Natalie and Stephanie

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Big Dick

Note: This is a fantasy I had about a girl I used to know and her sister. I wrote it down years ago and I just typed it up with a minimum of changes or edits. I mainly just changed the names and some awkward phrasing. Apologies if the way I wrote it is somehow unsexy: at the time I was just trying to get the thoughts down.

All characters are over 18.


Natalie and her sister Stephanie are staying at an aunt’s house. They go into her bedroom one afternoon to look for something. In the drawer of the bedside table, they discover a slim plastic cylinder, tapered at one end. Stephanie doesn’t know what it is, but Natalie says, “I think it’s a vibrator.”

Stephanie’s mouth makes an O of surprise, and she says, “I’m gonna try it.” She climbs up on the bed and kicks off her sandals, lays back and tugs off her shorts quickly. She twists the base of the vibrator to turn it on and rubs it in circles over her pussy.

Natalie just watches her, amazed at her younger sister’s boldness. “What’s it like?” she asks.

“It’s all right,” Stephanie says, but the words are hardly out of her mouth before she comes, quickly and without any warning. It surprises both of them.

“Wow,” says Stephanie, laying there stunned and breathless. After a moment, she sits up on her knees and grabs Natalie by the hem of her dress and pulls her closer, at the same time reaching to pull her sister’s panties down. “You have to try this, come on,” she says.

Natalie acquiesces, she is too curious not to. She lays down and pulls her panties all the way off. Stephanie kneels on the bed next to Natalie, still mecidiyeköy escort holding the vibrator. She rubs it on Natalie’s pussy for her, smiling while she watches for her sister’s reaction. Natalie closes her eyes, and when she comes, Stephanie keeps the vibrator held against her while her hips are squirming about. When it subsides, she looks up shyly.

Stephanie lies back down alongside her and says, “Now do me again,” handing Natalie the vibrator. They both come once more, taking turns and holding the vibrator for each other.

This becomes a sort of routine for them, every day while their aunt is out they go into her room and use the vibrator on her bed, helping each other to orgasm several times each. It isn’t long before they undress completely while they’re doing it. The one who is taking a turn holding the vibrator for the other typically masturbates herself, rubbing her pussy with her free hand because she is so aroused. Sometimes they press their bodies together with the vibrator between them, and wish that they could somehow use it at the same time, but these attempts are desperate and clumsy. They don’t think of it as being a lesbian act; they are just sisters helping each other to get off. They don’t talk about what they are doing at any other time, and after they’re done they just go about their day. But that doesn’t mean they’re not both thinking about it.

One day when they go in the bedroom, the small vibrator is gone from the nightstand. Searching the drawer reveals a possible replacement, however. It’s a single piece, but it looks just like nişantaşı escort two large dildos stuck together, attached at about a thirty-degree angle. It’s realistically sculpted from a rosy pink plastic to look just like two identical hard-ons joined where the scrotum would be. The material is thick and heavy, but the surface is soft and springy to the touch. The two girls look it over in puzzlement, turning it over and over in their hands, still horny from expecting their usual afternoon activity. They can’t help but giggle, looking at this weird device.

When they switch it on, however, it starts up vibrating, just like the other one. Only the vibrations are muted and dull along the length of the two cocks. They seem instead to be concentrated down at the base, where there is a nub of plastic sticking up between the cocks.

Natalie makes a few attempts to rub this part on her clit, but there is no way to make it work like that.

“You have to put it inside,” says Stephanie, realizing how the dildo is intended to be used.

Natalie lays back on the bed and spreads her legs, and Stephanie helps her fit the large dildo up inside her. It’s going to be a tight fit, but Natalie is getting increasingly wet from the way it is stretching her out and rubbing against her pussy walls as Stephanie pushes it into her. Now she wants it inside her so bad, and as she moves her hips to get it, and Stephanie works it back and forth, it helps to coat the dildo with her wetness.

Eventually they get it all the way in and sure enough the little vibrating nub fits right otele gelen escort up against Natalie’s clitoris, concentrating all the feeling there, but she can also feel more subtle vibrations carried deeper down, conducted all the way to the back of her pussy along the length of the dildo. She is almost crying it feels so good. Stephanie leans over her, gripping the second cock like a handle and pushing it deeper into her sister. Their torsos are pressed together, and Stephanie has her face close to Natalie’s. She wishes desperately it were her turn already.

Stephanie looks at the dildo jutting up from Natalie, looking exactly as if her sister actually had a cock, and she has an idea. Stephanie climbs over her and presses the dildo against the opening of her own pussy. Natalie holds it steady for her as she bears down on it, trying to stuff it inside. It’s more difficult than it was with Natalie; she is both smaller and tighter. But seeing Natalie writhing beneath her, knowing the pleasure she must already be experiencing, spurs her on. Natalie keeps saying “Come on, come on,” and “You can do it,” and moaning out loud from the sensations.

Eventually Stephanie manages it, sitting down all the way, pushing her hips tight against Natalie’s. Now the little vibrating bit is on both their clitorises, and they rock back and forth to experience the sensation in different ways. Their bodies are very close. Stephanie’s hands are on Natalie’s shoulders as she hunches her hips back and forth, fucking the dildo up into herself and then back down into Natalie. Together they find a rhythm.

At first Natalie’s hands are on Stephanie’s shoulders, then her back, hugging her sister close. She lifts her legs up and rests her heels on the back of Stephanie’s knees.

Stephanie’s breasts swing free, swaying over Natalie. Right before she comes, they look in each other’s eyes, and Stephanie thinks, “Oh my god, I’m fucking my sister!”

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