Lucky Landlord!

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Scheming Sam had a brainstorm. Well, for him it was. He decided to take advantage of the upcoming clown holiday, April Fool’s Day. He wanted a ploy that had some deniability yet offered a chance for fun and maybe a chance to get laid. He placed an ad on Craigzlist offering a short term room rental and planned to screen for a lucky lass. Lucky for HIM, he meant.

Within a day, he had several responses, but most were from males. When he asked the five female responders to answer some questions and send a current, full body photo ‘ID’, two dropped out. The other three, hoping to impress, sent in bikini photos. All were attractive and, he decided, fuckable. Hoping to get lucky with at least one, he set appointments with all three on 4/1.

9 A.M. – Renae showed up exactly on time. “Hi. You could have come in earlier. I saw you sitting out front. Thanks for being so punctual and for dressing up so nicely. That’s a very pretty dress, but you didn’t have to dress up for me,” he said as he hoped she would never get dressed again. She looked even hotter in the short, sexy dress than in the bikini.

The dress was black with four narrow horizontal gold stripes. Two surrounded and emphasized her unbound, full C-cups in the low-cut top, the third went tightly across her lower hips, where the frock wrapped snugly around her voluptuous ass before flaring out with wide pleats. That gold stripe had a small but obvious fuzzy V extension that lived exactly where Sam expected her minimal pubes were. Its tip pointed directly at her taco, at least where lecherous Sam’s x-ray vision saw her clit teasing him! The dress bottom flapped loosely below that tempting ass and ended above her toned, mid-thighs.

“Oh, thank you. How nice of you to say. What a gentleman,” NOT! She could spot a perv when she saw one! “This is a nice place. Does the rental include use of common space, kitchen and appliances?” Just to sink the hook deeper, she smiled coyly and winked.

“Yes, I’m happy to share it with you. I screen out men, especially frat boys, since they are usually messy and don’t respect boundaries.” THAT should convince her that HE had boundaries. Yup, he usually preferred staying between mouth and knees! “Your room is upstairs. Watch out for that annoying low beam and the steep stairs. You go first so you can appreciate the wide landing opening when you get to the top.” He hoped her opening wasn’t TOO wide to be appreciated!

‘Oh you perv!’ she thought. She knew he wanted a better look up her short skirt. Wanting to see if he was all talk or, hopefully, a cunning linguist, she teased “OK. But don’t you dare look up my skirt; I don’t think I put panties on today.” She giggled and tempted him, hoping for the best.

“Well, Renae, I have a photo of you here in your bikini that I bet is smaller than your panties, unless you chose a G-string. So I think I have a very good idea what’s under your pretty dress. Your sexy legs look even more athletic in the FLESH so I’m guessing you swim or jog a lot.” He flirted back and wondered if she were deliberately bouncing her skirt for him? “Watch that beam.”

“Thanks and thanks. I don’t wear G-strings or even narrow thongs. They feel too much like rectal floss! I do jog two miles a day, not too much. My mini panties are a little bigger than you saw in my photo. It was the only recent full body shot I had so. . . . OH, damn, I could have taken a new one in my mirror with my phone! Why didn’t I think of that earlier? TMI?” Of course she had! But she knew the bikini would get his attention. It never fails to get her boyfriend hard when she wears it in public. She bent much more than necessary to avoid the beam and her skirt climbed past the lower curves of her pristine, flawless ass.

Sam would have had a great view at ground level, but letting her lead by four bouncy steps gave him a convincing view that she indeed did forego her panties. If only she’d stumble. . . .

She tripped, but caught herself two steps higher, “Oops! I can be so clumsy sometimes.” Is he going to take the hint or what? Renae knew she couldn’t stay sprawled out like that all day! She suddenly felt his hands on her hips, to brace her of course, but she also felt a breeze blow across her bare ass.

Sam froze a second as she lay sprawled on the steps, one knee a step above the other, her glistening, swollen, waxed pussy called out to him. His heart skipped as he reached out to her, grabbed both bare beautiful thighs and slid his hands up her splayed body, over her FIRM ass cheeks. He ensured that her dress went up with his hands, pushing even the snug band above her waist so he could see her sexy tapered waistline. His eyes flashed over the bare skin from her feet to her waist, but returned, captivated, by the bewitching sight of the most beautiful, engorged pussy he’d ever seen. He could sit and admire it all day!

“Umm, Sam? Could you help me out here or are you just going to enjoy the view?!” She tried to sound miffed, but felt light pendik escort headed as she continued to wantonly expose herself to this stranger. It felt so wet and so intoxicating when she flexed her thighs. She whispered to herself only “I -ughh- must be squeezing my clit. I swear if he doesn’t touch me soon, I’m going to cum spread out just like this. Oh, his hands feel so strong on my bare ass. Come-on Sam, TOUCH ME already!”

‘She MUST know she’s presenting me her bare pussy!’ he thought. That was an offer he couldn’t refuse. “Sure, Renae. Don’t move! Let me check if, mmm ah, you hurt ANYthing. You may be bleeding HERE.” He boldly cupped her mons, squeezed then spread her wet lips and she moaned loudly, but didn’t resist. GREEN Effing LIGHT! “Well, it’s not blood, but let me clean you up. Hmm, I don’t have any napkins so I guess I’ll just have to use my tongue.” She moaned again.

“Good ah idea, Sam. Please, please clean up my . . . . ohh, yes, k-k-keep cleaning like that.” He lapped the beautiful stranger’s clear, musky juices at her thigh and let his nose bump her clit – several times. She groaned each time. As his palm lightly caressed and spread her firm, perfect cheeks, his thumbs spread her engorged lips. Barely poking between them were the incredibly smooth, shapely inner lips that failed to contain her swollen, pearly clit which stood at full attention. He licked between the inner lips, sucked them and her sweet and tangy moisture into his hungry mouth and teased her gorgeous clit before sucking it and bringing her to her first shuddering orgasm.

“Oh, Sam, you, you eat pussy perfectly. Make me cum again, right here, then I want to see the room.” She spread wider and he slowly licked her refreshed, tasty cum from her rigid clit down and back up to her wrinkled hole. Though his cock was trying to rip thru his shorts, he merely pushed two fingers into her slippery snatch and twisted them sensuously. He avoided her G-spot, saving that for later, but soaked his fingers in her monsoon of nectar.

As he licked her bleached rear hole and absorbed her sweet, musky scent, his fingers deeply penetrated her hungry pussy and circled her cervix. Experience told him that flexing deep nerves might be a new and sometimes disturbing feeling. Yet Renae seemed to love the tingling that was so familiar to her! Her wrinkled hole winked intensely at him and begged for attention. The next time it winked open, he followed Daphne Oz’s inadvertently naughty food advice, “Wet your finger, stick it in!” He still chuckled at how embarrassed the Chew cast was, but he wet a finger of his free hand in her sopping pussy, then easily breached her ass and pulsed it in synch with his pussy plundering digits. The combination drove her to another leaky, trembling orgasm. She collapsed and melted into the stairs while he licked her clean of all her tasty ambrosia.

When she stopped gasping and he quit licking her fattened pussy, he told her to go to the second room on the right. Sam grabbed the wide zipper that ran down the back of her dress to her low waist and allowed her standing up to unzip her. She giggled as they ran down the hall. The dress fell off just outside the bedroom so she entered ‘her’ room stark naked. He paused to admire her shapely, full, jiggling cheeks. As he stripped off his clothes, he watched her leisurely brush the bed, open the closet and go to the open window. Shamelessly she said, “Nice view of the street and the park from here.”

“I’m sure they are saying the exact same thing. When you move in, be sure to dress like this, always in your best.” She turned and winked at him, not at all surprised that he was naked or that his thick cock pointed straight out at her and bobbed. Sam took a moment to appreciate her pretty face, her full, firm, floating tits, her gorgeous gaping pussy and his first view of her trimmed, arrow shaped, lustrous raven pubes. She signaled him to go to her, still at the unobstructed window. As he reached her, she turned to once again display her naked tits and pussy to anyone below. He put his thumbs on her hips, his fingers into her pubes and pulled her against his heated, flushed flesh. Renae moaned lightly when she felt his stiff, hot cock nestled into her rear raphe, the warm bishop crushed against her tail bone.

Sam kissed her neck, slowly ran his tongue up to her jaw, traced her earlobe then, as he circled it, slowly blew hot, steamy air into her ear. She tingled, grew goose bumps, tilted her hips back and wiggled her voluptuous cheeks against his raging cock. As he raised one hand up to a full tit and a hard, expectant nipple, the other dropped into her gash and circled her pulsing clit.

A nosey neighbor he’d hoped to bang stopped in her tracks; she stared agape at the naked vision framed in her neighbor’s window and slowly scanned the beautiful naked body from knees to impaled cunt to pointed nipples. Unaware, she licked her lips and sighed before her eyes jumped to Sam’s. She held his maltepe escort gaze even as he slid his royally stiff cock around Renae’s thigh to point it at his next, hopefully, conquest. Longingly, she stared at it and her chest rose and fell quickly several times before she abruptly turned and ran inside.

Thrilled at the unexpected voyeur, Renae chided, “Is she a friend? She seemed to enjoy our little display. Was that the first time she saw your cock? I doubt it will be the last.”

“Nothing for you to fret about. I’m with you, now, and I want to be with you, completely. You’re wet again and I want to taste your delicious honey right before I fuck you. Do you prefer it soft and slow, hard and fast or . . .?”

“Mix it up, baby. You’ll figure it out, I’m sure.”

Great BIG green fucking light! She turned and Sam kissed her passionately, not for the last time. He danced her away from the window and onto the nicely made double bed. His balls against her mons, his cock thru her pubes and his hands tugging her stiff nipple, he slowly, wetly wrestled her tongue. Both breathing hard, he slid down to her waiting nipple, bit it and pulled it with his teeth. She gasped loudly. As he slid down her body, he kept his aching cock in constant contact with her legs. The slight trail of Cowper’s didn’t deter him; he liked the taste of his sweet pre-cum. He savored his first well-lit scrutiny of her gaping, moist pussy for just a few seconds before invading it with adroit fingers and hungry tongue. The combined attacks brought her to the edge again until a suck-pop-release of her clit threw her into ecstatic quivers again.

Ever the cagey one, Sam waited, enjoyed her unrestrained surrender to Eros and how well that proved his skill, until she stopped thrashing. He decided that was the time to fuck her to exhaustion, hers. As her muscles finally relaxed and her tits ended their chaotic dance, he lined his helm up with her soft, wet labia. “Yes, YES! Fuck me!” she screamed. With a twisted grin and a determined glint in his eyes, he slid his bishop past her inner lips, but stopped when his crown vanished. “Oh, yesss . . . ” she moaned, then opened her intense eyes and glared at him. He smiled a controlling, haughtily confident smile and slammed fully into her, stopped only by her mons and pubes. Renae’s eyes popped wide open and she hissed at the pleasure. She glared at him, held her breath as he stilled his cock. Was this some sick game of ‘chicken’ to see who would blink first?

Just before she passed out from lack of air, he pulled out; she exhaled. He shoved in, angled so his stiff, pliant shaft rubbed her clit all the way in. She hissed again. OK, she thought, he has the power here, for now. There’s more to gain by surrender than by battle. She exaggerated her breaths and he understood. He rewarded her with more consistent strokes, each ending harshly, but pulled out slowly. Her tits danced enchantingly again. He quickly lost control and began fucking her earnestly, lovingly, breathlessly. “Cum in me! Please! Fill me with your hot cream; splash my cunt with your thick hot lather then I’ll blow you and lick you clean!” Finally, an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Sam checked the clock. It was only 9:40 so he still had time. After placing her shapely legs on his shoulders, his harsh slams seemed to go deeper, bumped into a firmness that could only be her cervix. She lurched each time he nudged it. He gasped and felt light headed; felt his cock extend and bottom against her dense, hot, rear wall. Both gasped deeply; both sang out. “I’m cuming! I’m filling your cheating pussy with ME!” he screamed thru gritted teeth.

“Oh. Oh. Yes! I feel you. You’re cum is so warm as it f-f-fills me,” she thrashed and grunted. Her body flushed crimson from her pubes to her jaw. She convulsed and locked her head on her shoulder for several long seconds. Finally, with an “ahhhhhhh” she melted like gum on a hot dashboard. Sam stayed on her and in her until his demolished cock was once again a dick and slid out despite HIS demand to stay warmly nested. “Hmm, that was very nice. Would you kike to ‘clean’ me up again?”

Sam grabbed some tissues and, as he drained her overflowing, slimy pussy, he said “Sorry, I don’t like cream pie. If we had another woman here I’d happily watch her lap you up and make you cum yet again. Maybe next time?” She wondered if he were thinking about his pretty neighbor. Did he really think there would be a ‘next time’ or was that a tempting choice left open for her? She chose not to answer, but enjoyed his spreading her legs and labia wide open. He surprised her by pushing two fingers back inside her slippery snatch and scooping out his thick cum. She lurched, ready for more. Sam smirked at her insatiable drive as he fed her his creamy fingers then squeezed her labia and coaxed his cum out.

When it stopped flowing, she locked onto his tasty fingers as he cleaned between her lips and along her thigh so not a drop remained. kartal escort Sam rubbed his nose gently against her still stiff clit and licked it warmly. She immediately gasped and shuddered in another orgasm which he cut short. She moaned pitifully.

He waited for her tremors to end. “OK sweetie. Your turn. Clean me up good and don’t fret about my cuming in your belly. I can get it up again after just ten minutes if you want another go round.” He checked the clock.

She slowly slid off the bed, legs wide open and pussy aimed at his mouth. He kissed it as it passed over his head and smelled the wondrous scent of their mingled sex. Often nasty, but often nirvana, it made his shaft stir. He flopped onto the disheveled bed, his rising dick swung up and around as his oversized, deeply furled balls fell between his spread legs. Renae was surprised that they rested on the soiled spread and blocked his rear hole. She had her own plans for all those parts.

She pushed his hairy legs apart and was happy to note that he trimmed and manscaped neatly. She leaned forward and crushed her big, soft, warm tits around his left thigh. Sam sighed. Gently lifting and cradling his balls made his dick surge. She gently stroked his thigh and sticky shaft with the back of her hand. He groaned. She inhaled the intoxicating scent of their sex and lifted his helm with her warm tongue. He groaned louder and longer, hands behind his head, eyes firmly shut.

Renae loved her own scent and taste, but was obsessed with it when mixed with a man’s sticky sauce. Tenderly she held the renewed cock at its base and delayed her satisfaction as much to tease him as to increase her own pleasure. Finally, unable to delay any longer, she took his throbbing purple head onto her hot tongue. Sam groaned and lurched away then bounced deeper into her hungry mouth. She’d planed to make him squirm by taking in an inch at a time, but after he lurched to her tonsils, she sucked him fully in and clamped her covered teeth on his tasty tumescence. “You, we, taste soooo good,” she mumbled.

Despite taking him into her tight, hot throat, he successfully resisted an early release. The longer he lasted, the greater the sensations and the more powerful he felt his command over her was. He smugly savored her skillful mouth. Renae had two dynamite tricks for recalcitrant or reluctant lovers. First, she dipped a finger into her gaping, wet pussy for her slippery girl juice. As she sucked the throbbing monster, she slipped a finger past his sphincter and pulsed his surprised ass. Second, as she sought his cloistered prostate, she began to hum.

His cock immediately vibrated deep in her throat. “Ohwe shay caaa eu feeeeeee. . . .” He grunted tensely as she hit “SEEEE” and clenched. His first salvo shot directly into her belly and, as he strained to hold back, she found and milked his prostate. He fired again, and again, and again. She stared laughingly into his scrunched up cum face and was thankful he was filling her belly instead of her mouth. Just as he held his last fusillade, she breathlessly withdrew his sensitive cock. That painful, ecstatic slide forced him to grunt and clench once more and filled her mouth with his hot cream as she gasped for air.

In the quiet moments that followed, broken only by both of their rapid gasps, each wondered who had WON that encounter. He weakly panted “I’ll give . . . you . . . that one. Whou were . . . f-f-fantastic! Give me ten minutes and we can go . . . again.” Renae smirked at his weakness, finally the victor, and lay next to him on the bed, head to toes. She would never admit it, but she was impressed with his massive cock and how well he handled it.

She looked at the clock, then back to his wilted majesty. It lay slimy, red and beaten in its half-wilted state on his thigh. As she recalled its feel, its taste, she slowly and gently fingered herself. The smacking sounds her noisy, wet pussy made got Sam’s attention. He turned to look at the beautiful, swollen, angry pussy just inches from his head and his mournful cock twitched. She grinned and pulled her labia open while still rubbing her clit. Sam gently rested an exhausted hand on her lusty upper thigh.

When his fingers found their way to her pussy and his cock swelled again, she checked the time. “Just seven minutes to bring Lazarus back to life! I guess I should be impressed, but I’m not!” she lied. Energized and challenged again, Sam leaped off the bed and turned her so she was on all four with her face and swinging tits at the open window. He knelt behind her pretty ass, checked the clock and spread her cheeks. That was a view he could LIVE with, could frame and hang near the bed to admire daily. But he wasn’t about to admit that to HER!

Renae waited breathlessly for him to touch her, to fuck her again. She hoped his neighbor woman would come out and see her tits swinging and know that he was fucking her. Her exhibitionist side was eager to make a wider appearance. That would make the day even more memorable, as though . . . “ouuuuu!” Sam’s surprise invasion with three curled fingers made her eyes swell. He twisted and pumped his fingers in her – briefly, just long enough to soak them and confirm her G-spot. She lurched.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32