Lab Research

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“T-Reading on the 423 sample is negative 0.42”


“T-Reading on the 427 sample is negative 0.56”


I read out scientific readings as my assistant Joanna entered the data into the computer at the side of the lab.

It was a Sunday for God’s sake. All the other labs were vacant, their researchers taking their much-deserved 2-day break. Me? Because my lab assistant, Joanna had messed up the samples, we had tons of experimental data that we couldn’t use. Hence explaining why we were likely the only two people in the entire building on our supposed rest day, redoing most of the experiments.

“What about the T-reading for the 426?”

“We did that…like 3 days ago. One of the few samples you didn’t switch.”

Joanna turned her swivel chair to glare at me before sticking out her tongue to spite me. At first glance, it may seem like we hate each other but it’s more of a friendly banter that we have going on. First, a little introduction about ourselves.

We first met in university and though we “officially” dated for about a year and a half, it was more of an on-off thing that only happened during the brief respites from our schedules. It was also something that manifested from the peer pressure of our friends hooking up. After both of us graduated from university, she quickly acquired an internship for a large research firm which posted her to another country while I stayed and completed a Doctoral Degree. We both decided that it would be best to end the somewhat obligatory relationship that we had going on. The breakup was rather lack-lustre with both of us knowing that it had to be done. As expected, both of us were on good-terms when we broke up.

Admittedly, I’d be lying if I said that I felt nothing when she told me she was going overseas. While both of us knew that our busy schedules meant that the relationship likely wouldn’t be a fulfilling one, I’d like to think that, just like me, a little part of her also subconsciously longed to be with the me. Well, that was some years ago. For the rest of my education, I pursued a degree rather than women and threw myself into my studies, deciding to not be in a relationship until I graduated. After graduating, I got hired as a research scientist by one of the government organisations where I got my own research project. Just a few years ago, I embarked on this project, one not too ambitious but one requiring a research assistant.

I encountered Joanna again when I was looking for a lab assistant. At that point, the name on her resume didn’t even ring a bell. It certainly didn’t occur to me that the applicant was my university mate. Even so, her resume was compelling enough for me to recommend her to my superiors who quickly accepted and assigned her to be my lab assistant. Her job interview had been conducted by my superiors so, naturally, I only got to see her on the first day at work which… was…unexpected. Our unexpected reunion was well…unexpected… She certainly didn’t expect me to be her new boss. Certainly, there was some teasing about it but we got over it soon enough. We looked back at our time in university and laughed off our short romantic stint.

While she has the brains and arguably the looks, she has only a single flaw. Her only flaw? She is rather clumsy and absentminded. She had forgotten to come work on multiple occasions because she ‘forgot that there was work on that day’ Even so, as much as I would never say it in her face, she is one of the best assistants out there. On a more personal note, she has this naivety and an air of innocence that I frankly find oddly…quite cute and appealing.

“I’m going out to get some coffee. Want to join?” Joanna’s voice called over the humming of the machines in the lab. Being in a bio lab, we have strict rules concerning the consumption of food and drinks in the lab. Heck, even personal electronic devices aren’t allowed. Even though we were working on some pretty harmless bacteria, our lab was the standard lab furnished with the full array of protective measures.

“I’m just going to finish up over here, give me a moment.” I mentioned and started putting away the micropipette that I had in my hand.

“Let’s go, the café closes in 10 mins” I rushed past her, glancing at the clock on the wall. Spurred on by my urgency, she followed me past the racks of samples and test-tubes in the lab. As I approached the exit, I heard a small exclamation from behind me. Naturally, I spun around, ready to see what my assistant had unwittingly done again. What I was not ready to deal with was my assistant’s hourglass figure falling towards me. I backed up, not wanting for her to fall on me. She stumbled a little before extending her hands and steadying herself on the partition of wall next to the door. Her arms, both fully extended, trapped me between her bosom and the wall, not unlike a kabedon in Japanese culture. I could feel her warm breath against my cheek as she struggled to catch her breath. There was an awkward silence as I unintentionally stared straight into her bosom-area. Blushing, I deftly ducked down and recomposed myself while she also bahis firmaları readjusted her lab coat, which had slipped a little during her fall.

“Sorry about that-


Shit, when steadying herself against the wall, her hand had pressed on the button for the emergency air-lock of the lab.

A sudden siren rang out in the lab followed by the hiss of the air-lock door closing. Argh shit. She activated the air-lock meant to keep bacteria in the lab for decontamination in the event of an accidental release of biohazardous material


The deep, booming sound of the air-lock sealing signalled that the all-metal door at the entrance of our lab now sealed us away from the main building. As bad as it may sound, we weren’t in any grave danger or anything. The lab had an intercom system that could be activated to contact security. Security was the only one who could remotely open the air-locks. I headed straight towards the intercom panel. Strange, normally the keypad would be lit up or at least have a green power indication light on it. This time however, it had absolutely no indication of it being on. I tried all the various key codes, all to no avail.

“Joshua” I turned around, waiting for my assistant to exasperatedly explain to me what an idiot I was and what I was doing wrong. Instead, against the sterile white background of the lab, I saw my assistant looking rather sheepish, staring mostly at the floor but occasionally glancing at my face.

“You see, I kinda forgot to tell you about the notice they sent out earlier this month…About the intercom system being down…” Her voice trailed off and she tried to give me a much-worn reassuring smile that gave me absolutely no fucking reassurance.

Well fuck.

We had no way of communicating with anybody else. Our phones were secured in the lockers in the main building as per protocol. There was absolutely nobody else in the building except the security personnel who we couldn’t contact. All we could hope was that come Monday, other lab staff coming back could notify security and they could get us out of the lab. Well, we only had like..what?…17 hours left until the others came to

work on a nice, fresh Monday morning.

While we don’t have anything to eat, there is a tap in the lab that provides sterile water for experiments. Of course, there is the standard warning about how it is not meant for human consumption but fuck it, it’s probably cleaner than the water that comes from my kettle at home.

Well fuck, it wasn’t much use getting angry at Joanna. I had gotten use to these little mistakes that she made over the past few years.

“Well, let’s get back to work.” Readjusting my lab coat, I starting strolling back to the counter, preparing to continue the experiments. Joanna trailed behind with a kind-of sheepish look on her face.

“Wow, I’m beat!” After a long arduous 6 hours, we finally finished conducting and recording all the data for the experiment. Though not my normal behaviour, I lay down on the floor, using the palm of my hands to cushion my head as I closed my eyes, clearing my mind of the exhaustion of hours of mindless data-entry that we had just done.

I heard Joanna sigh as she plopped herself down on a swivel chair next to me. It was barely 5 minutes before she came and disrupted my rest.

“Ehhh Joshua, I bored, want to play something?” Opening my eyes slowly, the first thing I saw looking up was my assistant’s shapely legs as she sat in the swivel chair. I decided to humour her a little.

“Depends, I’m not bored, especially with those fine legs you have there.” What you might

consider sexual harassment at the work place was actually fine between us. We had grown so comfortable with each other that we occasionally teased each other and make snide, somewhat-sexual remarks.

“Look away, you pervert.” Joanna crossed her legs while playfully reprimanding me. Well, I guess I couldn’t really say no to my assistant.

“Hmm? What do you want to play? We hardly have any anything here.”

“What about Two Truths One Lie?”

“Sounds good.”

“Well, I’ll go first Mr Boss. Statement 1, I…have…two cats that live with me; statement 2, I enjoy wearing strapless dresses and…statement 3, you’re the last boyfriend that I had.”

“Come on, surely you don’t expect me to believe that I was the last guy you were with? That was what? 7 years ago? You’ve got some nice curves, you probably got a few other guys clamouring for your attention after me-“

“Ah ha, that’s where you’re wrong. I don’t have two cats, only one, named Tabs. Your turn.” She hurriedly interjected. As I turned to look at her- was…was…that a blush on her face? Her face was oddly enough, turned away from me. “Let’s move on about you.”

This continued for a few more rounds before we got bored of it but it was still too early for either of us research people to go to sleep. After Two Truths One Lie, we played Would You Rather before becoming bored of that too and playing Shoot Shag Marry, or as other people know it, Fuck Marry Kill.

“So, Annie from Administrative, kaçak iddaa Lauren from Security or Jessica, Robert’s assistant, don’t think I haven’t caught you staring at her ass.” Still blushing, I contemplated my options.

“Ahh, Shoot Lauren, she’s fucking useless. Err, marry Annie, she’s pretty hella cute. Got a great body too. Shag Jessica just because…well you already probably know, not to mention that ass and boobs though.”

Being slightly sleepy and comfortable with Joanna really loosened my tongue.

“Not surprising. Ahh, this really reminds me of our uni days. We used to play these kinds of games at our dorm, just you and me, like when we had the time.” Joanna was reminiscing about our earlier days. “Oh ya, and we’ll get all horny and handsy by like the seventh round. Shame we never really got to having sex.”

Yes, as pathetic as it sounded, our one and a half year-long relationship covered only the briefest of heavy petting and perhaps a quick tease, mostly from her even at its most intense times. It had never advanced any further than that.

“I’d want to play Truth or Dare but dares with nobody around are kinda boring. We don’t have any drinks to so we can’t have Truth or Drink……”

“What about Truth or Strip?” Looking exceptionally pleased with herself. “It’s exactly what it sounds like; Either answer the question or take off a piece of clothing.”

Hearing about our brief sexual encounters that we had in the past had made me kind of horny and now my assistant was offering to play a game that had the chance of her stripping? Hell yeah.

“I’ll start easy. What were you planning on doing when you reached home today?” I started off easy, lest I be judged by her to be some freak who just wanted her clothes off.

“Oh you know, the usual, I’ll take a shower, feed Tabs and maybe masturbate a little. Been a little stressed and lonely lately.” The way she said it was so nonchalant and casual that if I hadn’t heard it properly, I could have sworn that I heard wrongly. Nevertheless, while it made me incredibly embarrassed to have my assistant openly admit about her masturbation habits to me, I just pretended to take that as it was and not pursue the matter. My guess that she as well was incredibly horny and a combination of our environmental factors had also loosened her tongue.

“Okay, your turn.”

“What do you masturbate to?” She asked the question straight to my face.

Wow, no subtility in this one. She didn’t even open with the question of whether I masturbated and just went in fully.

“Err…I…I…decline to answer.” Stammering, I blushed before standing up and slipping the lab coat off my shoulders.

“Spoilsport.” She pouted, pursing her lips before smiling seductively with a twinkle in her eye.

It was my turn to ask her something again, and frankly, I was half scared of the answer and what she was willing to reveal.

I decided to ask her that same question that she had asked me.

“Well it depends. Sometimes I just go online to look for some porn. Sometimes when I have more time I can usually fantasize or imagine some scenario but now I’m kinda busy so it’s mostly porn for me, especially those with cumshots. I really enjoy watching-“

Ok, ok, wayyyy too much information from her.

And so the game continued. Due to my reluctance to share anything about my sex life (Which seemed like that’s all she cared about) or masturbation habits and her extreme openness to sharing about these things, the game ended with me stripped down to my underwear and her with only her lab coat off. Both of us were sitting on the floor. For me, my clothes lay strewn on a pile next to me.

“Alright, last question. You have to answer this one if not you’ll have to take off your underwear. O.o.”

Shit I was getting hard knowing that if I wanted to, I could technically strip in front of my assistant. Fuck, she might be able to see the tent in my boxers.

“Who do you fantasize about?”

Argh, she certainly chose a tough question. If someone asked this question a few years after we had split up, it would probably be some porn star that I followed but since being reunited with her at this job, she was the subject of interest for many of my fapping sessions. Of course, all this did not translate to anything in my daily interactions with her but yes, I had definitely fantasized about her body, especially her breasts. But how was I going to answer the question?

“I…err…fantasize about you.” I mean she already revealed so much about herself, it wouldn’t hurt much to just tell her this.

All the blood rushed straight to my head, making me feel a little giddy. I immediately regretted my decision. Fuck, I shouldn’t have answered it.

Her face lit up, her eyes carefully studying me for any indication that I was joking. My eyes met hers. Feeling awkward, I turned away from her, preparing to wear back my clothes. I decided that I would avoid facing her for the time being, lest I couldn’t control myself around her if this continued.


“What if I told you right now that I could help you with kaçak bahis that?” Turning around, I saw Joanna standing as well, hand on her hip and eyebrow cocked with a sultry look on her face.

My heart was beating very fast and I’m certain that my entire face was flushed. All the blood in my head rushed forward to my penis. My entire body was screaming yes but my mind was the only thing holding me back from ravaging her.

Noticing my hesitation, Joanna cocked her head even further and starting unbuttoning her lab coat.

Well, even though I frequently teased her about her sizes, especially her breasts, Joanna certainly had some things going for her as well. She had a slender figure that was rather quite enticing. Her jet-black hair, as per lab requirements, was bunched up in a short ponytail. Her breasts, even though not massive, could still be made through the fabric of the lab coats that were standard-issue. In fact, when she had first came to work for me, and I had first introduced her to some of my colleagues, they had privately congratulated me for scoring such a babe with brains.

Seeing her invitation, I couldn’t take it anymore. Dropping the shirt that I was wearing on a moment ago, I rushed forward and ripped off her lab coat then frantically tried to unbutton her shirt. Ah fuck it. With one strong swipe, I ripped off her shirt, the buttons ripped off the shirt itself, scattering and bouncing in all directions on the floor. I pushed her slightly and both of us tumbled onto the floor. I was directly on top of her and I wasted no time trying to get the rest of her clothes off. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were filled with lust and need. As I fumbled to take off her long pants, her hand reached behind her back, struggling to take off her bra. I could feel her warm, moist breath against my cheek and hear her slight pant. It was a black bra with lacy flower patterns on it. “Looks like someone was lonely.” I smirked. With a grin on her face, she playfully smacked my face with her free hand before she finally took off her bra and freed her B-cup tits from their cloth cage. Finally, I could see the tits that I had masturbated to so many times. Her nipples, dark and small, were becoming erect and hardening in the cold air. By this time, I finished unzipping her long pants and took it off her. The design of her panties was similar to her bra, a matching set. With a slight grin, I shook my head at her design choice before she lightly smacked me again.

Just as I was going to rip her underwear off, her hand slipped under my underwear before sliding it down my legs, exposing my dick. Now, I’m around average at around 7 inches, nothing special but Joanna looked at it with curiosity and intrigue. That was probably her first time seeing a dick in real life. “You can touch it if you want. Actually, you should touch it.” I offered her just in case she was hesitant to make the first move.

Before I had even finished, she pulled me down onto her body, mashing her lips against mine. After a few seconds, I felt her tongue poking into my mouth. Her tongue swirled in my mouth, fighting my own for dominance. After breaking the kiss for a little breather, she sultrily smiled at me before she pushed me upwards and off her and stood up herself. She gave me a quick peck on the lips before stooping down and kneeling. Seeing my gorgeous assistant kneeling in front of me, ready to give me a blowjob was something that my fantasies, no matter how crazy, could never match. She slowly trailed her finger up my thigh, trailing closer and closer towards my dick. Upon reaching it, she hesitantly grasped it in her hand, her face looking at mine, searching for any facial expression.

Ahh, this was better than any fap session that I had ever had. Just the thought that Joanna was the one with her hand around my dick was almost enough for me to blow my load. Thankfully, I didn’t do something that pathetic and managed to regain my composure. Her cute face looking up at me is something that I will never forget as she started stroking my cock, slowly and gently at first but becoming faster and more forceful. I don’t remember when but at a certain point, she started using her tongue, swirling it on the tip of my penis. I could feel the precum slowly seeping from the tip and I had to restraint myself from blowing my load. Perhaps noticing my grimace, Joanna eased off a little, resorting to gently licking my balls, similar to how a cat may lap up milk from a saucer, and slowly stroking me. Suddenly, as if on impulse, she took my entire length into her mouth, bobbing her head and sucking hard on my dick. Arghh, it felt so fucking good. I was going to cum. Wanting her to go faster, my hand wandered to her head and grabbed her ponytail. Using that as a handle, I thrust in and out of her mouth faster and more aggressively. I heard some gagging sounds from her but at this point I was in ecstasy and just wanted to cum. “Joanna, I’m going to cum.” I barely gave her a 5-second heads-up before my final thrust blasted my cum all inside her mouth. I don’t think that I have ever cum so much in my life. In long powerful spurts, cum shot straight into her mouth. After I finished, I pulled slowly out of her mouth. I looked to see my assistant with cum dripping out of her mouth and her face consumed with lust as I paused for a moment to catch my breath.

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