Meeting Daddy Ch. 03

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I rolled over and sighed contently, I rubbed the bed expecting a large, warm body where there was now an empty, cold spot. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, glancing at the clock I realised it was after 8, another long sleep; wonderful. I stretched and got up, sighing as I climbed out of the bed and put on one of his t-shirts before going and brushing my teeth. I then ventured down the stairs to find my daddy. As I went down the stairs I expected to smell delicious breakfast but there is nothing, then I heard it, the deep timber of his voice and I can’t help the shiver that ran down my back. I continue down the stairs assuming that he was on the phone but just as I was about to turn the corner so that he could see me I heard another man. His voice wasn’t as deep and daddy’s but it was enough to make me bite my lip.

I peaked around the wall and saw the back of his head, because of how the couch was and how the men were angled if daddy glanced the right way he’d see me. The other black man spoke again and I bit back a moan, then daddy replied.

“I swear man, she’s one hot bitch. Even the first time, I thought I’d have to baby her and go slow, but she took it like a pro.”

My chest swelled with pride when he said that and I couldn’t help the huge grin that spread across my face.

“Well from what you’ve told me, I think she’ll be a good slut to have around plus I can’t wait what to see what has Johnny 17 actually hooked.” the other man replied

I saw daddy smile when he said, “Well she should be waking up soon, kinda wore her out last night.” Then I saw him glance my way and his smile grew, “And there she is, my favourite girl.”

I got up and walked toward them, when the second man saw me his eyes widened and he smiled. I guess I looked good in daddy’s shirt and my man’s next words proved that thought.

“Baby you look gorgeous wearing that. Now, I’d like you to meet my friend Jason.” The other man, Jason, stretched his right hand toward me and I tentatively shook it.

“Hi I’m Amy,” I said softly, smiling up at him and he smiled back.

“I’ve heard a lot about you, and I can’t wait to see if they are true.” Jason replied. And I couldn’t help but smile at him.

“Baby there are pancakes in the kitchen, why don’t you go eat and we’ll talk when you are done,” daddy instructed me.

I obeyed his little command and got three huge pancakes, sausages and syrup and I sat at the table. Jason and daddy came and joined me and Jason picked up five pancakes and settled next to me. He asked me a few questions about my age and what I was doing in life at this point in time. I answered him politely and this seemed to impress him further, how respectful I was. When I was finished I washed both my and Jason’s plates. When I was finished with that I found both men back in the living room and I went and asked if wither wanted anything. Again, Jason was impressed with my obedience and eagerness to please. He asked for a glass of water and I happily obliged.

When I was sure neither of the gorgeous black men wanted anything I went upstairs to have a shower. However just as I was about to take off my clothes I heard daddy call for me. So I put back on his t-shirt and I skipped down the stairs. I turned the corner and stood in front of the men. Daddy smiled up at me and pulled me to sit between them and he put one of his big hands on my thigh.

“Baby you remember how we talked and ‘acted out’ all of our fantasies, and I always talked about sharing you with my friends.” my daddy said gently. When he finished his sentence Jason put his hand on my other thigh and they both pulled my legs open. I jerked a bit at the suddenness of the action but then relaxed as I realised that this is what daddy wanted.

Daddy cupped my neck and pulled me towards him and gave me a soul searing kiss. Jason was fondling my perky tits then off came my shirt and I was totally nude. They had my legs spread open and I looked up at Jason, he smiled and sucked on my erect nipples. Oh I wanted so badly to touch them; I reached out to Jason to take his enclosed cock into my hand. I moaned when I got to him, felt like a good 10 inches.

I peaked at him and saw him smiling at me while he suckled my perky tits. I bit my bottom lip as I watched and daddy pushed two fingers inside of me and I sighed. They continued like that for a bit, fingering me and sucking me slowly. I was moaning softly and moving my hips in time with daddy’s fingers. Then finally Jason moved between my legs and opened my legs further so I was spread like an offering before him. He licked his lips before slowly and lightly licking my clit, and I sucked in a breath.

I felt his deep throaty chuckle against my pussy and pushed it into his face, but he held my hips to hold me down as he continued his teasing on my soaked pussy. Jason kept licking slowly and softly then suddenly his entire hot mouth was surrounding my clit and I grabbed his head and pulled it deeper. Then daddy had my arms pinned behind my head and whispered in my ear: “now baby, no grabbing.”

Then etimesgut escort his mouth was on my neck making me shiver and groan. They continued the assault on my tiny body and then Jason’s tongue slipped into my hot cunt and tongue fucked me, making my back arch and my toes curl. Soon I was moaning uncontrollably and daddy looked at me before turning to his friend.

“Hey man, she’s gonna cum soon”

In reply Jason grunted, and increased his speed. I couldn’t help the huge moan that ripped through my throat. “oh fuck jason yes, eat me, eat my cum” I moaned. And he did. He lapped up every drop that came from my cunt and when I was done he looked up and licked his lips smiling.

“Well Johnny, you were definitely right about her taste. Best I ever had.” When Jason said that I couldn’t help but blush. “Now I wonder I you were right about how good it feels,” He continued rubbing my pussy to get me wet again, and it was definitely working.

“You just gonna have to try her out and see,” was my daddy’s response.

And with that Jason turned me over easily so my ass was in the air ready and eager for whatever he planned to use me for. My hands were on the back of the couch and I could easily see daddy and Jason from where I kneeled and daddy was overflowing with pride at me being so obedient.

I felt the other black man grip my waist and rub his tip against my entrance. I pushed back to get him in but he held my waist tightly, and I couldn’t move enough.

“Now now. Don’t you move, just take it like a good little whore,” Jason grunted as he pushed his big cock in slowly. I groaned as I felt him stretch my tight pussy. I was wrong, he wasn’t 10 inches, he was 12, and I could tell, I’d had a few 10 inchers and he was still pushing after that mark. He held my hip pushing it all in and he groaned at the heat and tightness and daddy turned my head and kissed me as his friend started to assault my pussy with his wonderful cock. Jason pulled my hair as he increased his speed and the strength of his thrusts. “Yes fuck me yes. Shit that’s it fuck my tight wet pussy with that big black cock yes. Fuck yes more!” I screamed while he pulled my hair and pounded my pussy. I looked back at some point and saw him smiling and I heard his grunts; they turned me on like nothing else.

“That’s right you little slut, you like being used by daddy’s friends don’t you” my daddy whispered in my ear, all I could do was nod as I moaned for more.

“Fuck Johnny, your slut is great,” Jason grated out as he increased his pace making an ‘ah’ escape me with each entry.

“Daddy can I cum, please let me cum daddy,” I begged helplessly looking up at him. He smiled at me and nodded saying: “yes my little bitch cum all over my friend’s cock.” And cum I did. Over and over moaning like a whore, and when I was finally finished my upper body collapsed onto the bed. Jason didn’t really seem to notice though since he just kept on fucking me. After a few more minutes of sliding his delicious cock in and out of my wet fuck hole, he grunted that he was going to cum.

“Cum on her tits man,” daddy instructed. So they turned me onto my back, the new man pulled me by the nape of my neck towards his cock and he stroked himself until he blew his thick load all over my tight perky tits. I smiled as I watched spurt after spurt of his jiz leave his cock and land on my body.

“Johnny your bitch is smiling at being cum on. Whew, you got yourself a good little whore here.”

“Yeah man, I know” daddy replied as he watched his friend finish covering me, and the look in his eye told me he knew exactly what my next move was. I used my fingers to scoop the cum on my body into my mouth and Jason gave a low whistle. ‘Man his cum tastes good,’ I thought as I kept eating the white substance. When I had gotten all of it I looked up at the two men, and saw the big smiles on both of their faces. I perched myself on my elbows and smiled back.

“Johnny, it was fun. I’ll talk to you later man. And A my you were amazing. Just as good as your daddy said, if not better.” Jason said as he shook hands with daddy and pulled me in for a hug and a passionate kiss. He kissed me for so long daddy stepped in and his friend appologised for overstepping his bounds. I smiled at him as he left and once we couldn’t hear his car anymore daddy scooped me into his arms and started to kiss me, sucking on my tongue and pushing his deep into my mouth. I couldn’t help the low moans and groans that escaped me.

Too soon however he pulled away and looked into my half lidded eyes, “Needed to make sure you remember who’s girl you are.” I smiled and chuckled a bit at his jealousy and replied, “of course daddy.”

He smiled back, “ok baby, go and clean yourself up, I’ll be waiting down here. And pick something cute to wear, we are going out.”

I just smiled and nodded my ok and proceeded to climb the stairs to have a shower. I peeled off the shirt I’d put back on after Jason was done with me and climbed into the shower etimesgut escort bayan turning on the warm water, letting it caress my body. I took my time and washed my young tight body sliding my fingers across my erect nipples and shivering as I imagined daddy doing it. My hand slipped down my body towards my smooth mound and slipped between my outer lips to feel the warm wetness that had pooled between my thighs. I slipped two fingers inside smoothly, not just because of my natural wetness but the warm water that flowed from the pipe. I easily fingered myself to the edge and then rubbed my clit to finish off moaning softly. When my orgasm had subsided I washed off the remnants and dried off before putting on some shorts and a t-shirt. I sauntered downstairs and found daddy on the phone saying something about meeting up in an hour with someone. I just shrugged and came and joined him by the door. He had just finished his conversation when I made my way up to his back and kissed the spot between his shoulder blades.

He turned around and kissed me. I sighed and hugged him placing my head on his broad chest.

“We have somewhere to go baby girl.”

“Alright daddy, are you going tell me where?” I asked looking up at him hoping that he’d fall for the adorable pouty face I was putting on for him. The face that had either always gotten me what I wanted, or on a bed with a guy fucking my brains out. But the man in front of me just shook his head smiling down at me.

“Come on slut, time to go” daddy said over his shoulder as he headed out the door. I chuckled as I walked out behind him and got into the front seat of his car. I put my long legs on the dashboard and again caught him staring at them. We drove for about fifteen minutes before we stopped in front of a house. I looked at the house quizzically then back at him. He was just smiling at me as he touched my thigh. Then he nodded to the house and got out of the car.

I watched as he made his way to the door not even looking back to see if I was following. I chuckled, got out of the vehicle and trailed him. When I arrived at the stoop he smiled down at me and knocked on the door, two seconds later another handsome black man answered the door. The first thing that popped into my head was, ‘what the fuck. Does he know all the handsome black men on the west coast?’ Daddy ushered me into the house drawing me from my thoughts. The man in front of me was shorter than my daddy by about 4 inches by still towered over me by a good 6.

Daddy talked to him while I stared, “Hey man, this is the girl I told you about, Amy.” At that the male turned and smiled at me holding out a hand. “Baby this is my friend Rick.” daddy explained as I shook Rick’s hand returning his smile. Johnny gave me a little push towards his friend and I blushed a little. Rick wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. I moaned a little at his possessive tongue took over my mouth. His big hand came from around my waist to cup the nape of my neck and he groaned as I tried to match his tongue. After what seemed like an hour he pulled back and looked at me with heavy lidded eyes.

“Johnny, man, you got a good girl here,” he said looking down at me, “She kisses like… I dont even know, she’s that good.”

Daddy came up behind me and kissed my neck while rubbing my arms “And she gives the best head ever.” I looked up at Rick and he was still looking at me as if I were a gift under the christmas tree and he was 5. I smiled at him as I took off the tight t-shirt that clung to my tiny body. Daddy smiled and Rick looked at my small but perky tits and tight, toned belly.

“Mm, she looks good enough to eat.” Rick mumbled licking his lips. He reached towards me and cupped my right tit, I bit my lip and looked up at him. “Damn, how old is she again?” he asked staring at me.

“I’m 21,” I replied in a soft voice. I could hear the growl of satisfaction from his throat and immediately it sent shivers down my spine and a pool of wetness to my pussy.

“Johnny, can I fuck her now, please?” He said, his voice breaking with strain and desperation.

“Rick you need to have her mouth on your dick first, then you can fuck her silly.” Daddy said smiling. I didn’t really care if I had to suck his cock, as much as I loved it, the only thing that mattered to me in that sentence was ‘fuck her silly.’ The gorgeous man sighed and said alright. I immediately dropped to my knees to see what would be in my mouth and more importantly my pussy. Out popped a delicious looking 13 inch black cock that immediately made me purr in delight. I pushed my hair over my shoulder and pushed the head and a good 3 inches in my mouth. I heard him groan and felt him put his hands in my hair and push my head deeper onto his cock. I closed my eyes and took him deeper. I glanced up at him and he had his eyes closed and his head raised so his face was towards the ceiling. I started to bob my head making his cock slide in and out of my throat. When I did this he looked down at me and I guess my escort etimesgut brown eyes looking up at him with my thick lips wrapped around his dick was his undoing because he just grabbed my head and started to fuck my throat.

“Fuck yes you little slut. Take my dick in your fucking throat. Yeah you like having your daddy’s friends fuck you don’t you? ” he was gasping as he thrust himself into my throat. All I could do was moan a yes which caused my throat to vibrate and send a pleasurable sensation through his meat. He was close to cumming, and even though I wanted his seed in my belly I knew he wanted my pussy, so I pulled away enough to free myself from his grasp and remove his cock from my throat. He looked down at me, disappointed, until I looked up at him and asked “How do you want me?”

Rick pulled me up and I took off my shorts and thong, then he put me on my back on his couch, then he pushed my legs up so my knees were on my chest and I was spread out for him like an offering. He stared down at my soaked pusssy and then dipped his head down to lick and suck me for a few moments while I sighed and moaned softly. Then he put his hands on either side of my head and slid his cock inside me. I moaned closing my eyes but he told me to open them so I did like the obedient slut I am. Then he slowly but deeply slid in and out of me and fuck it was great. I bit my lip as I stared up at him, and this drove him to go harder, and faster increasing his pace till he was pounding at my poor pussy and growling like an animal.

“Put her on her knees man,” daddy said to his friend, I really had forgotten he was there but he was standing two feet away stroking that massive cock of his and I felt my mouth water. Rick obeyed, not bothering to pull out, he simply uncaged me and turned me onto my hands and knees. Then daddy was in front of me and I eagerly took his cock in my mouth. I sucked and licked while his friend fucked my tight pussy. “Yeah Rick, fuck my slut harder, smack her big ass.” And Rick did just that, fucking me harder and faster, pushing me deeper onto daddy’s cock, and squeezing and smacking my ass making it jiggle. We kept going like that for a while. Could have been an hour for all I cared, I was getting fucked by two huge black cocks. I was happy to stay where I was for a while. Then Rick groaned behind me and said he was gonna cum.

“Yes you big cocked monster cum in me, cum in my tight pussy.” I said to him in a lust filled voice. He grabbed my hair and pushed me deeper onto daddy’s cock while he pumped his seed into my pussy and I moaned around my man’s meat. Daddy continued to fuck my throat as his friend pulled out of me. After a few minutes he growled and started to shoot cum down my throat. I counted 15 shots before it dribbled out and I had to suck the rest.

Once I had collected my prize I sat back and stretched watching the two men. Rick was watching me with wonder and daddy was just smiling with pride in his eyes. “Wow Johnny you were right. She was amazing” he said awestruck. I just smiled and licked my lips watching him playfully. Daddy smiled and got up pulling up his pants “Well Rick we have to go. busy day and all. But we have places to go.” He gave me a look and I immediately started to grab my discarded clothes putting them on.

When I was dressed I looked up at him and he held my hand while we walked to the door. “Wait, at least let me say good bye.” Rick said as he jogged up to us, his limp dick bouncing a bit. He took my neck in his hands and pulled me to him, kissing me, his tongue swirling with mine and then, as suddenly as he had pulled me, he let me go and I barely caught myself, my breath coming out quickly. Daddy nodded to his friend and put his arm around me, leading me to his car. We got in and daddy started it up and drove off. I looked at him through my lashes and he looked scarily calm. We drove for about ten minutes before we got to rather deserted area and he pulled to the side of the road.

“Get out of the car Amy.” he said as he too got out. I hesitantly followed him like the good girl I was. He gestured for me to come to his side of the car, so I did. When I got to him he pinned me to the side of the car, so he was standing between my legs, and held onto my neck as he kissed me with unbridled passion. I felt him getting harder and groaned as he sucked my tongue and pushed his down my throat. It was so good, he was so dominating and I felt my pants themselves begin to get wet. All I could do was hold onto his neck and try to get him closer, if that was possible, with my legs. Daddy held onto my hair and pulled on it so I had to look at him.

“You are mine, and every time you kiss another man I’ll remind you of it.” All I could do was give a tiny nod. He smiled a sinister smile then pulled off my shorts and thong and raised my shirt. Daddy then freed his cock and lifted me so my back was still against his car. My man sucked my neck as he slid his massive cock inside my pussy. I gasped as I felt it enter me. Fuck I hoped I never got used to the sweet ecstasy that was sex with this man. He bounced me on his cock a bit while I moaned hungrily. Then, much to my disappointment he popped it out of me but, to my surprise he slid it to my asshole. I looked up at him and he was still smiling that sinister smile that gave me delicious chills and I knew what he was about to do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32