My Pleasure As Well As His

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Recently I met a man in person who I have been talking to online for some time. This was a little scary, everyone hears the horror stories, but it turned out to be quite nice. We met for dinner at a nice restaurant, had a few drinks then headed back to my place. We had shared pictures online and through text messages and surprisingly he looked exactly like the photos. He was very handsome and I was looking forward to this night.

We get back to my place, fix a couple drinks turn on some music and relax on the couch. My eyes keep wondering over his body, wondering what treasure lies beneath. My mouth is watering for a taste of him. I notice his eyes are wondering too, sliding over the large amount of cleavage showing from the blouse I chose to wear tonight. I have large breast, D cup, so the cleavage is deep. The hungry look in his eyes makes me want him more.

I decide to make the first move and lean in for a kiss. Lightly at first, my lips barely brush across his. I feel his hand slide into my hair at the back of my neck as he pulls me closer deepening the kiss. I feel his tongue slide along my lips, searching for entrance. I part my lips happy to give him entrance as he slides his tongue into my mouth. We kiss passionately, tongues sliding over each other in an erotic dance. His taste is addictive and I am hungry for more.

I break the kiss, sliding my lips across his cheek to his ear. I take the lobe in my mouth gently sucking. My hands marmaris escort roam down over his chest reaching down and pulling his shirt from his pants. I release his ear, running my tongue just behind the lobe. I start kissing a trail down his neck, licking and sucking on the tender flesh. I start to unbutton his shirt as I continue to taste his skin. As I undo the last button, I push the shirt off his shoulders and down his arms. I kiss down over his collarbone, my hands skimming over his chest lightly and down both arms. I move lower leaving a trail of warm wet kisses as I continue my exploration of his body. I kiss my way over to one flat nipple, running my tongue around then over his nipple. I move to the other side, swirling my tongue around and over that nipple as well. I kiss down over his stomach until I reach the top of his jeans.

I slide off the couch, kneeling in front of him. I reach up to unbutton his pants and slide down the zipper, lightly running my fingers along the waist of his underwear. I hook my fingers inside his jeans and start to tug; he raises his hips to allow me to pull them down over his hips, taking the boxers with them. As I pull them down his erection springs free to lie against his stomach. I lick my lips as I pull the pants all the way off and toss them to the side. I run my hands up his calves; I slide my hands up the inside of his thighs, pushing his legs further apart. As I slide my hands lightly over his thighs, I look marmaris escort bayan up at his face; he is watching me so intently. His eyes are hooded, lips slightly parted, the anticipation clearly showing on his face. That intense look only serves to turn me on more and drive me forward.

I lean forward, running my tongue along the crease of his leg and up to his hip bone. I move to the other side and repeat the action. I place my hands on both sides of his inner thighs as I run my tongue lightly over his balls. I start at the base of his hard cock, sliding my tongue up the length of his erection. I run my tongue along the tip, tasting that small drop of pre-cum. With my hands still on his thighs, I take the head of his cock slowly into my mouth, swirling my tongue around over and under the head. I gently suck and continue swirling my tongue as I take him further into my mouth. I continue to draw him in and out of my mouth, taking him deeper down my throat each time. I can hear his moans as I feel his hands move into my hair,, holding my head as his hips start to thrust forward. The more he moans and loses control the more turned on I become. I want to taste more of him.

I pull back letting his cock slide out of my mouth. He releases my hair as I move down to run my tongue over his balls, taking them gently in my mouth sucking them lightly. I urge him forward on the couch and reach up to take his cock in my hands for the first time. I wrap my escort marmaris hand around his thick shaft, sliding it up and down. I run my tongue over his sac again before moving lower. I push his legs further apart with my free hand and run my tongue down until I reach his ass hole. I stroke his cock as I run my tongue over and around that tight little hole. I swirl my tongue around rimming him as I continue to stroke him. I can hear him moaning.

I move back up running my tongue up and over his balls again. I take him back into my mouth, taking him deep, tongue swirling over the head and down the sides. He grabs my head again, as his hips start to thrust upward, driving his cock farther down my throat with each thrust. His groans and moans get louder as his hips move faster. I run my nails gently over his balls, feeling them start to tighten. I know he is close and I start to suck harder. He grips my head harder, I hear him moan again, saying he is about to cum. He thrust his hips up, as I comedown taking his cock deep in my mouth, his hands tighten in my hair, and he starts to moan as I feel his release shoot down the back of my throat. He holds my head still; I can feel his body tremble with his climax. I hold him in my mouth until I am sure he has completely emptied himself before pulling back enough to swallow, sliding back down a little to ensure I catch every drop. He releases my head and I pull back, kissing the inside of each thigh as I sit back and look up at his smiling face, knowing how much he enjoyed what I just finished doing to him. It gives me such a rush of excitement to see that look of pleasure on his face. I’m definitely not finished with him tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32