One Ass Happy Lady

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My spouse and I hav been swingers for years. It happened early in our relationship, back when we were in college.

We were only dating then, seriously yes, but we weren’t engaged so when he asked me point blank if I had ever thought about cheating on him, I turned and looked questionably back at him. “The only reason you’d be asking me that is because you’ve been thinking of cheating on me.”

He didn’t deny it. In fact the telling sign that I had hit the nail on the head was the tick that popped up in the corner of his left eye. I pointed out his little lie detector and laughed. “Ha! I was right!” I walked over, straddled his lap and asked, “Who is it? Is it that little nerd in your Bio class? Or that redhead that plays the flute? Maybe,” I ground against his denim-clad shaft and peeled off my shirt, exposing my lacy bra, “it’s Mrs. Bennett, your Personal Communications teacher.”

“Baby,” he said, pulling my bra down and causing my breasts to be pushed together, “you know it’s not cheating if you know about it.” He kissed the tops of my tits and looked up. “So if I tell you, will you let me fuck them?”

“And what about me? If you’re going to fuck Mrs. Bennett, Bio Girl, and Fluzzy Flute, then I get to fuck someone too.” I pulled off his shirt, lowered my head and sucked on his right nipple. He pushed his hands through my hair and massaged my scalp. My fingers moved down to stroke his crotch through his slacks. I felt his cock hardening and knew his massive rod was growing uncomfortable in that stiff denim.

“Who do you want to fuck?” he asked. His voice sounded slightly dejected. I smirked and began to list some potential candidates. When I was done, he then asked, “You gonna use protection?”

“Fuck yes!” I shouted, leaned back and studied him close. “Aren’t you?”

He groaned.

“Hey! If you’re not going to use protection, I sure the hell am not agreeing to this.”

“Baby, it’s different for a man.”

“Fuck that,” I said and climbed off his lap.

“Wait, honey.”

I looked at him with my arms crossed. “What?”

“If I use protection, then I can fuck who I want?”

“I don’t trust you now,” I admitted.

“Don’t trust me?”

“Yeah, you fucked up. You should have jumped at the chance to say ‘Yes, baby. I’ll use protection’. Fuck even if you’d been lying, I might have fallen for it,” I told him. I spun away and once more he called me back, this time grabbing my wrist in the process.

“What if you watch?” he said.

“What do you mean?”

“Exactly what I said. Watch. What if you come along and watch, maybe even join,” he said.

I stared at him for a long time, waiting to see if he was serious, or pulling my leg. After a while I angled my head to one side and took a deep breath. “So you’re saying, you’ll use protection and I can watch or join in the fucking.”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m saying.”

“Do I still get to fuck who I want too?” I asked.

“Do I get to watch or join in?”

“You want to fuck men?” I asked, somewhat shocked.

“No,” canlı bahis he laughed. “But if you get the urge to fuck a girl, I’m just saying maybe I’ll want to join.”

I sat back on his lap, once more straddling him. My tits were still out and my nipples were growing stiff. “How about this,” I said, opening the button of his slacks and slowly easing his cock from his jeans, “we find couples who want to swap partners and of course they all have to use protection. No ifs, ands, or buts. No pun intended,” I said adding a wink.

I played with the head of cock, while he thought of my counter proposal. By the time it was all said and done, we had an agreement and he was coming in my mouth.

That was fifteen years ago. Now I’m 35 and so my husband, Peter. We don’t have any kids, a mutual decision made a long time ago and tonight we’re heading to an anniversary party that we both have had a hand in planning. His gift is the wife of the couple meeting us, she’s been his favorite fuck, next to me (and yeah, I know he could be just saying that. But I am the one he married.)

And my present, well, I told my honey I wanted something special, then I handed him an article on anal sex. “I’ve done everything it recommends in order to prepare myself,” I said before walking out of the room and leaving him to his reading material.

The couple we’re meeting are Brian and Abby. We’re going to have dinner and drinks at a posh hotel and then take our reunion up to a suite of rooms we’d reserved months ago. Once there, well we’ll see what happens.

Sitting down to dinner I can’t help but notice Abby seductively looking at Peter. I can’t blame her. He still has the arms of a boxer, the body of a god and the sense of humor only the best comedians can brag about. The one draw back, and mind you, I don’t find it as a drawback at all, he does – Peter is bald. Not a strand of hair rests on his round scalp. I love it though, and obviously Abby still does too.

Am I jealous? You ask. No, not really. After all I have a lovely piece of eye candy sitting right across from me. Brian’s blue eyes – well, I could drown in them. His smile, perfect even white teeth, dimples, and a head of hair that is thick and soft to the touch. It’s dark raven color has specks of gray scattered throughout and honestly, that only adds to his appeal.

When he walked in and hugged me close, kissing my lips and whispering that he was thrilled to see me, I couldn’t help but notice the promising swell of his crotch. “Nice to see you too,” I said, winking and smiling before sliding against him and taking my seat at the table. He sits across from me and we both casually glance at our spouses. Peter has his hand on the small of Abby’s back and he’s helping her to her chair, while his eyes are lazily taking in her deep freckled cleavage.

During dinner we talk about the old times, but honestly we spend most of our time talking about what we are currently doing in our lives. Abby is currently working on her Masters in Bio-chemistry and Brian has just opened his fifth restaurant, the latest being bahis siteleri in Chicago. Peter mentions his promotion to Vice-president of the finance company he works for and I tell them about the newest home I just sold to some upscale diva from the West Coast.

Throughout our meal and into our dessert we’re all laughing, talking, and teasing each other with looks that promise so much more. When our attendant arrives we ask him to send two bottles of chilled wine up to our room and twenty minutes later we’re heading that way. The bill will be added to our growing tab and our night is about to truly begin.

Once inside the hotel, it doesn’t take us long to have drinks poured and our clothes off. Abby and Peter are licking and kissing places they had visited on each other in years, and Brian and I are renewing our friendship too. There is a lot of grunting, moaning, and coming. Abby and I both drink ample amounts of the thick hot silk, and the men they have more cum coming with every thrust of a tongue and plunge of a cock.

“Baby, are you ready for your birthday present?” Peter asks me.

I am spent, but I want my present and as soon as he mentions it my whole body comes alive. I look over at Abby and she’s smiling and giving me the go ahead nod. I can tell she’s tired and for a moment I feel bad for her. The boys really wore her out. My sympathy is long gone when Brian grabs my waist and hauls me over to the bed. He lays down and pulls me onto his rock hard cock.

I slide hungrily onto it, and bob up and down, making my pussy quiver and his cock thicken further. “Ready baby,” he says, and I look back to see my Peter and his monster of a dick moving up behind me.

I can see the glistening lube he’s used on his cock and I see the bottle of lube in his hand. I bend over, Brian kisses me and then I then I feel my husband’s hands on my ass cheeks. After all these years of fucking each other and fucking friends I’m finally gonna get my stud muffin’s cock up my ass.

Once more I look back. His head is marvelous and though this first time anal experience will be with the protection of a condom, I still know it’ll be fabulous. I play with anal toys all the time and he uses them on me, but it took a lot of pep talks to myself to get me to this point.

I feel the lube as he squirts it on my asshole and then I feel his fingers pushing the creamy fluid into my tight hole. I moan and push back. I love his finger in my ass and I love the feel of Brian’s cock in my pussy.

Peter pushes the head of his dick into my hole and for a moment I feel a tenderness that I was hoping to avoid. For the past few weeks I used anal toys and butt plugs to help me train my muscles, but I guess I misjudged my lovely husband’s cock.

“You okay?” he asks.

“Yes, baby. Fuck me, please,” I beg.

He slides in further, giving me another inch and then another. He adds more lube when I ask and by the time it’s all said and done, his dick is buried in me and his balls rest against my ass. My pussy is full, my ass if full and when the men start moving bahis şirketleri I start going crazy.

There are no words to describe how my ass feels as Peter pulls out, and pushes in. He is slow at first, then he really starts enjoying the sensation of me squeezing his big dick with my muscles and he begins to pump faster and harder.

Varying sensations of pain and pleasure shoot through me as he fucks me and Brian gyrates under me. I am screaming, cursing, and calling out for more and man do they deliver. I can feel the ribbing texture of the condom and the thickness of my spouse. I squeeze my baby’s cock and he is forced to slowly drag it out. I relax, and he easily plows back into me.

I know I’m going to come. My pussy is sensitive and my ass is fresh for the taking. When Peter pulls my hair, I know he’s close to shooting his load. He uses my long red hair like a rope, wrapping his fingers around it, tangling them up and hauling me fully down on his member. I come then and cover Brian with hot honey. His cock’s is shuddering and the condom he’s using is being filled with his seed.

Abby has picked up a little energy, because she’s masturbating and using a dildo on her ass. Peter pulls out and pulls off his condom. I roll onto my back and watch as he slips on a fresh one and walks over to Abby. Brian pulls his sheath off and I get on my knees and suck him down, making him hard and ready for another ass fucking, because that’s his gift to me.

Back on my hands and knees I go and without wasting a second Brian’s shoving his dick into my ass and I’m having my second anal experience in less than fifteen minutes. Could a anniversary get any better? I don’t think so.

The size of Brian’s dick is nice, not nearly as large as Peter’s but I don’t care. Taking it up the ass is currently my new favorite position. “Come on baby,” he says, “take every fuckin’ inch.”

“Slap me!” I demand and soon his hand is coming down on my right cheek, then my left.

I don’t want it to end and I scream for him to “not stop” and to “fuckin’ beat my ass”. He does. The slaps come faster and faster as does the pounding. My muscles are tightening and my juices are flowing fast from my pussy. The thrusting of his cock is what I’m living for and when he tells me he’s gonna come I thrust my fingers into my cunt and go to town.

We explode together. His cock is pressed so deep into me and my fingers are shoved up so far I swear I can feel his cock with the pads of my digits, while he’s in my ass. I glance over at my husband and his fuck buddy. He came and his condom is discarded. She’s on her knees sucking him off and he’s holding her head to his groin. I roll to my back and watch Brian remove his condom. Cum covers his dick and so I willingly and hungrily take him into my mouth and treat him to a series of deep-throat kisses.

When we all cry “uncle” (metaphorically speaking) the party starts to wind down and Peter and I claim one of the bed early on and Brian and Abby watch a movie before I hear them head off to the other bedroom that is on the other side of the suite. In the morning, there is a few more rounds of coming and a bit more cum to drink and yes, my ass is filled once more, but this time it’s just Peter and I.

Warm hot cum filling up my ass – oh the beauty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32