My First Prostitute Ch. 02

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All characters are over the age of 18 and fictional.


Amanda lay down on the motel bed, naked, just as Kurt had instructed.

Kurt, naked as well, crawled on his hands and knees towards Amanda, until he was positioned beside her, on her right, leaning over her delectable body from above.

“Touch me,” Amanda whispered. Her eyes closed, head leaned back, deep into the pillow.

“Keep your eyes closed.” Kurt instructed.

“Okay, baby.”

With his left hand, Kurt reached out to touch Amanda’s right nipple—hard and pink—standing straight up in the frigid room. Amanda’s breath caught in her mouth. He pinched lightly. Amanda moaned under his touch.

Wetting his thumb and forefinger with his tongue, Kurt placed his fingers back on the nipple, spreading his spit, getting the entire nipple and areola wet.

Kurt’s cock rock hard between his knees as he hunkered over Amanda, playing with her tits.

“Get the other one wet,” Amanda told him.

Kurt did as she told, audibly spitting on the two fingers of his right hand. He reached over and began spreading the spit on Amanda’s right nipple—just as hard and pink, now wet from the spit in his mouth.

“Fuck, that feels so good.”

Amanda kept her eyes closed, moaning loudly as Kurt worked both her nipples with his hands—pinching, pulling, and rubbing them.

“How hard does this make your cock?” she asked.

“My cock never stopped being hard.” Kurt said.

“But how hard does this make it now?”

Kurt looked down at his cock.

“My cock is so red and hot right now, because your nipples get me so turned on. I can feel its heat between my legs. I can see precum starting to slowly bead in the slit. That’s how hard it makes me right now.”

“Mmm. I love it when you describe your cock to me.”

“You like that?”

“Yes. Describe what you are doing to me and then tell me how hot it makes you and your cock.”

Kurt took in her beautiful body.

“I’m moving my right hand down from your nipples, down, slowly across your belly, lightly circling your exposed belly button.”

Amanda’s breathing became slightly erratic.

“Keep going. Fuck, you are getting me so wet.”

Kurt moved his hand lower.

“I think I might need to check that out for myself.”

Kurt moved his hand down, over her pubic mound, which was lightly shaved, down to just above her exposed clitoris—which was hard, puffy, engorged, aroused to a point easily observable from where Kurt kneeled over her.

“I’m looking at your clit. It looks amazing. So hard. I’m licking my right index finger. I’m reaching down to rub my spit on your clit.”

Kurt did as he described, rubbing his warm spit on Amanda’s clit, spreading the warm liquid around in small circles that made her squirm under his hand. She began moaning loudly.

“I feel your hips buck under my finger. I’m looking down to your slit. I can see how wet I am making you. It’s starting to leak out slightly.”

Kurt stops rubbing her clit for a second, uses the two fingers of the same hand to gather up some of Amanda’s leaked wetness.

“You just felt me take some of your wetness off your lips.”

Amanda gasped at his touch down there.

“Fuck…” she said.

Kurt widened his legs a little on the bed; his hard cock sticking out now, strongly, just over her abdomen. He took his right hand and applied the wetness he took from Amanda’s pussy and began using it as lube on his sensitive shaft. He groaned loudly from the sudden pleasure the sensation of her wetness brought to his cock.

“I just used your wetness to lube up my hard cock, which is so red and veiny right now for you, it looks ready to explode.”

“Fuck, Kurt, that is so fucking bahis firmaları hot.”

“I’m stroking nice and slow.”

“Stroke it.”

“Your precum is mixing with my precum now.”

“Oh my God…”

“It feels so good, baby.”

“I want to touch myself now.”

“Go ahead, baby. Do you want to taste some of my precum?”

“Oh, yes, baby. Give me a taste.”

Amanda reached down with her right hand and started rubbing the hard nub of her clit. Kurt used the pad of his left index finger to dab a little of his precum off the tip of his cock.

“Here you go, girl,” Kurt said, rubbing the precum on Amanda’s lips with his finger tip. Amanda eagerly licked her lips and began sucking Kurt’s finger.

“Mmm, tastes so fucking good,” she said around Kurt’s finger, sucking it harder, like a cock.

Kurt continued stroking, watching Amanda as she rubbed her pussy.

“Keep rubbing. I’m gonna play with your feet, baby.” Kurt said while maneuvering around the bed to Amanda’s legs.

“Do it, baby,” Amanda said. “Keep stroking that cock for me, and keep telling me what you’re doing to me, and yourself.”

“I will.”

Kurt positioned his body at the foot of the hotel bed. He gathered up both of Amanda’s naked feet, brought them up to this face, his nose and mouth.

“My nose and mouth are about an inch from your toes.”

“Mmm,” Amanda moaned. “What do they smell like?”

“They smell so good. I smell lotion, a bit of sweat, but it only makes it that much sexier. To smell you like this, so intimate.”

“Oh, God, Kurt,” She intoned while rubbing her hardened clit, red and wet under her two right-hand fingers. “Put your tongue on them.”

Kurt did just as she instructed.

Her eyes still shut, Amanda felt Kurt’s wet tongue begin to explore the underside of each of her big toes. She felt his tongue drag slowly, up and down, before going side to side along each of her small toes.

“How do they taste, baby?”

“I love how your feet taste.”

“Are you still stroking for me?”

“Yes, I am.”

“I want you to take my feet and rub the head of your cock on the bottoms of my feet. I want to feel your precum smear.”

Kurt kept both of Amanda’s feet together, lowered them down to the head of his fully-erect cock, and began gently smearing the purple head up and down the bottom of first her left foot, then moved his cock over to her right, smearing what remained of his precum between two of her toes.

“I can feel you still stroking while you’re doing it,” Amanda said. “Fuck, that feels so amazing to know you’re stroking it so good for me while smearing so much precum. I get you really hot, don’t I?”

“You really do,” Kurt panted.

“Can I taste your cock again?”

“Yes, you can.”

Kurt moved around the bed to Amanda’s left, positioned his cock just above her mouth. Her eyes still shut.

“The head of my cock is just above your mouth.”


“Smell it.”

She sniffed loudly.

“How does it smell?”

“Like cum,” she said.

Amanda pursed her lips into a kissy face. Kurt lowered the head slightly, felt the skin just under the head of his cock meet her lips. She kissed it audibly. He almost purred at the contact. Then she opened her lips wider and began sucking it just as audibly. She didn’t take it into her mouth, instead she just sucked the sensitive skin below his head, worked it like she was intent on giving him a hickey. It felt amazing.

Kurt’s head fell back in ecstasy.

“Ohhh, Amanda…that feels so fucking good. I’ve never had someone do that to my cock before.”

She stopped sucking for a second.

“Good thing your precum leaked down this part of your shaft. I can taste it perfectly from here.”

Then she went back to sucking in that kaçak iddaa spot.

Kurt looked down to her pussy, watched her masturbate.

“I love watching your work yourself like that,” Kurt said.

“Mmmmm…” Amanda managed.

“Finger yourself.”

Amanda slowly pushed two fingers into her pussy, began pumping. Kurt heard the wet sounds she made; it was music to his ears.

“Pull your knees back, and put your feet in the air.”

She did as he instructed.

He grabbed her left foot, could still feel his precum, wet, on the bottom.

Kurt rubbed her foot while watching her pump inside herself. He just wanted contact with her feet, even if it wasn’t his mouth or nose. It felt good to touch them.

Amanda moved slightly below his cock, took the head into her mouth, started motioning her head up and down, sucking it hard. Incredible pressure was now centralized around the red, engorged head of his penis. Every few seconds he would hear a pop as his cock exited her vacuum, then she’d take his head back into her mouth and suck some more.

“I want to taste you while you’re doing that,” Kurt told her.

By laying down on his side on the bed, and grabbing hold of Amanda’s hips, Kurt pulled her pussy above his face as he shifted beneath her on the bed, setting up the familiar “69” position. Amanda sucked his cock the whole time this shifting of positions was taking place, never stopping. He admired her for that.

Kurt positioned her pussy over his mouth. For a second, he watched how it seemed to open for him—wet, pink, glistening with her precum. He took both of his thumbs, placed them on either side of her slit, and opened her pussy yet wider. His contact with her lips made Amanda moan, still sucking deeply up and down on his cock.

“I can smell how turned on you are,” he said.

He watched further as a small drop of her wetness collected into a droplet off her labia. It dripped down to his waiting mouth. Opening his mouth, Kurt extended his tongue, felt the drop land, then quickly, he lapped it up. It tasted sweet with a slight salty tang. Kurt licked his lips. Then finally moved his head towards the pink warmth awaiting his mouth.

Gathering his lips around Amanda’s clit, Kurt began sucking hard, then let go, sucking gently, then hard again. Grabbing her ass cheeks, he could feel her body rhythms change the moment his mouth was on her. Moving to the center of her pussy, Kurt moved his mouth even higher up, till his nose was just over her asshole. He sniffed, then sucked the bottom of her lips. Moved up further, started tonguing her taint. Moved up a little further, started tonguing her asshole.

Amanda pulled his cock from her mouth.

“Oh, yes,” she said, “don’t stop. I love how dirty you are.”

She glided her tongue down Kurt’s shaft, down to his balls, then, after pulling his legs back slightly at the thighs, his feet in the air, started tonguing his asshole just as he was tonguing hers.

They both panted with pleasure, tongues dancing little wet patterns over their most intimate of places.

Kurt spread her ass cheeks apart with his hands. Amanda did the same to him.

After a bit of that, Kurt moved his mouth back down to her clit.

“I’m going to make you cum,” he said. “I want us both to cum into each other’s mouths at the same time.”

“Mmm. Let’s do it. I’m ready.”

She took his cock back in her mouth, started stroking in sync with her up-and-down head movements.

Kurt returned his mouth over her clit, began sucking—alternating between hard and gentle. He pushed first one finger then another inside her. Pumped her rhythmically while sucking, always sucking her clit.

With his fingers inside, he could feel that she was ready to cum—had been, in fact, for a long time. He accelerated his pace.

“Oh, kaçak bahis god, keep going,” she said, slightly muffled, his cock in her mouth.

Amanda felt the heat coming off of Kurt’s cock, the slow contractions starting to work their way up from the base. He was ready to blow, she could feel it.

Kurt moaned against her clit as he sucked. His fingers still pumping, faster and faster.

Amanda stopped sucking. Propped up by one arm, she stroked his cock faster and faster with the other. She wanted to talk to him. She loved talking dirty to him. He had fast become her favorite and best client, all in one evening.

“Cum, baby. Do it. I want it in my mouth. Keep sucking my clit. I’m ready to cum in your mouth, too.”

Kurt did as she told him. He felt her starting to tighten around his two pumping fingers. Wetness started to leak around his knuckles, and over his sucking lips.

“Mmmmm…. fuck…you’re doing it…. you’re doing it, baby!”

And then, it happened. He felt her cum.

She almost appeared to roar out her pleasure.

Inside, her vaginal wall began tightening around his fingers, hugging them, then letting go in spasmodic pulses. Her pussy gave off new heat, and a more intense smell that delighted him. He wanted to bury his face in her wet, cumming pussy. As he did so, she bucked her hips up and down on his buried face. Moaning. Her hand never ceasing her up-and-down stroking movements, fast, concentrating at the most sensitive part of his shaft.

Now, it was his turn. He took his mouth from her still contracting clit.

“I’m gonna cum, too, baby…” he managed to pant.

“Do it here.”

She lowered her mouth and placed it over his head, starting sucking again, just the head, all while still stroking his shaft, now covered entirely in her spit. Kurt felt his orgasm build, then he felt it let go. All of it.

Flinging his head back violently against the mattress, Kurt groaned as he came in Amanda’s mouth. She moaned along with him, sucking up every drop of his cum. She felt the contractions of his cock along the entire length of his shaft. She felt how his head grow larger than smaller, larger than smaller, until his orgasm subsided.

Then she swallowed him Felt his load, hot and substantive, drip down her throat. She leaned back on her haunches as she did, pushing her pussy and asshole into Kurt’s face, he didn’t seem to mind—a look of contentment plastered on his face (along with much of her cum around his lips, mouth, and nose).

Lifting her leg up and over his Kurt’s head, Amanda turned herself around then settled down beside him on the bed, shoulder to shoulder. They both laid back, exhausted, wet, sweaty, but satisfied.

Amanda turned to face Kurt; Kurt looked her deep in the eyes.

Before he could speak, just as he opened his mouth to do so, Amanda beat him to it the punch.

“What’s your take on repeat business?” she asked.

Kurt smiled.

“You took the thought right from my mouth.”

“Next time we 69, we come together, okay?”

“Next time,” he said, “for sure. At the same time.”

“Definitely, a plan.”

And Kurt smiled even wider. He had every intention of making these motel rendezvous with Amanda a regular part of his near future.

They both sighed in unison, looking deep into one another’s eyes.

He had found his first and last prostitute, there was no getting better from here. And she had found her last client, there was no point in taking money from anyone else.

Taking her into his arms, Kurt calculated when he could afford to see her again. And while nestled there, Amanda wondered how she could take this man’s money, when she felt something warm blooming in her chest, beneath where his hand rested on her collar bone. Something that might change everything in her life as she currently knew it.

Something that scared her, but also made her feel like floating from the bed, flying high above her circumstances, and taking Kurt along for the ride.

(To be continued…)

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