My Sister-in-law

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To better understand this experience that I’m going to tell you about, you need a little background. My name is Jason and I live in Denver. I’m in my early 40’s, and would be considered average if it weren’t for my being disabled and in a wheelchair following an accident. Now there are some good parts to being paralyzed. When I take two of my little blue friends (VIAGRA), and give things a little stimulation I can stay hard as a rock for about 2 hours. Unfortunately because of my injury I don’t cum, nor do I have any feeling, but it’s great to be able to fuck and be sucked for that long without “busting a nut”. I had also been married before my accident and was still very close to my ex-wife and her family of 12 brothers and sisters. One of my ex’s older sisters, Jennifer had always been my favorite.

We got along better then my wife and I did. We just seemed to like the same things. Her husband had left her years before and she just didn’t seem to want to give her heart to anybody and get burned again. Jennifer spent a lot of time with us to keep the blues away and I loved having her around to do things with. Jennifer is 6 years older then me, 5’7″ about 125lbs. with a real nice body. Not a 20 year olds frame but the kind of body you just love to dance with and hold on to. I always made sure to tell her what a nicely shaped ass she had and really nice, firm 36B breasts. We always flirted and didn’t think anything of it, after all this was my sister-in-law. Since my accident and my wife and I splitting up Jennifer and I have become best friends supporting each other and that’s how this all began. Jennifer would come over on the weekends to help me with things like cooking and cleaning. She was great company as well as a big help to keep my life together.

Many a night she would lay next to me in bed or if I sat on the end of the couch she would lay down with her head on my lap and we would watch movies or just listen to the stereo and talk. It was very comforting. It was Saturday Oct. 14th. I never would have thought the day would end the way it did. My luck just isn’t that good, but you live and learn. Jennifer and I had spent the day shopping and doing all kinds of domestic things. Jennifer always said she could take care of her little 4 room apartment during the week and enjoyed being with and helping me on the weekends. Who was I to argue. As the day got later and we had finished dinner Jennifer suggested that I get myself cleaned up and throw myself into bed to watch a movie while she cleaned up. It was about 8:30pm so I did as I was told. I fethiye escort went and washed up, got myself out of my wheelchair and into bed. I always sleep in the nude because it’s hard enough to get cloths off, I’m not going to fight to get more on just to sleep in. I just cover myself up with a blanket.

Not soon after I was laid out and flicking through the channels Jennifer came in with a movie and a bottle of wine. She was wearing flannel boxers with a matching top that came to about her belly button. Not what you would call “I want to get laid” nightwear, but it looked real cute on her. The boxers were tight enough to show of that great ass and the top was just a loose fitting pull over. What did shock me was the movie, the uncut “Harry & June”, a romantic film from Europe with a lot of sex. We usually watched action or comedy movies. I asked Jennifer if she knew about this movies content and she told me that the video store manager assured her she would like it. Jennifer filled two glasses of wine, throw in the movie and climbed into bed. The movie was going along nicely and Jennifer seemed happy just laying next to me with her head on my chest and me rubbing her shoulders and back. Jennifer was laying on top of the blanket and I could see here open hand rubbing my legs a little as the movie went on. As the movie went on I was getting horny and I thought to myself that it’s a good thing I don’t just get hard by sight alone or I’d be exposing my feelings to Jennifer.

As it turns out she must have been reading my mind because she asked me if the movie excited me. I thought to myself it can’t hurt anything to just be as open as she want’s me to be and see why she was asking. I told her that if I could get a hard-on she would have to beat it down so she could see the TV screen past it. Turning around a little and laughing she said “What do you mean, if you could” I thought you could get hard? Yes, if I take my little blue friend and work on it. You mean the Viagra in your side table drawer? Yes, I said not knowing that she had every been in that drawer. If I take two and wait a while things work real well, kinda. What do you mean “kinda” she asked seemingly interested. Again being open to her, I said if I stroke it some it gets hard for about 2 hours but I don’t cum no matter how hard you work it. At this point she stopped the movie and turned to talk face to face. She sat with her legs crossed like an Indian and to my surprise I could see she was not wearing any panties. I was getting hornier and was not going to stop till I found out how far this escort fethiye was going to go.

I then explained that I can get hard but I can’t cum or really feel anything, it’s all visual except for what I do for my partner to satisfy them. And what would that be she said with a big grin? Well, a hard cock that last 2 hours is not that easy to find and nobody eats pussy like I do. I said with a smile. At this point I wanted to show Jennifer that I could follow through so without stopping to think, I asked her if she was up to finding out if I was being truthful. With that she leaned forward and kissed me like a woman in lust. Without missing a beat she sat on my lap and reached into the side table drawer pulling out the bottle of pills. Looking me in the eye she said “you said 2 of these”? Along with a little stimulation I said. Jennifer said to leave that to her to take care of. She handed me 2 pills and my glass of wine. Jennifer slipped off her PJ top to show me one of the nicest set of tits I had ever seen. Jennifer told me it had been years since she had done more the just masturbate and to just work with her. I told her to take her time and enjoy herself. I took one breast into each hand and started rubbing her nipples which became rock hard in no time at all. Jennifer must have enjoyed the feeling just by the sounds she was making and the way she was moving her hips. I sucked on each nipple a little while sliding my fingers under the legs of her shorts. Her pussy was soft, hot, and very wet.

I just ran my fingers along her pussy lips making sure not to touch her clit, not yet, I had other plans. I told Jennifer to remove her bottoms and swing around to sit on my face. Without hesitation she did as I asked removing my blanket at the same time. I told her to just relax and while I did my thing to just start playing with my cock. I told her that as it started to get hard to suck on it as hard as she could, even to bite on it to get it to it’s hardness. She listened to everything I said and was eager to see how hard it could get. I kept myself busy eating that wonderful pussy. Her pubic hair was very soft, a light redish brown color, it held her juices right in place to increase the fun I was having. I took my fingers and spread her lips apart. I just went from one side to the other licking and sucking on both her inner and outer lips, never touching her clit, that I could see was getting larger as I contained eating away. I could hear her sucking hard on my cock now so the pills must have started working. I stopped sucking when I heard her say fethiye escort bayan something about how hard it had gotten and that she couldn’t wait to fuck herself silly. I laughed and said that I’ll do everything I can to help. With that, knowing that she was totally into it, I took her clit into my teeth and lightly bit down and sucked hard on it. That was it she started grinding into my face and screaming “I’m cumming, I’m cumming”.

I just kept up with what I was doing and loving every minute of it. As she relaxed following what seemed to be a dozen mind blowing orgasms I slowly licked up the puddle of cum she left for me. This was true heaven and I knew we had just started the evening. After catching her breath Jennifer turned around and slid down between my legs. She slowly started sucking my cock while I watched. I never knew she enjoyed sucking cock but she surely knew what she was doing. I watched her suck my balls one at a time and then deep throating my cock till her nose was deep in my pubic hair. You could tell how hard she was sucking by the why her cheeks caved in. She later told me that she was going to suck some cum out of me one way or the other. Jennifer then slid up my body until we were back in a lustful kiss. Jennifer reached down and put my cock head into her hot, wet pussy in one fast movement. She just started rocking up and down. You could hear the wet slapping sounds that come from a good fucking and we were both enjoying this evening. After fucking this way for awhile Jennifer lifted herself off my cock, she turned around and sat back down on my face. She just sat there not moving just breathing heavy.

Then she started to rock forward and I had a clear view of her pussy again, and started to eat away even more then before. She reached back and started rubbing her clit at the same speed that she was sucking me and within about 5 minutes she started cumming again. That seemed to be all that Jennifer could take and she just rolled over next to me with that happy happy, joy joy, smile. We just held each other for awhile and looked over at the clock. It had been almost 90 minutes that we spent treating each other. Jennifer just smiled and said that as much as she wanted me to cum it was nice to be able to fuck that long, even though she was sore from stem to stern. Jennifer said she had wanted to do this for years and was sorry she had waited so long. I told her I felt the same way and that I hope we can do this again sometime. Jennifer smiled and said we have to because she loves cum and was going to be the first to make me cum or knock herself out trying, which was fine by me. After about a month together Jennifer moved in with me and we are working on making me cum as much as possible. Best of all, her family is happy for us.

Life is great…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32