Lynn’s Journeys Ch. 03

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“You got laid this weekend,” Betts said to me when I walked through the door Monday morning, evidently my ‘inner smile’ showing on my face.

Betsy was my very first employee when I started my I.T. Consulting business, holding down the office while I did the field work. She’s a ‘fiftyish’ grandma and my ‘bestest’ friend in the whole wide world. Now, I’ve got a group of Star Wars fanatics who masquerade during the daytime as tech wizards; they are. We have major corporate clients for whom we’re contracted to handle Internet Security issues. Betts is the matriarchal figure in my company, the one to whom all go to for advice on all things wrong in their universe; and she is now my executive assistant with a ten percent ownership stake in my firm.

“What is it that we never do, Betts? We never, ever talk about my sex life; and it was fabulous, by the way,” I said, dropping my coat and bag onto a chair in my office, Betts following me with a mug of coffee for me, fixed like I liked it.

“Anyone I might know?” she asked, her eyes hopeful.

Boy, if you only knew, Betts.

“Nope, no one you know. Now, what time is my first appointment?”

The workweek flew by for me, the excitement growing for me the closer Friday crept my way. Brie called almost every night, ‘just to touch base’, and keep me horny for her, I thought to myself.

Well, its working isn’t it?

Yeah, well maybe, but so what?

I’m just sayin’….

Shut up, will you?


I met Brie at O’Malley’s; we shared a cocktail, and walked out into the night together, Cherie giving me a knowing look and a smile.

I chose a quiet little Bistro, had a lovely dinner, lingering over the wine, holding hands; we drew glances from other tables, and didn’t fucking care.

We didn’t make it to the bedroom. We were naked within minutes of the door closing behind us, and she was on the couch with my head between her legs, screaming her orgasm, now.

Didn’t take you long to eat her for dessert, did it?

Leave me alone.

I think you like being a ‘lesbo’.

I think I do too.


“Jean is my age, forty-two-question answered-and is an attorney running her own firm of associates,” Brie said to me as I toyed with her pussy with my tongue and fingers. “Her ‘significant other’ is Ann, and they’ve been together five or so years. Deannie is nearer your age, I think, and will probably hit on you immediately. She’s an outrageous flirt, so be prepared,” her fingers brushing my new haircut, which she liked by the way.

“Sometimes we ‘smoke’ and drink, sometimes we just drink,” she was saying, “and this weekend is Tequila Sunrise Night, so I hope you like Tequila.”

Laughing, I answered, “Yeah, but Jose doesn’t like me; like the country song says, ‘Tequila makes her clothes come off’.”

“Oh, you’ll fit right in,” switching places with me, her mouth surrounding my ‘panther’.

Forty-three orgasms later-okay, I exaggerate a bit-we lay in bed, in each other’s arms, blissfully content.

“Sometimes,” stoking my hair as she said it, “but not always, we get a bit crazy and sleep with each other, even the ‘couple’, Jean and Ann. We’re all okay with it, and if it goes that way, I’m just saying…” her voice trailing off.

“Your settee is a queen-sized sleeper, right?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

Crawling between her legs, just before I sucked her clit into my mouth, I said, “We can sleep three in this bed,” my head dropping to her bush, once again.

You’re a natural at this, you little whore.

I just might be, I thought as Brie climaxed again.


I chose a simple skirt and a blouse, thin enough, that the ‘hint’ of my braless breasts and nipples could be noticed, but not full see-through. Brie was in a pants and sweater that flattered her tall stature and lovely breasts; and expensive, no off-the-rack purchase I surmised.

I was slicing oranges and limes for the ‘Sunrise Punch” we’d make after the ladies arrived, when the doorbell rang and Brie answered it. Sweeping in first was Deannie, and eyeing me, she smiled, asking Brie, “So this is your new paramour, I take it?” walking towards me. “Ladies, please welcome my new friend, Lynn, to our soiree,” Brie said, and formal, individual introductions between them and I followed.

Deannie was indeed, close to my age, give or take a year I decided, and very attractive in a subdued way, not in an ‘in your face with cosmetics’ casino şirketleri way; Jean and Ann looked very much like a couple, Jean not being ‘butch-like’ in appearance, but she did have a ‘hard edge’ to her look, you know? Ann was clearly the femme half of this duo, being very ‘girly’ in look and actions. I suspected that Ann had yet to see her thirtieth birthday, clearly ten or more years younger than Jean. As small talk was made, I joined in with the chat as I finished making the first batch of Sunrises, helped by Deannie, who prefers just ‘Dee”. Her sole contribution was to add more Tequila before I blended the mixture in the food processor station. “Tough week,” Dee said, winking at me. She was a pharmaceutical rep, traveling a lot, and officed out of her home.

I learned to play poker on the knees of my dad and his brothers, my uncles, and they played Stud, Straight, and Draw; no wild cards, no silly ‘girl shit’ as Uncle Milo used to say. I learned well and regularly cleaned up in games in college, really pissing off the guys.

The ‘Social Club’, as the girls called themselves, developed over time when chance circumstances caused them to know each other; friend of a friend, that kind of stuff, serendipity at work. The first poker night was so much fun that it became a regular monthly get-together.

“So, Brie,” Dee asked as she shuffled and began the first deal, “How long have you been keeping this beauty to yourself?” nodding to me as she said it. “If you’re not careful, I might just try to steal her away from you,” winking at me suggestively.

“Didn’t I tell you?” Brie said to me with a smile on her lips, “She’s a pussy whore who knows no boundaries,” laughing. The others joined Brie in laughing and agreement. I just smiled, cordially, not really being ‘in’ on the joke.

As we spread our cards, Dee blew me an ‘air kiss’ and said to Brie, “Well, if it wouldn’t piss you off, I might just try to get into your girlfriend’s panties.”

Taking a sip of my drink, I decided that I’d better set a few things on the table, as it were.

“Well, you can certainly try,” smiling at Dee as I said it, “but whether or not you’re successful hasn’t a thing to do with Brie,” taking another sip and looking at her over my cards.

“I freely admit that my decision to hop into bed with Brie was greatly influenced by her considerable skills in the art of seduction; but in the end, I slept with Brie because I chose to, not because she wanted me to. So, to recap; who I sleep with has always been pretty much my decision, even with men,” taking another sip to wet my suddenly dry throat.

I ‘heard’ the silence and felt the impact of their eyes on me, Brie smiling to herself; I had their attention.

After a short while, Dee said, “Feisty. I like feisty,” clinking her glass against mine.

“Ladies,” Brie said, fanning her cards, “and Lynn, feel free to jump in and correct me should my assumptions be wrong, but I think the status of Lynn and I is simply this; we’re two newly found friends, who are enjoying our new friendship and exploring its boundaries,” looking to me questioningly, as if asking for confirmation.

Spreading my cards completely-holy shit! ‘Trip’ sevens-I nodded in agreement with Brie’s statement, adding, “For me, I’m glad that my ‘first time’ was with someone like Brie,” opening the betting sequence before the draw.

Dee raised, Brie saw it, as did I, and Jean and Ann folded. I drew two cards while Dee and Brie drew three each. Dee raised my bet, a poor attempt at bluffing, I re-raised; Dee calling me and, out of proper order, she laid down a pair of Aces, Brie having folded. I laid down my sevens, and smiling sweetly at Dee, raked the pot towards my pile of chips.

“Bitch!” Dee said, smiling and laughing. Laughing with her, I said, “And don’t you fucking forget it!”

Clinking her glass against mine, Brie commented to the table, “I told you she was a strong woman, didn’t I?”

They agreed that she had.

I liked it.

We took a break after a couple of hours, and I made another batch of Punch, with Dee once again adding more Tequila before I blended the concoction. We, as a group, had melded into a very workable social set; easily conversing, cursing, teasing each other, I felt as if I had known them for a very long time, that’s how comfortable I felt. Returning to the table to pour more for the group, I walked in as Ann was drunkenly talking about getting a tattoo of an orchid or something casino firmaları like that, near her nether regions.

“Show them yours, Lynn,” Brie said as I stood next to her pouring.

“I don’t know that they want to see mine,” I said, blushing for some unknown reason.

Amid a chorus from the others to show them, Brie said, “Nonsense,” and grabbed a handful of my skirt, raising it to reveal my black, low-slung thong, the top of my panther just peeking over the material. Pulling my thong down, she revealed my Pink Panther which drew oohs, aahs, and then smiles as they stared at my womanhood.

They looked from my bush to my face, all with the same questioning look on their faces, Ann’s intoxification showing with her dazed look and glazed eyes. Answering their unasked question, as I did Brie, I simply said, “College. Too much Tequila one night.” They nodded knowingly, and Ann became ill, rushing off to the bathroom.

Resignedly, Jean got up to follow and help her, saying, “She still refuses to pace herself,” shaking her head from side to side.

“Shit, they’re my ride, and I’m just now beginning to feel buzzed,” Dee said, looking towards the bathroom door.

“So, stay if you’d like to,” I offered, “I’ll drop you off tomorrow morning at your place on the way home. Brie’s got an early flight tomorrow night anyway and has a lot of packing to do.” Brie was off to London for the next two weeks for her firm.

Looking to Brie for confirmation that it’d be all right for her to stay over, Brie said, “Of course, Dee, why wouldn’t it be okay?”

Jean and Ann returned to the game, apologizing to beat the band, the three of us shushing them. Ann tried hard to hang in there but it was clear after a half-hour that she needed to be at home, in bed, and sleeping off her overindulgences. Jean was relieved that Dee had found a ride home and that they wouldn’t be ruining her night out.

We tried three-handed poker for a while but it’s just not the same as four or five, so we cashed in, settled up, and finished our latest refill of punch while Brie filled one of her pipes with her good herb. Really good herb, at that, sending us into the ozone on that magic carpet ride.

We had migrated into the kitchen, satisfying the ‘munchies’ with the vegetable spread and dip that was out, just talking when I moved to begin clearing the poker table of glasses and such. Dee was facing Brie, her back to me, and I heard her say to Brie, “Well, I guess I should unfold the sofa bed and get ready to hit the hay.” Brie caught my eye over Dee’s shoulder, raising an eyebrow, questioningly.

Strangely, I knew what the unasked question was.

“That’s certainly one option,” I said to Dee as I placed the glasses in the sink for rinsing. Then, reaching around from behind her, I cupped her small breasts in my hands, nibbling on her ear, saying further, “or you can join Brie and I upstairs and play with the new kid on the block,” licking her ear before I walked away from them.

Your sister is right, you know, don’t you?

Fuck you!


I climbed the stairs to Brie’s bedroom, dropping my clothes along the way, freshening myself in the small bathroom, using the bidet afterwards. I lay in the middle of the bed, listening as I heard locks being turned, switches being clicked, followed by silence. I closed my eyes, my hand rubbing softly through my pubes, my mind-fantasy picturing Brie and Dee downstairs, kissing and fondling each other.

I ‘felt’ their presence in the room; slowly opening my eyes in a stoned, half-opened sort of way, they were looking at me, at my nakedness, as they took off their own clothes, letting them drop to the floor.

Dee was the first to my lips, my mouth opening wide to accept her probing tongue, her fingers gently stroking my face as her other arm cradled my head in place. Brie paid homage to my breasts and nipples, sucking on them gently and then, hard; the hardness and slight biting ‘just short’ of pain.

Kissing them goodbye, her tongue snaked its way between my parted legs. Dee left my mouth to suckle my breasts for a while, and then she kissed her way down my body, her tongue dancing over my skin.

Brie lifted her head from between my legs to kiss Dee, her mouth fresh with my juices, and then she returned her mouth to my bush and little man. Dee repositioned her body to better play with Brie, which made it easy for me to let my fingers wander in her ‘patch’. I watched as Dee continued güvenilir casino to kiss Brie’s body, taking her breasts into her mouth, one at a time; I watched as she gently pulled Brie’s legs into position and when Brie cocked one of her legs, spreading her womanhood, Dee’s head went there, noisily so.

My hand continued to play with her pussy, two fingers deep into her as she ate Brie, who was eating me. When Dee cocked a leg as Brie had done, I accepted her invitation to dine, bending to suck her pussy with my mouth.

There it was, a daisy chain; I had heard about them and, now, I was part of one.

So in two weeks you’ve gone from Sapphic newbie to Sapphic slut?

I guess.

Well, how does that make you feel, Lynn Marie?

Not so bad, if you want to know the truth.

The night went just that way; a tangle of limbs, mouths and tongues. And orgasms; did I mention the incredible orgasms? Dee’s breasts were small but firm with large nipples that begged to be sucked; at least, to me it seemed so. And she had a deliciously satisfying ability to give a girl head.

I had been in only one other threesome in my life, with a former boyfriend and a mutual male friend; they loved it, I was experimenting, and it was okay. But not so much so, that I wanted to repeat the event when he asked and we broke up soon after. Oh well, I was experimenting and it wasn’t like I loved him or anything like that, so that was okay with me as well.

Sunday morning was more like a dorm room than Brie’s loft; towel-snapping, clothes stealing, typical sophomoric bullshit, but it was fun. Sitting at the breakfast nook’s table, we were sharing a last cup of coffee, each lost a bit in their own thoughts. Well, I’ve never been bashful, so I broke the silence.

“Speaking for myself, I had a lovely time with you two ladies, and thanks for sharing a bit of yourselves with me,” sipping afterwards.

Dee looked at me and mocking a southern, cracker accent, said, “Ya’ll sure do talk real purty, missy, ya’ll surely do.” Then back into Dee voice, added, “Me? I would have just said that you two have delicious pussies, but hey, that’s just me.”

Brie added, “I think we are all in agreement here that it was time well spent?”

Dee and I looked at each other, and then nodded in agreement.


Dee lived on the west side, near my part of the world so it wasn’t an inconvenience for me to give her a lift.

“Had fun last night, Lynn?” Dee asked as I drove out of Brie’s apartment parking, turning right, towards the west bound ramp of the interstate.

“Most fun I’ve had without my clothes since, well, since last weekend at Brie’s,” laughingly.

“She does have a way about her doesn’t she?” Dee offered and I agreed.

She tuned in a ‘Classic Rock’ station, catching the beginning of side one of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’. How can you not like Pink Floyd? We grew silent, letting their genius wash over us.

Following her directions, I exited the interstate; right, left, right again, and the second drive on the left. The driveway led us up a slight hill, ending on the side of a turn- of-the-century, two-story cottage, restored to its once proud beauty.

“I love your house, Dee, I just love this style of architecture,” I said, honestly.

Unbuckling her seat belt, she leaned against the car door and seat, looking at me for a moment before saying, “Thanks, Lynn; it’s been a lot of work but worth it to me.”

Pausing a heartbeat, she continued, “So what’s a girl got to do to get a date with you,” smiling.

Looking perplexed, “Gee, I don’t know Dee, maybe, ask?”

She grinned.

“Want to go out with me Friday night, grab some food and a couple of drinks at a place I know?” she asked, her finger tracing the side of my face.

“I’d love to go out with you next Friday night,” taking her finger to my lips and planting a small kiss on its tip.

Driving away after a brief goodbye kiss, I waved to her as she stood at her porch steps, waving back to me. Finding the boulevard I was looking for after a couple of mis-turns, I settled in for the fifteen minute drive to my place.

Pretty interesting two weeks wouldn’t you say?

Yep, I would.

So, to recap; in two weeks you’ve had your first sexual encounter with a woman, your first females-only threesome, and was an avid participant in your first daisy chain, have I got that right so far?

Yep, sounds right.

And now, you’ve just accepted a date with another woman for next weekend, a woman, that you just met last night, and a woman whose pussy you ate last night. Is that right?


Your sister’s right; you’re a fucking lesbo.

Yep, sounds about right.

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