Mid Life Crisis

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All my friends said dating a woman twenty years younger than me would mess with my head, my former wife just laughed shook her head and told me she never thought she would see me go through a mid life crisis, I guess she was wrong. I jostled my bum trying to comfort my aching body, two broken arms, two shattered legs below the knees and four cracked ribs, running a class two Porsche racing car into a concrete wall tends to that to ones body. If I could just move a little to the left then I could, shit too far, I will never get this wheel chair in front of the television properly.

So what if Kristy was twenty six, I have met plenty mature women of the same age I think maybe my friends are just jealous, then again I don’t think I’ll be doing much with Kristy for awhile. I heard the rattle of keys then the door unlock. ” Honey I’m home,” Kristy called out as she walked down the hallway. ” Am I glad your home when you have a second could you move me in front of the television,” I said.

I could hear Kristy enter the lounge room her stilettos clicking against the wooden floors, then the regular crashing as she threw her keys onto the coffee table. When Kristy reached me she spun my wheel chair around so I faced her. “Hey careful that hurts,” I cried out. Kristy stood in front of me she was wearing what could be best described as a very worn trench coat; she leaned forward and kissed me on my cheek. Kristy opened the trench coat and dropped it the floor, the cream laced corset and suspender belt contrasted against her tanned body. “Look Kristy I don’t think I’m up to any fooling around,” I said. ” You will be,” she replied.

Kristy turned around and bent over, her firm arse pushing outwards, the straps of her suspender belt hugging her buttocks tightly, I could see the outline of her pussy through her panties, she spread her legs and ran a finger along her protruding lips, as her hand moved away I could see a trail of moistness appear on her crotch. She turned and faced me flicking her long straight jet black hair back across her shoulders, she spread her legs and cupped her large breasts in her hands, her palms searching for her nipples through the silky lace corset, once bahis firmaları found she traced around them with her fingers, they grew immediately pushing outwards, moulding into the silky fabric, Kristy ran her tongue around her red painted lips searching for some form of comfort as her nipples were stimulated by the touch of the corsets fabric.

She moved her hands from her breasts down along the sides of her body and then criss crossed them over her stomach, experiencing the silkiness touch of the lingerie against her skin, her hands moved down to her panties, she slipped a hand under the elastic and stroked her pussy slowly and gently her hand moving back and forth, Kristy removed her hand and placed it under her nose smelling her own sex and then she placed her fingers in her mouth suckling at them, savouring her juices.

Kristy looked down at the bulge in my pants and smiled, she slowly unlaced the corset, releasing her large firm tits, the fresh air danced over her dark crimson coloured nipples exciting them even more, their length and thickness increasing, when she had completed unlacing the corset she discarded it to one side. Kristy let out a sigh as her hands touched the naked flesh of her breasts, her fingers pinching at her nipples trying to release the pressure in them.

She removed her panties exposing her freshly shaven bald pussy to me, my cock ached and all I wanted to do was release it from its jail cell the plaster on my arms prevented me doing so. Kristy ran her finger softly across her pink puffy lips, preventing her finger from parting them, finally she pushed her finger against them forcing them to part, her finger disappearing between them, she fingered her pussy revealing her wetness and hard clit, Kristy teased her swollen clit with the top of her finger pressing against it with enough pressure to make her hips sway.

Kristy stopped, ” Don’t stop now,” I pleaded. She picked up a brown paper bag that was beside her she opened it and produced a big box with “Black Thunder” written on it, underlined with the words twelve thick inches, Kristy pulled the huge black dildo from the box and ran her tongue along the sides of it and then across its kaçak iddaa large head and then she sucked at its realistic balls. Kristy positioned herself on all fours her arse pointing towards me, she then ran the black thunder dildo along her wet cunt, sliding it back and forth slowly, every now and then teasing her wanting hole with its big head. She pushed it hard against her large clit and then settled the tip of the dildo into her hot hole, Kristy grabbed the black thunder by its balls and gradually edged the twelve inches bit by bit into her tight twat, Kristy pushed down on the dildo her pouting lips clamping on to every inch of the black thunder, I watched in amazement, thinking that she would not be able to take its full length into her.

Kristy grunted as the black thunders head touched the top of her insides, its unique curve hugging her, pushing its balls hard against her soddened cunt, its thickness filling every inch of her, she paused waiting for her pussy to become accustomed to the twelve inches deep inside her, at first her pussy lips sucked onto the dildo as she stroked it, finally her tightness relaxed allowing her to pump the black thunder smoothly up and down her aching hole

. Kristy pushed back onto her calf’s engulfing the black cock inside her, she rocked her hips, her hands squeezing her large tits, she increased her pace and rhythm, the largeness of her substitute cock forcing her body back towards the floor, her hand pushing it deep inside her, her cunt becoming wetter and wetter, Kristy arched her back and rammed the black thunder in as deep as she could take it, her legs started to tremble and I could see her stretched pouting lips quivering, her legs snapped closed, her buttocks squeezed together clamping onto her black cock, she screamed, “oh fuck, fuck, fuck, oh yes, fill me.” Kristy’s body lurched forward and her knees buckled under her, as her orgasm ripped through her body, she lay in front of me, her reddened pussy damp, still clutching the black thunder inside her, Kristy’s desire fulfilled.

She kneeled and moved towards me, her black hair matted across her face from the perspiration, Kristy unzipped my shorts, my cock sprung out, its kaçak bahis head covered in pre cum, Kristy ran her thumb over the top of my cock smearing my pre cum, she looked at me with her deep sultry blue eyes, she licked the sides of my shaft from top to bottom and when she reached my balls her mouth engulfed them, her tongue stroking as she sucked my balls deep into her throat, I moaned with pleasure.

Kristy held the twelve inch black dildo between her stilettos; she lowered her pussy onto the waiting dick she whimpered as it filled her, she stroked my cock with her hand, her tongue flickering across its head. Kristy’s mouth surrounded the head of my cock slowly sucking drawing my jism closer to the top, as she plunged her pussy down onto the dildo so did her mouth on to my cock, I felt her chin touch my balls as she swallowed the entire length of my hardness into her throat, I sat helpless in her control my injuries making it impossible to move.

Kristy pumped the dildo, her slippery wet cunt slurped as it went up and down, her mouth moved in time with her wanting hole up and down, up and down, she increased her rhythm, the pressure in my balls started to build, Kristy sensed my urgency she pushed my cock into the cleavage of her large breasts and pushed them together titty fucking my erect cock, as my balls tightened Kristy’s mouth engulfed my cock, my hot spunk splashed down her throat, she lapped it up swallowing it all, sucking as hard as she could draining every last bit from me, Kristy pushed her tits harder against my cock I could feel her rigid nipples against my groin, Kristy’s arse slapped as she drove her swollen cunt lips deep onto the black thunder, her finger nails dug into my skin, with one final thrust Kristy impaled her pussy as her hips gyrated she pushed the whole twelve inches as deep as she could take them, her moans of pleasure muffled by the deep throat she was continuing on my now limp cock, her body motionless for a few seconds before her hips bucked and her body shuddered into another orgasm, as her cunt muscles contracted around her new black cock.

Kristy laid her head in my groin, her cunt swollen and spent, her lust and desire satisfied by the black thunder dildo, I watched Kristy laying there trying to calm her body down, I thought to myself thank goodness for mid life crisis, and to my friends who continually taunt me, well basically they can get fucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32