Nocturnal Love Ch. 04

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Mark and Janey were at Anna and Marks house while Rory and Anna and her moms were at the rental.

Mark was behind Janey with his cock sheathed snugly inside of her pussy. He was looking down at their joining and at her asshole too. It seemed to be winking or spasming as they fucked.

Janey’s pussy was so well lubricated that Mark was sliding in and out easily.

“Oh, Janey, my cock’s so slick with your juice, I bet it’d slide right into your ass.”

“Do it Mark. Fuck my ass. I want it too.”

His cock slid out of her twat and he scooped up some juice from her puss and smeared her pucker with it. Janey reached back and took his cock in her hand. She inserted it into her rectum and rocked her hips back to facilitate penetration.

“Uh.” They said in unison.

Mark thrust and Janey pushed back until he was all the way in. He reached for her tits and squeezed in rhythm with their fucking.

Mark lasted a lot longer than the first time that he fucked her in the ass. Janey had time to rub her mound and flick her clit. Her asshole tightened around Mark’s rod as she came and Mark let himself go, shooting his goo into her bowels.

The two collapsed in a heap onto the bed. A juicy little fart was heard as Janey expelled some of Mark’s cum from her back end.

After a minute or two, Janey got up and took Mark’s hand. They went into the bathroom and Janey washed his cock lovingly. Once all was clean and she had dried up the juice from her ass and pussy, they went back to bed and slept comfortably through the night.

The foursome at the rental also rested and ate and talked about what had been going on in that house since they had arrived the afternoon before.

The loss of Maggie’s ‘virginity’ was the subject that garnered the most attention. Maggie didn’t see why everyone was making such a big deal out of it but everyone else seemed to think it was quite the big deal.

“Do you think that you will ever do it again?” Anna asked her step mother.

“There’s probably something to this motherfucker thing.” Maggie said speculatively. “Rory was very gentle and respectful. He let me set the pace and didn’t really go at me until I told him it was alright.”

Rory looked a bit embarrassed but quite proud of himself for his restraint and maturity. After all he had been fucking his own mother for many years and she had taught him about a lot of things. Oral, anal, how to fuck a woman’s tits pleasurably for both the man and the woman.

Rory’s dick had also hardened and with everyone else looking on, Anna went down on him and took his cum when it was time.

“Think you’d ever do that?” Peggy asked her wife.

“I don’t know. He just came in her mouth, didn’t he? Anna just swallowed it. Does it taste Ok?”

“Go kiss her. She’ll still taste like it for sure. You could also just take Rory’s soft cock in your mouth. He’ll still taste pretty spermy too.”

Maggie went to Anna and kissed her, gently sliding her tongue into the girl’s mouth. “Hmm, interesting.” Maggie then went to Rory and lay down next to him with her face near his crotch. He had cum so much in the last couple of hours that his poor cock was almost shriveled. When the woman took it into her mouth he moaned a bit, partially because his dick was pretty sensitive by now but also because he felt excited about his penis being the first one in her mouth as well as her pussy.

“Tastes different from the source.” She went back to holding him in her mouth. Her tongue moved a bit and sort of randomly. Rory couldn’t believe it or help it, he started to harden.

Maggie looked at Peggy and took him from her lips. “He’s getting hard!”

“They do that when they’re getting blown by a beautiful woman.”

Rory reached for her boobs and squeezed a bit and his hips moved all on their own.

His cock was now totally hard and as it hit the back of her throat, Maggie gagged a bit. She pulled completely off and said, “fuck” and coughed.

“Sorry.” Rory said and touched her face gently.

“It’s OK.” Maggie placed him back in her mouth gingerly and started licking while she sucked.

“Maggie, no offence but I’m just not going to be able to cum again. The tank is empty.”

“Just enjoy it honey, let her practice and maybe tomorrow she’ll be able to make it happen.” Peggy said.

Maggie looked like a kid with a new toy. She took Rory out of her mouth and looked his dick straight in its one eye. She licked his length and then reinserted into her mouth.

“Can I kiss your pussy while you’re playing with my dong?”

Maggie didn’t answer verbally but she did reposition herself to give Rory access between her thighs. Her bush was glistening with a dew of arousal moisture. Rory kissed between her legs and then focused on her erect clit. Maggie hummed with his dick in her mouth.

“Is he trying to singlehandedly get her to switch teams?” Peggy asked Anna.

“No. I think he just really likes her and feels proud that he got to be the first man to stick his dick in her holes.”

As topkapı escort they watched, Anna began to fidget. She moved her hand down between her own legs and rubbed up and down her slit.

“Do you need someone to kiss your pussy too, Honey?”

“I think maybe we should kiss each other there don’t you Mommy?”

There were two bedrooms in the vacation rental. Peggy took Anna’s hand and led her to the other room. She kissed her daughter and gently pushed her down onto her back. She then straddled Anna’s face and nestled her nose and mouth into the girl’s pussy hair.

Anna was kissing between her mother’s legs and then began to tongue her clit as her mother did the same to her.

Rory’s dick was out of Maggie’s mouth and they were just enjoying the sight of each other’s genitals.

“Your pussy’s so pretty Maggie. You smell and taste so good.”

“I Liked having your cock in my mouth too Rory. Is that what precum tastes like?”

“I probably gave you a good sample of it. As worn out as my dick is, being in your mouth was pretty exciting for me. You are as exciting to me as my mom is and I Love fucking her.”

“I’d be offended if I hadn’t met the woman. Your mom is pretty fucking hot.”

Peggy and Anna were still in bed in the other room when Maggie got out of bed and put her bra on. Rory got up too and watched with regret as those marvelous mammaries got restrained. Maggie picked up her panties and started to put a foot through the leg hole.

“Can I have those please Maggie?” Rory asked her.

“Why?” Maggie stopped with a foot off the floor.

“I like your smell so much. I want something to remember it with after you guys go home.”

Maggie put her foot back on the floor and approached the young man. She broke her own rule and kissed him fully in the lips, slipping her tongue into his mouth and coaxing his back into her mouth. As Rory’s dick chubbed up, she hung the panties onto it.

Rory stood on unsteady legs and watched as the woman got out clean underwear from one of the suitcases near the bed. He took the soiled panties off his cock and sniffed the crotch extatically. He then found his pants and slid them into the pocket.

“Honey, I want to stay here don’t you?” Peggy asked her wife when she and Anna finally came out of the other room.

“I do Babe. It’s so beautiful here. Let’s get out of the fucking snow and freezing cold. It feels so good here.” Her glance strayed quickly toward Rory.

Janey and Mark, Rory and Anna, Peggy and Maggie, all went out to dinner at a nice restaurant on the way to Kona. The food was good and the company was really good. Peggy announced that she and Maggie wanted to move to the Big Island to be near Anna and the rest of them.

Mark and Anna both had to work the next day but Rory and Janey said that they had gotten some practice house hunting when Mark and Anna had needed to find a place. They knew a good realtor that worked in their area. Plans were made for the next day and after dessert they all drove home. Rory dropped Anna and Mark at their house and Janey said that she’d walk up the path to their place. The young man took the two women to the rental and like a gentleman, he walked them to the door. Peggy hugged him goodnight and when Maggie hugged him after Peggy had gone in, she whispered in his ear, “Go buy some condoms. For tomorrow.”

Rory took the time to go back to town for a dozen.

Janey and Rory got in touch with the realtor and she said that she had some time that morning.

They spent the morning looking at several houses. The women wanted to be close to the water and of course those places were much more expensive than Mark or Janey’s place. Turns out that Maggie was in a long-term relationship with a woman who died in a plane crash a few years before she and Peggy started seeing each other. Life insurance and a settlement from the airline had left Maggie in good shape financially. Her house in Kansas would fetch a good price when it sold.

The two fell in love with a place with its own beach, about ten miles from the other two couples. They made a contingent offer on it back at the realtors’ office.

Peggy and Janey had been talking all morning while they all looked at houses and the views of the beaches and the ocean. They found out that they had quite a bit in common. More than just both of them having had both Rory and Mark’s dicks inside of them.

Maggie and Rory were happy that the two women were hitting it off so well and they hoped that they might possibly end up in one of the bedrooms at the rental, giving Rory and Maggie a chance to be in the other room together.

“Did you bring them?” Maggie asked Rory when they were away from everyone for a moment.

“I brought three of the twelve that I bought last night.”

Maggie laughed. “That should do it don’t you think?”

“Be prepared.” Rory said with a boy scout salute.

“I’m not sure that this week’s activities are really ‘scout approved’. tuzla escort Maggie snickered.

“Intolerant bunch. Guess that’s why I got kicked out.” Rory said as they wandered back to the group.

They took a drive up the mountain and looked at the houses that were built on the lava field. It looked like they were built on the moon. The view was pretty spectacular though. Looking at the far away waves and the boats sailing by.

Peggy and Janey were walking close to each other and their heads were close together. Maggie reached for Rory’s hand as they walked several paces behind the two. “I think my wife’s going to fuck your mother, Rory.”

“Shocking!” He said, squeezing her hand. “I sure hope she does. I want to do something similar to you. Beautiful.”

“Charmer… Horny charmer.” Maggie broke her no kissing rule again as the other two got further ahead.

The four seemed in a hurry to get back down the mountain. Maggie sat up front next to Rory, stroking his thigh while her wife and his mom sat in back. Hands were wandering and when Rory parked at the rental, they all hurried into the house. There was no pretense as the two women headed to the bedroom that was usually unoccupied when it was just Peggy and Maggie in the house.

The door closed and Maggie looked on with a curious expression on her face. “I wonder what they expect us to do.”

“I have an idea.” Rory said, taking her into his arms.

“Oh, is that right?” Maggie untied his shorts and helped him take his shirt off.

Before putting his shorts aside, Rory took out the three rubbers connected to each other. “I’m guessing that you’ve never needed to apply one of these before.”

“Nope. Looking forward to it though.” She said, looking at his hard cock while she shed her clothing.

In bed and kissing. Fondling each other. Maggie watched as Rory opened the foil wrapper of one of the condoms with his teeth. When it was out of its wrapper, she took it and examined it, touching the reservoir tip with her finger and seeing how it would roll down onto a penis.

“These are clever.” She said as Rory guided her to rolling it over the head of his dick. She rolled it down and then stroked up and down a few times, feeling the slight lubrication.

“I’m so hot for you, don’t stroke too much.”

“I’m ready too Honey. Put it in me.”

Rory slid on top of her and she helped position him between her wide splayed legs and her moist lips, for her second penetration with a live cock. They both groaned as he slid into her fully after a few gentle warm up thrusts. They held there quietly for a minute and they could hear the two women making love not far away. They were moaning in a certain rhythm and Rory tried to match it as he started to fuck Maggie.

Soon the only sounds in the house were the gentle moans and occasional squeaks from the beds. The trade winds cooling their bodies through the open windows, sighed too.

“Oh, right there, baby.” Maggie told her lover as he hit her G spot with the tip of his cock.

“I just love fucking you Maggie.” Rory moaned, gabbing a handful of her left tit and pinching her nipple hard.

“Oh, fuck. I’m gonna cum. Rory you gonna cum baby? Cum in me.”

Rory exploded, filling the condom with jets of semen, wishing he was really knocking her up. His heart swelled as his orgasm continued and he leaned down to kiss her again as they rode through their mutual peaks.

Their motions stilled and they remained joined as Rory heard the familiar sound of his mother cumming. Maggie heard her wife crest soon after and visualized the two locked in a sixty-nine configuration.

When he pulled out, she looked at the condom. She pulled it off and looked in the tip. “It’s not as white as the stuff you shot all over my pubes before Anna licked it off.”

“We did wait a minute or two before I pulled it out of you. I liked getting soft inside of you. Semen gets more liquidy as it ages. That’s why it runs down the inside of Mom’s thighs after I fuck her and we cuddle before she gets up.”

“I think they’re in there cuddling right now. Did you hear them both get off?”

“Hard not to. I’m glad they’re getting along so well.” Rory chuckled.

“Are you justifying what we just did in your mind?”

“I guess. Maybe more like what I’m feeling about you.”

“What do you mean Rory?”

“I feel. Well I feel about you the way I feel about Mom. And Anna. It’s Love. I love you.”

“I’m feeling that way too and so I’m feeling guilty. I love Peggy she’s my wife.”

“Have you guys ever thought about having kids?”

Maggie blinked at the non-sequitur. “Huh?”

“When I came into the rubber I dreamed about knocking you up. Want to be a mommy?”

“You are fucking crazy.” She said with a smile. “I think there are four or five other people who need to be in on this discussion.”

“Hey Peggy, Janey.” She called out.

The two came out of the room looking mussed and sleepy.

“What is it Honey?” pendik escort Peggy asked her wife.

“Rory wants to fuck a baby into my belly. Do either of you think that’s a good idea?”

Shocked looks turned thoughtful and then the two looked at Rory.

“You’d probably make a pretty baby.” Janey speculated timidly, not knowing what the married couple might be thinking about her son’s proposal. She had fantasized while Rory was inside her that she hadn’t gotten fixed after he was born. She personally would like to get impregnated by her son.

“I’ve wished he could get me in a family way. Give me a child and a grandchild all at the same time.”

Peggy said, “Honey, I’d like to have a baby around again. I bet Rory would be a good father and Anna would want to help out I’m sure. We’d be one of those ‘normal’ island families. What a group we’d make. Therapist’s dream.”

Everyone laughed and the discussion was tabled for the time being.

When Mark and Anna finally got home from work, they all had dinner together on the lanai at Janey’s house. Around the table, some natural pairing off had happened with Rory and Maggie sitting beside one another. Peggy and Janey were a bit obvious with their affection for each other and Mark sat beside his daughter.

The discussion finally came around to what Rory had asked Maggie that afternoon after fucking her. There was a conversation about it but there was mostly excitement. They all thought that having a baby around and all of them helping take care of him or her would be great.

“It takes the village people.” Rory said.

“Um, I don’t think that’s quite… Oh never mind.” Mark laughed.

The question was when to start. The two women had to go home and quit their jobs and purge their possessions. They had to sell Maggie’s house and ship the things that they were going to keep to the island.

“I think that you should start soon.” Anna said. “It might not happen right away. I’ll stay with Daddy tonight and Mom and Janey can go to your house. If you and Maggie spend the whole night with each other, it’ll be, I don’t know. Normal? I know he’ll fuck you more than once, given the chance.

“Your daughter is wise.” Maggie told Janey and Mark while squeezing Rory’s hand.

With that decision made the two couples who didn’t need to drive anywhere, either walked home or stayed put. Rory took Maggie by the hand and led her to the car. He walked around to open the door for her but before she slid in he held her and kissed her, squeezing one of her breasts in the process.

“Didn’t we just fuck a few hours ago?”

“Yes, but I think I could fuck you once an hour for days on end.”

“Holy shit. This is going to be a good night.”

“Oh, don’t say goodnight yet.” Rory quipped.

“I don’t think we’ll be saying that for most of the night.” Maggie kissed him once more and slid into her seat.

At the rental, they took their time and stopped to wash up from the day and clean their teeth. Acting like a married couple, they went to the bedroom and took off their remaining clothing and slid into the bed. Rory rolled toward Maggie and kissed her, cupping one of her big breasts.

“I hope you let me drink from these when they’re full.” He leaned down and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

“Oh. Yes. I’ll feed you and our baby. Probably our other lovers will want to feed from them too.” Maggie felt herself getting wet from talking about breast feeding. “I want to get fucked now Rory.”

He took her shoulder and rolled her onto her stomach. As he got his knees between her legs, she took one of the pillows and stuffed it under her tummy. With her ass higher in the air, Rory was able to slide his cock right into Maggie’s pussy.

“Uh. Oh fuck.” Maggie grunted out as Rory started sliding in and out. He always loved this position and he rose up on extended arms, going at her hard.

“Rub your clit. Uhng. You should cum when we make our baby. Oh.”

Maggie followed his instructions and manipulated her snatch the way she knew would get her off.

“Fuck me Babe. Fill me with sperm. Send ’em swimmin’ toward my eggs. Mmmm I’m getting close Rory. Cum with me?”

“Not yet. I want to see your face when we climax.” Rory pulled out, making Maggie cry out in frustration.

“Don’t worry. Roll over.” Maggie did as he instructed and then threw the pillow aside, spreading wide for him. Rory was back inside of her in seconds and really started thrusting hard.

Maggie felt the head of his cock up against her cervix and started to orgasm. “Now baby. Now!”

“Oh Mommy.” Rory groaned out and filled her to the brim with his hot seed. He was looking deep into his new lover’s eyes and she was enthralled by the face he made as he ejaculated into her cunt.

Her knees were clutching his ribcage and they stayed that way for some minutes until his soft organ slid from her slick pussy.

Rolling to the side, he pulled her close and they both floated in the arms of sleep.

It had been a few hours when Maggie woke up. She could feel Rory’s hand on her left tit. He was kneading it gently and her nipple was firmly pressed into his palm. She could tell that he was still asleep from his regular breathing. She let him grope her for a few minutes and then leaned in to kiss his lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32