Kim – A New City and a New Start

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I moved to a new city for a great job and didn’t know anyone there. With the help of the internet and a professional organization website, everything changed very quickly.

I got an amazing job offer, accepted and was planning a move from the Midwest to the Northeast. It was just a few weeks before Thanksgiving and things were moving quickly. I didn’t know anyone there, so I logged in to one of my professional websites to check out some networking connections there. Strangely enough, it turned out that there was a personal meeting and dating portal on that website. Members of the organization like me who were also looking for something more. It was free to me as a member of the organization, so I checked it out.

There weren’t many profiles there, but one did stand out. And that was Kim. So, I sent her a note. It was a short note basically explaining that I was moving to her city and that I was looking to meet some new people and would she be interested in chatting and having someone show me around town.

A couple of days later I got a pleasant response indicating her interest and eagerness to talk and help me get acclimated to my new environment.

We exchanged a few e-mails with some basics about each other. She was divorced with a pre-teen son. I was divorced with no kids. Neither of us were into partying. Common interests included reading, movies, cooking, the beach, travel, etc. And so, after a few good e-mail exchanges, we decided to chat on the phone just a couple of weeks prior to my move.

A few evenings later, she called me, and we talked. The conversation was easy. No awkward pauses. We talked about our common interests and the professional website that connected us. We “got our geek on” for a bit and that seemed to bring the conversation to a different place. We were able to avoid discussing politics and religion on that call, but the topic of sex came up.

I quickly came to learn that after her divorce, she got implants. 36DD’s and that she loved them. I asked her to send me a photo and she did not hesitate. I listened to her as she undressed. She walked me through various stages of her process. Removing her shirt, her pants, her panties, and finally her bra. She told me how much she loved the look and feel of her tits as she stood there in front of a mirror. She took a photo and sent it to me. They were nice. Really nice.

And then she asked for something in return. It’s bahis firmaları one thing to tell a woman that you have a big, thick cock and it is another thing to take a photo and prove it.

I did the same as she did for me. Shared with her what I was doing as I undressed. My shirt, my pants, my boxers and then how I was massaging my balls and stroking my cock to make it hard for her to get a picture of my cock standing at full attention.

Our call quickly turned to phone sex. Me telling her how much I wanted those tits and what I wanted to do to them. Her telling me how much she loves having her pussy licked and sucking cock. We both had orgasms and went off to sleep in our own beds in our own worlds. That was around 11pm.

Around 3 in the morning, my phone rang, and it was Kim. She wanted another round. I was tired but happy to join in. We both pushed boundaries a bit and shared things that we really liked. I told her how much I loved to have my balls sucked on and squeezed a little bit. I told her the idea of my balls in a woman’s hands and letting her do what she wanted was a huge turn on. And that combined with her amazing 36DD tits was something I was eager to try.

She loved hearing that and proceeded to tell me all the things she wanted to try to do with my nuts when we met in person. The idea of a big heavy sack of balls slapping into her while getting fucked was a huge turn on to her. Hearing her tell me she wanted to suck on my balls while I was jerking off was pushing me over the edge. Telling her how much I wanted to lick her cunt and make her cum was making her moan and she slid a dildo in and out of her wet pussy.

We each orgasmed again and hung up for the night.

Days went by. We didn’t speak. I was packing and moving and getting ready for my new life. I was to arrive in my new city on December 31st with no plans. Early that morning before making my trip, she reached out and asked if I wanted to go to dinner with her and have our introductory date to start the new year. I agreed and let her make all the arrangements.

I arrived and got settled into my hotel room and unpacked enough to shower and get dressed for a nice dinner. Kim arrived and knocked on the door. I paused before answering wondering if it was going to be the person I thought and what might happen that night.

I opened the door and there she was. Beautiful low-cut dress showing off those amazing tits. kaçak iddaa She came in, closed the door and we started to make out immediately. The tension had been building up for weeks. My hands were on her tits and her thigh was pressed against my cock and I was getting harder by the minute. I wanted to fuck her right then and there.

She stopped and said, “let’s go to dinner and we can continue this later.” And so, we left. Hand in hand we walked to my car and drove to the restaurant.

I parked, but before getting out she took out her tits and told me to kiss them. 39 years old and tits and attitude like a porn star. This was going to be a night to remember.

During the meal she placed a cloth napkin across my lap. We were sitting next to each other and the tablecloth hung low enough over the table to not allow anyone to see what was going on. And as we were eating and drinking, she took out my cock and started to stroke it under the napkin. She would lick her finger and tease the head of my cock and she was driving me crazy.

“How badly do you want to cum right now?” she asked. “Your balls are mine tonight.” And she really emphasized the word “Balls” while looking into my eyes. And then she continued to stroke until I emptied my nuts into that napkin. I couldn’t remember the last time I had exploded that hard. And in a public place with full tables everywhere and no one had any idea what had just happened.

We finished dinner and left after the new year had rung in. I raced back to the hotel. Barely a word was spoken. Her legs were spread, and she was playing with her pussy while I was trying to focus on the road. I reached over and touched her wet cunt to help her out. I’m sure she was eager to have her own orgasm and I wanted to get her naked as quickly as possible.

We got to the room and started to undress each other as quickly a possible. I had hoped she would suck my cock, but she wanted to get fucked first as I had already blown my first load of the night just a few hours ago at dinner.

What a fucking body. And her sexual energy was off the fucking charts. I couldn’t get enough of her.

She quickly got on her hands and knees on the bed and told be to fuck her from behind. She was already wet, and I entered her slowly and reached for her tits. There I was fucking her, holding her tits, and pinching her nipples.

“Fuck me harder!” she yelled. I’m sure other guests kaçak bahis at the hotel heard us. And I did. I pounded her pussy as hard as I could. And I could feel my balls swinging violently between my legs and slapping into her.

“I’m cumming!” she moaned loudly. And as she did, she put her hand back between her legs and slapped me in the balls hard, knocking the wind out of me.

“You like that?” she asked. I couldn’t answer quickly enough. And then another slap came. Harder than the first. I squealed. The combination of pain and pleasure in my testicles was incredible at that moment. I’ve had my balls busted before, but at least I knew it was coming. This was a bit of a surprise. It was fucking hot, but still caught me off guard. This woman was an incredible sexual being.

“Keep fucking me until you cum or I will pound your balls.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement. As much as they hurt, I continued to fuck her as they hung there and bounced between our legs until I filled her pussy. I’m quite sure that she came at the same time. We were both satisfied.

I pulled out and got on my back holding by bruised testicles. She laid down next to me, removed my hand and held them, rolled them around and massaged them. The feeling was incredible. Pain. Pleasure and now just lying there having my sack massaged by this woman I had only met in person a few hours earlier.

We fucked a few times throughout the night. She sucked me off once. She even had me stand over her face with her head hanging over the edge of the bed so she could suck on my balls while I touched her tits and fingered her cunt. I was able to lean down enough to lick her pussy while she was sucking on my balls. When she stopped, I was even able to slide my cock between her tits with my nuts swinging in her face. There were simply so many things we tried that night. It would have made for an incredible porn movie if we filmed it.

We both barely slept. I think we both knew that the evening had to end at some point, yet we didn’t want to miss out on anything while we were together. We could each sleep another time.

She left in the morning to head home. I tried to reach her for a couple of weeks but didn’t hear back from her. Eventually she came around. She had never done anything like that before and was feeling odd about the entire encounter.

We dated for about 8 months. And to this day I still believe that she had the most amazing sexual energy of anyone I had ever known. So many things we did over those months. Stories for another time.

Even hearing the name “Kim” takes me to her and some of those once in a lifetime experiences.

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