Nicolette’s Bucket List Ch. 01

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Nicolette had always been one of those girls that you would call adventurous. Whether it was sports, food and drink, or hobbies, no one ever called her boring. This also extended to her sex life. At twenty-four years old, she’d already had multiple partners and tried a wide variety of kinks — some to her taste and some not. But her motto was “try anything once.” And try she did.

She had recently created a “sexual bucket list” of sorts, and was determined to work through the items on the list before she turned twenty-five. She had specifically chosen twenty-five things she had yet to experiment with in, or out of, the bedroom, and she was determined to knock the first item off today.

It was move in day, and she had finally relocated from her little no-where town in South Carolina to Washington D.C. She had finally found an in in the politics of the big city as a politician’s personal assistant, and she planned on making the most of it. It was noon, and she’d had most of her furniture and things delivered early that morning, but there was still a load coming in tomorrow. Something about an accident holding up the moving truck, so they would be delayed until the next morning.

The doorbell rang, and Nicolette rushed to the door, anticipating what was waiting on the other side. She opened the front door, and found a delivery man breathing quite heavily, with a large box on the ground in between him and her. Being on the third floor of the apartment building was going to earn her no favors with the delivery men, she realized.

“Ma’am, I don’t know what you’ve got in there but man, is it heavy!” he exclaimed. Nicolette simply laughed, signed for her delivery, and somehow got the man to help her get the box inside her living room before departing.

Left alone with her purchase, excited thrills ran through her body, especially her lady parts, at the thought of what was waiting for her. Number one on her list of sexual adventures was trying out a sybian. She had decided to buy the expensive machine as a celebration for her new job and new town, and she wasn’t going to regret it.

Tearing open the box, she assembled the machine in record time, and pulled out her box of “toys”, simply labeled, that had been delivered with the first moving truck. She pulled out the dildo she had bought ahead of time in order to endure she could use her new toy as soon as it arrived, a pair of time release handcuffs with a length of chain attached to them, a set of nipple clamps, and a blindfold.

So excited she was shaking, Nicolette slid the dildo, a whopping eight inches long and three inches thick, into place on the sybian which was still planted firmly in the middle of her living room floor. She had yet to put blinds up on any of her windows and, looking around, she was grateful she was on the third floor and not exposed to any neighbors or a possible peeping Tom. She wasn’t a shy girl, but didn’t want to give anyone a show on her first day here.

Nicolette bahis firmaları didn’t want to wait any longer to slide onto and ride her new sex machine. She hastily removed the tank top and running shorts she’d donned for move-in day, and proceeded to remove her matching blue-laced bra and panties. With brown hair and blue eyes, she was an attractive girl, not too skinny but not fat either. She loved to run, so her legs and stomach were well-toned and her skin was sun-kissed coming off the summer months.

Her first accessory was the nipple clamps. She leaned over to pick them up, and briefly played with the silver chain connecting the two clamps made from rubber. Her pink nipples were already in tight buds, causing her to moan with pleasure when she placed the first clamp on her left breast. The right went similarly, and she felt a shot of pleasure shoot straight to her clit when she pulled lightly on the chain between the two. For now, she ignored both the timer cuffs and the blindfold. She wanted to try the sybian out first and see how she liked it before adding more.

Her pussy already slick with her wetness, she placed a leg on either side of the body, leaning down and teasing her slit with the large head of the dildo. Back and forth she rubbed, gasping every time it passed over her clit, until finally she couldn’t take it anymore and pushed back so the first few inches slipped inside of her. Holding herself still, she allowed her body to get used to the new size inside of her, and slowly rode up and down inch by inch, stretching her walls until she was fully seated on the sybian and impaled by the dildo.

Nicolette’s juices were coating the seat already, and she hadn’t even turned the device on yet. She did that now, and moaned in ecstasy as the plastic cock began pumping inside of her. She started the machine off slowly, growing accustom to the sensation of the cock moving inside of her. She was soon ready for a faster pace, though. Reaching down, she grabbed the remote that attached by a wire, and turned the dial up.

The motor-driven dick inside of her began pumping harder, and she was quickly losing herself in the sensations. She hadn’t even been riding the machine for five minutes, and she was already close to orgasm. She decided to slow it back down, wanting to draw out her pleasure for as long as possible. She had all day, after all.

Noticing a small, black button underneath of the dial controlling the speed, she pressed it out of curiosity. She let out a short scream when a piece of rubber near the front of her slit began violently vibrating. She pressed forward slightly, and her shocked scream transformed into fervent moaning as it began stimulating her bundle of nerves that was so elusive to others.

An orgasm quickly rolled through her at the additional stimulation, somewhat to Nicolette’s disappointment, and she cried out as her pussy clenched around the rubber cock still fully sheathed inside of her. She rode through her first orgasm kaçak iddaa and, as the spasms slowed, she decided she was ready for the cuffs and blindfold.

She placed the blindfold on top of her head, as you would sunglasses, but didn’t cover her eyes yet. Picking up the time-release cuffs, she hooked the end of the chain into a special loop she had installed at flat bottom of the sybian, in the very front, and tested the range. Once her hands were cuffed, she would be stuck with her hands almost fully extended in front of her, her elbows resting on the body of the machine. No slack. The thought sent a shiver of excitement through her already-sweaty body.

The time-release cuffs were programmable, and she decided to set them for one hour. Until that hour was up, she wouldn’t be able to get out of them unless someone were to take the master key and manually unlock them. Since she was by herself, this wasn’t an option and she was going to be held in place for the full hour being impaled by a never-softening cock.

Nicolette, her wet juices still coating her thighs from her orgasm and the thought of the next hour, once again straddled the sybian, slid her tight, soaking pussy onto the dildo, and grabbed the controller with one hand. With the other hand, she pulled down the blindfold. Finally, she placed both her wrists inside the cuffs and closed them, hearing the click and the timer start.

With a rush of excitement, she felt around on the controller until she found the little “pleasure button” that started the vibrations up against her sensitive nub. Then, she turned the dial up what she felt was a moderate amount, and sat back to enjoy the ride — so to speak.

Nicolette loved to edge herself, she felt as though it gave her far more intense orgasms — sometimes she even squirted if she was really worked up. So, for forty-five minutes, she teased herself. She started off slow and worked her way up to a high speed where the rubber dick ruthlessly pounded into her wet flesh, creating sucking and slapping sounds as it did. But she couldn’t stay at that speed for long with the added clitoral stimulation without coming, so she slowed the pace down to an even pumping, sometimes even going so slow the machine almost stopped. It was very difficult for her to keep herself from coming but she managed for three-quarters of the hour, until she heard someone fiddling with the knob on her front door.

Nicolette tried to contain her sounds, but she was currently at the high-speed end and it was impossible for her to contain her screams. She turned the speed down, but it was too late. Whoever was on the other side of the door had heard her.

“Hey man, I think I heard a chick scream in here. Do you think the girl could be in trouble? What should we do?” she heard one male voice say.

“I definitely heard a scream. I think we should go in and make sure everything is okay before we call the cops or something like that,” a second deep-voiced man replied.

Nicolette kaçak bahis jerked with the realization that there were two men on the other side of her front door, and they thought she was in trouble. Her movement unfortunately caused her to move the dial on the controller as far as it would go, and then to drop it.

Going from essentially zero to one hundred, Nicolette couldn’t hold back her screams anymore and let one long one out, no longer able to hear what the men on the other side of the door were saying. She was completely caught up in the pleasure racing through her body as her pussy took a pounding on the highest setting that she had yet to reach today. Just as she heard to front door crack and slam open, the orgasm that had been building for the last fifty minutes finally ripped through her, igniting all her pleasure spots and sending her high in the clouds. Her orgasm was so strong she began squirting juices out of her cunt in one, two, three, four spurts of the nectar-like liquid, and as she came down from the high, pussy still sending strong spasms throughout her body, she was distinctly aware of someone’s presence in the room. Well, another two someones. The blindfold still fully covered her eyes, but she could feel them watching her and roving their eyes over her naked body and the position she was in. Which was still extreme ecstasy as no one had turned down the intensity of the machine yet, and she could feel another orgasm quickly approaching.

“P-p-please. I k-know you’re t-there,” she managed to get out. “Please t-turn down the m-machine. I’m b-b-b-begggggg…” her voice trailed off into a scream as she came again, whimpering and crying at how intense it was. Every thrust of the stiff cock inside of her moved her whole body forward and back because she no longer had any strength in her legs to support herself, and every vibration to her sensitive nub felt like electric shocks straight to her core.

Suddenly, the blindfold was ripped off her eyes and she squinted, trying to adjust to the new lightness. While she was trying to adjust, she felt the machine slow down and stop. Able to open her eyes finally, she looked up at the men who had entered her apartment and helped her.

Both were pretty attractive, one with sandy-blonde hair and the other dark brown. They both were tall, and seemed to have muscular builds. The brown-haired man was leaner than the blonde, but they both looked like they worked out regularly.

“T-thank you so much,” she practically sobbed. “I just couldn’t stop coming!” She looked into their eyes, and she saw a lust-fueled hunger there that she knew all-too well. These men, who were complete strangers, wanted her, and the thought was making her inside slick yet again. They moved their gaze away from her, and looked at each other. It was then that she noticed the logo on their T-shirts: Glenndale Moving Co.

Shit. These were the moving men with her second shipment. And they were seeing her in a less-than-ideal situation from a professional perspective. At this point she just wanted off of the machine to get dressed and call it a day, but the look on the two men’s faces when they turned back told her it wasn’t going to be that easy.

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