Nemo Repente Fuit Turpissimus Ch. 02

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(All characters in this story are at least 18 years of age.)


I lay in the familiar surroundings of the bedroom of my youth and reflected about how glorious it was to be back home. Not so much that I’d been welcomed back by my mother and step-father without too much nagging and “I told you so” after two years aimlessly getting up to no good since I’d left home but more that it hadn’t taken very long upon my return to discover that my baby sister was an insatiable slut just ripe for making my willing and wanton sex slave. In fact the smile playing across my face as I lay contemplating my good fortune was mainly due to said sibling being cocooned under my bed sheets all cozy and contented as she licked, nibbled and kissed her big brother’s rigid cock. This was now the proscribed way she was to start her day’s devotions to her Master; a human alarm clock sneaking into my room as soon as our parents had left for work and waking me in the most delicious of ways.

Usually I took command of such situations once I was conscious, but this morning I’d already been awake when she’d stole into the bedroom and as she’d knelt naked by the bed waiting for the instructed time to arrive when she was allowed to slide under the sheets and begin her favorite oral task I had let my thoughts drift back to the first day of her surrender to me….now as her sweet lips encircled my swollen glans and teeth grazed my sensitive purple cockhead I lazily let my mind drift back to that momentous day not so long ago when I’d caught the little minx masturbating shamelessly on her 4 poster bed and that state of arousal combined with the spanking I’d felt obliged to give her for being such a shameless flirt trying to seduce her brother in that way had led to her eagerly accepting my proposal to make her my sex slave and train her to be the ideal submissive whore to me that she had yearned for in my absence.

This undertaking was no hardship for me as my sister had blossomed into a beautiful vision of tantalizing perfection; 5′ 5″ of slender pale temptation, slim hipped with high small pert breasts and an unruly mop of whore red hair framing an angelic face that gave no hint of the depravity that she ached to be schooled in by her new Owner. I remembered that lithe youthful body at the end of her very first lesson in lustful service to me….I’d taught her to suck cock as a start to her training and her talent in this field had led to her making herself cum at the same time as me and as I recovered from her enthusiastic oral attentions I marveled at the sperm covered figure sprawled at my feet, licking her lips to gather even more cum greedily into her mouth. The emotion of the moment had overwhelmed me and I fell to my knees to cradle my sister’s limp body and we kissed long and deep, the taste of my own sperm on her tongue just adding to the taboo thrill of the whole twisted situation we were now locked into.

We languished long in that embrace, my hand exploring her cum sheened body and massaging it into her wondrous breasts and hard nipples like the sacred balm it truly was….this increasing kneading of her receptive young tits soon had her tongue darting against mine with more urgency and I knew my sister’s hunger for further carnal education was rising up in her again. I confirmed this when I relinquished my hold on her breasts and let my hand slowly travel down her flat belly and over shaved pubic mound until I gently traced the folds of her cute little cunt, irresistible in its moist warmth. Our mouths were still locked in increasingly passionate embrace but as I forcibly violated her lubricated velvet cunt with two fingers she squealed and twisted her head away at the shock of penetration. I took this opportunity to once again gaze down into that familiar face I’d known all my life but was now taking on a new persona…my sister the slut…the degenerate orgasm addict whose greatest desire was to surrender herself to me and become my property to use and abuse how I felt was best to transform her into my sex slave.

So as she stretched out her infinitely fuckable teenage body across my lap I increased the rhythm of my fingers’ taboo intrusion of her tight cunt whilst pushing the palm of my hand firmly onto the engorged hard pearl that was her clitoris. My sweet sibling’s experiments in self exploration must have been confined to the frigging of her clit because she seemed taken off guard by the sudden intensity of sensations flowing over her and she unconsciously spread her lovely shapely legs wider to accept the finger fucking that her generous big brother was now determined to force upon her….My other hand that had been cradling her head as we kissed now pulled her hair sharply to get her attention and her clear blue eyes tinged with lustful yearning looked up into mine.

“So, little sister, sucking on your own brother’s cock wasn’t enough, was it? You want me to make you cum with my fingers delving in your hot cunt, don’t you?” I asked, once again noting the effect a combination of lewd words and obscene physical manipulation had upon her.

“Please, Sir, I’m your plaything, you can do anything küçükçekmece escort you want with me, I just want to serve my Owner,” she said with growing boldness. The lust must be showing my face as well as hers, I thought to myself, she’s positively glowing in slutty pride knowing how desirable she is in this aroused abandoned state. She knows I can’t keep my hands off her luscious teenage body. I was tempted with this realization to withdraw my hand from its position cupping her cunt, but I’m only human and her approaching orgasm was making her chest heave with passion in a distracting way, so much so that I bent my head down and captured the nearest of her jutting nipples in my mouth, biting it sharply and causing a moan of pained pleasure to escape her lips. I now had her held tight by hair, breast and cunt…this triple grip pushing her to the inevitable conclusion…rough handling was a proven spur to my little pain whore and my fingers plunged deeper and harder into her body, the cunt muscles clutching at me and her cries of ecstasy urging me to take harder grip on the sensitive bud of her agitated nipple until the familiar sounds of her desperate need for climax were at a peak.

I lifted my head from her chewed breast and once again jerked her hair to get her attention and have my abandoned sibling turn to look up at me, her lovely face flushed with filthy emotion and her eyes heavy lidded with smoldering unbridled lust.

“You’re insatiable, aren’t you slave. Have you no shame, laying there covered in your brothers cum and wriggling your cute little cunt deep against my fingers like a whore?” I teased her.

“I am a whore, Sir, I’m your whore and I want you to use me like that. I want to please you. Teach me everything, please.”

The last few words of her eloquent plea were rasping as her own boldness added to her mounting climax and I increased the pounding of her cunt as approval of her request and spoke to her calmly to conceal my own lust.

“In that case you have my permission to orgasm for me since you do it so charmingly, but you must cum hard and long for your Master…I want to feel your cunt muscles contracting on my fingers and see if you are ready to take my cock.”

“Are you going to fuck me?” she stammered, her closeness to losing all control of her senses making her forget the due respect.

“Yes, little sister, if you cum for me properly now you’ll be allowed to feel my cock inside you later.”

“T-t-thank you, Sir,” she gasped out as her body began to convulse in rapturous turbulence in a manner that I could never tire of watching or indeed instigating. I continued to slide my fingers effortlessly into her cunt and was gratified to feel her internal muscles rippling against them and I whispered suitable encouragement to her as she writhed mindlessly in undeniable ecstasy until her smooth body had calmed to mere trembling and my hand once again cupped her pubic mound but as a measure of comfort.

“Thank you, Sir,” she murmured contentedly and I lent forward to kiss her soft lips again gently so as not to break her contented semi-comatose state. The exertion of this finger fucking exercise had relaxed her equal to the arousal it had caused in me….I was rock hard again and eager to make good on my promise to take my slave girl’s virginity from her, but an undertaking such of magnitude must be done right, so I ordered my sated sister to place her arms round my neck and I slid my lower hand, still slick with her bounteous natural lube under her knees and raised myself on cramped legs, gathering her close to me and holding her cradled across my chest. Sleepily she placed delicate kisses on my neck and nuzzled happy and safe against her Owner. She was so light and I felt so filled with power and strength I could have held her aloft for hours, but now I had taken my perverse pupil on I was determined to make the most of the two days that we had the family house to ourselves and cram as much education in that her delicate frame could withstand.

I carefully deposited my sister down onto the four poster bed that dominated her bedroom and she lay there looking serene and calm, quite uninhibited about stretching out her naked body before me, her pale body still shining with a sheen that was a combination of sweat and my cum which enhanced her depraved attractiveness in ways I could never of imagined previously. The look on her face was one of seductive expectation; I’d been mistaken in thinking that I’d satisfied her need for physical training. She obviously had a zeal for learning that I’d only just begun to uncover. But her lust for knowledge was definitely entrenched in the sub state of mind that I’d inspired in her, so when I told her to remain laid on her bed she only gave a momentary look of disappointment before replying with deference in the affirmative.

Gathering up my discarded items of clothing I left her to contemplate the changes in her life that the day had brought forth so far and returned swiftly to my own bedroom. The throbbing erection I was still sporting meant that dressing would kurtköy escort be impossible so I removed my shirt so I was totally naked; I doubted it would lessen my Dominance over my freshly enslaved sister. If anything it may intimidate her further considering she’d known me all her short life. I hastened in my search of my bedroom for items I knew must still be here and quickly located a length of thin but strong nylon rope, a sturdy 12″ wooden ruler and the only blade I could find: an old fashioned straight razor, too blunt to shave with but sharp enough for my perverse purposes.

Gathering up these simple household things I strode eagerly back into my sister’s neighbouring bedroom and was rewarded by a wide eyed stare of apprehension…whether from my nakedness or the assortment of sinister looking implements I was carrying I neither knew nor cared. My innocent sister had earned her title as slut already, but now it was time to test her capacity to be my pain whore. She watched me with fascination as I used the straight razor to divide the rope into two equal halves, then each of these was cut in half for the required four lengths. Once this task was completed I spoke.

“The pleasant diversions so far will have loosened you up for me, but pleasure must be balanced with pain or both are meaningless. I have to find the limits to your capacity for punishment, my slave; if they are as insatiable as your capacity for sexual gratification then you will prove a worthy possession indeed.”

“I’ll try to please you, Sir,” she said with submissive sincerity, “that’s all I’ve wanted for so long, to be your slave and have you train me in every deviancy that you’ve ever dreamed about”.

“Very well, roll over onto your front and put your head down,” I said in my most reasonable voice.

She twisted over and gave me a most delightful view of her flawless white back and pertly tantalizing buttocks, still reddened from the earlier spanking. When we’d been children I’d always kind of resented the indulgence my sister had been granted by being allowed to choose a four poster bed, but now as I gripped a trim ankle and captured it in a loop of the rope before tying it securely to one of the posts at the foot of the bed I could see its practicality at last. Her other foot was soon fastened equally tightly and the sight of my sister passively tied with legs provocatively spread sent new pulses of blood rushing to my already engorged erection, but I knew the importance of maintaining self control so I contented myself with a reassuring slap upon her already punished arse cheeks then moved up to tie her wrists together.

My sister was watching me intently through a tangle of hair covering her face twisted up from position on the pillow as I leaned over her and so to make herself useful I instructed her to open her mouth and she strained awkwardly to obey…I thrust my pelvis forward and she gratefully accepted my bobbing erection mixed with a mouthful of her own hair, but since I had both her wrists held she had to do the best she could under the circumstances, and the tickling involved was quite an interesting sensation on my already stimulated glans.

As I tied clumsy but tight knots I had a sudden flash of recollection to when me and my kid sister had been children and when we hadn’t been quarreling I’d play rough games with her, one of which had been boisterous chasing of her claiming I was the Devil come to drag her down to Hell and she’d squeal with fear and excitement as I mock pursued her round the house until I finally caught her and made her my prisoner, which more often than not would involve me tying her up in some way. Now all these years later I was in the process of possessing her for real, that same sister I’d teased was busy teasing my taut purple cock flesh greedily as I bound her down. It gave me pause for thought, but as all my thoughts of the day were obscenities it only added to the urgency of my knot tying.

Once both her wrists were tied above her to the headboard it was time to take advantage of my bound sub slut. I withdrew my pulsating cock from her nursing embrace and pushed her head back into position, then stood back to survey my handiwork.

Drinking in the intoxicating sight of my Owned little slut bound helpless beneath me had me thinking the darkest of desires but also cursing how unprepared I was for such a dazzling opportunity, not mentally or emotionally but in physical implement terms; what I’d have given for a good riding crop or sturdy flogger but improvisation would have to do for the present until I could find a BDSM shop….already my mind had accepted the situation and was planning future debauchery with the correct gear involved. I ran a fingertip from the nape of her neck and down her prominent spine until once again my hand was resting on the divine curve of firm buttock flesh and stroking reassuringly.

I doubt that under the circumstances my sister was relaxed by this caressing but the sudden hard crack of the wooden ruler most certainly was unexpected and she visibly jumped under the assault; a steadying maltepe escort hand placed on the small of her back held her in position as I let fly with another well aimed blow upon her already tormented rump and she took the second strike better. I left deliberate gaps between each blow to let the anticipation of pain work its magic but built up the rhythm gradually until each buttock was receiving almost simultaneous attention and my subjugated sister was whimpering with the intensity of the punishment, although not for mercy or respite I noticed.

She was successfully accepting the painful heat I was forcing upon her and on closer observation I noticed that part of the squirming under the blows inflicted was due to her pushing her pubic mound into her mattress; I reached between her spread thighs and was impressed by the flow of girlie fuck juices spilling out of her gaping cunt. The material beneath her was already soaked with sticky lube and I forced my fingers under her body to where her rigid clitoris was being ground determinedly, even tho’ the chastisement had ceased. Well, the masochist part of my sweet sister was certainly physical as well as mental and such wanton reaction was guaranteed to bring the sadist out in me. I absent mindedly stroked her slick slit as I withdrew my hand and invoked a purr of throaty delight from my aroused slave; looking down upon my roped down plaything I noticed red welts forming where the ruler had struck and I smeared her own fuck juices across the tormented pertness as some kind of healing balm, marveling in the heat radiating as I did so.

My sister’s buttocks twitched as I caressed them and my eyes lighted upon the pink puckered anus nestled safely between the tortured arse cheeks. On impulse I slid a still lubricated finger firmly into her ass hole and felt her whole body stiffen at this unnatural intrusion; however to her submissive credit she suppressed any gasps of shock this time and as I placed a soothing hand on the back of her head I felt her relax and her sphincter, whilst still tight around my probing finger, loosen enough for me to squeeze the full length of the digit inside her. Good, my slave was learning that her body really was mine now and all that was entailed in such a possession. I removed my finger with the same smooth ease as I’d entered and once again stroked her clenched buttocks, running fingertips round the outline of the welts I’d caused.

I ran my caressing hand back up her spine then and turned her face from where it was buried into her pillow….there was evidence of slight tears in her eyes but behind that was a clarity and calmness that betrayed the effect that her first real taste of pain had brought forth….she was addicted already and now she was ready and receptive enough for me to deflower my vivacious little virgin. I’d untied both her ankles before she seemed aware of what I was doing and the thought of her gaining her freedom in this unfulfilled condition momentarily caused her a murmur of distress, but I grabbed hold of her hips and lifted her up and over…the bond holding her wrists good either side she was laid on.

Once she was flat on her back I once again secured her ankles to their posts and the splayed restrained display from the front was just as invigorating as it had been from the back…..her perfect tits were heaving hard on her exposed rib cage and thrusting high with the angle of her arms tied above her head. Between her creamy teenage thighs her labia was inflamed and pouting as lube flowed freely down and her heated buttocks shifted against the ever increasing damp spot she was creating beneath her. I couldn’t wait any longer, my cock felt like it would explode unless I buried it deep inside my sister’s gaping open inviting cunt where it belonged.

However I could not resist teasing myself as well as my expectant slave girl, for the intent must have been so obvious she was fully alert now and had her head raised up so as to take in every detail of the forthcoming event. I climbed up onto her bed from the bottom and knelt between her spread wide shapely legs…she was totally helpless to stop my incestuous desires, even if she’d wanted to, but the yearning lust in her eyes told its own tale and I rose higher up the bed, crawling slowly over her warm receptive body until my face was inches from hers. Looking deep into her face I deliberately hunched my body up so my straining erection was positioned over her hot cunt.

My taut purple cockhead nudged provocatively against the protruding tender pearl that was her rigid clit and I luxuriated in the swell of lust that the contact provided….I lowered my full weight down, crushing and pinning my sister down even more and she moaned as her tender bud was pushed hard against my pulsating prick. Our mouths found each other as I ground my hips slowly downwards, she catching the rhythm and joining it by wriggling her pelvis so my slippery cock punished her sensitive flesh. Our tongues danced wildly against each other’s as I began to slide the ridged hardness of my erection upwards until it was my balls my slutty slave was writhing her desperate clitoris against, then with the same deliberate slowness of perverse intent I started the return progress downwards, always maintaining the teasing pressure on her clit until my bell-end was dragged southwards between the folds of her inflamed labia and the groove of her soaked cunt lips guided me to my goal.

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