Lunchtime Pranks

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The sun was hot on Mellissa’s face. Lunchtime could be so boring, just a break that had to be taken but at least she had managed to wait long enough that the day was almost over. Watching the people in the street was fascinating. She liked to imagine the places they had been, the different lives they led, painting pictures in her day dreams that lifted her day from the humdrum to the exceptional.

She saw the girl first. She was tall, maybe 5′ 10″, very slim, with short spiked blonde hair. She was wearing a very short black skirt, slightly flared and pleated every inch. Her legs were covered in flesh colored leggings, fashionably worn into holes in all the right places giving a punk appearance. Her top was a vest and thin enough so her bra less breasts showed clearly through the white cotton. Her nipples were hard as bullets. Her feet were adorned with red patent doc martins and Mellissa felt her pussy twitch in approval.

The man was approaching from the opposite direction. He was at least 6 foot, muscled but still slim and the dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a tee shirt. Mellissa thought him nice enough, not spectacular but beddable. Then she saw ‘it’ and her whole body convulsed. There laying along his thigh for all to see was the outline of the most enormous penis she had ever imagined let alone seen. The girl saw it at the same time as Mellissa, stopped in her tracks and stared very obviously. The man tried valiantly to step around the girl but she shimmied right and left till he was forced to stop. The girl was smiling broadly and immediately started to talk to her new acquaintance in a very animated fashion. Mellissa strained to try and catch the distant conversation or even manage to follow the movement of the girl’s lips but found it almost impossible. The few words she understood made no particular sense, but certainly carried the essence of subject. She saw ‘wow’, ‘huge’ and ‘cock several times and was certain that ‘fuck’ was liberally spread throughout. The man was reddening decidedly and when the girl reached down and squeezed the cloth covered sausage both he and Mellissa jumped like startled fawns.

Her phone buzzed, not for a call but a text. Mellissa glanced down just momentarily then looking back up saw the girl, dragging the man by the hand heading straight for her.

“Hey cutie can I use your phone to call a cab?”

Mellissa didn’t quite know how to respond.

“It’s OK, I won’t steal it babe!”

Mellissa valiantly tried to say something but couldn’t help but sneak a glance at the front of the man’s pants.

“Oh, I see, you seen it too. It’s a beauty isn’t it. Going to take this bad boy home and ride that motherfucker till it splits me in half. I might manage pendik escort to get it in my ass. Fuck that would be amazing.”

Mellissa handed the girl the phone and swallowed hard and loudly.

“Hey look your pretty cute, you want to come and make up a threesome? You look like your game for a good time! My name is Jodi and this is Brett.”

She reached down and squeezed Brett’s huge appendage again.

“It’s OK I checked, it’s all genuine meat.”

Mellissa sat in the cab squashed between Jodi and Brett. The ride to Jodi’s apartment was just over 20 minutes and Mellissa spent the whole journey wondering how she was going to explain her absence from the car dealership.

“Don’t worry baby, just say you got sick. Tell them you had some bad sausage, not like the really good sausage you going to get soon.”

Mellissa was beginning to get used to Jodi’s humor. Yes it was crude, but she had soon realized that behind the coarseness was a very intelligent resourceful individual. The appearance, both physical and psychological was a disguise, a way of hiding the depth that lay below the surface.

“You think you can take that monster in your ass Melly baby? I know it’s going to stretch me like fuck. I am going to gape for a week!”

Mellissa fidgeted in the seat. She could feel her pussy walls beginning to ooze with excitement and her clitoris had already left the safety of its hood and the tip was pressed hard against her lace boy shorts.

“You and me will put on a bit of a show for Brett first. You like sucking on a nice juicy cunt don’t you? Once I get these thighs wrapped around your ears you’re going to be in pussy heaven.”

Mel’s shorts were soaking already when Jodi reached across her and started to stroke the length of Brett’s outlined monster.

“This is going to be better than the biggest strap on I have ever taken. Fucking delicious.”

Jodi lived in a second floor apartment in a renovated warehouse. The building was obviously very up market with a really swanky reception area leading to the resident’s elevators.

“Good afternoon Miss Jodi.”

The receptionist smiled knowingly at all three as she spoke.

“Any complaints about screaming are to be ignored please Rachel. We are going to party for a bit.”

“Of course Miss Jodi, forewarned is forearmed.”

The elevator doors had hardly shut before Jodi’s hand slid up Mellissa’s skirt.

“Mmmmmmm, you got a river flowing down here baby.”

Jodi managed to slide a finger under the edge of Mellissa’s boy shorts easily and began to stroke her already swollen clitoris. The doors opened far too quickly Mellissa found herself staring at an elderly couple waiting to enter. Jodi maltepe escort noticed and started to giggle.

“Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Wainright just couldn’t wait.”

Rather than look shocked the couple seemed not at all concerned.

“You enjoy yourself Miss Jodi. You’re only young once you know.”

Mrs. Wainright finished her sentence with a huge wink and reaching forward squeezed Mellissa’s left breast hard.

“Very nice my dear young lady, very nice indeed.”

Jodi dragged Brett and Mellissa by the hand down the art lined corridor that lead to her apartment.

Mellissa had seen interiors like this one in magazines but had never expected that Jodi’s apartment would be quite so lavish. The door opened into a huge living room with lofted ceilings and two whole walls of picture windows looking out over the cities panoramas. The floor was covered in white marble tile; throw carpets in a wonderful hue of slate gray highlighted the upholstery of the spectacular orange semicircular sofa that lined the length of one wall. On the left a flight of marble stairs rose to a balcony that extended back to goodness knows where. Under the balcony Mellissa could just distinguish a bar and another equally exquisite seating area.

“Let’s all have a drink. I do like fucking after a nice drink.”

Jodi led them over to the bar and putting three shot glasses on the counter filled them with very expensive looking tequila.

Brett and Mellissa looked at each other and downed the golden liquid in one. It burned a little, but not in an unpleasant fashion and the warm glow in Mellissa’s stomach soon began permeating to her brain. Jodi poured another round and the second shot was swallowed with consummate ease. Jodi walked around the bar and took Mel’s wrists in her hands. Holding them tightly she kissed Mellissa hard, full on the mouth. At first the kiss was awkward, but as the tequila in Mel’s belly began to do its work and her lips parted a little Jodi’s tongue slipped inside beginning to dance an erotic flamenco around Melli’s mouth.

Jodi’s’ hands released Melli’s wrists and reaching behind grasped her ass tight pulling the cheeks apart as their pubic bones ground together. Mellissa felt the wetness in her panties begin to soak the thin lace and knew that soon the moisture would start to trickle down her inner thighs. She felt her knees buckle a little and without thinking thrust her hands down the back of Jodi’s skirt. She could feel the heat from Jodi’s sex immediately and pushing her hands deeper found the already soaked rear of her vaginal slit. Without a hesitation Mellissa’s finger tips slipped inside.

“Too many fucking clothes.”

Jodi began to strip frantically. kartal escort Mellissa followed suit.

“Fuck you hot!”

Jodi’s hands cupped Mellissas freshly released breasts before sliding down her stomach to spread her pussy lips wide. Mellissa gasped as her fingers found the head of her clitoris and pinched it gently.

“Like it a bit rough do you baby? Nice!”

Jodi pushed two fingers into Melli’s already dripping vaginal canal and began frigging her fast and deep.

Mellissa was so close to cumming. She could feel her cervix beginning to descend as the insistent onset of orgasm began to ripple through her body. Jodi must have felt her sex tighten because she immediately dropped to her knees and took Mel’s swollen clitoris between her teeth. Mellissa felt herself start to squirt; hard repetitive gushes of amber fluid arced from her urethra to enter Jodi’s waiting mouth. Jodi lapped and swallowed ecstatically, taking every drop she could produce with an unquenchable thirst. Mellissa felt Jodi’s fingers on her ass, probing, teasing, then the delicious sensation of her index finger sliding deep into her anal canal. She came again immediately almost sliding from the counters edge to the floor in her orgasmic throws.

It was then Brett placed his huge member in the palm of her hand. She shuddered, feeling the heavy hot love tubes weight and began to slowly pull his foreskin back and forward over the huge gland. Jodi was eating her deeply, her tongue penetrating to its full length like a slippery wanton snake. There were two fingers in her ass now, stretching and opening her sphincter with every thrust. She squatted to open herself completely, wishing the thrusts could reach deeper into her bowel.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

It was all Mellissa could manage to say before her cunt and ass gaped in unison with an orgasm she had only ever dreamed could exist. Finally slipping totally to the floor she sat, back pressed against the bar totally spent. Jodi immediately moved just sufficiently to take Brett’s mushroom head between her lips and began to massage his sac. Brett groaned and started to thrust his cock deeper causing Jodi to gag a little as the head jammed into her throat. Jodi released Brett’s sac with one hand and began driving three fingers in a stabbing motion into her own swollen sex. With a shudder she released a stream of pee and ejaculate that splashed against the white marble floors before forming in an oval pool between her knees and Brett’s toes.

Brett howled like a wolf as he shot a full steaming load of semen into Jodi’s esophagus. The force caused the protein starved Jodi to almost choke as she valiantly tried to swallow every portion of the silky essence of his being. Releasing his twitching cock from her mouth she lent sideways to kiss Mellissa deeply on the mouth. The taste and scent of Brett’s cum was heavy on her tongue and Mellissa swallowed the tainted saliva eagerly bringing herself to another crashing orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32