Meeting Jessie Ch. 04

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Sharon got in the car right after Sly left for work Thursday morning. She left the note on the counter and expected Sly to follow her instructions. She had prepared meals for him and left them in the freezer. She assured him that she was alright and would see him again Saturday afternoon as planned.

That morning he expected nothing special and kissed her good bye like he did everyday. They had talked about her and him going to the mall and fulfilling a fantasy of having sex in public on Saturday. Since it was Thursday he was thinking about it but had no idea that his wife set her plan in motion as soon as he left that day. She drove just over three hours and arrived at Jessie’s house before lunch.

“Hi SexySharone.” Jessie said as she opened the door for the wife of her cyberlover. “Come on in. Lunch will be ready in a few minutes.”

“Hi Jessie. It’s good to meet you in person. You are much lovelier than Sly described you.” Sharon said impressed with the beautiful skin and well pampered older woman.

“He probably left out some of the details to avoid getting any further into the dog house with you than he is already.” Jessie said and she led the way into her kitchen.

“How do you know he is still in the dog house?” Sharon asked as she followed her host.

“I would keep my husband in the dog house for quite a while after I found out he was fooling around with another woman. I just thought you might still be mad about it.” Jessie said.

They had chatted about a wide range of subjects online since Sharon found out about Sly and Jessie but the subject of Sharon’s feelings when she found out hadn’t been covered until this moment. Jessie felt it would be best to get it out of the way if they were to have any real fun on Sharon’s two day visit. Jessie was just as much of a non-nonsense lady as Sharon and knew if they were to enjoy each other’s company they would have to have every card on the table that needed to be.

“I hadn’t really thought about it.” Sharon lied.

“Come to think of it, if Ralph fucked one of his cyberlovers I wouldn’t mind a bit.” Jessie said as she turned to face Sharon she crossed her arms and looked at her with a doubtful snicker on her face.

“Okay, he’s still in the dog house.” Sharon confessed and handed her coat to Jessie.

“What are you going to do to punish him?” Jessie asked as she took Sharon’s coat and put it over the back of one of the chairs that sat around the kitchen table.

“I’m here with you today for that.” Sharon said holding back her real intentions.

“Are you here to be with me or to use me?” Jessie asked and got out two plates for serving lunch. Jessie wanted an answer to her question but doubted that Sharon was being honest with her about the revenge plan that intended for Sly.

“I want to be with you.” Sharon said.

“Go on.” Jessie insisted thinking there must be more to the story than she had heard thus far.

“I want you and I to have a secret that Sylvester doesn’t know about.” Sharon confessed.

“He knows you are here doesn’t he?” Jessie asked as she removed the pasta and alfredo sauce from the stove and motioned to Sharon to put the trivet on the table for the hot pan.

“He won’t know I’m gone until he comes home from work tonight.” Sharon said as she put the trivet in place and let Jessie set the hot pan on the table.

“Get the salad out of the fridge.” Jessie said.

Sharon opened the refrigerator and removed the bowl of Caesar salad. She moved to the table again and put the bowl on the table. Jessie pointed to the silverware drawer. Sharon opened it to remove the utensils they would need for lunch.

“I left a note.” Sharon admitted.

“What did it say?” Jessie asked as she sliced some bread for them and nodded that Sharon should sit down for lunch.

“I told him I am alright and not to worry. I told him about the prepared meals for him in the freezer and told him I would see him Saturday at one at the men’s store in the mall. I have a reservation at a motel for tonight and tomorrow. I was hoping you and I could get in a little shopping and get to know each other.” Sharon said as she put some fettuccini alfredo on her plate.

“You are doing the mall fantasy on Saturday then. Did you tell him how to dress and why?” Jessie asked as she served the bred and sat to eat lunch.

“I laid out some things on the chair in the bedroom. I hope he takes the hint.” Sharon said.

“He likes instructions.” Jessie said. “Is he going to watch you for a while like he did with me?”

“I’m not into that. He’s just going to act like a stranger and I hope we get caught.” Sharon said not letting on that she had already made arrangements for someone to catch them.

“Have fun with it. I know I did.” Jessie said and they ate their lunch in silence for a few minutes.

Sharon looked at Jessie and Jessie looked at Sharon as they ate. Sharon’s anger toward Sly increased as she sat thinking how beautiful Jessie really is compared to his description. She hated having to compete with other women for bahis firmaları her man and decided that more than one game can be played between couples when it came to sex.

Jessie kept thinking about what Sharon might have planned but yet concealed from her. She guessed that the reason Sharon hid her intentions was from fear that Jessie would alert Sly and foil the plan. Jessie accepted that she would be in the dark for the next few days and was encouraged that she would certainly find out all about it after the events unfolded. She expected to continue chatting with both of them online long after the revenge had played out.

“You know, you can cancel that reservation at the motel. Ralph is out of town until Sunday evening. You are welcome to stay here if you want.” Jessie offered.

“I don’t want to be any trouble.” Sharon said but she knew it would be better if she could stay. She just had to confirm one thing. “You do have a high speed internet connection don’t you?”

“Yes. It’s all set up for both of our computers and it’s no trouble.” Jessie said.

“When does the young woman from the shoe store get here?” Sharon asked.

“In about an hour.” Jessie said after checking the kitchen clock.

“That will be enough time for us to get set up on your computer. Did you get the camera I told you about?” Sharon said.

“Yes. You’ll have to show me how it works.” Jessie said as she finished eating.

“I’ll get my things out of the car and call the motel. Show me where I can put my stuff.” Sharon said.

Jessie cleared the dishes and Sharon got her things out of the car. Jessie walked with her into the guest bedroom. She showed her around. Sharon just dropped everything in the room and made the phone call to cancel her reservation at the motel then asked where the computer was. Jessie led her into the study.

“This one is Ralph’s. He has the wireless connections on his. Mine is in the bedroom.” Jessie said.

“Let’s get on yours then.” Sharon said.

Jessie and Sharon went into the bedroom. At first Sharon didn’t see the computer because it was concealed in a piece of furniture. Jessie opened everything up and handed the web camera still in the box to Sharon.

“This is the right one.” Sharon said.

She opened the box and quickly set up the digital web camera. She showed Jessie how to use it for instant messaging and went to get her own laptop. She signed on and they shared the pictures between their web cameras with each other. Jessie was thrilled.

“Does Sly have one of these set up on his computer?” Jessie asked.

“Nope. I do but he doesn’t.” Sharon said.

“He’s got to have to get one of these. It will make our chat sessions so much better.” Jessie said.

“After tonight you won’t even need to ask.” Sharon said.

“Why after tonight?” Jessie asked as they both heard the front door bell ring.

“You’ll see.” Sharon said.

Jessie went to answer the door. Sharon stayed in place in the bedroom in front of the computer. Jessie returned a few minutes later. She was accompanied by a tall thin woman about nineteen years of age who had a small but nice chest and narrow hips and thin legs. Her hair was dark and short and she looked like a pixie in the face. Her eyes twinkled and Jessie introduced her.

“Sharon this is Sarah. We met in the shoe store.” Jessie said.

Sharon stood and Sarah held out her hand as a greeting.

“Are you going to join us.” Sarah asked as she shook Sharon’s hand.

“I will if you want me to. I would prefer to watch the two of you for a little while though. I will be operating the camera.” Sharon said.

“Are we going to record this?” Sarah asked and looked at Jessie.

“I guess we can.” Jessie said having not thought about the possibilities.

“If you want we can do more than that. How would you feel about being broadcast over the internet into a private chat room?” Sharon asked.

“How would that work?” Jessie asked.

“I don’t mind. I’ve done web cams before.” Sarah said.

“Good.” Sharon said in response to Sarah’s statement. “I will use my account to get us on this time. If you like it I’ll help you set up an account for yourself. You don’t mind mixing pleasure with business and making a little money just playing around do you?”

“Wow!” Jessie said almost speechless for a moment.

Sarah pulled on Jessie’s arm and the two of them sat next to each other on the bed.

“Okay, we’re ready.” Sarah said.

“What do I do?” Jessie asked.

“Do as I tell you lover.” Sarah said and kissed Jessie on the lips lightly at first and then they began to share their passion slowly and gradually but soon the only thing each of them saw or heard was each other.

Sharon used the time while they got aquainted to get signed on and logged into a chat room. She chatted as people dropped into the room and was careful to advertise that only women would be participating in a private video if anyone was interested. Soon there were three links to a private room sent to her. Sharon jotted down kaçak iddaa the transaction numbers to check on later when it came time to be paid for the sessions and joined them in a room feed with the camera.

“Okay ladies we are live with paying customers it’s time to get naughty. Let’s see some skin.” Sharon said and turned her chair to watch between the computer and the lesbian bed.

Sarah wasted no time getting her top off and without a bra covering her small breasts she got comments from the customers right away. Jessie let Sarah unbutton her blouse and remove it. They toyed with Sarah’s breasts for a few moments with Jessie sitting still in her lacey bra then Sarah reached behind and removed it. Jessie’s very nice breasts became the center of everyone’s attention when they were introduced to the scene.

Sarah did what the customers wanted and licked and sucked on Jessie’s lovely chest for several minutes moving to a few positions as instructed by the viewers before they started asking for more clothing to be removed.

Sharon passed along the requests and responded online to the others joining them by camera. Two of them had a return feed for their own location and Sharon alone was watching one fat old man laying back in his chair stroking his cock. The other feed was of two women who sat naked in front of their camera and toyed with their own pussies while they watched. Sharon was becoming aroused with all of the hot pussies which surrounded her and she decided to join the party.

Sharon kicked off her shoes stood. She moved so she could be seen by the camera but not so close to Sarah and Jessie to block the view of them to the watchers. Sharon removed her pants first and stood with her naked legs and feet while she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. She removed her bra and played with her nipples while watching Sarah get Jessie’s pants and panties off.

Jessie turned her ass to face the camera and came up on all fours as Sarah lay down on her back. The watchers could see Jessie’s pussy pointing into the camera as she removed Sarah’s pants. Sarah wore no underwear and everyone watched with great pleasure as Jessie sank her tongue deeply into Sarah’s wet pussy.

Sharon leaned over and smacked Jessie on the ass very hard. Jessie lurched forward slightly but didn’t stop licking Sarah’s pussy. Sharon removed her panties and stood naked next to the bed for only a moment before she saw the computer needed her attention.

She went over to type in the response to the requested scene. Sharon returned to the bed and mounted it on her knees. She walked one knee in front of the other over to position her pussy above Sarah’s head and slowly lowered herself onto her waiting mouth. Sarah put her hands up above her and caressed Sharon’s breasts as the three women pleasured each other.

Sharon didn’t last very long as Sarah’s tongue was both long and active. Once Sarah found the right spot on Sharon she was relentless and Sharon had her first orgasm of the day very loudly on camera for everyone present and watching to share. She looked over at the screen of the computer when she recovered from the excitement and saw the fat man cleaning up his cock. The other watchers were still doing just exactly what they were doing earlier and their pussies were red with all of the abuse they were taking.

Sarah was next with her orgasm being complete with loud moans as her entire body shuddered. Sharon lay forward pressing her breasts into Sarah’s tummy and licking on the top of her thighs as Jessie continued to tongue their youngest participant.

Sarah recovered partially from her intense passion and began sucking on Sharon’s clit. She took it into her mouth and lashed it with her tongue a few times then sucked in holding her breath for at least a minute then breathed through her nose until Sharon yelled and writhed with pleasure. In the end Sharon had to roll off of Sarah and put her hands between her legs in self defense as her orgasm shot through her body and her intensely tender clit took a time out from the festivities.

Jessie wasted no time changing places with Sharon and moved over Sarah’s head. Jessie’s pussy was dripping but Sarah went right into it and lapped up the lady juices that she loved from her new sex partner. It was the taste that she had waited for since the first time she saw Jessie showing off for Sly in the shoe store. Sarah considered herself finally rewarded for her patience.

Jessie leaned forward over the long slender body beneath her and pressed her face again into the tongue thrashed quim of the sweet youth. They ignored everything outside of themselves but the onlookers went wild. They applauded the orgasms and loved watching Jessie’s breasts sway over Sarah’s tummy as the women moved on each other in hurried passion.

Sharon was finally able to stand and rolled off of the bed to check the computer again. The fat man was stroking his used cock again slowly but it was responding well. The two women had moved into a position much like that which they observed. They were licking kaçak bahis each other with at least as much passion as Jessie and Sarah were. Sharon typed to the others in response to their requests again and walked over to the nightstand.

Sharon opened one draw after the other trying to find where Jessie kept her sex toys. She knew that no woman of Jessie’s passions would keep them very far from her in this passion lair of a bedroom. Sharon was almost disappointed until she looked back at the computer and saw more drawers under the keyboard shelf.

“Ah ha!” She said.

Sure of herself this time pulled the drawer which clattered with plastic toys and bottles. Jessie looked up at the loud statement that Sharon had made and laughed softly when the drawer opened then she returned to pleasuring Sarah.

Sharon removed three things from the drawer and returned to the bed. She bent over Sarah’s ass and lubed it with her fingers then inserted a black butt plug slowly into the young rosebud until Sarah was dilated enough to accept the toy fully. Sharon moved up on the bed this time behind Jessie and lubed up Jessie’s ass as the women in front of her both moaned with orgasm at the same time.

She was gentle with Jessie’s ass while the throws of orgasm flushed through her body but by the time the orgasm subsided a little Sharon had a long dildo slipping quickly in and out of Jessie’s ass. Sharon had a determined look on her face and both hands on the long dildo as she intently fucked Jessie with the plastic toy. Soon Jessie was on top of another plateau of orgasm and didn’t mind stopping her action on Sarah to let the world know that she was having the pleasure of life flow through her body.

“Oh gawd!” Jessie said very loudly.

Sarah wrapped her long arms around Jessie’s waist and pulled her hips further into her face. Sharon pulled the dildo out and wiped off some of the lubricant around Jessie’s ass then used the sloppy hand to slap Jessie on each cheek one then the other and back again.

Jessie’s skin was turning very red not only on her ass but around her chest. Sarah decided it was time to make a move and pushed Jessie’s leg to the side so she could slip out from beneath her. Sharon and Sarah turned Jessie over on her back careful to keep the angle of the camera in mind.

Sarah went straight to Jessie’s breasts. She lay her thin torso down between Jessie’s legs. Jessie opened her knees wide for her lover. Sarah started with the right breast in her mouth and the left breast in her hand and Jessie closed her eyes while Sarah suckled her. Sharon moved to Jessie’s side and took the left breast into her mouth.

Sarah’s hand which Sharon replaced on Jessie’s breast moved down and three of the long fingers of Sarah’s hand slipped into Jessie’s pussy. Jessie pressed the bed with her head moving her chest forward and her hips back into the bed as the fingers slid inside her.

Sarah began a vigorous fucking of Jessie with her fingers widening the small tunnel as much as her slender fingers could. Jessie felt the passion of her youthful attacker through her breast and vagina. Jessie put one hand on the back of Sarah’s head and let her other hand roam across the flesh of Sharon’s back and backside.

Sharon looked over at the computer and saw nothing out of the ordinary. The fat man was cleaning up again. The two women were still occupied deep into each other’s wet pussies. Their legs kicked and writhed and Sharon watched for a moment as their orgasms were shared across the web then returned to Jessie’s lovely breast with her mouth and closed her eyes.

Sarah held herself with her upper torso against Jessie’s tummy and continued to suckle her right breast and fuck her with her fingers. She came up on her knees and moved two fingers of her other hand into her own pussy. The wetness was intense and the fingers slid in easily. She thrust them in and out of her body as she kept working on Jessie’s pleasure. Sarah was beginning to get very aroused and looked forward to a long hard session with these two women.

“I want to fuck Jessie. Is there a double end in there?” Sarah asked Sharon.

“There is. I’ll get it.” Sharon said and released Jessie’s left breast from her mouth.

Sharon got the long double end dildo from the drawer by the computer and answered some of the text from the watchers. One had dropped out. Thankfully they didn’t have to watch fat man anymore. The watcher who didn’t have a camera asked for something interesting and Sharon looked in the drawer to see if it was possible to comply with the request.

She removed the lube for the double dildo and two other items. She lay them on the end of the bed and went in to the master bathroom for a moment and returned with a large towel. Sharon lubed up the double end cock and handed it to Sarah who knew what to do with it. Sharon then put on one of the masks that she found in the drawer and strapped the leather harness around her hips.

The rubber cock hung from her body and Sharon turned to the camera in black mask and strap on harness and as requested played with her ample breasts for the watcher. She was still close enough to see the text from where she stood and realized she would have to wait a little while before she could satisfy the typed request.

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