Moving in on Dad Ch. 04

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Sue and Trish left early the next morning to pick up their things and move them in to Frank’s house. That left Barb and Janet alone with Frank for two days. As they stood on the street and waved goodbye, Barb looked at Frank “So are you going to take care of us now or later.” She asked

“Anytime you want.” He answered.

“I don’t know after the last time I was sore the rest of the day, but I will admit that it was worth it.” Janet grinned.

Frank reached out and placed a hand on the back of each girl and began to steer them to the house. He continued to laugh and joke with them as he did. He also had placed his hand on the ties of their Thong tops and as he walked with them he grasped the end of each of the knots on their tops and suddenly pulled. It worked perfectly his tug on the strings had untied the knots and a second pull had removed the tops from them.

Both girls stopped in surprise and stood in the middle of the street with their tits hanging out, staring in surprise at Frank. As they stared at him he reached out as if to grab their bottoms. Both realized they were topless in the middle of the street and about to be bottomless also at the same instant and they squealed and ran for the house. Frank chuckled and strolled in behind them twirling their tops as he walked.

As he mounted the stairs he saw both Janet and Barb standing inside the house waiting for him a cross between fury and mirth on their faces. They saw the humor in their situation and it overshadowed the anger they normally would have shown. As he walked thru the door they both were laughing already.

“You got us that time. Lucky it wasn’t later in the day when people would have been around.” Janet admonished him with a laugh.

Frank just grinned “Well I figured we could get started right away.” He said as he advanced toward them. Janet started to back up but Barb stood her ground and as he reached her he laid a hand on her breast and began to gently rub it. She closed her eyes and sighed. “Ok you caught me now you can have you way with me.” As she spoke she started to pull the bottom of her thong off. It hit the floor and she turned around and bent herself over the couch, exposing her ass and pussy to him.

He wasted no time and dropped his shorts and stepped behind her. Standing there with his cock exposed he began to rub it in her pussy lips. She was wet and ready. “Barb, is your pussy ever not wet.” He asked as he let his dick slide around the outer lips and then up over her ass then back to her pussy.

“It’s wet whenever I’m around that dick of yours” she answered.

He chuckled and then in a single thrust speared her with his member. He let it sit for a minute and then began to slowly pump on her letting his hard cock slide in and out of her sopping wet cunt. She groaned in appreciation of the monster that was working her. Janet moved over to the couch and kneeled on it in front of Barb as he fucked her and offered Barb her massive tits. Barb began to suck her friend’s tits as she was getting fucked from behind. As barb sucked and licked her nipples Janet closed her eyes and savored the attention. “Frank, she likes it really hard and fast. She likes to be fucked like she’s getting raped.” Janet told him.

Frank looked at Janet and not knowing if she was putting him on or not, decided to take a chance. He slowly pulled himself out of Barb until his cock was just resting at the entrance to her pussy and paused. Then he rammed forward as hard as he could and pulled back and repeated the stroke. Barb grunted hard with each slam he pussy got. She released Janet’s tit from her mouth and looked back over her shoulder “That’s how I like it, slam me, hurt me. Uhhhh… Give me some pain to go with it. FUCK ME.” She managed to get out between thrusts.

Frank kept up the violent pounding. “So you like it rough!” he said then he drew his hand back from her hip and smacked her hard across the ass. She screamed and he did it again. All the while plowing his cock deep into her pussy and banging away. He smacked her ass again and again then reached down and grabbed some of the tender flesh at her inner thigh, near her pussy and pinched and twisted. It sent a wave of pain through her pussy and into her body and he felt her pussy clamp onto his cock and cum on him. “So bitch, you like it to hurt, do you.” and he started banging even harder on her pussy and she started to cum again. Now as he fucked her he reached around and grabbed her nipple and twisted it. “Like that do you?” He asked

“Oh yeah. Fuck me hard. Hurt me.” She screamed

“Janet,” he commanded “Get underneath her and bite her tit.” Janet looked at him and hesitated “Do it.” he demanded. And Janet slid beneath her friend and took her nipple in her mouth and bit down, a love bite.”

“Harder!” Barb screamed as she grabbed a handful of Janet’s tit. Janet hesitated and then bit down hard on her friend’s tit. Barb screamed and began to cum in a flood, her body shook and shuddered as though she passed into halkalı bdsm escort a fit. Janet slid out from under her friend and moved around behind her. Frank had pulled out of her as she lost control and watched. Janet could not believe the way the cum was running out of her friend, she stared in awe a little worried. Soon the shaking and shuddering stopped and the flow of juice reduced to a dripping. Barb attempted to stand up but her legs were like rubber. Frank grasped her under an arm and helped her turn around and sit on the back of the couch.

“How do you feel? Is that what you wanted?” He asked her

She looked at him and pulled him to her and kissed him. “That was exactly what I wanted. It was the best orgasm I ever had.”

Janet was still staring at her friend. “Wow, you really liked that. I mean I really bit down hard. Didn’t it hurt?”

Frank answered for her “Of course it hurt. Barb likes a little pain with her pleasure. Don’t you Barb?”

Barb nodded her head and a sheepish smile crossed her face. “I like it best when it hurts a little. I guess I’m weird.”

Frank laughed. “I bet you like to be tied up too, and maybe some spanking or something.”

Now Barb really started to blush. “I never tried it but it sounds like fun.” She admitted.

Frank helped her stand. “Come on Janet lets help her to my bed. She’s a little wrung out. Then we can see about your fantasies.

Janet looked a little fearful. “You’re not going to hurt me like that are you?”

“Not unless you want me to.” Frank told her as they helped Barb to the bedroom. “Everybody has fantasies of some sort. Some are more mundane than others. Some are outright weird and dangerous. Barb’s are just a little rough. But she has to be careful who she acts them out with. The wrong person could really hurt her. She is a masochist, she likes pain. If she were to pair up with a hard core sadist he could really hurt her or maybe kill her if he’s really got a problem. So Barb, promise me you won’t go indulging your fantasy with just anyone. Make sure you know them really well and preferably make sure there is a third person involved to put a stop to it if it starts to get out of hand.”

Barb just nodded. “I know it’s dangerous and I only let it go like that once before. I … I probably wouldn’t have let it happen today but I trust you. I know that Trish’s dad wouldn’t hurt me.” She smiled at him.

He smiled back as they laid her on the bed and he crawled in beside her and kissed her gently on the lips. Janet sat on the edge of the bed and he looked at her. “So Janet what kind of fantasies do you have? What do you dream about that gets you really hot. If I can help I will. If it’s too far out for me then maybe we can get close.”

Janet blushed and looked away. “I’ve already had most of my fantasies, like we did the other day. You know with you and Barb, a three way. I also … well we’re living one now, all of us running around the house naked and a guy chasing us around and screwing us.” She giggled.

Frank urged her on, as he drew her down onto the bed with them, he kissed her and kissed her breasts. She sighed. “Come on what else do you dream of.”

“Well, I guess we can’t do this one, but I always wanted to be gangbanged by like 8 or 10 guys. Like one after the other. Not that I want sex like that all the time. I really like what we did the other day, especially when it was just you and me, that was nice. But maybe once I want to be a slut and have a bunch of guys. Just strip me down and lay me in the middle of the floor.” she paused and looked at Frank and Barb. “Is that weird?”

“No, not really.” Barb answered.

“What else?” Frank asked. He could tell she was holding something back.

“Well, you guys will think I’m a sicko or something.” Janet protested.

“Can’t be much worse than Barb’s liking pain can it.” Frank offered.

She looked at both of them and hesitated. “It has to do with pee’ing.” She offered quietly

“Golden showers.” Frank stated. “They have a name for it, it’s called Golden Showers. Its not as rare as you might think, pretty common actually.”

With that Frank got out of bed and opened a cabinet beneath the TV and popped a tape into his VCR. In a few seconds they were watching a video of a woman laying in the sand and four guys standing over her pee’ing on her. Janet was riveted to the screen then the scene changed and there was a woman and a man. This time the man was laying down and the woman squatted over him and started pissing all over his chest and face. He even caught some of it in his mouth. Barb sat with her mouth open and Janet was blushing crimson. She looked at Barb “See I told you I was sick!”

“No, actually that was sort of hot to watch. I never thought about it but when I saw it, it was hot.” Barb said.

Janet looked at her, “So you don’t think it’s sick?”

“Well, I did think it was weird until I saw the video. Frank, does that have a title?” halkalı elit escort Barb asked.

“Frank smiled. “That’s not a commercial video. I shot that myself.” Both girls stared at him. He laughed and continued. “Those are people who come down and rent a place, then spend the week fulfilling their urine fantasies. If you were going to be here when they were I’d introduce you and I am sure they would love to have you join them.”

“How long is that video, can we watch it?” Barb asked.

Janet looked at her and said “Hey it’s my fantasy.” And they both giggled. Frank let the video run and crawled into bed between them and the three of them watched the homemade Golden Showers show. It ran nearly two hours of clips of people pissing on each other, sometimes two or more people having sex while somebody pissed on them, sometimes a group of people emptying their bladders on a single person, all sorts of combinations.

When the tape was done Frank asked Janet “So which was your favorite?” She described one scene where about 10 people urinated on a girl who was in a bathtub and allowed the urine to collect in the tub and she wallowed in it. “So you would rather be pissed on.” Frank asked, as he played with her pussy.

He continued talking to her as he worked his fingers into her, talking about the video and the things they had seen and tantalizing her with stories. It took only a few stories before she grabbed his cock and was begging him to coat her with his piss. Barb was equally turned on and playing with herself as she listened and watched Frank and her friend. Janet continued to beg Frank and he continued to tease her. Finally he told her “If you’re really good and fuck me really well then I might piss all over you, in your hair, on your face, your tits, and if you really are a good fuck I just might ask Barb to piss on you too.

Janet was worked up enough that she grabbed his shoulders and pulled him to her and kissed him hard on the lips. She wrapped her legs around his waist and tried to force her pussy onto his dick. He teased her by holding himself right at her entrance for a bit before relenting and pushing into her tight hole with a constant even pressure. He had teased her enough that she reached her first orgasm while he was still working his way in. Then he started to pump on her pussy slowly still talking to her and telling her how they were going to cover her with yellow fluids. She crashed into her second orgasm within seconds of the first and he continued to pump then he withdrew from her.

“Roll over, on your knees.” He told her. She complied without question or hesitation and he placed himself at her pussy and slid in, this time with little resistance as she was already stretched out to fit him. He started to pump on her from behind. “Barb, do you want her tits as I fuck her or would you rater have he eat you?”

Barb smiled and crawled over and without comment put her pussy in Janet’s face. Janet dove onto her snatch like a starving woman and began to lap at her. Frank decided to alternate his attack and pulled all the way out of her and then rammed it back in, then drew it out again and rammed it in. He repeated this and each time got a muffed grunt from Janet. Then one time he pulled out and began to ram it in and for some reason unknown to any of them Janet shifted and when he rammed home, he buried his entire length into her ass.

Janet pulled her head up from Barb’s pussy and with a sharp intake of breath held very still. Frank did not at first realize what had happened but with Janet’s sudden change in position he stopped and noticed he was buried to the hilt up her bung hole. Before he could apologize or say anything else, she looked back at him over her shoulder, her eyes wide “You’re in my ass. Oh God I like it. Oh God fuck my ass.”

Frank paused for a minute then asked “Are you sure.”

“Damn yes I’m sure. I never felt anything like that.” Janet answered.

Frank began to very slowly slide his dick out of her asshole and he could feel the muscles tighten around it. Then just as easily he pushed back in. She groaned “Faster.” So he complied by pumping a bit faster on her and then faster as she plopped her face back into Barb’s pussy. He pumped away on her and as he did he watched Barb turn herself around and position herself under Janet’s pussy while Janet was still eating hers. The two girls went into a 69 while Frank fucked Janet’s asshole. Then he felt Janet tighten on him and squeeze her sphincter muscles on his length, she shuddered and Frank could feel her release again as his cock massaged her colon.

As she relaxed from her orgasm, Frank let himself slide out of her and stood beside the bed. He bent over and whispered into Barb’s ear. “Do you want to piss on her with me?”

Barb answered with a smile and crawled out from underneath her friend. Janet tried to hold her in place. Frank told her to let Barb go. “Do you want your fantasy?” Janet blushed slightly and halkalı escort nodded, “Ok then come into the bathroom.” Both girls followed him and he directed Janet to lie in the big tub. It was set into a pedestal and had a 8″ lip all the way around it. Janet crawled in and lay in the bottom and Frank directed Barb onto the lip. “Where do you want it, the face, your tits your belly.” Janet did not answer she just laid there with an embarrassed look on her face. Frank laughed “Squat over her face. She won’t tell us so she gets it there.” Barb grinned an evil grin and squatted immediately on top of Janet’s face only a few inches away.

Janet looked up into her friends spread pussy and waited, she was so turned on. Any second now Barb was going to fulfill her fantasy and let a stream of piss fly into her face and she would surely get some in her mouth. The thought disgusted her but got her incredibly turned on at the same time. Then suddenly she saw a bit of movement and it came, it rolled out of Barbs open lips and splashed over her face. The hot stream of piss hit her in the eye and then over her nose and, yes, into her open mouth. She spat it back out but more ran in. the salty harsh ammonia smell of piss covered everything then just as Barb’s stream slackened she felt a second stream. It was Frank. She had not been paying attention and he positioned himself and let fly a stream that impacted her in the throat then he directed it up into her mouth and over her face. She had her hand buried in her pussy as they pissed on her, she was in heaven. “What a turn on.” She thought to herself as the salty liquid ran into her mouth and some invariably went down her throat. She orgasamed again as she realized she had just swallowed it. Then all too soon they stopped it was finished. She lay in the tub covered in piss and loving the smell and feel of the warm liquid. Frank and Barb stood over her looking at her and smiling.

“Come on,” Frank said after a minute, “time for a shower. I need to wash off my dick and you need to rinse that stuff out of your hair.” He helped her sit up and then to her surprise he leaned over and kissed her, he let his tongue slide into her mouth and then he broke the kiss and smiled at her confusion. “Do you think you’re the first woman I pissed on?” He asked her.

The three of them crowded into the walk in shower and washed off. Janet shampooed her hair and washed herself off while Barb washed the anal residue from Frank’s cock. They were near to done when Barb looked at Frank. “You didn’t come yet did you.” Frank just shrugged his shoulders and both girls looked at each other and immediately dropped to their knees and took turns sucking him off until he came in Janet’s mouth. Once he had finished she shared her prize with Barb and the two of them kissed long and hard before they returned to his cock and licked him like a lollipop.

Both girls stood and Janet put her arms around him and kissed him “Thank you. That was fun. Thanks for understanding and helping. Especially, thanks for doing my ass. I never did that before and I didn’t think I would like it but I loved it. Next time maybe you’ll come in my ass so I could feel it inside me, and maybe we could go outside maybe tonight and you could pee on me again? I mean in the back yard its dark and no one could see.”

He smiled back. “I think that would be fun. What about you Barb.”

Barb hesitated. “I don’t know if I ready to take that monster in my backside.” Then she looked at the smile on Janet’s face. “Well maybe. But I’ll pee on you again. I thought it was neat.” Then they turned off the water and dried off. The three of them walked into the living room without bothering to dress. Frank laughed as he watched the two girls walk away.

They turned to him and Barb asked “What’s so funny?”

“You both look a little bowlegged.” He laughed.

They both stuck their tongues out at him as they waddled into the other room. They spent the rest of the morning in the living room watching movies, cuddling and playing with one another. Barb fell asleep first and Janet right behind her. Frank chuckled as he draped a blanket over each of them. He went to his bedroom and pulled on the shorts he had been wearing and went to his office while the girls slept.

Frank spent a few hours working and then made his way back upstairs and found the girls still asleep. They had kicked the blanket off and were laying there mostly exposed. Looking at them got Frank’s blood going again and he walked over to get a better look at them. Janet was lying on her side and looked comfortable while Barb was also on her side but curled up and Frank had a good view of her pussy hanging out. Her pussy lips were glistening with wetness. “She must be having a good dream.” Frank thought to himself. He got down on the floor with them and sat next to Barb. He stretched his arm out and let his finger run through her pussy lips. She moaned and moved a bit. He repeated his touch to her only applying a bit more pressure and letting his finger trail up and down her lips. She moaned louder and humped toward his finger as he touched her. Then he let his middle finger slide up inside her and slowly worked it in and out for a minute before adding a second finger to the first. Within seconds she was pushing herself on his hand and humping it in her sleep.

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