Nurse Myer

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I have had a long and tough day, I head to the bar for a couple of drinks to ease the pain. I order a long island tea and sit back and wait for it to be made. Then this gorgeous lady walks in the door, dressed in a tight figure hugging black lacy dress, she looks amazing. She takes a seat a few empty seats up from me, looks at me and smiles.

This is when I decide, I have had such a shit day, I have nothing to lose, why not do something I would not normally do. I ask the barman to make the lady a long island tea courtesy of me. He makes her the drink takes it up to her and lets her know, she looks across to me and gives me a nice smile. I smile back and then think nothing more, she is way too hot for me, I did a nice thing, back to being miserable. I keep looking over at her and try not to get caught, as she is stunning, she seems busy looking around and fiddling with her drink.

As I grab my drink and take a sip, I look to my left and the lady has gone and I just think, that sums up my day, then I feel a hand on my left shoulder and I turn behind me and it is her. My jaw drops and I don’t know what to do or say. She simply leaves her hand on my shoulder, leans in and says thanks for the drink, do I mind if she joins me. I stammer a sure, that would be lovely.

She introduces herself to me, her name is Myer and I let her know that mine is Karl.

I ask if she has been to this bar before and she says no, but she had a dinner date cancelled, she was already dressed up, figured she may as well have a drink or two, before heading home. She asks me what my plans are and I simply tell her, to spend the night here, been a shit day. She gives me the puppy dog eyes and asks why. Without wanting to go into too much detail, I tell her I got stuck in the office to long and missed my doctor’s appointment. I needed to pass a physical today in order to keep my job, when I got to the doctors they were closed and lights were off.

She tells me that is a tough break and that she is sure it will be ok, I explain it is not likely to be ok, hence the drowning my sorrows tonight. We both take another sip of our drink and she then smiles and looks at me, looking cheeky. Myer then tells me that she is a qualified nurse and maybe she could help. She could perform my physical for me tonight and email me the certificate first thing in the morning, before I even got to work. Instantly I feel there is hope, I ask her if she is sure and she tells me that it would be her pleasure, with that same smile.

Myer then tells me as I need the certificate, that there has to be a cost, but she can also issue me an invoice in the morning and claim most of it back, but I would have to pay her cash tonight, $200. I don’t care how much, I would pay her $500, bahis firmaları but obviously don’t tell her that. She finishes her drinks, suggest we have one more and then head to my place, which is just around the corner.

We down our drinks order another and I notice a stir in my pants and I hope it clams down before we start. We chat some more, the drinks come out and she tells me, bottoms up and smiles. We finish the drinks, I pay the bill and we are off. Myer grabs her handbag, I notice it is quite large, but think nothing more of it.

We get to my apartment and we walk in and Myer puts her bag down and explains she may not have everything she would normally use to perform this exam, she has enough to be thorough enough. She then asks me to remove all my clothes and she would normally give me a gown, but she does not have that, and we have privacy, so there should be no problems.

At this point I look at her and feel embarrassed and suddenly not sure about this, a beautiful nurse performing an invading exam, but it’s a bit late now. Myer can see my hesitation, so she then offers to help me. Before I know it she has pulled my t-shirt over my head and is undoing my fly. Now the fear kicks in, I have had half a hard on since I Saw her, and it is now growing by the second. What do I say or do, when she sees?

Myer continues without comment. Eventually I am completely naked, standing in front of this beautiful nurse, and I put my hands in front of my cock. Myer then gets out her stethoscope and listens to my breathing through my back, asking me to take deep breathes, and cough. Whilst she is standing behind me, she asks me to put my hands behind my head and then repeats, deep breathes, cough. Then she asks me to stay there and then walks around the front and does the same with my chest. But I don’t know where to look, standing naked, hands on head, with a hard on. But Myer simply continues, ignoring my cock.

She then grabs the chair and slides in front of me and tells me that she now needs to check my penis and testicles for any lumps and abnormalities. I am to keep my hands behind me head and try to relax. I start to apologise for my erection, but Myer stops me half way through and says it is only natural.

Myer then gentle touches my cock and balls, running them between her fingers, pulling the skin of my foreskin back, although it had done a lot of it by itself already. But she seems to be lingering a lot longer than I expected and I am not going to complain, as it feels great. I know I am not supposed to be enjoying this, but how can I not, she is hot, feels amazing.

She then tells me the next stage some men enjoy, some panic about it, but she is very good at it and she thinks that I may enjoy it. She kaçak iddaa then asks me to bend over, hands on the bench and she rolls around on the chair, to now be sitting right behind me. She puts on a glove, grabs some lube and I am nervous but excited at the same time.

Next I feel her finger pushing against my anus and she tells me to relax and breathe normally, I relax slightly and I feel her finger slowly slide in, a little cold, but not uncomfortable. Before I know it, she is in the way in, I feel her moving around a little, then I feel an unusual feeling and she tells me that, it is my prostate and she needs to check it. She then slowly rubs it and it feels great. I let out a moan and she giggles, and says, thought you might enjoy it. With that, then reaches around with her other hand, and slowly strokes my cock. She then stops with that hand and then returns and it is all lubed up, I am not sure how she did it with a finger up my bum, but the lubed gloved, hand feels great on my cock, I am worried I am going to explode. But she is so slow and gentle, I realise that she knows what she is doing. Nothing more is communicated, she simply continues this for far longer than I already know she needs to.

She then tells me to close my eyes, she pulls her finger out, I hear the snap of the gloves as she takes it off and puts it in the bin, and then I hear her rustling through her bag and then gloves going back on again. Then walks up to me, whispers in my ear and ask me if I trust her and if I would be ok for her to trial a new apparatus she just bought for her office. I am slightly confused, but so horny and in love with the fact this beautiful woman is here asking me this, I say sure without even thinking about it.

She tells me if we go down this path, I will have no more choices and must do as the doctor orders. I just nod and say yes, would say yes to just about anything at this stage. Myer takes her seat back behind me, and I feel her slide some sort of device, made of rubber over my cock all the way to my base, then I feel the push against my anus again, but this time I feel it is a little larger, not a finger. Myer tells me to relax and she pushes a lot slower this time as I feel my anus expand and allow the intrusion. It is getting bigger and bigger, then suddenly it gets smaller and I feel my bum tighten around it and pull it in. It feels amazing, fills me up and is nice and snug.

Then Myer gives it a bit of a push and a tug and says all done, it fits perfectly.

I am then told to open my eyes and turn around and stand up straight. It feels off, but great at the same time, my cock is so hard now. Myer then explains to me that it is to remain in until she decides it is to come out and I have been good. She then kaçak bahis asks me to assist her in taking her dress off. As it falls to the floor, I see her wearing an amazing corset, tiny G-string and garter and stockings. My god, amazing! She then guides my fingers to her pussy and it is soaking wet, the G-string is warm and oh so wet. I am then instructing me to pull them off with nothing but my teeth. And I am to do it on my knees. I get on to my knees look up at Myer and she smile back and give me a nod of the head. This is all I need to start. I grab one side, pull it down a little, then the other side and as I slowly get them down, I see that her pussy is totally hairless and smells great. With every movement I make, my cock twitches and the plug moves against my prostate. I take my time for obvious reasons, and eventually I remove them. Myer tells me to stand again and moves close to me and her pussy is so close to my cock and she smiles again.

Myer then tells me that I have clearly enjoyed this exam far too much and it is time for her to have some enjoyment. I am told to remove the corset. As I stand behind her, she keeps pushing her bum up against my cock, distracting me and making my fingers fumble. Eventually I undo the last clasp and I put it down on the bench, with that she turns around and my eyes don’t know where to look.

Myer then says “my turn” she grabs my cock and drags me to the bed and tells me to lie down. She then climbs on to the bed at the end, crawl over me, gives my cock a lick on her way past, then stops when her pussy is right above it looks at me and smiles. Myer tells me I am not allowed to move. Then she crawls further and put a nipple in my mouth, I know what to do 🙂 then she puts the other there, then crawl some more until her pussy is so close. She tells me to put my tongue out and pushes it against my tongue. I hear moaning and my cock twitches, moving the plug as well. Myer is squirming and I can hear how much she is loving it. Then she pulls away and turns around and gets into the 69 position and swallows my cock, and I get back to it. As I hear her cum, I am ready to explode. She takes her mouth off, uses her hands and make me cum all over my stomach. She then grabs some tissues, wipes me up, but tell me that cock is not to go soft and if I have to want it to keep it hard, then I must.

I am then telling me to get up, she lies down and I need to give her a massage, she passes me some more lube and tells me to rub her back, bum and legs, and again, no going soft. I give her a back massage for 5 mins or so, then she tells me to work her bum. She spreads her legs and I see her soaking pussy.

I massage her bum, slide down to her pussy and it all feels great. She lifts her hips slightly and I concentrate more on her pussy and clit. I hear her getting close again and with that, she gets up, throws me on my back, puts a condom on me and pounces me, she slides onto my cock and rides me cowgirl

to be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32