My Sister Changes Our Lives

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I guess I should start at the point our parents decided to see the world. I was 21 and my sister was 24 at the time when we were told here’s what you get in inheritance. Either you make good with it or you sink, its up to you two.

I think it was 4 days later they got on a cruise liner and headed around the world and we haven’t seen them since. I do have to say our parents were ever close to either of us and seem to only think of themselves as we grew up. My inheritance was 2 million and my sister got half a million. Don’t ask me why they did that but they did and it put a wall between my sister and me for a few years.

I bought a dealership that was having big time troubles and began selling a different make of autos and it started making money to where I opened a second dealership across town selling a different make again.

My sister become a massage therapist and was doing well herself. I had told her that it pissed me off what our parents did and if she ever wanted or needed the 750,000 that I thought she was shorted, that I had it set aside drawing interest for her rainy day.

I got married soon after I bought the first dealership and we have been very happy with a good love life if you ask me. On average we make love 3 or 4 times a week but have decided to hold off to start a family for a few years anyway.

My sister and me got back on speaking terms after I told her what I thought of what mom and dad did to her wrong in everyway. The only thing that really bugged me about my sister was she liked biker type guys and her last one was a real asshole.

I mean the guy had been in jail twice for selling drugs and as far as I know ever had a job in his life. Well back in Oct. we got a call from a woman who told us my sister had been beaten very badly by her boyfriend and was in the hospital.

I went to the hospital and found what the drugged out asshole had broken all but one of her fingers, both her thumbs and most the bones in the back of her hands.

I also found out that he was spun out on crack and got mad at her cause she worked on guys in her job and wanted her to quit her job. She had refused and this is what he did to her. Well hell some of her clients are well known sport figures who used her to help with muscle cramps and things like that.

She got away from her biker and the cops şişli grup yapan escort got called, and when they showed up this jackass started shooting at the officers and ended up being shot and killed by the officers. They said he had so much crack in his system they didn’t understand how he could even stand let alone point a gun.

All I can say is, I wont be losing any sleep over his death.

Anyway my sister needed a lot of help when she was released from the hospital and I moved her in with us. After her hands had healed to the point she could be on her own I got her a condo and set it up for her.

I do have to say it was the first time we were getting along with each other, and my wife found a new best friend in my sister. They seem to be together all the time.

My sister didn’t know yet if she would ever be able to do what she was trained to do ever again. She still was having a lot of pain in her hands and fingers.

By the new year I noticed that my wife didn’t seem to need as much time with me in bed and was more than happy if we only made love once a week. I wondered why she changed so quickly with her needs and I found I was not getting what I needed to keep me happy in the bedroom. I hoped it was just a pasting thing, after all women can change at a blink of an eye.

By the end of January my sister moved in with us giving up on her condo which made sense seeing how she only went there to sleep and spent all her waking hours with my wife.

I don’t normally come home during the day but I wasn’t feeling to good and decided to knock off early and head home. It was the 3rd of Feb.

I walked in to the house and it was dark, like no one was home but both my wife’s and my sister’s cars were in the driveway and they aren’t what you would call walkers when they can drive so I wondered what was up.

I walked all around the lower levels and no sign of them anywhere. I headed up stairs and when I got to the top I heard “Lick it harder, oh fuck am coming again, here I cum, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS.”

That was my wife’s voice and my first thought was she was with some guy and started for our bedroom.

Just as I got to the door I heard my sister “Dam girl you almost drowned me with all that cum.” I froze on the spot and peeped around the door seeing şişli masöz escort them both naked and my wife trying to catch her breathe as she sat on my sister’s chest facing her feet in a classic 69 position.

As I watched my wife bent down and put her head between my sister’s legs and soon my sister start saying “Fuck I love your tongue, oh ya sweetheart just a little harder and your fingers use your fingers.” She let out a loud groan and said “Finger my ass, come on harder, fuck my ass with your fingers.”

It wasn’t too long and my sister was coming in my wife’s face. I decided it wasn’t the time to make a scene so I headed back to my car and drove around thinking about what I just saw. Did this mean I’m married to a lesbian or was she just bi and kept it from me all these years. And my sister, what the FUCK is up with her.

I drove home at my normal time with my stomach rolling in knots. I didn’t know if it was cause I had the flu or was it cause of what I saw going on or both.

I walked in and my wife and sister were sitting in the living room looking at me and the first thought was they are going to tell me they are in love and they wanted me gone.

My wife said “HI honey, how was your day sweetheart?”

I told her that I may have the touch of the flu and asked how her day went and did she do anything out of the normal? She said “No I spent the day with your sister and we had a lot of fun did we?” Looking at my sister.

My sister said “I just love your wife and can’t seem to get enough of her, I could just eat her up.”

My wife’s eyes went wide with that remark but I didn’t let on I knew anything.

My wife asked if I felt like maybe some soup for dinner instead of anything to heavy. I said it sounded good and she went to make some leaving me alone with my sister.

My sister said “I’m sorry you’re not feeling to good and I can’t tell you how much both of you two mean to me. I love both of you with all my heart, you know that don’t you?”

I thought, well I know how much you love my wife but said “We feel the same way about you too and we love having you here with us.”

My sister has never been one to beat around a brush and just come right out and said “Brother I want you to know that your wife and me are lovers. But before you say anything şişli otele gelen escort I have some things to say so please just listen to me first ok?”

I went to say something and she held her hand up to stop me. Don’t ask me why but I wondered if those were the fingers she had up my wife’s ass a few hour ago.

She started by saying how much she appreciated every thing that we have done for her and she didn’t want to hide what was going on between her and my wife and that she had something she wanted to ask me if I would let her.

I told her to go on and she said “Brother did you know I had a crush on you when we were growing up?” I shook my head no and she went saying “Well I did and still do and your wife and me want to know if you think our plan will work for us all? Do you want to hear what we have been thinking about asking you?”

I was totally confused but said for her to go ahead and lay it on me as I thought you can’t shock me anymore than I’ve already been shocked today.

She said “We think that your king size bed is just the right size for 3 people and what would you say if I told you that we both want to make love to you bro?”

I never even had a clue that’s what she was about to hit with, but she is someone I jacked off to a lot when I was a lot younger and a few times in her dirty panties as well. I didn’t have any idea she had a crush on me but in my dreams I made love to her hundreds of times.

I said “I find you one of the sexiest woman I have ever known but what you are saying or should I say asking for is called incest. Have you ever thought about that part of what you are saying?”

She smiled and said “That is one of the many turn-ons I find in asking you, plus I think you are very sexy yourself bro, so what about you, what do you think?”

I decided to come clean and said “I bet you didn’t know I jacked myself off so much dreaming of you in my bed that my dick was almost raw, and with you being my sister is even kinkier I think.”

My wife walked back in the room with my chicken noodle soup and said “So what have you two been talking about?” As she set a tray with the soup on my lap sitting down beside me.

I said “My sister wants us to all sleep together in our king size bed from now on and I think I’m ok with it if you are?”

My wife jumped up coming over to give me a hug and a kiss dumping some of the soup on my leg burning me. That was ok with me cause that night I had two sexy women kissing my owie all better.

I sure wasn’t too sure how this was going to work out but so far we all seem to be very happy with the set up and I now have sex almost every night, what could be better.

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