New on the Beach

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Chrissie was bouncing along the sand. Her young breasts were round and plump, and her long blonde locks flipped this way and that behind her as she ran along the water’s edge.

Like a dog chasing a Frisbee, Charlie thought, lowering the binoculars.

It was Charlie’s first official day working this beach. She was twenty years old, and she’d had life guarding jobs before, but never at a big beach like this. And never before had she worked below someone two years younger than her.

She lifted the binoculars back up again, watching the young Chrissie, Charlie’s supervisor, inspecting the water before the beach opened up for the day. It would be another hour before the long strip of sand was packed with people and umbrellas and laid out towels.

Charlie chewed her lip, and then realized she was staring at Chrissie bouncing.

But it was hard not to.

Chrissie had a stocky but athletic body, with curvy hips, plump thighs, and beefy arms. She was quite the opposite of the tall, lanky and svelte Charlie, who had once been a model to make extra money in high school. With her severe black hair cut sharp across her forehead and around her ears, she looked the part, too.

Chrissie, of course, was happy-go-lucky, and always smiled, her apple cheeks red from either too much smiling or just the sun.

Or maybe she’s always horny, Charlie thought, licking her lips.

Ugh. I’m turned on by Suzy Sunshine.

Charlie put the binoculars down on the shelf of the lifeguard stand’s shaded room. She frowned, watching Chrissie coming closer and closer. And for the millionth time in her life, Charlie thanked the gods she wasn’t born a man, or she’d have a lot of explaining to do.

If I were a man, she thought, I’d have a huge hard-on right now. I’d be raging to get inside her pants.

It wasn’t that Charlie was against lesbians. She just wasn’t one herself. She liked cock. But, on the other side of the coin, she’d tried girls, too. During her modeling career, of course.

And Chrissie was the kind of girl Charlie could appreciate for curiosity’s sake alone.

Chrissie bounded up the ramp to the lifeguard station, and bounced into Charlie’s morning, smiling brightly and dropping one of her floats on the shelf.

“Hi there, sunshine!” Charlie said, putting on a big fake smile to mock Chrissie’s mood.

But the girl didn’t notice.

“Well hi! It’s great to see you here nice and early! Most of our female lifeguards have been slackers. And well, for obvious reasons, the men get out here like, too early!”

Chrissie giggled, and Charlie raised an eyebrow. Then Chrissie began to get undressed, with Charlie following suit.

So began Charlie’s first day at a very elite nude beach.

It wasn’t as glamorous or interesting as she had thought it would be. There were more ugly nude people than she had ever imagined. And it was actually a turn on seeing all the phalli wandering around in various states of rest and unrest.

Ugh. If I have to stare at another fat lady running into the waves, I’m going to vomit.

Then, there came Chrissie.

“Hi Charlie!”

Charlie managed to smile, then forced the binoculars back on her face. It was better to stare at cellulite filled bottoms than to try and avoid making contact with Chrissie’s ripe bosoms.

“Listen, Ricky and Todd are here, finally. So they’re going to relieve us and we can have some free time. K?”

Charlie güvenilir bahis blinked, then turned and looked at Chrissie, focusing only on the blonde’s grey eyed gaze and bright perfect smile.

“I…didn’t really bring a lunch…”

“That’s okay! You can share mine! Come on!”

Next thing Charlie knew, Chrissie was reaching up into the ceiling and undoing a rope ladder. Then she was unfastening a latch and pushing aside a square door in the lifeguard tower’s ceiling.

The roof – of course! That’s where Chrissie probably got her perfect tan.

Charlie looked out over the sand and spotted the two other guards for the beach, Ricky and Todd. By the stances they were trying to maintain, they were trying to think of anything but the younger women who were walking along the sand wearing nothing but their skins. Charlie shrugged and began to follow Chrissie.

The roof of the guard tower was very hot, completely exposed to the sun. But it had long ago been carpeted with fake grass-colored turf, which absorbed the heat perfectly. Chrissie let the roof door fall shut, and stood up. There was a railing all around the square slanted roof and she stood at its peak, smiling and waving at the boys. They nodded and turned away from her.

Probably to hide their reactions to her bouncing like that, Charlie thought, shaking her head as the exuberant blonde came to stand next to her.

“I don’t like to swim on a full stomach. So I always come up here for lunch, and lay around for the first half our. Then I’ll go take a swim and talk to some people, maybe play some Frisbee. Then back to work!”

Chrissie produced a bag from a box of supplies that was built into the roof. The bag contained some cool sandwiches and some sodas. She offered some to Charlie, who took them, even though she never intended to eat them.

Being out in the sun like this was going to be bad enough. She probably should have had some forethought and brought the sun-block up with her. It would be very hard to keep her skin unblemished if Chrissie really meant for them to spend at least a half hour up here.

“So how’s your first day? Interesting job, huh?”

“Kind of,” Charlie said, nipping at a sandwich.

“Well you don’t get to see so much if you’re inside all day. You should try to walk around more, let people get to know you. It helps you get over all the nakedness going on.”

“That is the hard part.” “Yeah, lots more fat people coming out than I thought when I first took the job. But hey, I figure, they gotta do something to see nudity. Probably can’t get it much on their own!”

Chrissie babbled on and on, and Charlie watched her through her sunglasses, wondering if the girl ever shut up. They were sitting close together on the slant. The rooftop wasn’t so big. The slant had them facing away from the water, towards the palm trees that blocked the private beach from public view and access. No one could see them.

Charlie turned around and looked at Chrissie. She studied the blonde’s mouth, profile, cute pert nose. Then, unable to resist, she leaned forward and put her mouth ontop of Chrissie’s

Anything to shut her up.

The other girl’s lips were surprisingly soft, and for a moment, she seemed to return the kiss. Then she pulled away, blushing brightly and wiping at her mouth with her fingertips.

“Mmm, another sandwich?” Chrissie said.

Charlie chuckled lightly and looked around.

Wonder türkçe bahis how long it will take her to rat me out and get me fired? she wondered.

Ah well, now at least she knew for sure the girl wasn’t interested. Or interesting.


“Yes?” “It’s kind of hot up here. Could you put some lotion on me, please? I don’t want to get a burn, I have to work tomorrow, too. Double shift!”

Charlie was surprised. But Chrissie had already turned around and was laying stomach down on the roof’s slant, resting her cheek on her folded arms. Her eyes were closed and her hair off to one side.

Well, what do ya know, Charlie thought.

She picked up the bottle of suntan lotion Chrissie had left out and began to pour the white cream over her fingers. Then she rubbed her palms together to make sure there were no dried out chunks and to make sure the stuff was as slick as she had thought it would be.

And then, she began.

Charlie started with Chrissie’s shoulders. She moved over the girl’s plump ass, ignoring the feel of it between her legs as she straddled Chrissie’s hips. She put her hands on the girl’s smooth brown shoulders and rubbed the lotion around.

Beneath her hands, Chrissie was relaxing visibly, becoming almost lethargic. Charlie rubbed into the girl’s muscles, helping her to release the tension in her body. Chrissie had incredibly smooth skin.

Then she got the lotion bottle and let the white cream, reminiscent of semen, drip right from the open nozzle onto Chrissie’s back and spine. Charlie began to work it in, slowly moving her hands lower and lower over the girl’s back, until she was at her lumbar area.

Chrissie made sweet moaning noises as Charlie came to her ass. And what a plump brown ass it was, so firm when tensed but so soft when she was relaxed. Charlie kneaded her fingers into the other girl’s buttocks, watching as her fingers dented the plump flesh. Then she got the bottle and dripped the lotion into small round dollops all over Chrissie’s ass.

So this is what she’d look like if she had cum squirted all over her, huh?

Now straddling the backs of Chrissie’s thighs, Charlie rubbed her fingers firmly over the prone girl’s ass. Chrissie shivered and moaned more.

Charlie climbed off of the girl’s legs, then boldly pushed them apart, kneeling between the heavy thighs. Chrissie did nothing to object, and parted her legs willingly enough. Charlie used her thumbs and parted the round buttocks, then, on an impulse, eyed the lotion bottle.

It was made of aloe, this suntan lotion. Nothing but the most pure of products for Chrissie. Would it be safe?

Only one way to find out.

Satisfying her curiosity, Charlie dropped a hot dollop of cream onto Chrissie’s anus, making the girl jump. Then, daringly, she began to rub it around the puckered flower, coating her ass crack completely.

Lower still went her fingers. Soon, she was playing over the plump swollen labia of Chrissie’s shaven cunt.

Of course it was shaven back here, Charlie thought.

Beach policy for the guards. Covered in front, but trimmed and attractive.

Charlie played her lotion-soaked thumbs over the chubby lips, then parted them, slipping her fingers in between. It was easy to find Chrissie’s hot center, and Charlie stroked the slit only a little bit before shoving her thumb up and in. Chrissie was tight, virgin tight. And that excited Charlie.

She pulled güvenilir bahis siteleri her hand free and pushed at the backs of Chrissie’s thighs. It was like the girl read her mind. She scooted up towards the rail at the top of the tower and gripped it with her hands. Then she bent her legs until she was on her knees, thighs spread.

Charlie turned over and got onto her back underneath Chrissie. She reached up with her hands and gripped the girl’s hips, then pulled her down to her hungry lips.

Chrissie lowered herself onto Charlie’s face so eagerly, Charlie barely had time to open her mouth. But she stuck out her tongue, forcing the juicy lips apart. Chrissie tasted musky but sweet. She tasted hot and sexy. Charlie swirled her tongue around in Chrissie’s sex, flicking it over the girl’s clitoris.

Chrissie moved herself lower, moving her knees further apart. Now Charlie could give her clitoris all the attention she wanted.

Charlie’s hands moved all over the backs of Chrissie’s thighs, then up over her ass, stopping to tease at that sweet lotion-soaked anus. Boldly she stuck the tip of her finger past the circular rim, making Chrissie squeal and toss her head. Then Charlie moved her hands over Chrissie’s stomach, up to her round breasts, squeezing them.

Chrissie threw her head back and thrust her pelvis, forcing her wet slit over Charlie’s eager tongue and lips. It was an obvious request for a good tongue fucking, which Charlie happily began to give.

She gripped Chrissie’s legs again from behind, teasing up and down the crack of her ass. Then she moved her fingers lower to play at the swollen unshaven parts of Chrissie’s cunt that her tongue couldn’t get to just now, seeing as it was thrust hard up inside the girl’s canal.

Chrissie writhed and thrashed overtop of Charlie, spreading her thighs even wider and making fucking motions over the other girl’s face.

Charlie couldn’t resist. She put one of her hands down her own belly, over her own cunny, and began to furiously finger herself to Chrissie’s set rhythm. As she tongued the girl into a frenzy, she fingered herself hard, thrusting two digits up her own tight wetness to match the girl ontop of her.

And as Chrissie began to cum, so did Charlie.

She moaned against Chrissie’s lips, nipping and biting before continuing the tongue lashing even harder.

Chrissie screeched, cumming hard, and Charlie bucked her hips into her own hand as she drank in Chrissie’s lust. The other girl’s cream now coated her face.

Showing an expected generosity, Chrissie quickly climbed down from ontop of Charlie’s face. She joined one of her plump hands to Charlie’s, and Charlie thrilled to feel another girl’s hand helping her own. Together, their fingers pumped and fucked Charlie’s pussy, while Chrissie lapped her own juices from all over Charlie’s face.

At last, Charlie was cumming. She turned her face away from Chrissie’s, and bucked hard. Chrissie’s inexperienced fingers kept finger-fucking her, until she forced them away, clenching her thin thighs tightly shut.

When Charlie finally came back to reality, Chrissie was watching her, shyly smiling.

Charlie smiled back, a true genuine smile, the first of the day.

“Gee, you really got a sunburn, Charlie.”

“Probably everything from about…here down?” Charlie answered, motioning to the parts of her that hadn’t been covered by Chrissie’s plump sexy form.

Chrissie nodded, blushing again.

“If you like, I can take care of that burn for you. I have some awesome cream at my house that I could bring to yours…if you wanted.”

“I think I’d like that,” Charlie said, grinning.

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