Then you thrust hard. In one swift plunge your cock is buried to the hilt in my ass. A sound emerges from my throat that is part grunt, part scream.

You pause there, enjoying the heat, swaying back and forth without pulling your cock out. I feel your heavy balls slapping gently at my clit.

I am begging you, “Fuck me, please, fuck my ass hard with your big stiff cock.”

For a moment you marvel at the change in me. Before I was begging you not to insert two fingers in my ass. Now I am begging for you to fuck me with your thick swollen dick. Then you feel the muscles of my ass contracting, milking the shaft of your cock. That drives all thoughts from your head except for the thought of fucking my ass until you fill it with cum. You pull your cock out of me, except for the head, and then plunge it back in hard. I grip the bed as I feel you slam into me, your balls smacking my throbbing clit.

Over and over, faster and faster, you piston your cock in and out of me. Pain and pleasure are so intermingled that I cannot sort them out. I just know that I need more, I need to be filled, I need to CUM! I roll my hips as your cock reams my very sensitive asshole. Over and over you pound into me, until you feel the cum rushing up.

You give an animalistic growl and bark out your command, “CUM, BABY, CUM WITH ME!” The first hot gush of cum spurts into my ass and I explode in orgasm. My body bucks and jerks like a ragdoll that is impaled on your cock.

You grip my hips to keep your cock buried as it spurts and I writhe, screaming, “YES, DARLING, YES!”

Finally, the spasms slow and I stop moving, still impaled, but your cock is shrinking now. The bed is wet under my head, from tears of pain and tears of joy. Your cock plops slowly out of my ass. I whimper at the loss of sensation, my ass no longer stretched. You watch fascinated as a gob of creamy cum oozes from my gaping asshole. Before you do anything else, you pick up the butt plug and stick it back in my ass, trapping the cum, keeping it in my ass.

Then you lie down on the bed, panting and spent. I crawl up to snuggle my body up to yours. You hold me close, cuddling me, telling me that you love me. I put my head contentedly on your shoulder. I am so grateful to belong to a man who knows exactly what I need.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32