Me, Myself and I

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I was somewhat newly married. Although we were still at the getting along stage, he was in the military and somewhere overseas. Due to the nature of what he did for the military, I could never even know his exact location, although I would have an approximate target date when his ship would be back in port. I wouldn’t even know that for sure though until 24 hours prior when I’d get a phone call from the person above me on the calling tree.

We had moved from the west coast to Cape Cod. Cape Cod is a nice place to visit perhaps, if that is your thing. But I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb. Few people had computers back then and fewer still had Internet. My line of work involved computerized cash register systems and those weren’t common there yet either. Neither was the tie dye or Bohemian style of clothing I was fond of wearing.

So I sat home alone. No friends who lived there. No job yet. Most of the people on that military base were so much younger than me that they had no interest in a person of my age. Or they were senior citizens who came to shop or visit. I did get invited to join a knitting club but that sort of thing just didn’t trip my trigger.

We lived in a huge, drafty house. There was nothing cozy about that place. I didn’t even want to watch TV. I’m not a big TV watcher to begin with but my only option was a local guy who provided us with a whopping 12 cable channels. Yeah. The only “extra” channels held no appeal, such as sports. And no good radio stations either.

So I spent my time driving around, looking at things and sometimes shopping. I found a weird little women’s clothing store that sold things at a discount. They had tons of lingerie for cheap. It might not have been the highest quality but it was silk, satin, lace and things meant to titillate. I bought so much of it that it caused the clerks to make nasty comments about me.

“Oh, I know what her husband will be doing this weekend!” This was followed by a fit of giggles. I twisted my wedding ring around my finger and made my eyes into hard little green darts that shot back at those clerks. I was sorely tempted to ask where the nearest drugstore was because I needed some condoms. I just sighed and let it go. Went home with my two giant bags of goodies and was left to my own devices.

I had brief fantasies about the man next door. He was attractive. And he gave me a wheelbarrow full of tomatoes from his garden when I first moved in. Reason being, he was moving on and had to dig up the vegetable garden and put it back to grass. I had fantasies of doing lewd things with the vegetables then serving them to him for dinner. But all too soon he was gone. His house sat vacant and I couldn’t even remember what his face looked like.

Winter came. Winter came very hard, dumping more snow all around me than I had ever seen. My huge drafty white house, surrounded by more white and I was ill prepared. I did manage to climb out on top of a pile of snow and make flirty eyes at the snow plow guy who had just pushed a ton of snow up behind my car. He quickly plowed around the car. We later laughed about this. We wound up working together at the golf course and he remembered me. Told me he got in big trouble for plowing for me. He wasn’t supposed to do that. He was only supposed to plow the street and nothing else. The neighbor lady complained about it. Oops! I am batting my eyes just thinking about it now. He was a cutie but married and much younger than me.

So there I was, my first winter on Cape Cod. I was home alone with nothing to do. I did write letters to friends and family and even used my trusty old Royal typewriter to concoct erotic stories and poems. But these things only served to turn me on. And I had no partner in sight.

I felt like I was essentially snowed in. Yes, the streets around me were plowed but there wasn’t much of anywhere to go. Most of the businesses on Cape Cod are closed for the winter. And if I did want to get my car out, it meant a lot of digging. What to do?

I did have a rather extensive collection of music. I dance, so that’s the type that most of it was. The house had wooden floors, so I just rolled up the Persian rug, moved the furniture out of the way, put on some lingerie and danced the nights and days away.

I love lingerie. It makes me feel so pretty and sexy! Too bad none of my lovers were much into it. Some would tolerate it but it never seemed to have the effect of turning them on that it did for me. I love the feeling of soft silky or sheer fabric swishing about as I move.

Or putting on a lacy teddy complete with those old fashioned garter clips to hold old timey stockings. I loved the feel of my feet wiggling into my ballet shoes with those stockings on.

Or better still! The slippers! I found a slipper company that was going out of business. I bought a pair of satin slippers in every color they had. All had wedge heels. Not too high. Just high enough to accent the muscles in my legs and allow me to dance freely without having canlı bahis to be super careful like I would have to with stilettos. They were all the mule style which means that they have a band across the front of the foot. The toes are revealed and there is nothing at the heel. Some were just satin that had been twisted in a decorative fashion in the middle. The others were fancier and had marabou (feather) puffs at the toes.

I also had several marabou boas, assorted fans and scarves. Sometimes I loved to wear just scarves. I learned to tie them on in various ways to make racy outfits out of them.

I also made jewelry and I loved the feeling of glass or pearl beads against my skin. Sometimes I would dance in the nude, wearing nothing except perhaps for a silk flower in my hair and some strands of beads. Made me feel so alive and sexy!

The living room had a wall of windows that faced the street. There were no window coverings of any kind on those windows. I danced freely. Anyone could have seen me if they were driving or walking by but I think only the wolves saw me at night. They would come to the windows and I would see their eyes glowing in the dark.

Once in a while I would see a vehicle drive by in the daylight but nothing at night. No one walking either as the sidewalks stretched out piled high with snow. So it was me, myself and I.

Back in those days, even if one did have Internet, it wasn’t like it is now. Internet shopping hadn’t caught on yet. So I acquired a variety of mail order catalogs that were sent away for using addresses listed towards the back of magazines. I sent away for every sex type catalog I could find. And I bought stuff.

I had decorative dangly things that went painlessly onto my nipples and clit. They were supposed to arouse but never really did. I had dildos in various sizes and shapes. I had all sorts of smaller, cheaper toys that made promises they could never keep. Anal beads and some Ben Wa balls. And my assortment of vibrators!

And then there were the ordinary things. Every time I went shopping, I looked at things in a new light. Still do. I would hold something up, feel it, examine it and wonder if it would be in some way stimulating. Things like various clips and clothespins, strands of cheap Mardi Gras style beads, bottles of all shapes and sizes, plastic fruit. All could be put to good use.

I had a veritable arsenal of pleasure making devices and objects at my disposal and nothing but time on my horny little hands.

And then when I did play with myself, it seemed that each orgasm would make me more and more horny. This led to the weekend of self sex. Towards the end of it, I began to wonder if one could actually die from too much sex. Nope. I’m still here.

I remember not being able to sleep. I was just too horny. I did some of the usual fingering myself while still in bed. This brought on a few orgasms. I was sleepy but I couldn’t sleep because the need to cum was too great.

I got up, stretched, used the bathroom, had a quick breakfast and then settled in on the couch to read some erotic stories to push me further over the edge. I wound up hurling the book across the room. The few stories that I read held no appeal to me whatever. They were stories about giant women. No offense to those who get turned on by such things. Like knitting, that just isn’t my thing. And when I read stories that I just can’t get into, that compels me to write!

I sat down with a pot of hot tea and my trusty old typewriter, writing the type of stories that turn me on! I was sitting on a cheap vinyl dining chair and soon I could feel myself sort of sliding around a bit. I had gone to bed with a pink chemise on. I hadn’t changed out of it. It had a satin top with spaghetti straps and a short lace skirt. The skirt was beginning to get saturated with my pussy juice as I wrote. I stopped my writing and began tugging on my nipples through the satin fabric. This brought me very close to orgasm and drenched my chair. I also felt like I was shot full of caffeine from the tea. I couldn’t keep sitting there.

I stood up, whipped off the chemise and used it to mop up the mess on the chair. I then walked naked to the bathroom.

I filled the tub with hot water and scented bath salts. I slipped down into the sweet smelling water and began running the bar of soap all over me, taking my time to soap up my aching pussy very well. But just to be sure that I didn’t get any irritation from the soap, I drained the tub then laid down in it, propping my feet up and bending my knees, letting the hot water shoot full force between my legs. This always brings me to orgasm very quickly. I squirmed around, enjoyed three orgasms but wanted more!

I had no toys in the bathroom but there was a bottle of Revlon nail polish at the edge of the tub. The shape of it was just perfect for rubbing back and forth over my clit. The glass was so smooth and good feeling. And pushing it into my wet pussy felt very nice if I had nothing else available. bahis siteleri I just laid there, enjoying orgasm after orgasm until the water ran cold, then ice cold. Ice cold water between my legs was not very fun, but I toughed it out because I was still very horny and I knew it would give me another orgasm.

I crawled back in bed, naked and shivering. Hadn’t decided what to wear so thought I would just snuggle under the covers to get warm. But I was still horny. I lifted my breasts towards my mouth and began licking at my tits. I could feel the pussy juice dribbling.

I had a basket next to the bed with strands of beads. These were the cheap kind affixed to a string. They would not come loose. I picked up a strand and began using my fingers to push it into my pussy. It felt good going in but it didn’t fill me up. I grabbed another strand and did the same. I needed more. I attempted a third strand with some difficulty. The beads kept trying to slip out. So I used my muscles to suck them up into me as my fingers pushed. I sucked and pushed them up inside of me as deeply as I could. Then I took another strand and began pushing them into my ass. They were small so no lube needed. I just made sure to leave some dangling out for easy retrieval.

I carefully got out of bed, making sure to keep my pussy sucked tight so the beads didn’t escape. I began plowing through my dresser and decided on a black and red, sheer outfit. Parts of it were lace and other parts were gossamer type fabric. The skirt was high in the front to show off the black lace G String but it fell down the sides and back to my knees in frothy layer after layer of red fabric that was slippery against my skin. Black fishnet thigh highs and red satin slippers completed the outfit.

I walked carefully to the living room and put on Allanah Myles, Black Velvet. I stood in front of the mirror, watching my hips sway in time to the sultry tune. I remembered the exercise I had read about to do while dancing to help build up the muscles needed for good sex.

I did the little chant in my mind. Penny, push pelvis to the front. Nickel, push hips to the right. Dime, swing hips towards the back. Quarter, push hips to the left. And repeat countless times, all the while keeping my pussy sucked up very tightly. I could feel the beads wanting to escape and pussy juice dribbling past the G String and down my thighs.

I continued this little exercise, letting my hands wander up the black lace portion of the garment. Palms and fingers were straying up my tummy to cup my breasts in my hands. My fingers flicked over my stiff nipples.

I couldn’t take any more. I dropped to the floor, feeling the cold hard wood beneath me. I spread my legs, pulled the G String to the side and began pulling the beads very slowly from my pussy. I had sucked them up very high so I did have to fish the last two strands out. They were nicely stimulating coming out. I left the strand in my ass.

I brought my legs up and then threw them back quickly behind my head, stretching them out and pointing my toes into the floor. I giggled as the slippers flew off of my feet. My bottom was up in the air now and the beads dangling out of my ass. I reached around my bottom, teasing my pussy lips with my fingers, then letting my fingers stray and slowly pulling the strand of beads from my ass. That felt sooo good!

Oh how I needed to cum!

I had moved the coffee table out of the way but I shoved it back in front of the couch. I was going to need it.

I ran to the linen closet for a stack of towels. I stretched them out on the couch and the floor beneath. All of a sudden, I wanted to be naked. I peeled off the clothing but put a pair of pink fuzzy footies on my feet to protect them from the edge of the table.

I sighed as I fell back onto the couch because I knew how good I was soon going to feel! I didn’t need any kind of lube. I was already very wet. I leaned back into the back of the couch, spreading my legs wide and propping my feet up against the edge of the table.

My left hand went back and forth, playing with my breasts and nipples while my right hand explored my crotch. Fingers flicked against my clit and began probing my hot, aching insides. One finger up the pussy, then two, then three, crying out as my fourth finger stretched me wide open. I then pushed the palm of my hand hard against my mound, squeezing like I was juicing an orange. Soon the G Spot orgasms began, causing me to squirt again and again. I kept at it until my pussy was sore and my hand was aching. I had made a huge mess! I picked up the towels and hurled them down the stairs to be washed later.

I felt tired and hungry. Lunch time had come and gone and the sky was darkening. But I was still horny. I crawled back into bed, thinking I might take a quick nap. But I began craving my vibrator. It was actually an electric back massager with a long, bent handle but I discovered after accidentally dropping it in my lap that it brought about near instant orgasms. bahis şirketleri I turned it on high speed, pressing the head of it into my still wet pussy and against my clit. My legs immediately began alternating between shaking and stiffening. My tummy clenched in and released and my breathing quickened and grew louder and louder until I was moaning and screaming and writhing about on the bed.

It quickly became too much for me. The orgasms were so intense and close together. My poor pussy kept trying to move out of the way while my hands kept pressing the vibrator harder and deeper. It was a battle and the vibrator was winning. I could finally take no more. I had to shut it off and I fell into an immediate sleep. But it didn’t last. I think I only slept for a few minutes. I felt weak and hungry.

I still had the pink footies on but nothing else. I grabbed a men’s kimono style robe from the closet. It was navy blue with a masculine print of gold and burgundy. I just loved the way it felt against my skin and I could easily take it on and off.

I staggered sleepily to the kitchen to forage for food. I had leftover bread that I had baked the day before. I tore off a hunk, buttered it, and heated up some leftover vegetable soup. I savored these with a chunk of sharp cheddar cheese while I perused a few sex toy and lingerie catalogs.

I felt invigorated now and wanted to dance some more. Back to the bedroom I went. I grabbed a handful of scarves, draping them this way and that over my body, and tying them in strategic places. I put on several long strands of pearls. One had really large heavy beads. I tied a loose knot in near the end of that. I yanked the footies off and replaced them with my pink ballet slippers.

I put on various tunes from the 60’s and 70’s. Hippy music, love songs, blues. Songs that caused me to stretch and reach and caress the air as the notes surrounded me. I could feel the scarves slipping and sliding, revealing then covering up. I stroked the pearls with my fingers. Then I removed the strand with the knot in it. It had a purpose. I grabbed the knotted portion in my hand, pressing it into my crotch. I could feel the beads slipping around and stimulating me in various ways. But I needed more.

Back to my bedroom I went. I was cold now. I got out the Ben Wa balls, trying to push them deep inside of me. Most of the time, they threatened to fall out and this was the same. I had to keep sucking my pussy up to keep them inside. I left the ballet shoes on my feet and slipped into an old pair of soft sweat pants and an oversized T shirt.

I became annoyed with each step as the Ben Wa balls tried to make an exit. Then I noticed the rounded arm of the couch. Maybe! I straddled it. And… What’s this? Oh yeah. This was going to work out quite nicely. By rocking back and forth, it allowed the balls to slip down a bit then get pushed back up inside of me. It was stimulating enough that I could keep doing it for a while but not quite enough for an orgasm.

The phone rang. It was someone from back home. I made a game of it. I was talking on the phone while rocking back and forth and pretending like I wasn’t doing anything naughty. Eventually the person on the other end became concerned about the sound of my breathing. They seemed to think maybe I was coming down with something like a cold. I snickered to myself and told them that I needed to get to bed.

The sky was very dark now. I walked back to the bedroom and began searching. I had a lot of wooden clothespins. I had clamped the jaws of some of them over a wooden dowel. This caused them to stretch out so that they would only clamp lightly onto something, Stimulating but not painful. I had tried some straight out of the package on my pussy lips but I couldn’t tolerate those for very long. This was much better. I pulled my pants off and began clamping them all along my lips. This forced me to stand with my legs apart.

Next, I took off my top and grabbed some scarves, tying them tightly around my breasts, forcing them to stand straight out but I also used some as a makeshift bra that pulled them upwards. Full force clothespins went onto my nipples. I cried out in pain as they bit into the tender flesh. But what a good kind of pain it was!

After fishing around some more in my goodies, I got the anal beads out and the lube. I found it a bit awkward, bending over like that all loaded up with clothespins. But I managed to get all of the beads inside of me. The Ben Wa balls were still inside of me but were to the point of not being very stimulating because they had been sucked up so high.

I put on the black satin slippers with the marabou puffs on the toes and sauntered into the kitchen as best I could. Walking was a tad difficult. I wanted to put my legs apart but that was gawky. Walking normally was out of the question with those pins clamped onto me. I could feel them pulling at my lips with each step.

I fixed myself a little plate of hummus and raw vegetables. I always keep plenty of vegetables cut up and ready for eating. I continued walking mindlessly around, munching on my snack and feeling the pain. But it wasn’t enough to make me cum. I sucked down a cold drink then went back to the bedroom.

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