My Week Of Being Unfaithful Ch. 01

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I had been seeing Becky for two years and the time had finally come to give up my bachelor flat – we’d decided to buy a house together. I had to admit it would be a sad occasion in some respects, but I was looking forward to it too – I loved Becky and wanted to be with her all the time. Having said that though, I thought it would be a shame not to catch up with a few people before we moved in together – after all it might be more awkward with Becky around all the time. The first person I called was Tricia.

Tricia and I had gone out with each other for a year or so, and in that time we had driven each other mad but had the most amazing sex life too. She was at college in those days, fairly young and innocent but very willing to try new things. Now she was 22, living and working in London and had a new boyfriend. We’d kept in touch, birthday cards and so on, but I hadn’t seen her for over a year, and I had to admit I didn’t think she’d want to come down to see me. However, she seemed really pleased that I’d called, we had a good chat and made plans to meet in a pub close to Guildford railway station the next Wednesday night. I told Becky I’d be at football training that night…..

I arrived at the pub just before eight, expecting Tricia to be there around ten past, which was when the train was supposed to arrive. I ordered a pint and sat at a table by the window, relaxing after my day at work and looking forward to the evening. I hadn’t even noticed the couple of girls sitting at the next table until one of them called out to me: “On your own this evening then?”

“At the moment”, I replied, “but my friend should be here in a few minutes.”

“Well come and join us for a drink for a few minutes” the other girl called back, and they both giggled to each other. Fair enough, I decided, and picked up my drink and moved tables.

They were called Clara and Alex, they were both eighteen years old and were out celebrating the end of their ‘A’ levels. They were both dressed casually in jeans and t-shirts, Alex was tall and blonde, with a wicked smile and a small tattoo I could see part of on her left breast, but for me Clara was even more gorgeous – she was dark and serious looking, deep brown eyes emerging from under long black hair which partially covered her face. They’d both clearly had a few drinks, but weren’t drunk, although Alex told me they certainly would be later! It was amazing how quickly we fell into a conversation, and it wasn’t until my mobile phone rang that I realised that Tricia was pretty late. It was her – the train had been delayed and she wouldn’t be in Guildford for another twenty minutes or so.

I told her that I was just starting to get worried, to which Alex laughed out loud. “Sounds like there’s a party going on in there,” said Tricia, “I’d better tell the train driver to get a move on or I’ll miss it!”

Clara and Alex laughed when I told them who the friend I was waiting for was. “Oh, she’ll definitely want to have sex tonight,” Clara said, “you don’t come all this way for a midweek rendevous with your ex boyfriend for nothing!” I was heartened by this, of course – this was what I’d planned but I wasn’t sure if Tricia would see it that way. Having said that though, I was thinking about seeing a bit more of my two current companions too now…..

We got to discussing the following weekend, and the girls said they were out on the town again. They were into dancing, and thought that Mambo’s would be the place to be on Friday night. I had already planned a night out with my mate Steve for then, and told them that we’d maybe see them in there. “Excellent,” said Alex, “just a case of who gets who then!” We all laughed, and I was a bit upset that this was the moment Tricia chose to walk through the door, as it was a bit uncomfortable for me to stand up and greet her.

She was a bit travel weary, but laughed when I walked back from the bar with her to the table bearing her glass of wine. “Might have known you’d be chatting up girls again,” she said, as I introduced her. Tricia said she could do with some food, so we decided to move on to the pub round the corner, which served reasonable meals until fairly late. Clara and Alex put on pouts of disappointment, but I think they were joking. Anyway, I told them I’d enjoyed meeting them, and maybe would see them on Friday, and hoped they enjoyed the trabzon escort rest of the night.

“You enjoy the rest of the night too, you naughty boy,” called Alex, as Tricia and I left the pub.

Tricia and I had a nice bite to eat over a bottle of wine, and then another bottle of wine. The conversation flowed, and I found myself really enjoying her company again. She was looking good too, she’d cut her hair pretty short and had it highlighted and her eyes shone full of life, she was dressed in a short black skirt and white shirt that was opened a couple of buttons lower than it would have been when she was at the office, and she smiled often, looking me directly in the eyes. I wasn’t sure if she was intending to get the train back tonight or not, but it was getting towards closing time at the pub and if she was going to go back it would have to be soon. “So what are you doing tonight then,” I asked, “because if you don’t fancy getting the train back you can always stay at mine and go back in the morning.”

“Ooh, what would your girlfriend say?” she replied, with a knowing smile.

“Well if you don’t tell her I won’t tell your boyfriend,” I countered, “Fair enough?”

“Sounds good to me,” Tricia said, “Come on, I think I’ve had enough wine, and if I didn’t know better I’d suggest that you were trying to get me drunk!”

“As if!” I protested, offering my hand to pull her out of the chair. She accepted and I pulled her close to me. “Come back to mine for a coffee then?”

“Coffee! Ha! I’ve heard that one before!”

I think we both knew what was going to happen, but both went through the social etiquette of pretending we didn’t. We strolled the ten minutes or so back to my flat, and I did even offer to make some coffee! But Tricia said that she didn’t want a coffee at this time of night, just wanted to go to bed. Still doing the “it’s not inevitable that we end up in bed together” thing, she said that the couch would be fine, I said no, no, no, I’ll have the couch and she could have my bed, and this went to and fro for a while until I said that perhaps she could have my bed but I could share it too, “if you’d like a cuddle, that is.”

Tricia agreed that this would be a good idea, but said that I’d better lend her a t-shirt to sleep in, to which I said of course. She went to the toilet, and I went into my bedroom to find a spare t-shirt, and when Tricia came back I went to the toilet too. When I got back to my room, Tricia was in bed and the lights were off. I had to make a quick decision what to wear in bed – she knew that I never wore anything, but there was still a bit of me that didn’t want to read the situation wrong. I settled on taking everything off except my boxer shorts, and slipped into bed beside her.

She had her back to me, and was wearing the t-shirt. I put my left arm around her stomach, and pulled myself in close to her. She was also wearing her knickers, but not her bra. She wriggled slightly against me, in a “mmmnn, that’s nice” kind of fashion, which was all the encouragement I needed to lean over and kiss her lightly on the neck. She arched her head to one side to allow me easier access to her neck, and I responded with more kisses, a little harder now.

“So you haven’t forgotten where I like to be kissed then?” she said, wriggling her bum into me, feeling my erection pressing against the small of her back. I slipped my hand under her t-shirt, feeling her warm stomach, and she turned over onto her back and kissed me hard, on the mouth. I moved my hand up her front, gently stroking underneath her breasts, our tongues reaching out for one another. We broke off the kiss. “I’m not sure I’m going to need this shirt after all,” she said, smiling at me in the dark. She sat up, and pulled the t-shirt off over her head.

“Mmm, much nicer to feel your skin on mine,” I whispered as she lay back down next to me. My hands ran over her stomach and breasts, feeling her nipples rise to meet the touch. Tricia groaned slightly as I rubbed her nipple – she’s always been really sensitive there and used to really love me playing quite roughly with her tits. I bent my neck to take her nipple in my mouth, and sucked hard. My left hand crept lower, over her knickers and down the outside of her leg, before coming back up the inside of her leg. Her legs parted slightly and I grazed trabzon escort bayan my fingers over her cunt, hearing another groan from Tricia as my reward. I pushed my hand down her knickers now, feeling her pubic hair. She’s shaved it off on one occasion, and I’d loved the way she felt hairless. It wasn’t like that now, but I was still enjoying the feeling of turning her on. “I’m not sure if you need those knickers on either,” I said, pushing one finger down to linger over her clitoris, a light touch greeted with a low moan of agreement. I pushed Tricia’s knickers down, and she raised her bum to allow me to complete the job, kicking them off her feet onto the floor.

Now she was completely naked, Tricia seemed to want to take more control of the situation. She rolled over onto her side to face me, and pushed me onto my back, running her hand over my chest before putting her arm round my neck and pulling me up to kiss her mouth again. Her lips left mine, and travelled down to my chest, kissing and sucking really gently. I reached for her tits, but she brushed my hand away as she made her way down, kissing onto my stomach and running her hand over my cock, straining to be released from my boxers. As she had done, I lifted my bum to allow her to pull down my shorts, and all of a sudden I was naked too. Her head was at chest level as she looked down on my cock, reaching out to stroke it gently, before moving her head down and lightly kissing the tip. I groaned with pleasure as she took a little more into her mouth, letting my hands relax as I realised that she was in control now, and I was loving every minute of it.

Gradually, as Tricia sucked and licked my hard cock, her legs had made their way up towards my head, and I started to stroke up and down the inside of them to encourage this. My fingers found their way to her wet cunt, which I started stroking, putting one finger tip just inside as she pushed back at me. Tricia them swung her left leg over my head, giving my mouth and tongue access to her cunt, and I took to my new task hungrily, licking her hot clitoris and feeling her cunt juices start to run down my chin. I was concentrating so hard on sucking her cunt that I was almost unaware of how close I was to coming myself. “Ah, god that’s good,” said Tricia, easing up on my cock briefly but letting me calm down a bit. “But I need you inside me now.”

I didn’t know if she was on the pill, so I said “should I go and get a condom?”, but her answer was simply to adjust her position, swing her leg round from my head and lie on top of me facing down. She kissed me on the lips, tasting herself on me, and shook her head slowly as she wriggled her cunt against the head of my cock. I could feel her wetness enveloping it, and I only needed the slightest of pushes before I was inside her. We paused for a couple of seconds to get used to the idea, before I pushed my waist up and pulled her hips down at the same time.

“Oh Joe, that feels fantastic,” she moaned, squeezing her leg muscles around mine. We fell into a rhythm where she pushed down as I pushed up, then both relaxed, then both pushed again, all the time kissing hard, her tits squashed firmly onto my chest as she rubbed her nipples against my chest hair. She abruptly pulled away from my kiss, sitting upright to allow my cock to push as deeply into her as possible, and I leant forward to bury my head between her tits and start licking, sucking and biting her nipples. We rocked in this position for a time, her chin on my shoulder so I could hear her gasping in my ear – “I’m so close to cumming,” she whispered, “so close.”

“Oh yeah, me to, sexy,” I murmmered back, “I’m gonna come in your cunt any second now.” I stopped my rocking motion and held stock still for a second, feeling that build up in my balls as the hot spunk rushed out of me.

“Oh god, yes, I can feel you coming…..oh, yes, I’m coming tooooo!” cried Tricia, bucking wildly on top of me as I held her hips down as hard as I could onto my cock. She collapsed onto my chest, breathing heavily as our movements slowed down. “Oh, I needed that,” she said, “Haven’t had a really good fuck for a little while!” I asked how her sex life was with her new boyfriend, and she explained that although it was okay, she hadn’t taught him how she liked to be treated a little bit more roughly on occasions, escort trabzon a skill I’d obviously not forgotten.

She was sleepy now, and so was I, the wine and beer having taken it’s toll. She lay her head on my chest and we drifted off to sleep, as close as we’d ever been.

I woke up early the next morning, aware somehow that I’d forgotten to set an alarm and that Tricia would need to get back up to London to go to work. She was lying with her back to me, and the sunlight was coming through a crack in the curtains to light up her face – she looked really peaceful. Just looking at her, though, gave me a hard on, and it only started to throb more as I went over the events of the night before in my head. Was I a bad person for fucking my ex girlfriend just before moving in with my current one? I wasn’t sure of the answer, but I was sure that I wanted to do it again, and I ran my hand over Tricia’s arse and down to her cunt quickly, before I changed my mind. She was still asleep, but squirmed a little as I rubbed her clitoris, leaving my thumb resting on her arsehole. Her legs parted slowly as I rubbed harder, and her breathing got a little deeper. I pushed her legs further apart, and gently eased my body over her right leg, propping myself up with one hand as I rubbed her cunt with the other. The tip of my cock was bumping on her arse now, and I was sure I’d wake her before long, so I took my left hand off her by now wet cunt, and used it to stroke my cock towards her. I eased the tip onto her cunt, gently probing now and starting to feel a response from her as she pushed back. Gradually my cock slipped into her, and I started to fuck her from behind, slowly slowly slowly.

Tricia was definitely awake by now, and was starting to thrust back at me as I thrust into her. I reached round and squeezed her nipple fiercely between two fingers, and she gasped partly in pain and partly in pleasure. I briefly thought about taking my cock from her cunt and fucking her in the arse, but realised that I was having too much fun where it was – Tricia seemed to be okay with that as her moans had increased in volume and her hand had moved up to clutch the headboard, a sure sign, I remembered, that she was close to orgasm. “Oh, god…..oh god…..fuck…..yeah…..”

That was it – I was shooting my load into her again as she bucked up and down under me. I was struggling to keep myself propped up, and had to roll off her almost as soon as I’d come, and we both lay there covered in sweat, recovering. Tricia leaned over to me and kissed me gently on the lips – “You bastard,” she said, “you might have woken me up first!” I didn’t think she was too angry though, but played along at being sorry all the same. Tricia had looked at the clock, and was rushing around getting dressed – I was happy to note she’d been wearing stockings rather than tights the night before – but I had less far to go to work and was quite happy where I was. “Okay then,” she said, “what have you done with my knickers?” She’d got completely dressed in the same clothes she was wearing the previous night, but when she’d kicked her knickers off they’d fallen on the other side of the bed.

“Don’t know,” I said, “sorry. D’ya want to come here and look for them?”

“I’ve got a train to catch,” she replied, but cheekily lifted her skirt up to show me her stocking tops and lack of underwear. “But I could go to work without them I guess.”

“Oh god I won’t be able to go to work all day with that thought in my head!” I said, “Come over here right now, I want to lick your pussy.”

“Ooh, that’s an offer I can’t refuse,” said Tricia, and flounced over to the bed. She simply straddled my head, covering it with her skirt, and shoved her cunt down onto my mouth. I was struggling to breathe, but the smell of her freshly fucked pussy and my come was intoxicating, and I set to my task readily, slurping at her clitoris for all I was worth. I worked a finger round to her arse too, and rubbed gently at the tight opening. She was squeezing my head between her legs hard now, encouraging me to lick harder – it didn’t take her long before she was shuddering to another climax.

She was going to be late for the train now, so I quickly got dressed and we both jumped into the car so I could give her a lift to the station. It wasn’t until we got there that Tricia leaned over to me, kissed me on the cheek and said “thank you, I had an excellent evening. And morning!” She got out of the car and leaned into the open window as I was about to drive away. “And I’ve left my knickers on your bedroom floor so you can remember me when you’ve settled down with Becky!”

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