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When I first passed her in the terminal she looked familiar, very familiar to me but I just couldn’t place where I had seen her. Her short, curly blonde hair seemed out of place with the rest of her features. Her skin was dark, an almost olive Mediterranean type of complexion that looked so much more natural with darker hair, usually black. I headed on toward my gate wondering where I had seen her before.

It was so strange, I mean she was striking and I certainly would have remembered someone like that, especially with the strange mix of the light hair and dark complexion. Sitting in the lounge area I glanced at my watch and confirmed I still had about an hour before my flight would board, so I pulled out a book and began to read. It is difficult for me to read much amid the bustle of an airport, so I was just scanning through the pages, reading a bit of one story and then moving on to another between glancing around at the other passengers.

Just as I flipped to the back of the book to read one of the short author biographies I glanced up and spotted the woman again. She was placing her bags down in the waiting area for another flight and with her back to me she bent over to grab something out of one of the bags and it hit me: Maisa! I watched as she turned and sat down and yes, she looked a lot like Maisa, except for the hair.

Ah, Maisa. I looked closer at the woman and yes, the eyes, dark, almost black and the thin nose ending in a cute point. Her lips, it was her lips sliding over me that enthralled me so, hovering over me, touching me so gently and then moving onward. Yes, this woman had the same lips, the same neck and the same small breasts.

We had met at the local university where I was taking government contracting courses for my work and she was working on her MBA. I was in a coffee shop sipping some hot chocolate when she suddenly sat down at my table and said, “Act like you know me, like we’re together.”

It took me a moment, but I finally got my bearings and replied, “Okay, I can’t turn down an offer like that.”

“I’m sorry to disturb you,” she said, glancing toward the door, “it’s just that I’ve been… this man has been… well…”

I reached out and placed my hand on hers, “It’s okay, I’ll play along.”

She smiled and softly said, “Thank you.”

Looking back on it all I’d have to admit that what followed was one of the strangest conversations I have ever had as we bounced back and forth from warm and open chit chat to a stilted, almost rehearsed sounding dialogue. When discussing her younger years, her growing up on the outskirts of Singapore, she was wonderfully open and expressive, but as we discussed her decisions regarding the university and what she had been doing recently, she seemed to get nervous as she carefully related her experiences.

As strangely as it went there in the coffee shop I was a bit relieved when one of the shop employees came up and said, “We close up early on Sunday, but if you like I can fix that up so you can take it with you.”

Taking a final gulp from my, now cool, hot chocolate I replied, “No, that’s okay.” I got my stuff together and stood up, walking my guest to the exit. “Well,” I said, opening the door for her, “looks like the coast is…” I paused, noticing the frightened look in her face. “If you like I can walk you back to your dorm. Where are you staying?”

Looking around nervously she replied, “Apartment, but can I… I mean I’d like to go with you.” Grabbing my arm, she snuggled up close to me.

A bit confused by her sudden wave of affection, I wrapped my arm around her and without questioning anything I walked her to my car. When we got to the car, I opened the door for her, walked around to the driver’s side and climbed in. As I reached to start the car, she unexpectedly leaned bahis firmaları over and kissed me, first with just her lips and then I felt her tongue run along my lips. I opened my mouth and let my tongue meet hers for a moment and then I slipped it into her mouth. The kissing might have gone on for a while but I dropped my keys and the sound startled her. She pulled away looking around outside the car.

“I’m sorry, I just dropped my keys,” I said, reaching down for them.

She smiled, settled back into her seat and reached for the seatbelt. I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. We traveled the short distance from the university to my house in a nervous silence broken only by a few brief comments about the houses in the neighborhood. When we arrived at my house, I pulled up into the driveway saying, “Well, this is us.”

“Excuse me,” she asked, looking past me down the road we had just traveled.

“We are here, at my house,” I replied.

“Oh yes, of course.”

We climbed out of the car and I slipped my arm around her as we headed for my front door. The entire walk to my door, she continued looking up and down the street, but nothing was happening, the neighbor hood was very quiet. She remained pensive until we got inside the house, when she seemed to relax a bit.

As we moved over to the couch I couldn’t contain myself, I had to ask, “Just what is all this about? The strange man, the secrecy, worrying about being followed, I mean are we in danger here?”

“No, no not danger,” she replied and then simply leaned forward and began kissing me first on my lips and mouth, then down my neck. One of her hands clasped mine and guided it to her breast. Though my curiosity had been aroused, I found myself in the midst of a more urgent arousal.

I moved my hand down from her breast and grabbed her thigh, squeezing the firm muscle before sliding my hand up between her legs. Feeling the soft skin of her thighs, I grabbed the elastic waistband on her panties and pulled downward. She continued kissing me as she wiggled her hips helping me with the panties. Finally I worked them past her knees and then slid them down to her ankles where she lifted her legs, letting the lace and frills fall to the floor.

Pushing her dress up above her hips, I dropped down to kneel on the floor as she opened her legs for me. I paused a moment to just look at the dark mass of hair just about the delicate slit and lips. The musty scent made me pause a moment, but with another breath I was mesmerized and leaned forward, feeling the soft, curly hair tickle my nose as my tongue gently opened her and slipping inside.

The immediate tangy taste of her sent a shiver through me and I shoved my tongue as deep as I could into her feeling her soft warmth, tasting her very essence. I let my tongue explore her for some time before I eased out of her and then following her unfurling lips I slid up to her clit. It just poked from between her swollen lips so my tongue separated the folds and I sucked the nub in between my lips, letting my tongue lightly tease it.

I felt her fingers run through my hair and then she grabbed my head in her hands and pulled me tight against her, grinding her pussy onto my face. Continuing to suck on her clit, I moved my face from side to side, burrowing my chin between her lips, feeling her wetness flow down my neck. She then lifted her hips up in the air and held them, her pussy firmly on my face as she trembled for a few moments and the collapsed back onto the couch, her whole body seeming to pulse in the pleasure.

I rested my head on her thigh as she caught her breath. It was blissful with my head between her legs, breathing her scent, watching her pussy slowly fold back in on itself, finally leaving just the slit with a few hints of the pink lips kaçak iddaa beneath. Suddenly, without a word she grabbed my hand and stood up, pulling me up. With both of us standing, she pulled her dress over her head and slipped off her bra, exposing her breasts. I quickly pulled off my shirt, pants and underwear and then looked back to her breasts.

They were small, just a slight angle out from her chest and a slight curve underneath. I opened my hands and placed my palms over them, letting the nipple slid out between my palm and thumb. I moved my hands in a gentle circular motion, pulling on the nipples as I did. The nipples hardened a bit more, but I was then distracted as I felt her hand slide down the length of my cock. She wrapped her hand over it and moved it back and forth, letting it slide over my skin.

It slid easily and I realized she had coated it with some lubricant. When she was finished she looked at me and asked, “The bedroom?”

I nodded to the left and still holding my cock, she led me around the couch and toward my bedroom. Once inside, she moved to the bed, turned and sat down at the edge. I was about to dive on top of her when she held up her hand and said, “Wait, I must tell you one thing.”

Pausing, I stood and faced her. She continued moving her hands up and down on my well lubricated cock for a moment. Then she looked up into my eyes and said, “I must tell you that we cannot do exactly what you want. You see our culture is very different and while I enjoy being touched by a man as I enjoy touching him, there is one thing I cannot do, not until I am married.”

She paused again, letting one hand drop down and gently knead my balls before she continued, “And even though I am, what you call practiced… no, experienced, while I am experienced I am still intact.”


“My maidenhead, I am a virgin.”

“So we can’t…”

“But we can, only I will kneel for you and you will love my other place,” she said, standing and turning, letting her ass brush against my cock.

“I understand,” I replied, “but I have never…”

“Don’t worry, we have lubricant and I have done this before, I am ready for you,” she said, crawling up on the bed, exposing her beautiful ass to me. “Now you lean forward until you are against me, then you stand still and let me back onto you.”

I moved my cock up between her cheeks and then held it firmly in place as she leaned back toward me. I had to push forward some to work the head it, but once it got started, she slid back over me. The feeling was incredible, soft yet firm, the friction so much more than when inside a woman’s pussy. She then leaned forward and whispered, “Okay, now you move some.”

Immediately I withdrew, careful not to slip out of her and then I slowly pushed forward, letting the intense sensation slide over me inch by aching inch. Damn, even though I had just jacked off recently, the feeling running down my shaft was so… so good that I was ready to explode in almost no time. Wanting to prolong it, I grabbed her hips and held her firmly with my cock deep inside her, when I felt her squeeze me. Oh shit, I couldn’t hold any longer I pulled back and plunged desperately into her, once, twice and again as I came, spurting my hot cum deep inside her.

I collapsed, my chest slapping down on her back as my arms wrapped around her and I held her tight trying to keep my cock in her as long as I could. It was maybe a minute when I felt her muscles tighten and pinch my limp, soft and greasy cock out of her. She climbed down off the bed and headed into the restroom, returning with a damp wash cloth. She kneeled in front of me and cleaned off my cock, tossing the wash cloth back into the bathroom. Standing up, she kissed me and whispered, “I cannot stay, I leave tomorrow.”

“So do I,” kaçak bahis I replied, “my flight is just after lunch.”

“Can you take me back to the University?”

“Will you be okay? That man…”

“Just drop me near the library, I can go safely from there.”

We got dressed and headed out to the car. The drive back to the University was once again uncomfortably quiet. At one point she asked to borrow my cell phone and spoke some foreign language and then returned it to me. When I reached the library she leaned over and kissed me saying, “This evening was wonderful, but that is all it can be, nothing more.”

“Won’t you be back at school?”

“No, I do not expect to return.”

“But what about…”

“Shh,” she said, holding her fingers over my lips. “Let it be what it was, a beautiful night.” She kissed me again, then opened the door and stepped out into the street. A van pulled alongside and she opened the door slipping inside. It pulled away quickly, turned a corner and disappeared from sight.

All I could do was head back home and try to get a little sleep before needing to head for the airport. I quickly finished packing and then went to bed, but couldn’t sleep. At least I would get up in the morning knowing it wasn’t a dream I thought to myself as I turned over in the bed once again. To think, just hours before she was here with me.

I couldn’t let it end as it did in the street outside the library, I had to talk to her, touch her, kiss her at least once more. Closing my book I carefully placed it in my back and stood up, finding her sitting just across the gateway. She glanced up and saw me then, seeming to break into a smile and then she quickly turned her head down. In a moment she looked back up at me and gently shook her head back and forth, “No.” I was about to wave and start moving for her when suddenly several men ran past me.

Maisa stood up but didn’t move. In seconds she was surrounded by five or six men, several with their guns drawn. Falling back into my seat I heard some shouts from further down the terminal and saw another man was surrounded. Looking back to Maisa, I saw she was already being hustled out of the gate area. It all seemed so efficient, as if once they moved out of sight everything would return to normal, but then I heard several dull thuds and felt the floor lurch with a loud explosion. A ball of flame shot out from underneath the terminal near one of the aircraft.

Sirens then went off and everyone began moving heading back away from the gates. I moved, following the crowd out past security, through the ticketing area and into the parking lots. Police cars and emergency vehicles were converging on the terminal from all over. I hung around for a while but the police were directing everyone to go home, the airport was closing for the day, any questions about future flights or luggage should be taken up with the airlines tomorrow.

I caught a shuttle back to where I parked and drove home, thinking about what had just happened, wondering if Maisa… could she? No, there had to be an explanation. Once home I turned on TV and watched the reports as they came in.

It wasn’t until the next day they started reporting much real information. The police reported that the explosion that killed five airport workers could have been avoided, they indicated they had the leader of the group cornered the day before. They were ready to arrest the entire group when the leader somehow slipped away from them, some witness said with an unidentified man. If the arrest had only been carried out the attack would never have happened, they reported.

I turned off the TV completely unconvinced. There is no way she was part of that group, it had to be a mistake. Maybe I could help her, at least call my lawyer to help her. I picked up the phone and dialed the number. After about four rings the answering machine started. Hanging up the phone I headed to bed, I was exhausted. “I’ll call him tomorrow,” I whispered to myself, convincing myself I could help her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32