Month End

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‘That’s unusual’ Beth thought as she turned the corner from the lift and walked towards her desk, ‘Marc’s not usually the type to stay late’.

A quick glance around the office confirmed that it was indeed late as nobody else was around.

Beth was only dropping in to grab her laptop after a quick after work drink with a colleague had turned in to a few and she’d decided that working from home the following day would be the best way to deal with the looming hangover.

“Hey” she said as Marc looked up and spotted her “you’re here late”.

“Month end” he replied knowing that would be explanation enough.

They had once worked closely together in the same team but had drifted apart in recent years save for the occasional work functions in which they drank too much and got a little flirty. In one of these functions Marc had once put his hand on her leg, hidden by the table. She in turn had whispered to him that the joke another colleague had made earlier in the night about fucking in the bathroom had turned her on.

Since then they had shared a few glances and smiles but hadn’t found themselves in the situation where anything more could eventuate. She’d thought about him though, more than once as she lay in bed with her hand between her thighs.

She grabbed her laptop and started heading back towards the elevator. Halfway there she glanced over at Marc again. He was looking right at her, his eyes lingering on her legs that were exposed by the too short skirt that she didn’t usually wear to the office.

She smiled and called out “don’t work too hard” as she veered away from the elevator and turned in to the bathrooms. Beth was in a strange mood that evening, the perfect mix of bored and tipsy. She walked into the bathroom, let her hand linger on the door handle briefly and removed it without engaging the lock on the door.

A minute passed by, followed by another and Beth quickly began to feel silly. Glancing in the mirror she fixed up her hair, grabbed her bag and headed back out.

As she opened and stepped through the door she nearly collided in to Marc’s chest but he grabbed her shoulders to prevent the impact. They both paused for a moment then suddenly his mouth was on hers, hot and demanding.

He pushed against her and she stumbled backwards into the bathroom. He briefly released her to turn and lock the door behind them and she took a tentative step backwards towards the wall. Sure she’d fantasized about this moment but she never expected it to actually happen so now what?

In a split second he had closed the gap between them, and she found herself pressed up against his body again. Instinctively she tried to step backwards but found she had run out of room and was now pressed up against the wall.

He kissed her neck and took one of her slender wrists in his hand and lifted her arm above her head. Seconds later he repeated the move with her other arm, raising it up and tightly locking both wrists in one of his hands.

With her arms trapped and the weight of his body against her she was pinned in place unable to move. As he pushed his mouth against hers again, she struggled a little against her constraints testing her ability to get away if she needed to. But he was strong. Not bahis firmaları in that artificial gym way but in a natural manly way. Like someone who spent hours doing physical work like chopping wood and not working in an office. In fact, she’d caught herself staring at his tanned, muscular arms across a meeting room quite a few times, imagining just this scenario of being forced against a wall.

But now it felt naughty, something she shouldn’t be doing, and she questioned whether she could really go through with it. Despite this she knew she was kissing him back now, mouth wide and dissolving into the moment. Her breathing got deeper and she could feel her knees buckling beneath her as tingling pleasure spread across her body.

She kicked off her shoes to regain some balance. She was petite and even in heels he towered over her. She rose up on to her toes to get the elevation needed and hungrily placed her mouth upon his again. They kissed, first long and deep, and then playful, tongues dancing around each other’s mouth.

As she gently bit his bottom lip things stepped up a gear and he pressed his body hard into hers. Grabbing her right leg with his free hand he hitched her knee up and she wrapped her leg around him. She grabbed him closer, feeling the hard shaft straining against his jeans and pressing into her upper thigh. It felt good but it wasn’t enough, so she wrenched her arms free of his hand and wrapped them around his neck. She sprung up and circled his waist with her other leg shifting her body against him until her pussy was positioned firmly against his cock.

The proximity was clearly driving him wild and any resolve he had to limit this to a relatively harmless kiss was fast disappearing. His hand drifted upwards towards her chest seeking out her small but shapely breasts and he lightly flicked his thumb across one of her nipples until it pressed hard against her shirt.

She unwrapped her legs and lowered her feet back to the floor as his other hand grasped at her hemline. “I don’t know if I can do this” she breathed as he pushed her skirt up and the seriousness of the situation kicked in. “Really Marc, this is bad” she uttered but his hand kept moving towards its target.

“I think you like it bad” he responded grinning as his fingers traced the outline of her pussy “your panties are soaked”.

She felt her face flush, embarrassed that he knew how turned on she was by the scenario. But she didn’t have time to reflect too deeply on it as his fingers continued their mission, gently scooping the fabric of her underwear to one side. He used a single finger to draw a line, tantalizing slowly across her wet opening until he reached the tiny bud of pleasure that made her shudder.

He drew tiny slow circles around her clit as she moaned softly. She’d given up all resistance now and he knew that. Any further forcefulness wasn’t required, it was just for fun.

He looked her squarely in the eyes and said simply and confidently “I want to eat your pussy”.

He paused briefly before adding “I want to taste you”.

He scooped up her body and carried her across the room to the vanity, gently setting her down upon it. He fell to his knees with his hands on her thighs for stability. He hooked kaçak iddaa his index fingers around each side of her panties and pulled them down her legs and over her feet before letting them fall to the ground beneath him. Moving his hands back to her knees he slowly spread her legs, his eyes fixed on the spot that her panties had recently covered.

As she revealed herself to him he could feel his erection getting rock hard. He moved closer and she could feel his warm breath against her skin for a few moments until suddenly his mouth was on her. His tongue traced a line around her pussy, first slowly then quicker. He alternated between tiny circles and tormenting her by taking his time to draw long sweeping lines, each time stopping just short of her clit.

“Please” she uttered but he ignored her.

“Please” she spat out again “please don’t stop there”.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked.

“You know” she responded.

“Tell me” he said moving his face away from her body.

She could feel herself beginning to blush again. This wasn’t how she would normally talk, she didn’t forcefully ask for what she wanted but there was something about him that made her lose her inhibitions.

As she said “I want you to gently trace your tongue across my clit until I moan…” his mouth returned to her pussy.

Within minutes a light moan started to escape her lips.

“Then I want you to lightly flick your tongue your tongue back and forth…” she said as he shifted his activity accordingly

She was breathless now and he could barely make out the words as she whispered “and when I can’t take anymore and I’m trying to push you away I want you to close your mouth around my clit and suc…”

She didn’t get to finish her sentence as his mouth clamped down on her and the orgasm washed over her body. He held her thighs firmly in place as her body bucked against him, never removing his mouth from her.

As the last shudders passed through her body he rose to his feet. He reached his hands around her head and pulled her close, kissing her mouth and she could taste herself on his breath.

A few moments later Beth pulled back from the kiss.

It was one of the sexiest things he had ever seen as she slowly traced her hands down his body and dropped gracefully to the floor. Now on her knees she looked up at him with big brown eyes staring him directly in the eye as she unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them to the ground.

Her fingers delicately traced the edge of his pants gently descending until they reached the outline of his cock. As she peeled his pants down it sprang out and she wrapped her slim fingers around him lightly squeezing as she gripped.

Again, she looked up at him, not so innocent now, instead the beginnings of a wicked smile seemed to be playing out across her face. She brought her open mouth towards him, stretched out her tongue and softly but deftly outlined the head of his shaft.

She alternated between this and long, sweeping strokes of her tongue for a few minutes until he was pressing against her desperate for more contact. When she felt he couldn’t take much more she opened her mouth and took him inside. He shuddered as he felt her warm, wet mouth enveloping him and kaçak bahis had to steady himself with a hand upon her hand as she started to move her mouth up and down his cock.

He watched her every move. Her dark hair occasionally shielding his perfect view but mostly he could see her lips around his penis as it slid in and out of her open mouth. As he watched he thought about what it would be like to later watch himself sliding in and out of her other lips.

She alternated her technique, teasing him and bringing him to the brink of orgasm before backing off and starting the whole process again. Each time she did he felt more and more pleasure and as much as he wanted to explode in her mouth there was so much more he wanted to do to her first.

He grasped for her wrists and pulled her upright before spinning her around so she faced away from him. He kept one of her arms clasped tightly behind her back, just so she knew he was still in control. He pushed the top half of her body over the vanity and she put out her other arm to support herself. She looked up at him through the mirror, piercing her wild eyes in to his as he positioned his thick shaft against her and pushed slowly and deliberately in.

His controlled, rhythmic pumping was achingly slow, and she squirmed against him closing her eyes with pleasure.

He could tell from her reaction that wasn’t what she was expecting. “Don’t worry” he said “you will get fucked, hard, eventually. But first I’m going to make you want it, so badly that you’ll beg for it”.

He resumed his skilled manipulation of her body until it felt as though as every fiber of her being was burning with desire. She glanced at their reflection in the mirror. His tanned, muscular arms were gripping the vanity for support and as he caught her watching he shot her his boyish grin.

Her own appearance betrayed her arousal. Her mouth partially open, face flushed and her rosy nipples tight and hard. He raised his hand to her breast, pinching that nipple between his thumb and forefinger watching her facial expression change as she lost the last her of self-control.

She was arching her back and pushing against him now, desperately trying for more contact, but he continued to hold back a little.

“I told you Beth that you will get fucked…you just need to beg for it first”

Beth was not the begging type but right now she wanted the orgasm so badly that there didn’t seem to be any other way. She could feel every thrust he made deep inside her, but he was stopping just short of giving her what she needed to climax.

“Fuck me” she stuttered out before adding “please” with a whimper.

That was all the encouragement he needed as he took hold of her hips and drove deeply into her. The sound of his body slamming up against her and her uncontrollable moans turning to shrieks reverberated around the hard tiled room. For a fleeting moment she remembered they were in the office but realized that she didn’t care.

He was watching his rock-hard cock sliding in and out of her and knew he couldn’t last much longer. He reached his hand around her body. His fingers had barely found her clit when he felt her body tense against his as she let out a scream. Her pussy was pulsating against his cock as the waves of orgasm overtook her body. He held on to her tightly, thrusting again and again, deeper and deeper until he exploded inside her.

He’d missed the deadline for month end…but it was worth it.

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