My Sex Life Ch. 16

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Chapter 16: Another Excuse To Avoid Revising

Yet again, the mindless boredom of endless revision got too much for me to endure.

I was meant to be revising for my Chemistry exam on Friday but it was such a nice day and I really couldn’t be arsed. Instead, I met up again with Scot and spent much of the afternoon getting myself well and truly arsed (if you catch my drift).

We met up at his flat and things proceeded pretty much as you’d have expected and much the same as they have on the previous occasions that we’ve got together. To cut a long story short, I rang the door-bell and I was in his bedroom and on my knees, sucking hungrily on his cock almost before the front door had closed behind me.

There was no subtlety involved; Scot simply sat down on the edge of his bed, unzipping his jeans and taking out his cock as I knelt on the floor between his legs. As soon as we were in position, I had his cock in my mouth and was sucking hard as he grabbed my head, forcing himself deep into the back of my throat as he gave my mouth a sound fucking.

It didn’t take more than a few minutes to bring him to the boil. I’d hardly even got in to my stride when Scot began to groan and I was swallowing his load, gulping it down in much the same way someone dying of thirst would attack a glass of water. He drove his cock deep into the back of my throat as he came, almost causing me to choke. I used my fingers to milk his cock, squeezing his cum into my mouth, savouring its rich flavour before swallowing it down.

After that, Scot managed to say “hello” and moments later, he had me naked, on his bed with his head between my thighs and was giving me a serious tonguing.

I was obviously just as worked up as he had been as I was cumming after only a few minutes. Moaning loudly as bolts of pleasure coursed through me, I pulled his head towards me, increasing the pressure of his tongue against my clit.

Once Scot had brought me to a couple of rapid climaxes, he slowed down and began to take things a little easier.

As he licked me, he had his fingers sliding in and out of first, my pussy, then my arse and then both, causing me to come again. I was lost in the intensity of the sensations, turning the air blue as I screamed obscenities, urging him on and on before demanding to be fucked hard.

One of the great things about Scot is he has a very short recovery time and, before too much longer, his cock was inside trabzon escort me, giving my pussy a bloody good pummelling (bliss!!!).

The walls of my cunt gripped Scot’s cock as he thrust it into me with increasing force. “Harder!” I screamed as his cock filled me, “Fuck me harder!”

I’m not sure if it was actually possible for Scot to fuck me any harder than he was at that moment but he continued to pound my pussy mercilessly as I urged him on, raking my nails down his back and digging my fingers into his buttocks.

We rolled over after a bit and I rode his cock as he propped himself up on his elbows and set to work on my tits. This, of course, had me cumming again almost instantly and I was becoming even more vocal (if that was at all possible) as the intensity of my climaxes rose higher and higher each time.

With my orgasms draining my energy, I climbed off him and got on all fours so he could take me doggy-style but Scot had other ideas. Instead of my pussy, he started to work his cock into my back-passage and, before long, he was fucking my arse with almost as much force as he’d pounded my pussy.

As he pumped in and out, I fingered my clit and, surprise, surprise, before I knew it, I was cumming again.

Scot didn’t last much longer. With his balls slapping against my pussy lips, he heaved inside me and started to cum.

When he was spent, he pulled out, disposed of his condom and we snuggled up for a bit.

Once we recovered, we got showered and dressed and went for a drive down to Gullane. The weather was great but, on close inspection, the water was just a little too cold for anything more than just quickly dipping a toe in. Instead, after about half an hour of just enjoying the sun, we decided to look for somewhere a little more secluded. It took about 20 minutes to find a spot that we thought was just about right.

We put Scot’s car blanket on the ground and, before very much longer, I had his cock in my mouth again. I wasn’t in a hurry this time and, since Scot had already spent two loads, he wasn’t likely to be cumming anytime soon so I just took it easy and enjoyed it. Suffice to say, Scot enjoyed it as well and was fingering my (still) wet pussy as I sucked him (somehow, I’d forgotten to put my knickers back on when we’d got dressed back at his).

When, my mouth finally began to get a bit sore, I dug a condom out of my bag, rolled it on his cock, moved up to straddle trabzon escort bayan him, hitched up my skirt (although given it’s (lack of) length, it didn’t take much hitching) and impaled myself on his dick.

Maybe it was the heat, or the fact that we were outdoors, or perhaps it was the fact that at any moment, someone could come walking over the dunes and catch us but it felt even better this time.

Despite the ‘danger’ we were in no rush and just took it at a relaxed and leisurely pace. I only came once this time but it was a biggie!! I think the fact that I wasn’t able to make too much noise just made it even more powerful.

This time, just as Scot was about to cum, I slipped off, disposed of the offending bit of rubber and took him in my mouth again. Despite it being his third, the load he shot into my mouth was still a respectable size.

I should point out, in case you hadn’t realised by now, that I’m a bit of a cum addict. It seems such a waste to have it shot, unwanted, into a condom so I have a habit of finishing guys off with my mouth. Strangely enough, most guys seem to like this.

Anyway, I digress.

I sucked him dry then licked him clean before tucking his cock back into his jeans, pulling my skirt down a little and stretched out to enjoy the sun.

We stopped at Luca’s in Musselburgh on the way home for an ice-cream (Scot’s treat) then, when we were back at his, we went for it one more time.

Since he hadn’t gone down on me when we were at the beach, he more than made up for it when we were back at his.

Scot didn’t even wait for me to get undressed; in fact, we didn’t even make it into the bedroom. Scot had me on my back, on the floor of the hallway, with my skirt hitched up around my waist and his head between my thighs as soon as the door was closed. The hall carpet was rough against my bare arse cheeks as I squirmed in response to the touch of his tongue against my lips.

I pulled up my top and began to play with my tits, squeezing my nipples as Scot licked and finger-fucked my pussy. My cunt flexed around his fingers as he drove them into me; my clit throbbed as his tongue beat rapidly against it.

“Yes! Oh fuck, yes!” I heard myself moan as I surrendered myself to the pleasure Scot was giving me.

Every now and then he would pull his fingers from my quivering pussy and lift them to my tits, anointing my nipples with my juices. I’d massage escort trabzon my juices into my skin as his fingers returned to my hot, wet hole.

From time to time, Scot would suck my clit between his lips, flicking its tip with his tongue as he twisted his fingers inside me. Every touch, every flick and lick of his tongue, every thrust and twist of his fingers turned me on more and more.

Soon I was cumming hard, moaning loudly as my body shook. “D… Don’t stop! Ohhh! Ohhh fuck, don’t stop!” I demanded as his tongue worked its magic on my tender clit.

As it turned out, Scot had no intention of stopping. In addition to the fingers that were fucking my tender pussy, Scot worked two more into my arse. “Oh! Ohhh! Ohhhhh fuck!!!” I cried as my hips bucked, forcing his fingers even more deeply inside me.

My clit ached. My womb shuddered as each contraction gripped it. With my eyes screwed tightly shut, my head tossed from side to side as my climax increased in strength. “Fuck me, Scot!” I demanded, “I want to feel your cock inside me!”

Unfortunately, Scot was having a little trouble getting hard again so, with me struggling to control my climax tormented body, we somehow got into a 69 and I found the strength to suck him back to life.

This time, my pussy hardly even got a look in. We staggered through to his bedroom and Scot had a few stokes inside me to get his cock lubed up. He added some KY and before I could say “Stick your cock in my arse!” he had his cock in my arse again.

I fingered myself to another orgasm as Scot pounded my back-passage with his cock. As he thrust, his balls slapped against my enflamed pussy lip, heightening my sensations.

“Harder!” I demanded between my moans, “Ohhh Scot! F… Fuck me h… harder! F… Fuck my arse! F… Fuck it h… hard! Ohhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm.”

I’m not sure where Scot found the strength from but, somehow, he managed to respond to my urgings. Breathing hard, he rammed his cock deep into my back-passage, battering my arsehole with his cock.

I have to say, this time he did struggle and actually had to add some more lube at one point. Not that I minded, I was still enjoying it and it just meant I got to enjoy it for longer, playing with my clit as his cock slid in and out of my backdoor.

He did, finally, manage to cum again and, this time, he was pretty well exhausted and I was more than a little bit tender. Still, it had been worth it. It banished my frustration and I was able (more or less) to concentrate on my revision again when I got back to it that evening although, my mind did keep wandering from time to time; and I did have to make use of the services of a very soft cushion as I sat at my desk.

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