My Bully Takes My Mom Ch. 05

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I drove to the city 30 miles away and that was across the state line before checking into a hotel. I didn’t want to be back in town in case Rachel decided to go looking for me. She knew I didn’t have friends, and besides staying at Aunt Cindy’s, a hotel was my only option. I could honestly see her going to every hotel and checking with each receptionist.

I had no regrets about what I did. Now Rachel would know a small amount of the pain and humiliation she caused me. Only thing I couldn’t believe was how easily it was for her to toss me aside. That hurt so much. I admit, I hardly slept the first night. I would either be punching my pillows in anger or holding them as I cried.

The next day I went to the mall to do some shopping. Since I didn’t grab any of the clothes Rachel had bought me over the years, I had to replace my entire wardrobe. I didn’t go too crazy, just buying stuff I liked and that fit. I did get two suits, and a nice leather jacket but those were my only extravagant purchase.

Once that was done, I went to the food court to get some food. As I sat there I looked at all the friends other people had, the happy families and I got jealous. I wanted friends to hangout with, to do things with. Thanks to Marcus and his cronies, I didn’t.

I want to get revenge on him. I want revenge on his cronies for joining in. I wanted revenge on the school for turning a blind eye to it. I wanted revenge on the entire town for valuing high school basketball championships more than me. Burning the pictures for Rachel to see gave me a small measure of satisfaction, but not nearly enough.

I decided to try to figure out how to get revenge on Marcus first and go from there. I just didn’t know what or how to do it. Yes, I had more self confidence and was able to stand up to Rachel. But even that was at a distance, over video chat, not face to face.

I know I couldn’t do anything to Marcus physically. He was still had his athletic build and I was still small with no muscles. A baseball bat to the knee, could hurt him. I just didn’t know if I could swing it hard enough to do so. If I didn’t or if I missed, he would pound me to a bloody pulp.

I could hit him with my car, but I didn’t want that. My car was my new freedom. It allowed me to get mostly away from Rachel and from Marcus. I didn’t want to risk that.

Plus, doing anything physically to Marcus would give him sympathy from everyone. I didn’t want to give him a martyr complex. I wanted to turn everyone against him. To make him to suffer alone, a pariah, as he had done to me.

I went to the grocery store to pick up soap, shampoo and other person items I needed. As I was walking down the aisle in the pharmacy area, something got my eye. I turned and looked at it. People must have thought I was weird to be standing there, looking at something for a good 5 minutes, and then start to smile.

I grabbed the item as the plan for Revenge 1.0 formed in my head. I went back to the hotel and continued to think how I could pull it off.

On Monday, I went to school. I parked my car on the residential street 2 blocks away. I didn’t want anyone, especially Marcus to see that I had a car or what my car looked like.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I almost didn’t see Rachel’s SUV parked in front of the school until it was too late. I saw she was sitting in it looking around. I figured she was looking for me.

I ran around the block, cut through the track field, and went into the school through the back. I went straight to the guidance counselor’s office. She wasn’t there but her computer was up and running and logged in. I quickly got behind her desk, pulled up the student information page, and looked up Marcus’s home address. I took a picture with my phone and then closed it before she could walk in.

After the counselor came, I checked in and was done for the day. She did advise that it was my choice to go to class or not. That if my application was denied, I would have to rejoin the classes and catch up. She did say, my application was almost certainly be approved.

I left through the back to avoid Rachel again. I then drove by Marcus’s house to see what it looked like, and start to figure out when and how to implement my plan.

The regional playoffs started on Wednesday. It was best of 3 with games on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday if needed. I also know on game days, the school allowed the players to start late and go home early. So Marcus wouldn’t be out of his house till around 9:30 in the morning.

It was mid afternoon when I got the call I was expecting from Aunt Cindy. I was tempted to ignore the call. For a second I was worried Rachel might have gotten Cindy’s phone.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Kevin! Where the hell are you? What’s going on?” Aunt Cindy asked in a hushed shout. “Your Mom has been in hysterics since last night. I practically had to drug her to get her to sleep! Did you really burn all the pictures?”

“I don’t have a mother. mersinescort She died 2 months ago!” I replied back trying to stay calm. Aunt Cindy didn’t deserve to have my anger taken out on her.

“That’s not funny Kevin!” She retorted.

“No, it isn’t. But it doesn’t make it any less the true. And yes I did burn it all. Why would I want pictures of me hanging in some strange woman’s house?”

“What the hell has gotten into you?”

“You should ask her that. Did you think maybe this isn’t about me or what I did but about her?” I asked with more pain in my voice then I intended.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Aunt Cindy asked.

“Did she tell you want happened?”

“She said,” Aunt Cindy started and then let out a sigh. “She said you walked in on her while she was having sex.

“Look, Kevin. I know you loved your dad, but your Mom can’t mourn him forever just for you.” Aunt Cindy tried to say with sympathy in her voice.

I couldn’t help it. I burst out laughing.

“Is that all she told you?” I asked as I kept laughing.

“Yes…” I could hear Aunt Cindy saying that as more of a question than an answer.

“It wasn’t that she was having sex, although it was fucking and not sex, but who she let fuck her.” I said.

“Wait…what…who?” I could hear the confusion in Aunt Cindy’s voice.

“Ask her, but don’t expect an answer.” I replied. “Her not willing to tell her best friend should tell you all you need to know and why Rachel will never see me again.”


“Anyway, I got to run. Oh, one other thing. Don’t give your phone to Rachel to call or text me. If you do, you will join her among the blocked and deleted. Alright?”

“Kevin, how can you…” Aunt Cindy started to ask.

“Once you get the full story, you will understand. If she will give it to you, that is.”

“Okay. I will call you tomorrow.” She said and we hung up.

On Wednesday, I snuck into the back of school to avoid Rachel again. After I checked in with the guidance counselor, I headed out. Just as I got to the door I heard my name on the PA asking me to come to the office. I guess Rachel got tired of waiting outside. Instead of going to the office I ran back to my car.

I started to drive back to my hotel in the other city when I remembered today was the day for Revenge 1.0 to start. I smiled as I did a u turn. I parked down the street from Marcus’s house in the opposite direction of the school. That way I could see him leave through the mirrors, but we wouldn’t see me.

Sure enough, at 9:30, Marcus left his place and started walking to school. I was kind of surprised he was walking and not taking his car. I waited for 15 minutes before I got out and started walking up to his place. My heart was racing. Just as I got his driveway, his father walked out. He stopped when he saw me.

“Here to do his laundry?” He asked. “Make sure to lock up and leave the key under the mat when you are done.”

The man then jumped in his car and left. I couldn’t believe I was having good luck for a change.

I walked into the house. I don’t know what I was expecting, but not for it to be so normal. I walked around, getting a layout of the place. It was easy to know what room was Marcus’s. It was the one of basketball players and naked women posters all over.

He had a small desk to the side that had a computer and a bunch of other things on it. It looked more like a dumping ground than an actual desk for use. But it did have what I was looking for.

On the side of the desk were 3 plastic containers. One was whey protein powder while the other two were pre-workout mix. One of the pre-workout mix containers had a tape on it that said pre-game. I carefully grab this one and unscrewed the lid.

I took the container and poured half into a zip lock back I brought with me. I took off the lid of the bottle of melatonin powder I had brought me. As I did I read the warning

“Will cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after consuming.”

I thought they should add “Don’t play in important sporting events” to the label.

I smiled as I poured the powder into the pre-workout mix. When it was relatively the same amount as before, I put the lid back on it and shook it for a few seconds to get everything mixed together. I reopened the lid. The melatonin powder mixed perfectly with the color and texture of the pre-workout mix. You couldn’t tell the difference.

As I put the container back in its place, I accidently bumped the mouse of Marcus’s computer. It sprang to life. I sat there for a second, before deciding to take a look. The idiot didn’t have password protection on.

There was a window still open from the last time he used it. The window was accessing a thumb drive attached to the computer. There were 4 folders listed. They were “Students”, “Teachers”, “MILFS”, and “Blackmail”.

I had a good idea which each folder contained. I clicked on the student one and there were other folders yenişehir escort listed by the names of female students. I picked one of the names randomly and opened it up. Sure enough it held video files. I didn’t have time to watch any of the video’s but I could guess what they were.

Revenge Plan 2.0 started to form in my head. I smiled for a split second. Then a thought occurred to me. I backed out of that folder and opened the MILF folder. I scrolled down. Sure enough there was one marked “SLS Mom.” I still remember the first time Marcus called me that before he graduated to calling me the scrawny little shit.

I was tempted to delete the folder. I realized if I did that Marcus would know I was here or had access to his thumb drive. And why should I protect Rachel when she not only wouldn’t protect me, but made things worse.

I pulled out my key chain that held a Yoda figure on it. I turned Yoda’s head to access my own hidden thumb drive. I put it in his computer and copied all the files. Then I put the computer back in sleep mode. I saw a piece of paper with some of his handwriting on it. I took a quick picture with my phone. If plan 2.0 was to work, I would need to forge his handwriting.

When that was done, I took a quick look around to make sure everything was in the same place as when I walked in. It was such a mess, I doubt Marcus would notice if something had moved. Just as I was about to leave I heard the front door open. I froze for a moment before moving into the closet to hide.

I saw a white woman walk into Marcus’s room and start picking up all his dirty laundry spread out across the floor. I didn’t recognize her. She was humming and sounded almost happy to be doing this.

My heart was beating so hard I am surprised she didn’t hear it. I waited till she walked out of the room. I heard her humming until she started down the stairs. I darted out of the closet and out of the house as quietly as I could. I then ran to my car and jumped in.

It wasn’t till I was a few blocks away that I started to relax. A smile grew on my lips. I let out a triumphant yell and slapped the steering wheel. Not only was I able to get away with my plan, but got more ammunition to use if I can. Now I just had to wait. Thankfully the first playoff game was tonight.

I hadn’t heard from Aunt Cindy since that first call. I figured either Rachel told her who she was fucking and Aunty Cindy didn’t know how to talk to me about it. Or Rachel, wouldn’t tell Cindy and Cindy figured it must be pretty bad. I was tempted to call her and ask, but I didn’t.

I went a little early to school the next day. I hung around a small group when I heard them talking about the game. I acted like I was on my phone so they wouldn’t notice me listening.

Sure enough, my plan worked. The basketball team lost their first playoff game in 4 years. All because of Marcus’s bad play. He missed most of his shots, made a number of bad passes including causing the game loosing shot.

I struggled to hide my smile as I walked to the guidance counselor’s office to do my check in. Once that was done, I again hurried out of the school when I heard my name called on the PA.

I went back to the hotel. I decided to get a gym membership and personal trainer. I was tired of the way I looked. I didn’t want to be scrawny anymore. I couldn’t do anything about my height but I could get stronger. Plus with not having to spend all day at school, I had plenty of time available.

Over the next 2 weeks, my plan worked to perfection. Marcus’s play on the basketball court continued to be the talk of the school. Instead of how good he was, like in years past, it was for how bad his play was.

The team just barely managed to win their first round series. It took overtime in the final game. Davis had stepped up and was the only reason the team won. They did better in the second round. Again, thanks to Davis, but it still took all 3 games to win. No series sweeps like in the past.

Before the regional finals started, the coach stripped Marcus of his captaincy of the team and took him off the starting rotation. I think it was the first time in his life he wasn’t a starter. He also started to loose some of the perks. I was starting to see him every morning when school first started. Before, he wouldn’t show up till second period. I knew his ego couldn’t handle it for too much longer.

Sure enough, on the Wednesday before the finals started, I was walking to the guidance counselor’s office for my normal check in. I saw Marcus and Davis arguing in the hall. They didn’t notice my presence.

As I passed, I heard a bit of the argument. Marcus was pissed that Davis was taking all of Marcus’s glory. Davis said Marcus was a shitty player, the team and school didn’t need him, and he deserved to be washing the team’s towels, not sitting on the bench. Then Davis laugh at Marcus and said Marcus wasn’t the big dick on campus anymore.

I got to the toroslar escort office just in time to turn and see Marcus shove Davis against the lockers. Marcus moved his hand back and threw a punch at Davis, but Davis moved. Marcus hit the steal beam separating the lockers instead. He howled in pain and grabbed his hand.

Davis started laughing and was soon joined by most of the students who were witnessing it. Davis then told Marcus it was no big loss for the team. That Marcus still had one good hand to fill up the water bottles. This was met by even more laughter.

Marcus started screaming at Davis and everyone. He yelled how the school was nothing without him. This was met with more laughter when Davis said Marcus was the best water boy they had ever had. Marcus said this wasn’t done and that he would get even with everyone.

I went into the office and sat down. I couldn’t help but smile. I had turned Marcus from the school hero to the school laughing stock. Even better, no one knew it was me. I realized that with Marcus’s last comment, I could put Revenge Plan 2.0 into effect.

I had been practicing his handwriting since I was at his house the first time. I thought I was pretty good at it by then. I had an envelope all ready to go. I just needed his thumb drive. I decide to go back to and get the original from his computer, rather than send mine.

I raced to his place. Thankfully I had everything ready. His dads car was already gone. I put on a pair of gloves and ran up to his house, checked the mat and grabbed the key that was hiding there. Once inside, I raced to his room and grabbed the thumb drive.

I made sure to lock the door and ran back to my car. I dropped the thumb drive in the envelope and the dropped that off in the mailbox closest to his place.

I couldn’t stop smiling as I drove to my hotel. Now I just had to sick back and wait for the world to catch fire and burn.

The basketball team ended up winning the regional championship and qualified for state. Marcus never saw the court. On the Tuesday before the state basketball championship tournament, I went to the school for what turned out to be the last time.

I went to the guidance counselor’s office and as I waited her computer dinged from a new email. I couldn’t help but see it was from Marcus. I had to see what he said so I moved around the desk and opened it up.

He said that another college had revoked their scholarship offer. He said he only had one college left that hadn’t done so yet. He said that he would come by her office after morning attendance, that he needed a good fuck to make it through the week.

I quickly marked the message as unread and sat back in the chair acting like nothing happened. When she finally walked in, she handed me a large envelop. I opened it up to see my diploma. She said congratulations. She also said that normally the principal would be here to give it to me but he was busy with something. She then looked at her computer and saw the message from Marcus. She then hurried me out of her office.

I slowly walked down the hall in shock. I finally had the last piece to my freedom. I had nothing left to tie me to this school or this town. It was time to move out west like I planned.

I was so got up in the moment that I walked out the front of the school instead of the back. When the sun hit my face, I realized where I was. I quickly looked around, but didn’t see Rachel or her SUV. I let out a sigh of relief and started to walked down the path.

When I got halfway down, a large convoy of SUV’s and van’s pulled up to the front of the school. A lot of men and women got out. All were dressed in suits. When some of them men, turned around to put their suit jackets on, I noticed they had shoulder holsters carrying handguns.

They all started towards the school. As the first person got close to me, he looked down at me and said I should probably head home. School was about to be closed.

I stepped to the side and started to smile. The spark had turned to fire, and the fire was about to burn everything!

I walked over to a shaded area that had a good view of the front of the school. I didn’t have to wait long. One by one teachers were led out of the school by two of the suits. Each in handcuffs.

The first were the principal and the vice principal. After that came the guidance counselor. Judging from the state of her clothing, she was caught in the act with Marcus.

My happiness turned to pure joy when Marcus was led out next. They were definitely caught in the act as his t-shirt hung around his neck and shoulders , but not his arms or torso. When he looked over at me, I couldn’t help but wave. Of course that set him off, telling and swearing at me until he was put into a waiting SUV

In the end 11 teachers were arrested and 4 other members of the basketball team. I stood there and watched each one taken and smiling the whole time. After it seemed done and the news crews started to show up, I left.

I went back to my hotel to drop off my diploma. Then I headed out for lunch. There was this little restaurant I enjoyed. The food was good, prices reasonable, but it was the one waitress that made the trip worth while.

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