My Best Friend’s Girl Ch. 03

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Saturday 19th October 18.45hrs

After a very heavy day, I brought the car to a halt in the drive and climbed out. It would have been the perfect evening for a game of squash; I felt tired, but I could feel the tension in my muscles so I knew that I still had a lot of energy. Squash is the perfect antidote for a stressful day. It’s a short, intense, and demanding game, and always leaves me relaxed and free of the frustrations of the day.

I hadn’t played since the game with Nicky; I’d been reluctant to call Steve to arrange a game. It just seemed so impolite to fuck his wife and then pretend that I was still a good friend. But I guess that I was more worried that Nicky would answer the telephone and I wouldn’t know what to say to her. My guilty mind had run the following conversation each time I’d thought of calling.

‘Oh hi Nicky! What? No really, I loved fucking your bum. It was lovely, but sorry I can’t tonight, I’d sooner play squash with your husband. What? Oh yes, I’ll make sure that we use court seven. Should I show Steve where I took your pants, and made you play without them before I fucked you and made you scream? I’ll even show him the vide., What? Oh sorry, didn’t I tell you about the video. Anyway, if I’m not busy, perhaps we could fuck tomorrow?’

Those thoughts seemed to summarize perfectly, my current self-appointed status as the best friend from hell! Something I wasn’t particularly proud of.

So, squash was out and nothing, but nothing, was going to get me off the settee this evening. I went into the house, tossed my briefcase into the ‘rubbish’ corner of the hall, and went into the lounge. I poured myself a small scotch as a pre-med, and called to find out where Steph was hiding.


“I’m up here darling. I need to talk to you, can you come up?” Initially a cold chill ran up my spine, did she know about Nicky and me? No she’d called me darling, so the worry quickly dissipated. Nicky had promised never to talk about us to anyone, and I’d believed her. Wearily, I climbed the stairs, and found Steph freshly showered in our bedroom.

“You need to get ready quickly, we’re off to the cinema.”


“Oh don’t fuss, your gear is over there.”

“But I’ve had a lousy day, and I’m knackered.”

“Oh stop moaning, you can sleep during the film.”

“You’ve always held that against me, I’ve only done it once. I just found Gone With the Wind boring.” Steph smiled, she’d got a rise out of me. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I only found out an hour ago myself. Nicky and Steve won four tickets for the arty roundhouse cinema in town. It’s showing the original Lolita, and everyone is dressing up, including you. I’ve spent the last hour on the phone and I’ve got you a really neat outfit. It’s just been delivered.”

“Where’s Joe?”

“He’s spending the night at his friends house. He’s sorted.”

“Steph, do we have to go?”

“Look, I know that you’re tired, but you might actually enjoy it. If you don’t, then have a sleep when the lights go down. Besides, if we don’t go, then Steve and Nicky can’t go either.”


“Oh come on, don’t make this hard work. Steve is on call, and might be called away, so we’ll need to bring Nicky home.”

“What’s wrong with a taxi?”

“Oh very gallant. This conversation has encountered a fatal error and is being shut down, misery guts. Go and shower, I’m dying to see you in your outfit.”

The shower was the highlight of my day so far. Although still tired, I came out of it refreshed and prepared to consider that a night out might not be the disaster that I’d imagined earlier. Then my mind went back to what Steph had said, ‘dressing up’, ‘your costume’. I rushed out of the shower, grabbing a towel as I went.

“Very nice,” said Steph. I put the towel around my waist to cover up what she was referring to, and then it became clear what the dressing up consisted of. Stood in front of me was a thirty something schoolgirl. Steph was dressed in a short green tartan kilt, white blouse with a matching green tie, white socks, a prefect’s badge completed the outfit. She’d put her hair into pigtails, and looked absolutely ravishing. Understandably, the towel began to twitch.

“Wow, are you sure that you want to go out?” I could feel the front of the towel rising, as my little companion expressed his own approval of her costume.

“Down boy,” she laughed and patted the bulge in the towel, which only encouraged him. “And yes, I’m sure. Get your costume on, we need to leave in ten minutes.”

Looking at the tent shape in my towel, I said. “I don’t suppose we could,. You know,..before we go?”

“Absolutely not, you’ll make a mess! Anyway, we haven’t time!”

“Make a mess!” I replied in mock outrage. “Is that all I do for you, make a mess?” She laughed.

“No, to be fair, sometimes you do do a little more for me. But you do always make such a mess, and we haven’t time. Now get ready.”

“Well what about a quick,. you know?” I offered him a little bahis firmaları closer to her. Steph applied a generous coating of lipstick, and then replied with a smile.

“No, awfully sorry darling, I’ve just put my lipstick on! Get ready.” Then she closed the conversation, flashing her blue school knickers at me as she tidied up.

“Yes miss.” I was already into character. Things were looking up.

“Oh Joe.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Remember that we’re with friends when you’re in the cinema. No naughty stuff! Ok?”

“Ok Miss,” I replied, without meaning a word. In all the years that we’d been together, we’d never been to the cinema without ‘naughty stuff’. The surroundings seemed to turn me on. But more importantly, it was the only place that Steph seemed to completely lose her inhibitions. So not only did I not mean what I said, I was fairly sure that she didn’t either. In fact, I think that she’d have been really disappointed if I’d done as she’d asked.

“Where’s my stuff?”

“Over there, you’ve got five minutes, so I hope they fit. I’ll drive so that you can have a drink.” Since I was already holding what remained of my first scotch, that seemed to be too good an offer to refuse. I dressed quickly, as Steph fiddled with her make-up. Once my little associate relaxed a little, the grey flannel shorts fitted ok. But the white shirt and blazer were slightly small. The outfit, looked, as it should, ridiculous. I looked like an overgrown schoolboy.

“Come on, Nicky and Steve will already be there,” she said.

“I feel such a fool.”

“You look great. Just like the boy I met after school who carried my books, and took my heart.”

“Just your heart?”

“Behave yourself! And don’t forget, keep your hands to yourself at the cinema.” She smiled.

“With you dressed like that, it will be hard.”

“I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t, and if you’re a good boy I might check it out for you.”

“Heck, I’m not that sort of guy. D’you think I’m easy?”

“Ha ha. Do you want me to answer that?”

“No maybe not.”

In fact, Nicky didn’t need to wait until the theatre for ‘the naughty stuff’. As she drove the car onto the highway into town, my hand slid along her leg to her cotton knickers. Of course, she protested, but made no move to stop me. I’d confirmed that her instructions were not what she wanted, so a teasing finger moved gently over her vagina, which interestingly was already damp. A brief investigation suggested that she’d spent some time on her bikini line; and I approved. I sat back and left her to concentrate on her driving.

The very trendy theatre bar was on the first floor, and had ceiling to floor windows. We looked for Steve and Nicky, but they hadn’t yet arrived so we took the only table still available, a table for four near the windows. I wondered about the view of Steph’s kilt from the street below. I was a little sorry that I wouldn’t be able to have a look for myself.

You wouldn’t need too much explanation about tonight’s movie; the bar was packed with people dressed in outrageous schoolboy and schoolgirl costumes. In the first few minutes, I couldn’t keep my head still. I kept finding yet another woman, showing abundant amounts of bare flesh, for me to look at.

“Ok tiger, you’ve had a good look,” said Steph disapprovingly.

“Did I tell you how good you look tonight?” I replied groveling. She laughed. Oh good, I was forgiven. Strains of ‘Tonight’s The Night,’ interrupted the conversation. Steph took her cell phone from her bag. I smiled smugly at my choice of call tone for her phone. Foreplay comes in all forms, was my motto.

“Hello! Oh hi Nicky. Where are you? Ok great, yes we will, see you in a minute. Bye.”

“Where are they?”

“They’re just parking the car, will you get them a drink, a Fanta for Steve and a brandy for Nicky. Oh by the way, when they arrive take care, they’ve had an argument.”

“Ok.” I did as I was told, and a few minutes later Nicky arrived, followed closely by Steve who had a face like thunder; he was clearly not pleased about something. Looking at Nicky, I think that I could guess what that might be.

If most of the costumes in the bar fitted into the outrageous category, then Nicky’s outfit deserved a category all of it’s own. She looked absolutely stunning. She was dressed in a white school blouse, which had been carefully arranged to look like she’d just been in a fight. All the buttons were hanging off, and it was open from neck to waist, where it was tucked into her very short grey gym skirt. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra, and was proudly showing off most of those fabulous breasts. The blouse looked anything but secure, stopping just short of revealing her nipples to the world. It was something of a mystery how it remained in place. A short red tie, white socks, high heels and a black eye completed her outfit.

“Wow,” said Steph. “Now that’s an outfit to die for.”

“Thanks, you don’t think that I’ve overdone it?”

“No, you look stunning. Doesn’t kaçak iddaa she Joe?”

“Er, yes, really nice.” I replied fatuously, anxious not to stare or appear over excited. It seemed to me, that that would be unwise. Anyway, I could leave that to others, since almost everyone in the bar was either staring, or pointing at her. Beside her, I felt like the floor of the Sistine chapel, no one looks at that either.

“Hrmmp,” grumbled Steve. Message received, Steve did not approve of the outfit. He was dressed normally.

We moved around the table so that they could join us. Partners sat on opposite sides of the small table, with Nicky to my left facing the window. These seating arrangements did nothing to support my attempt not to stare at her. I couldn’t help but look. Without any difficulty whatsoever, I could see more or less the whole of Nicky’s beautiful left breast. Taking the full tour, my eyes, skated down its outline until it disappeared into the fabric, and then along the underside as it re-emerged. Eventually I forced myself to look away, and glanced guiltily at Steph. She looked back at me and smiled. She mouthed the word ‘letch’.

“Joe, pull in your tongue, and close your mouth. You’re dribbling.” Steph said, laughing. I felt myself blushing.

“Sorry Joe, am I embarrassing you?” said Nicky, apparently genuinely concerned.

“No, no, I’m fine. You just look stunning, er lovely, that’s all.” Whoops! Enough Joe, I thought. I looked at Steve, who was not amused by my embarrassment at all. In an attempt to occupy myself, I tried to strike up a conversation with him, but he was more or less monosyllabic. I persevered, but it couldn’t be described as a conversation.

“Have you had a good week?”

“Suppose so.” Etc. etc..

I was pleased when my persecution was cut short, as the bell sounded to call us into the auditorium. As everyone was distracted, I grabbed a last good look at my favourite breasts. Other than Steph’s, I corrected myself. I was desperate to catch a glimpse of nipple. It was so close, I began to wonder how she was keeping the blouse in place. But in spite of revealing most of each magnificent orb, her nipples remained irritatingly concealed.

As we queued to take our seats, Steph took my arm and whispered,

“Joe, doesn’t Nicky look fantastic?”

“I suppose so,” I replied. She poked me in the ribs, and laughed.

“I suppose so,” she mocked in a mickey taking voice. “You’ve had your eyes down her cleavage for the last ten minutes, you horny sod!” She then felt my crotch. “I hope that some of that is for me!” I laughed an embarrassed laugh.

We took our seats. Frustratingly, the two girls sat together, with Steve and me on each side like bookends. I had lost my tantalizing view, at least until the intermission.

The cinema auditorium was extremely modern, and being an art house production, a guy felt the need to outline the movie storyline to a load of adults dressed as schoolchildren. Like we didn’t know already! Eventually, he introduced the program.

The film got under way. As I’d expected, it was dated and fairly boring. I occupied myself by undoing a couple of buttons on Steph’s blouse and squeezing her breasts. She didn’t object at all, so I had a little play under her skirt. She whispered,

“Don’t! I’m trying to watch the film, and Nicky’s right next to me. She’ll see.” I didn’t want to push my luck, and I’d improved my view by two buttons so I sat back and my eyes wandered around the auditorium. It was approximately eighty five percent full, maybe two hundred people, most watching the movie, but a few guys, like me, seemed bored. Some others were clearly doing naughty things. I envied those, and pointed one or two of them out to Steph. She laughed, and brushed her hand teasingly over my groin.

“Oh I can see that he’s needing a cuddle, maybe I’ll help him out later, if he behaves himself.”

The dull soundtrack was disturbed by a double beep, and Steve and Nicky held a short conversation. Steph had a whispered conversation with Nicky, and then Steve stood up,

“Sorry, I’ve got to go, Joe will you look after Nicky? Bye.”

“Sure no problem Steve,” I replied. “What are mates for?” Thankfully it was dark, because the insincerity of my reply caused a rush of blood, and an evil, more apt reply crossed my mind.

‘Should I make her sob in pain as really really good mates often do to their friend’s wives? Hey, why don’t I fuck her bum again until she feels like she’s being split in two, that seems to do the trick? What do you think Steve?’

The unspoken question caused an uncomfortable look on my face. Even in the poor light, I’m sure that Steve noticed it, but he was in a hurry.

“Cheers, you’re a mate Joe,” and he left. Fucking mate! Why the fuck did he have to be so trusting?! If he’d looked after Nicky properly, she wouldn’t have turned to me. But I knew that I was simply trying to turn him into less of a victim, maybe that would make me less of a shit! If only Steve knew just what a complete shit kaçak bahis I was. Some fucking mate! I hated the guilt. I fucking hated it! I wanted to hate Steve, for being stupid, but I couldn’t, I just hated myself.

I looked over at Nicky who smiled mischievously at me, reminding why I was in this predicament, God, how I wanted to fuck that woman again at the earliest opportunity. I wanted to hear her scream in ecstasy as I abused her, and Steve’s trust again. Steph broke the moment,

“He’s been called in to work, we can drop Nicky off can’t we? It’s no trouble, it’s on our way home,” she said.

“No problem, does he need help?” I joked, to hide my discomfort after my unspoken reply. Steph laughed.

“It’s not that bad, besides some people would pay to sit with two women dressed as schoolgirls.”

“Me too probably, how much for the full service?” I joked. Steph poked me in the ribs disapprovingly.

“Pervert,” she scolded. I think she was joking, but I wasn’t at all sure.

Eventually the intermission arrived; The MC came back on stage, and explained that there would be a short, ten-minute intermission. But before that, he had a question, for ladies only.

“How many of you ladies have been to the cinema with your boyfriend’s, and found yourselves, being, how shall we say, toyed with.”

Quick as a flash, Steph, and almost all the other women, put their hands up.

“Good, good. OK, how many of you tonight?” After a few nervous chuckles, most hands went down, only one or two remained. “Look around boys. Ok ladies, don’t despair, well not yet anyway. It’s just that the guys you’re with tonight are a little slow. Maybe they’ll improve, I’ll ask you ladies again later.”

Unfortunately the girls didn’t want to go for a drink. So being the gentleman I am, I went on my own. After a couple of refreshing large whiskeys to settle my nerves, the intermission bell sounded and I re-took my seat. Steph was alone.

“Ohh, you’ve buttoned up. Where’s Nicky?” I asked.

“I’ve had to, Nicky asked me if you’d been playing with me. She’s just gone to the loo. Actually we’ve had a really good chat while you were away.” A chill went up my spine. She continued, “You know when the chap asked how many of us had been groped in the cinema.”

“Oh, er yes, I think he said toyed with though.” I replied, the feeling of panic abating slightly.

“Nicky hadn’t put her hand up, and I joked with her and accused her of being shy. She snapped at me, and then apologized. It turns out she’s never ever had ‘naughties’ with Steve, anywhere other than in their bedroom. And, she hinted that even there it doesn’t happen to her satisfaction. She said that she’s very envious of our relationship.”

“That’s nice,” I said, sliding my hand up her leg again. “Well you know what I mean. Does that mean that I can ‘toy with you’ when the movie starts again.”

“Not yet! Stop it! But if you’re a good boy, maybe, just maybe, I might just ‘toy’ with you?”

“Well maybe, just maybe, I won’t let you,” I said recovering my hand.

“Ha! Fat chance, you’ll loll there like a playful puppy,” she replied scornfully. “Sometimes, I think that it wouldn’t matter who it was, you’d just lie there and let them play with you. Seriously though Joe, I think that Nicky’s quite unhappy, and I felt quite sorry for her. If that guy asks again at the end, be prepared for some odd looks. I think that she might lie, and I’m not.”

After a short while, Nicky returned to her seat, and after a whispered conversation with Steph, she stood up and squeezed past us and sat in the next seat to me. My fists balled up tight, burying themselves into the velour seat as her barely protected bottom passed achingly close. Steph broke my concentration.

“Is that better? she whispered. “You can be a thorn between two roses. Now I’ve no-one next to me to watch you misbehaving.”

“Perfect,” I replied as I slid my right hand along her inner thigh.

“No, no! Be patient! Wait until the movie restarts,” she scolded. I looked to my left, and saw that Nicky was watching us.


As the house lights dimmed, and the movie restarted, as well as confused, I was getting warm, so I took off my school blazer and laid it over my bare knees. Fairly soon, my right hand re-found Steph’s bare thigh, and very slowly made it’s way upwards. She made no move to stop me; instead she slid back in her seat and opened her knees slightly. Good, good, we’re on our way, and life seemed simpler. The hem of the short skirt slipped easily over her smooth thighs, until my hand nestled on the outside of her very damp knickers. I paused for a few seconds; Steph’s only reaction was to settle back a little more into her seat.

As with all endeavors, I’ve always believed that seduction can be broken up into phases. Phase one had been safely negotiated. My hand nestled at base camp, in-between Steph’s legs with only a strip of her school knickers obstructing further intimacy. Although we’d been in this position many, many times since we’d first met, I still felt the excitement associated with the successful execution of phase one, and the anticipation of successfully getting into her knickers, and beyond, in phase two, especially in a public place.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32