My Wonderful Grandson Ch. 03

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My grandson, and myself had discovered a relationship between us that was perfect. I loved being submissive to other guys, and my grandson loved being dominant to other guys! I’m sure my grandson had known for several years that he could dominate me at anytime he wanted, because there was nothing he hadn’t ask of me that I hadn’t done for, or got for him. But, now the relationship had went from movie tickets, bicycles, and camping trips to performing sexual favors for him, and I didn’t mind at all being my grandson’s submissive sex slave, and he loved being my cock-master, he knew I would be there for him anytime he needed sexual release, which was a lot!

So let me continue the story.

I ran my tongue up the right side of his sexy young ass just millimeters from his hot sexy asshole, he was hot and sweaty. I could see my own cum oozing from him, it was slowly running down the inside of his sweet right thigh! It was so hot and erotic to be licking my grandson’s cute freshly fucked ass. I couldn’t take it any longer, my lust for my grandson enveloped me, and I slid my tongue down the middle of his sweet ass. I licked my own cum from around his wonderful hole, and then slid my tongue up in him again! As I licked, and kissed his wonderful man-pussy, licking up, and swallowing my own hot man juice, he moaned loudly and said:

Oh man Pops, I’ve been fucked several times, and I’ve had a few guys lick my ass, but I’ve never had a guy pump me full of his hot cum and then lick my ass clean after fucking me! I fucking love it Pops, it feels so damn good. I’m going to have you fucking me often if this is how you treat the guys you fuck!

I slid my tongue out of his hot ass and licked my lips before I said:

I’ve done this for a few guys Sid, but I will do it for you anytime, I’ll do anything for you! I’d suck your wonderful cock, lick your huge balls, and lick another guys hot balls while he fucks your beautiful ass, and then lick you both clean after he unloads his hot load in you! There’s nothing I won’t do for you Sid, nothing at all.

Then I licked my cum from his right thigh, licked his huge balls, and took his big cock in my mouth and sucked what little bit of cum that was left in it out. When I had him clean from his waist to his knees, he sat down on the couch and said:

I’m afraid I’ve made a mess on your couch Pops, I don’t remember the last time I shot a load that big, it was great Pops, thank you.

As I lowered my head to the couch cushion I said:

There’s no mess here, I can’t think of anything I would rather have on my couch cushion than my hottest grandson’s big hot load of cum! I’m not finished cleaning up yet Sid.

My grandson watched me as I lapped up the big hot puddle of cum he had unloaded on my couch cushion.

When I had licked every sweet drop of my grandson’s hot load of cum from the cushion I raised my head up. My grandson was smiling, and he said:

That was hot Pops, watching you lick my big load of cum off the couch has made me hard again, I’m ready to feed you some more cum, but this time you can have it straight from my cock. Wrap your hot, sexy cock sucking lips around this big queer pleaser of mine and suck me off!

Without a fatih escort word I took my grandson’s big, throbbing nine inch cock in my mouth and gave him the best blowjob of his life! I wanted to show him I was the best cock sucker he would ever find, I wanted to belong to him, I wanted to be his, he needed to know that anytime he needed to cum, anytime he wanted a blowjob, or wanted to fuck, he could call on his grandfather to satisfy any of his sexual desires or fantasies! And, I did just that. I became my grandson’s male whore that night, I sucked him off four times, and he fucked me twice before the night was over. That night was the best, and most erotic sex I had ever had in my life! I’ve had sex with several of my cousins, both male and female, I’ve had sex with 3 of my nieces and four of my nephews, but taking my grandson’s big cock in me and servicing it with the best of my ability, putting all of my queer expertise into satisfying his homosexual desires was definitely the high point of my sexual experiences!

I fell asleep that night laying between my grandson’s legs with my nose against the base of his fabulous cock, and his huge balls resting against my hot lips! I awoke the next morning about 9:00 with the head of a big cock rubbing against my lips. Without opening my eye’s I parted my lips and took the hard cock into my mouth, and started licking the head of it with my tongue. I licked it for several minutes before I opened my throat and allowed it to slide deep into me. I started caressing the big balls hanging below the hard throbbing cock I was deep throating. I was moaning with the pleasure, and the satisfaction of having my throat used like a hot pussy! I was in ecstasy knowing my grandson was using me his own grandfather as his cock loving, faggot male whore! I sucked the big cock with everything I had in me, all of my concentration was on satisfying, and servicing the owner of this wonderful throbbing cock that was fucking my throat like a horny whore’s pussy! He slid a pillow under my neck and tilted my head back to give his huge cock better access to my hot pussy throat, then he moved around and straddled my head without ever pulling his massive man tool from my mouth. He started fucking my throat slowly, his big balls laying across my nose every time he slid his manhood deep into my pussy throat. His cock was thick and long, I had to regulate my breathing with his thrusts into my throat, but any good cock sucker quickly masters the art of deep throating!

I was so caught up in the lustful homosexual sex I was engaged in that I didn’t even notice someone had lifted my legs up and laid them on their shoulders. I realized someone else was there when I felt warm lubricating oil being rubbed into my man pussy. I opened my eyes, but all I could see was a pair of big black balls, and a beautiful smooth black ass humping up and down as the owner of these perfect balls, and beautiful ass slid his massive black cock in and out of my hot pussy throat! Some hot black stud was feeding me cock, humping my hot cock loving mouth like some little white whore’s cock craving pussy! I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled his big, black, beautiful cock as deep down my throat fındıkzade escort as I could. I wanted all of this big studs cock in me, I wanted him to know he could use me, I wanted him to know my pussy throat was his to fuck, I wanted him to unload his hot load of man juice deep down my throat so I could swallow every hot drop! I wanted him to know I was a cum bank and he could make a huge deposit in me!

As I pulled this studs big black cock deep down my throat I felt my ass being penetrated by a big cock head. I slid my legs off of the shoulders of whoever it was that was about to fuck me, and I wrapped them around his waist. I pulled him into me with my legs, and humped my hot man pussy upward as I pulled him down! Whoever it was that was now deep up in my ass knew I was ready to be fucked like a cock crazed whore that wanted nothing else in the world at that moment but to be fucked silly! He slid his big massive cock all the way up in my horny man pussy! He pulled it almost all the way back out and then slammed it into me so hard I heard his big balls slap against my hot ass cheeks! At the same time the big black stud feeding me cock slammed his cock down my throat, his huge beautiful black balls slapped against my nose as he shoved his manhood as deep down my throat as it would go!

I’m not sure how long they fucked me like this, I lost all control and I humped, and wiggled, and moaned as my burning desire for cock was satisfied over and over! I remember I could hear the two guys that were fucking me moaning loud, and grunting as they ravaged my body with their huge cocks! Then I felt the big, black cock in my mouth begin to pulse and swell! I pulled him hard into me, aching for him to feed me his hot semen, needing him to satisfy my craving desire for hot cum! He exploded down my throat, pumping large amounts of his hot man juice straight down my throat, I worked my throat muscles around his huge cock wanting every sweet drop of him! He must have squirted 15 to 20 big squirts of his sweet cock nectar straight into my stomach, and just as many small quirts into the depths of my well satisfied pussy throat! As I worked my throat muscles around the big black cock deep down my throat making sure I got every drop of this hot studs cum he had to offer, and also to make sure he was completely satisfied so he would come back again and feed me more of his awesome cock, I felt the big cock in my ass begin to pulse and swell! I wrapped my legs tighter around the guys waist that was doing a wonderful job of satisfying my hot, cock hungry man pussy, and I pulled him into me just as he slammed his big cock as deep into my man pussy as it would go! He exploded up into my bowels, I felt him squirting deep up in me, the pressure was building up in me and his hot cum began squirting out from around his pulsing cock, it was unbelievable. He wiggled his cock around inside of me as he cum, and he got it against my prostate and he humped me hard as he squirted! I began Cumming like I had never cum before! I have cum before by getting fucked up my hot man pussy without ever touching my own cock, but this was 20 times better! The orgasm was so intense I thought I was going to pass out from halkalı escort the pleasure! My cock bounced up and down as I cum, I didn’t know it then but I shot cum all over me and both of the guys fucking me! I used my man pussy muscles, and my pussy throat muscles to milk the last few drops of delicious cum from these two wonderful studs awesome cocks.

I thought my craving for cock had been satisfied before when two guys had fucked me at the same time, but this was unbelievable. I had never been satisfied like this before, these two guys were masters in the art of satisfying a faggots desire for cock!

I had my eyes closed as the big black cock slid from my mouth, and as the huge one slid from my man pussy. My ass was dripping cum, my mouth tasted like the inside of a condom, I could smell the sweet smell of sweaty balls with every breath I took. I was covered in my own cum, and I know I was the happiest, most satisfied cock loving faggot on the face of the earth!

I opened my eye’s to see who these two queer pleasers were, knowing one of them had to be my grandson. My grandson was laying on the right side of me, and his best friend James was on the left. They were looking at me smiling! I smiled back and said:

You two boys are awesome! I’ve been the whore bitch in several three sums, I’ve had a lot of guys fuck me and feed me cock at the same time, but, boys they don’t even come close to what you two just did to me! I’ve sucked, and fucked cock since I was a boy, and the way you guys used me to get off in was absolutely the best I have ever had! Sid I’m your’s man, you own me now! You can feed me cock, or fuck me anytime, or anywhere you desire! I’ll do anything for you, all you have to do is tell me and it will be done!

I looked at James and said:

James, anytime you want to me to suck you off, or anytime you want to fuck me I’m your’s if Sid says it’s ok. I’ve never had my throat fucked like you fucked it, damn it was good! you boys sure know how to satisfy a cock loving queer!

My wonderful grandson smiled and said:

I’ve suspected for a long time that you like cocks Pops, but I didn’t know how well you like them until last night and this morning. I knew you would give me a blowjob, and I hoped you would lick my ass and fuck me, but when you lick my ass, fucked me, and then licked me clean after you fucked me I knew you were what we had been looking for! If you would be interested I could get you all the hard young cock you can handle Pops, I’ve got a lot of friends that love feeding faggots cock, and fucking them up the ass, their from 18 to 21 years old. So, are you interested in being a faggot slut for a bunch of young horny studs?

I wrapped one hand around Sid’s cock, and one hand around James’ cock, and said:

Oh Sid, you know I would love that! I’ll be the best queer slut you and your friends have ever had! Beside I belong to you, and if you told me I had to suck off 100 cocks before I could get a taste of your awesome cock, I would be on my knees sucking like a mad man!

He smiled and said:

I knew that’s what you would say, so I’ve already got a party planned for next weekend, I’ve already got 15 guys that will definitely be there, and 4 more that say they might be able to make it, and I’ve not asked everyone yet! It will have to be an all weekend party because it’s going to take you more than one night to service all of these horny big cock guys!

I gave his cock a quick lick and said:


To be continued…

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