My Wife Melissa , Her Toys

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Just wanted to share with you this non-fiction about my wife and I and our toy-play.

I remember, way before we were married, the first time I really got to explore my wife’s body. We had “played around” just a little bit the first few times before that. I had already enjoyed sucking Melissa’s nipples quite a bit. They would start out soft as silk — then after a little tugging and hard sucking I could get them to stand out quite a bit, and the whole aureole would crinkle up hard as a rock. Quite a turn on for me. She had also let me finger her pussy lightly and rub her clit a little while we were sitting in a hot tub once.

The night in question, we had come back to Melissa’s apartment after playing some squash. She was a bit of a novice and like many who are not used to the stretching involved in that sport her butt muscles ended up really sore. After playing around, French kissing a little, sucking her pretty tits — we were both stripped down to our underwear (she just to her panties). Melissa got on her hands and knees and begged me to give her a massage on her lower back and butt because of her sore muscles. After a little of this she pushed her panties down onto her upper legs to give me better access to illegal bahis massage her ass. I pulled them all the way off her legs so that I could spread her legs a little.

Very quickly I started to forget about the massage and started to let my hand wander down beneath Melissa’s ass to lightly feel her pussy. I was delighted by how wet she was. I was dying to get behind her and lick her pussy lips, but I didn’t know how she would react. When I finally tried it, very softly, she let out a little moan and spread her legs a little farther. For quite a while I ran my tongue up and down her pussy, getting more and more excited.

When Melissa told me she had some toys and asked if I would like to insert one into her, I almost couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I think this was a fantasy since` when I was 12 years old, to be eating a woman’s cunt and watch a dildo disappear inside her hole from inches away. I wasn’t sure how to lubricate the dildo, sucking on it myself seemed sort of weird but I did it anyway to get it nice and slippery and inserted it into her pussy from behind.

After a few minutes of nice pussy play like this I thought the view would be better from the front. I eased Melissa onto her back illegal bahis siteleri and she spread her legs. In this position I could suck her clit deeply into my mouth of have a great view of the dildo moving in and out of her cunt at the same time.

We played like this for a long time, maybe a half-hour, until Melissa finally came with me. It was the first time I had ever seen her pussy and clit spasming in orgasm.

All this time, and my underwear was still on! I was lost in the toy-play and we have re-initiated more cunt-sucking and dildo insertion, but Melissa finally pulled down my underwear, said “I want THIS, I want THIS, and engulfed my cock with her mouth. Knowing now for the first time how much I enjoyed eating her, she eventually swung around on top of me so that I could lick her pussy and suck her clit even more while she sucked my cock deeply. I was almost ready to come like this, but she pulled off at the last minute, slipped a condom on me, and lowered her pussy onto my cock for the first time. I must admit I was SO turned on that I finally lost it “early”, after only a couple of strokes into her cunt. It was a bit of an abrupt climax for me after such exciting sex play.

Flash forward canlı bahis siteleri six years, we already have two children but still enjoy much the same in terms of our favorite sex activities — lots of time with me devouring her pussy, then sucking her clit deeply into my mouth while inserting the dildo in and out of her cunt until she comes. I had come to be a bit “anal curious” — sometimes Melissa would have me rub a smaller dildo around her asshole while the big one was inside her cunt and her clit was inside my mouth, but it had never progressed farther than that.

I started to get a little bolder playing with Melissa’s asshole with my fingers while doing all of our usual play. Soon having a finger lubed up and inside her asshole while she came with the dildo and the sucking became common. Finally I was able to really lube up the smaller dildo and insert it into her ass at the same time the big one was moving in and out of her cunt.

This has excited Melissa so much that she often follows her usual first orgasm with another scenario that I used to fantasize about so much. After her first cum, after I withdraw the big dildo from her pussy, Melissa will take over pleasuring herself in a masturbation fantasy just inches from my face. She will rub her clit furiously and finger her pussy for me. Meanwhile her ass will still be riding up and down on the smaller dildo that I am guiding. Being able to witness her second orgasm this way is mind-blowing for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32