Mom Returns To Cheerleading

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By Lost Soul and William Smyth

Mom and I were going through the boxes packed away in the basement when I heard her give a little chuckle.

“I don’t know if I want you to see this”, she laughed

“Why, what is it Mom,” I asked

“Well you’re 18 now so I guess it’s safe for you to know” she replied as she began to remove an item from one of the boxes. “I was always a bit embarrassed to tell you before”, she said as she handed me a framed photograph. I was surprised to see that it was a group photo of cheerleaders of a major NFL team in 1985

“Wow, they are really great, but why did you save this Mom?”

“Look at the one on the far left in the second row”, Mom said. “look hard and see if you see anything familiar about her”

The girl that Mom indicated was good looking, great legs and a certain something sassy about her beauty. Then it hit me. That was Mom when she was about 20. The hair style was so different back then that it threw me off. She was blonde, like now, but it was all done up, not tied in back like she wears it today. And those perfect legs in white boots! Mom always wears slacks or pantsuits and I never dreamed she had such nice long legs and sexy thighs


“Your old mom looked pretty good back then” she laughed and I just couldn’t take my eyes off that photo.

“You were a real knockout, Mom. No wonder Dad went for you. How long were you a cheerleader?”

Taking the picture out of my hands and studying it, I could see Mom going back in time in her mind.

“I did it for three years honey, from 1985 to 1987 and then I married your father we moved here. I packed all this stuff away and forgot about it since we were living a plain old middle-class life here. “But here are some other shots of the 1986 and 87 teams”.

There were a few changes in the personnel but the girls were still wearing the same sexy outfits and I spotted Mom in both photos. She looked even hotter in the 1986 shot. Her pose in the 1987 photo was not as nice but she still looked great.

“Hey, looks like I will have to pry those away from you” Mom said with a grin.

I was too embarrassed to admit that I was ogling her and starting to get an erection from just thinking about how sexy she looked. I’d had a few experiences with girls my age but here I was getting hot about my own Mom. “Oh, I was just looking at that redhead in the front row” I said to cover my embarrassment. “She’s pretty sexy”

Oh, that’s Elizabeth. Can’t even remember her last name. We never got along very well but that was long ago so what the heck. Here, honey if you want ’em take ’em. Hang ’em in your bedroom and enjoy looking at some hotties who were somewhat famous before you were even born” Mom laughed.

I was shocked at her suggestion. In some ways I wanted to refuse her offer and never see them again in view of the reaction I had in seeing Mom in such a sexy light but at the same time I wanted to keep them forever so I accepted them, thanked Mom, put them aside and later hung all three of them on my bedroom wall. More than once I found myself taking one or the other of them down and masturbating over the sight of my hottie Mom.

A few months went by when one night at dinner Mom started talking about her cheerleader days and how much she missed them. My father who was a successful but somewhat cold businessman just laughed and said that she was too old for that now and besides our town didn’t have an NFL team. My mind immediately turned to the image of Mom is short shorts and white go-go boots and I felt my cock begin swell.

“Well that’s true about the NFL’ Mom said, “but what about Arena football?’ she added showing a little dismay at Dad’s disparaging remark. “That team’s been here in town for several years and this year they are going to add cheerleaders. Open tryouts are next week and while I admit I’m past my prime, I’m still a pretty damn good dancer. Besides, I hear there’s one candidate who is 35.”

“Yeah, but you’re 43”. Dad said with a resigned sigh, “but if it will make you happy, by all means go ahead and tryout.”

So far I had said nothing and suddenly Mom turned to me. “Well young man, what do you think?”

“Jeez, Mom, I think it’s a great idea. You could go for that old image again. Like those photos.”

“Relax”, Mom laughed. “first off, like your father said, I’m probably too old to make it. And besides they wear pantsuits and gym shoes. My days in short shorts and go-go boots are long gone. But if the idea makes you happy then I’m happy so I’ll give it a try”

I finished dinner and went upstairs, closed my bedroom door and took one of the photos off the wall to study Mom in her shorts and boots and before long found myself stroking a massive erection. God Mom, you’re still a hottie I thought as I shot several long ropes of cum onto my stomach. I had to admit it I wanted her. I wanted to make love to my Mom.

Next week Mom came home from the tryouts bubbling over and excited. She had made the cheerleader bahis firmaları squad. The other cheerleaders even told her it was great to have someone with experience on the team even if she was older. Mom was very tired from all the exertion and admitted that much of the music and the dance moves were new to her but she was sure that , given a little time she would have them down pat.

Mom usually wore loose fitting sweat shirts and baggy sweat pants when she went to practice but I could see she was slimming down and she told me that she had already lost seven pounds. She also had her hair dyed a much lighter blonde and began wearing more make-up. She was looking more and more like the old cheerleader which was leading me to jack-off even more frequently.

I always asked about her progress in training for the team and she seemed happy that I showed an interest.

One day I asked if it would be possible for me to come watch one of their practice sessions.

“Oh yeah, I bet you’d like that” she laughed , “you’d love being around all those hot young babes”

“And you as well” I replied with a wink.

She said the practice drills were closed to all but a few but said she would see what she could do. But unfortunately I never got that opportunity.

The next week she told us that the season was about to start and the management was going to change the cheerleader outfits but still didn’t know what look to go for. There were four different styles being tried. Dad was totally disinterested but I immediately wanted to know what the different outfits were like.

“I’ll let you guys know when the final decision is made but till then we are not allowed to tell anyone” Mon said as she went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

My father went out of town on business the next day so it was just myself and Mom. Cheerleader workouts were now three nights a week and Mom said she finally got the OK for me to attend one on Friday night. Of course I jumped at the chance. I did want to see the other girls but mainly I wanted to watch Mom. Friday afternoon I came home from school full of excitement and anticipation. Mom was busy cleaning the house and was sweaty and dirty.

“I’m a real mess” she laughed, “hard to believe I’m a cheerleader”

“you’re as pretty as ever” I told her as she started upstairs to shower.

It all seemed surreal to me: Mom a cheerleader? Right then she had looked more like a mother and a housewife. But an hour later I was in for the surprise of my life when Mom came downstairs in her new cheerleader outfit. She had on a tight form fitting white sweater and very tight, very short vinyl shorts. Her legs, in black tights were just as awesome as in those old photos and, best of all, she had on the classic white go-go boots with the cube heels and a zipper up the side.

“How do you like it honey?’ she asked as she did a turn-around for me. “I was so glad the team picked the retro look. I feel like 20 again.”

I was speechless and just hoped that Mom would not notice the bulge in my jeans.

“I guess your silence says it all.” Mom laughed and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Now let’s go. You drive while I concentrate on thinking about my routines”

Thankfully no one saw us as we left the house and got into the car. As we drove it took everything I had to avoid a wreck as I tried to keep my eyes off Mom’s legs covered in black nylon. She seemed not to notice as she was talking to herself, reciting the lyrics to the numbers she would be dancing to. When she reached down to pull up her right boot a bit, I felt like I had gone into another dimension.

I pulled into the arena parking lot and saw many other women dressed like Mom getting out of their cars but as we got out of ours and started walking toward the arena I only had eyes for my mother. She moved with such grace and style in her white go-go boots and the click of her heels on the pavement was music to my ears.

As the practice session went on I had the pleasure of watching 28 girls in hot pants, black hose and white boots moving to music but ,as hard as it may be to believe, I only had eyes for Mom. She stood out against all those girls in their 20’s and I couldn’t help from getting half a boner on all during the session. On the way home Mom just couldn’t stop talking about how much fun she was having and said it felt like her life was starting all over again. Once we got home she went upstairs to change and I went to my room, grabbed one of the photos off the wall and whipped out my semi-hard cock. It was soon fully erect and I began to masturbate. It was a good thing I had thought to pick up a towel to jack off in because I shot a real fountain of cum.

The first game of the season came and Dad and I attended. He was able to get box seats and I immediately started taking photos of the cheerleader squad. I tried to get shots of all the girls but kept returning back to Mom. She also got a lot of attention and cheers from the crowd and even Dad started to show kaçak iddaa some interest.

That night after the game Mom and Dad went out to celebrate her success and I went home to upload my photos to some Yahoo groups dealing with boots and cheerleaders. Right away everyone started posting to say how much they liked the photos of Mom. I told them she was a 40 something woman who had made the team but I didn’t know her name. I went to bed that night jerking off like crazy thinking of Mom in those crazy go-go boots.

The next game was out of town so the cheerleader squad stayed home and that night after dinner Mom came in and sat across the room from me in the living room where I was watching TV. She had her boots in her hands and stated wiping them as she talked.

“Your father is out of town again,” she said with a sigh, “we went out after that first game and had, what I thought was a good time but he seemed to more interested in something other than me” With that she set her boots on the coffee table. ” I better let these air out a bit” she laughed, “I’m wearing the hell out of them. Glad I bought two pairs”

She kissed me and said she was tired and was going to bed.. After she left I tried watching TV but my attention kept coming back to those boots on the coffee table. I got up and went over and began to touch them, hoping that Mom would not come back downstairs. The vinyl felt firm but smooth as I stroked it and I picked up the left boot and pressed it to my face thinking of Mom’s shapely leg being in it. I had heard about boot fetish but only then did I begin to understand It’s attraction. But my desire was more than just about the boots; it was the fact that they were hers, my mothers boots, that obsessed me. and without thinking I pulled my cock out and began rubbing it on the boots, lost in a fantasy of Mom in her outfit dancing in front of me. Then I put my hard cock inside one of the boots and before I knew it sprayed a load of hot cum into it. Damn! What had I done? Then to make matters worse I heard Mom’s footsteps coming down stairs. I quickly stuffed my dick back in my pants, returned the boot to the table and sat back down in front of the TV. just as Mom entered the room and sat down with a sight.

“I couldn’t sleep son, can we talk?” Mom said.

“Sure Mom, what’s wrong”

“I think your father’s seeing someone else” she said. “That night after our first game we went to a night club and met some of the other cheerleaders. He was all over one of them. And the little bitch is only 21. It was awful” Mom said wiping a tear from her face.

I was stunned. This was not what I ever thought I would be hearing from her. I went over and put my arm around her, the whole cheerleader image now totally out of my mind. ” it’s going to be OK Mom, we’ll get through this” I told her and she got to her feet, put her arms around me and kissed me.

“Am I still your favorite cheerleader?” she said with a grin

“You better believe it” I assured her and my thoughts were once again with her in those black tights and white boots.

The weekend came and Mom had gotten herself back together. Dad said he could not make it to the next game so I went along with a few of my friends. They went nuts when I pointed Mom out. They couldn’t believe it was her. In fact it seemed to me they liked her too damn much. Wouldn’t stop talking about her and I was glad when the game ended and we left.

Later that night Mom cleaned her boots again and left them out to dry. Dad was home and they went out again. After they left I quickly grabbed the boots and began jerking off, this time with both the right and the left and I shot several bursts of my love juice in each one. But I was still hot and obsessed with Mom’s cheerleader image so I went through the hamper of dirty clothes waiting to be laundered till I found a pair of her black tights. I held them to my face and then pressed them against my cock which was still hard and soon the crotch of the tights was white with cum. I returned them to the hamper and went to my room. I was completely hooked on white boots, black tights, and my Mom.

The next week some of the cheerleaders were to make an appearance at a sporting goods store in the mall. Mom was one of those chosen and she invited me to go along. At the store the men were all over her, from teenagers up to guys in their 60’s. Some of the other cheerleaders were pissed off that a woman twice their age was getting all the attention and while it made me somewhat jealous, it also made me want Mom even more. Her legs in those black and the white boots were as sexy as ever and her gorgeous ass in the white shorts looked hot enough to strike a match on and, as usual I had trouble hiding my swelling cock.

Before long I began to hear remarks at school about how sexy my Mom was and I found graffiti about how guys would like to fuck her, on the walls of the boy’s bathroom. My whole life was being turned around: Just a few short months ago no one knew or cared much about Mom and, to kaçak bahis me, she had been just Mom, not a cheerleader. Now the whole world, including me, saw her as a sex object and wanted her. But even though my father was often out of town and I was alone with Mom, I couldn’t believe that she would even dream of having sex with her own son.

With the arena football season more than half over, Mom continued to enjoy her cheerleading time. Dad was seeing someone else, we all knew it but said nothing. He seemed to resent more and more all the attention Mom was getting and I began to see him as a selfish person who wanted everything to go his way and I hoped he would leave us. When the team released a poster of the cheerleaders, Mom was one of those featured and she and Dad had a huge fight with him calling her a lot of terrible names, like slut and whore. The next day he moved into an apartment but said he would continue paying the bills during the separation. Mom was shook up about it but I thought it was good riddance.

The poster was a big hit and many of my friends brought copies of it over and had Mom autograph it for them. She loved the praise and attention and I had her sign my copy and taped it to my wall opposite the bed where I could lay in bed and see it. Mom offered to get the other girls to autograph it as well but I told her that hers was all that mattered to me.

Then one day, Mom came home from practice really angry. It seemed that she had found out that the woman Dad had been seeing was the one he had made so much fuss over months ago at the night club. Mom told me that she had suspected something was going on between them and now to think that she had to be dancing right next to the bitch that was fucking her husband. I had never seen Mom so mad and had never heard her use such language.

I tried to console her, telling her he was not worth it and we were better off without him and she finally agreed. “He can have her and her 21 year old pussy if that’s what he wants” she snapped and marched off to bed.

A few days passed since Mom had confided in me about Dad and the other cheerleader and she had been very quiet for the first day or two but then she began opening up and said she was glad she would always be able to count on me and of course, I assured her that would always be the case. Days went by and I desperately wanted to fondle those boots again but she always left both pair in her bedroom every night. All I could do was lay in bed and look at that poster and the photo of Mom, wishing she could step out of it and into my bed. That thought always brought my cock up to full attention and I found myself jacking off almost every night.

One night after dinner, Mom excused herself and went upstairs and I went to the living room to watch TV. A little later Mom came back downstairs and sat down in a chair facing me.

“Son, we need to talk” she said in dead seriousness. “Things have been so crazy lately, what with me becoming a cheerleader again and then your father and me breaking up. I realize the world seems all upside down for you right now and I want you to know that I will always be here for you. You are my life and I will always try to understand anything that you do”

I wondering what brought this on. “Have I done anything you want to talk about?” I asked, half dreading what her answer would be. Mom gave me a hint of a smile as she said, “Well for a start we might talk about you masturbating in my boots”

I was stunned! How did she know about that?

“I pretended to be asleep one night and sneaked down and saw you” she said “,I also heard a noise one night from your bedroom and saw you looking at my old photos and the new poster. You were so caught up in what you were doing that you never noticed me peeking in” she added with a little laugh.

Oh, God, what was I going to do now? I had no way to get out of this. “Mom, it was…..ah…well just…ah…” I stammered, completely lost for words.

“Look son, I know you feel like I just dropped a ton of bricks on you but I had to bring it up since we live together and need to be honest with each other” she said with her usual respect for my feelings. “But one question I have” she said with a smile “,what is it that turns you on darling? Is it the boots? The cheerleader outfit? Or do you have a thing for your old Mom?

I had nothing to lose now so I decided to throw everything out in the open. “I guess it’s a bit of all of that’ I said. “I have always thought you were beautiful and the boots and that outfit make you even more so. And then, being a cheerleader adds to your appeal and makes you even more desirable–so desirable that I dream of making love to you”

There, I had said it and there was no turning back. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Where do you go from here after this sort of conversation? Mom didn’t say another word just got up and headed upstairs. She stopped on the third step and turned back to face me.

“I’m not mad at you son–and I’m not disappointed at what you just said, or in what I saw you doing. I understand how a young man, caught up in all of this at a special time in his life must feel. It must be very hard for you. Now just go on and watch your program.

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